La Mujer del Vendaval Thursday 12/29/16 #32


Stand aside Maria Laura

Nisa thinks Marcela needs some professional help stat!

But Severo won’t apologize, he stands by his earlier statements (wow, he’s got the courage of his convictions, too bad he’s a toolbox and in the wrong)

Marcela says he’s just jelly and he better get out now.

Mike’s knees are turning to jelly as he tries to escape out the back door unnoticed, but Marcela notices and commands him to take a seat at the table; she’s got nothing against him, she wouldn’t turn him away hungry, he can stay and eat, but not in that spot, its hers. Mike is only too eager to co-operate with the lady with the gun and he sits, still holding the pot? vase? thing and trying to hide behind the greenery.

Severo better get going now though, Marcela racks the slide. Severo being Severo though he has to get the last word in and he tells everybody about Mateo and Sagrario, making their relationship sound sleazy and sordid  (which is probably how he sees it, b/c that’s how his mind works, he can’t imagine anything pure existing, because it’s foreign to his nature)

Maria Laura is shocked and appalled and if looks could kill, Mateo and Marcela would be toast.

Alba thinks it can’t be true, her mom would have told them, but Sagrario doesn’t deny Severo’s assertion that she and Mateo are lovers and Alba is hurt and disillusioned and walks away. Sagrario’s attempts at explaining are too feeble and too late. ML is loudly furious and screams at everybody that her mother is dead to her, and leaves the room.

Marcela advises her aunt to let them go and wait till it all cools off to explain.

At the Castelo Hotel

Ale tells his mom how he found Marcela after that night on the island, and why she was looking for a husband and the deal they made, and how they searched her whole house and didn’t find the necklace and he’s almost sure she didn’t do it.

Alessandro tells his mom, if you only knew her, and lists her many interesting and conflicting qualities. Mom wants to meet her, and wants his forgiveness for jumping to conclusions. It’s just that she’s been betrayed before, by his father, years ago when Ale was studying in the US. Another woman nearly tore their family apart. Ale is shocked, he thought his father was a man of principles.

Ale can’t believe his father, having a lover of his own has the nerve to criticize Octavia for sleeping w/grandpa. Silvana says that’s the Castelo moral code, they only see things from their own point of view, that’s why she was so worried about his thing w/Marcela, she was afraid he’d gotten too many of his father’s genes. Ale assures her that Marcela wasn’t in the picture when he was still together w/Damiana.

Silvana won’t tell him the other woman’s name, she’s out of the picture, she married some rich Argentinian businessman, they either got over her or negotiated past her but she’s long gone.


Octavia gets back to the hotel and meets w/Mauro, her bidness went well, the banker told her Ale’s been asking about El Vendaval’s mortgage – She gets a call from abroad, apparently she too knows Valeria, they’re old girlfriends, Valeria updates Octa on her singlehood and tells her she’s coming back to Mexico, rich now and loaded for bear, she’ll call again when she’s settled in MX. Oct hangs up and fumes to Mauro about Valeria being all rich now – seems like these two are more like frenemies.

El V Kitchen

Marcela gives the ranch kids food and sends them off home w/a hug. Mike’s still sitting at the table, too scared to eat, but when Marcela asks him if he likes the food he’s too scared not to eat.

And why aren’t Mateo and Sagrario eating, she’s not going to let them waste away and starve for that creep, this whole thing will blow over, siddown and eat or she’ll have to go get the gun again…

Mike jumps  ‘No, no the food is great, I like vegetables, I love vegetables, please don’t get the gun.’

Everybody sits at the table.  Marcela likes eating w/her fam and that includes Mateo.

‘Oh yeah!’ Mike says ‘I like Mateo too, he’s great, a good man’ and he seems more sincere than scared now and he also seems to have won Marcela over with this.

Sagrario and Mateo hold hands on the table and Alba comes into the doorway and sees and looks unsure but comes in.

Marcela invites Alba to sit and eat with them, Mateo offers to leave if his presence makes her uncomfortable, but Marcela says ‘how could she be uncomfortable w/you, after all we’ve known you for years and all that time you’ve cared for us and taught us and been a good example to us, right Alba?’

