Silvana sin Lana Wednesday 1/11/17 #118

Casa Chivis

Manuel and Chivis wait awkwardly for AJ’s response. He texts his address.

Manuel says he’ll go. After all, AJ’s problem is really with him and what else can Chivis say to AJ that she hasn’t already? He asks her to trust him–this may be the last thing he’s able to do for her family.

Who knows where the older kids are. Lupita’s in the kitchen with Pedrito, feeling guilty for being angry at her dad. He doesn’t think she should feel guilty–her dad’s being rude. She didn’t want to tell her mom, but Pedrito says she can tell him anything.

In that case, she’s also been thinking of running away again to get revenge on AJ. Pedrito suggests they go to Mexico with his sister. Lupita’s not really into Pedro’s plan to fish for a living while Lupita sells the fish.

Still, she feels better after talking to him and gives him a kiss on the cheek to thank him. Pedrito takes off to find his brothers while Lupita giggles.

Lupita goes up to the office to ask why Manuel went to talk to AJ. Chivis says he’s just trying to do what Lupita asked him to. She hopes Manuel doesn’t tell AJ his secret–that he’s in love with Chivis. (Yes, Chivis, EVERYBODY knows.)

Uh, Chivis doesn’t think that’s going to come up. This is about the girls, not her.

But now that she’s separated from AJ, is she going to marry Manuel? Because she knows when two adults love each other they get married. Chivis says that doesn’t always happen. She and Manuel are just friends. Lupita laughs at that.

Chivis reminds her the important thing right now is her dad coming back. “Did he leave because you like Don Manuel?” Chivis says if he did, he owes them an explanation. Lupita thinks he’ll get over it–she did. She understands her parents aren’t getting back together again, but her dad will always be her dad.

The rest of the kids come in and Vicente says it’s time for him and his brothers to go. If AJ does come back, it’s probably better for them not to be there. It takes another five minutes for everyone to kiss everyone else goodbye.

Casa Manuel

Andres Skypes with Lucha. He’s anxious for her to get to Mexico already. Lucha tells Andres about AJ running off again. She’s jealous of his concern, but gets over it quickly. Like he says, he was close to the entire family for a long time.

Casa AJ

AJ’s not happy to see Manuel at his place. Manuel assures him Chivis will be by later, but Manuel has some things to say to him first. Mostly he comes at it from the “dad” angle. He accuses AJ of being a jerk on purpose, because Manuel would never abandon his kids.

AJ tries to turn it around on him, saying that’s easy for Manuel to say because he hasn’t lost the woman he loves. Ah, but he didn’t realize Manuel’s wife is dead. Now that’s loss and Manuel sure didn’t choose it.

He has a deal for AJ…if he loves Chivis, he shouldn’t push her away from him. If AJ hadn’t left, their two families never would have met–it’s not like Manuel came and invaded his house! And even though he left them, his family forgave him.

So the deal is, Manuel will step aside and AJ can get close to his family again. Chivis already told him she wants to be alone. His girls need him–but they need a father, not a dictator. They need someone who can understand that they’re growing up and they don’t think the same as he does. Manuel knows AJ looks down on his sons for being “the sons of a fisherman,” but Manuel thinks he’s worth the same as AJ. If AJ leaves, he’s saying he’s worth less than Manuel.

Casa Chivis

The Villaseñoras are settling in to wait to hear about AJ when Trini comes in and announces her relationship with Benito. They’re underwhelmed. AJ’s run off again, so…they’re kind of worried about that.

Trini thinks they’re being melodramatic, but they explain they think AJ’s going to skip the country and Manuel’s trying to talk to him.

Chivis gets a text. Manuel says everything’s ok. She’s going over to talk to AJ now, alone. Before she leaves she gets another text from Manuel. “Don’t forget that I love you and your happiness is what matters most to me.”

Casa Stella

Stella, Dom, and Poncho plan their Vegas vacation. Dom is all about the partying, but Stella and Poncho would rather leave that for AFTER the wedding so they’re not hungover in all the pictures.

Casa AJ

Chivis shows up at AJ’s, ready to give him hell for even thinking about taking off like that. AJ says he’s reconsidered. It did him a lot of good to talk to Manuel, but what he really wants to say to her is that he knows he messed up and he hopes she’ll forgive him.

He gets sidetracked making excuses for his behavior and begging her to understand him. Chivis isn’t budging at all–his values, the idea that some people are worth more than others depending on how much money they have, are wrong. The Gallardos are good boys and he should be happy for his daughters and proud of them. AJ knows, but it’s difficult for him.

Chivis reminds him that they did do a good job of raising the girls. Now they need to trust them. The girls were able to get over their prejudices, but he’s older and he’s completely unfamiliar with that world. Chivis says that’s even less reason to just reject it. The two families have a lot in common–and Trini even ended up dating Don Benito!

AJ knows he has a lot to learn. And he is proud of them, but especially Chivis. She’s a good mother and she was a good wife–he never deserved her. Chivis asks him not to say that. They built their marriage together. AJ wants to start his life over, not by erasing what happened, but learning from it. And he wants Chivis to give him another chance. He wants to get to know the new Silvana.

Whoa! Too far. Chivis already decided to leave him months ago. Still, AJ begs for another chance. Chivis turns him down again. Nothing’s going to erase all the good times they had, but she’s absolutely sure she doesn’t love him and she won’t again.

AJ insists she’s not giving him a chance because she’s in love with Manuel and not because she’s changed. Chivis is not having this conversation again. She starts to leave. AJ says he’ll always be waiting for her, even though she says there’s no point.

He’s staying in this house and he wants the girls to get to feel like it’s their house too. He doesn’t want anything from the other house to remind him. He lets Chivis give him a hug. She says she does love him. AJ says he would have liked her to be in love with him.

Casa Benito

Benito’s had quite a day and he’s ready to head to bed, but he catches Marge looking out the window and realizes something is going on. After Marge gets him to say he would forgive her for anything and he’s always going to love her, she opens the door to let her mom in.

Marge pushes Benito to hug Rocio as he complains he didn’t know she was coming today. They have to warn him about these things. He’s old, you know? Rocio doesn’t think he’s so old. Benito sends Marge to make some coffee and bring croissants.

Marge listens from the other room while Rocio apologizes and begs Benito to forgive her. She thanks him for raising Margarita. Benito admits there wasn’t a day that went by that he didn’t think about her. They cry and hug each other while Marge cries in the other room.

Casa Manuel

The boys are waiting when Manuel gets home. He’s wiped. It was hard to get through to AJ. He’s not even sure AJ’s going to stay in the country, but he’s probably not leaving. At least without saying goodbye to his daughters.

What happens with them and the girls is up to them now. As for him and Chivis, that’s over. The boys can’t believe it, but Manuel insists that’s what he promised AJ and he’s a man of his word.

Casa Chivis

Chivis gets home and finds everyone waiting up in the office for her. She says AJ’s not going anywhere. He rented a house and as soon as it’s ready he’ll invite them over. She has no idea what Manuel said to him

She suggests they all get some rest. Everyone files out, leaving Trini to sulk because no one made a fuss about her dating Benito.

Chivis can’t sleep. She remembers Manuel telling her about his wife when they were in Key West. She made Manuel promise to fall in love again and he never thought he’d be able to keep that promise. She remembers him asking what she would do if AJ came back and wanted to take them back to their old life.

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