‘Yes’ agrees Alba, putting her hand first on Mateo’s arm and then her mom’s ‘I was just sad I had to find out about you two that way. Why didn’t you tell us?’

Mateo always wanted to tell, but Sagrario was scared and ashamed, she thought her life was already over when Severo left her, and she should just be alone. Everyone protests this idea.

Mike is so moved he has to go to the bathroom, but Marcela orders him to stay, she’s talking. Mateo and Sagrario don’t have to hide their feelings, especially something so pure and lovely. Alba agrees and tells Mateo he’s more her father than that stranger staying over yonder, and tells her mom she’s glad she found a good man. Mike starts crying, the family stuff just gets to him, and Marcela tells him he can go to the bathroom now. He flees out the door, but Marcela yells after him he has to come back.

The family at the table holds hands and smiles.

Maria Laura’s Room

ML tells Nisa she doesn’t care so much if her mom wants to move on w/a new man; she just can’t stand that its w/someone low class like Mateo. With a world full of lawyers and engineers and men who could take them away from all this, why pick a ranch hand ewww.

‘Well’ Nisa says ‘maybe it was for your mom like it was for me the first time I saw Camilo’ –

‘We’re not talking about you Nisa,’ ML cuts her off ‘gosh don’t be so insensitive. This is all Marcela’s fault, you saw how crazy she is – this is all her fault’

Apparently, according to ML, Marcela has always been jealous of her and she’s sure somehow Marcela is responsible for getting her mom and that naco together.  Nisa commiserates. ML has always prayed that someday Marcela would end up in jail or in some other way be whisked out of her life.

Nisa says maybe she can help with that, maybe between the two of them they can send Marcela to jail. ML is excited and curious, but though she asks how repeatedly, Nisa chickens out and says she doesn’t know she just wanted to help and they move on to imagining Marcela in jail and giggling and wondering what Ale sees in her, since she isn’t attractive or anything.


Ale and his mom walk through the hotel talking, Ale asks if she hooked his dad’s mistress up w/that rich old guy to get her out of the picture. We-el Silvana did have a friend introduce them.  They agree not to tell Nisa anything about her dad’s slip up.


Emiliano and Valeria talk in some restaurant, turns out the geezer husband ditched her for a newer model w/very large fake boobies, not that she wants Oct or any of her other friends to know that. Emiliano wants her to come home w/him to see mom, she’s adamant she won’t, but he hasn’t got anywhere else to go so he’ll go home to mom.

Comic Interlude in Don Timo’s Dining Room

First Don T breaks his glass trying to tap it to get attention as per Eulogio’s advice, Eulogio is all ‘yep just like that, but try not to break it’ and everybody wipes glass off their plates. Then Don T makes a very long intro for a speech to notify Eulogio, July, Lencho, and two older ladies that he’s quitting his public service job? Eulogio quickly tells Don T he doesn’t have to quit, he can have 2 jobs and of course collect 2 wages. Ok then he’ll be cultural minister too. The older ladies don’t understand a thing and are just there for the eats.

Hotel de los bad employers

Octavia walks up and informs Silvana that she’s all packed and ready to move, she just needs to know where Luciano wants her. Silvana has no idea what she’s talking about and Ale explains that Luciano took Oct’s suite away as a cost cutting measure and he’s going to give her his. Silvana is appalled at Luciano’s pettiness, and Oct stands there trying to look pitiful and put upon. Silvana says Octavia doesn’t have to move, Luciano is overruled, after all Silvana is a partner too. The three agree to breakfast together.

Rancho Kitchen of short lived amity

Everyone at the table is happy and smiling and Mike actually comes back to finish eating. Sagrario wonders about saving some for ML but Marcela says not.

Nisa comes in and asks if she can take a plate to her room

‘So we get ants?’ No way’  grumps Marcela but Alba smiles nicely and tells her she can, but Marcela says ‘in this house we eat w/our feet under the table, and that includes guests. If you want food you can siddown and eat here, and that goes for ML too. Rosa go tell ML Nisa’s staying and to git in here herself.’

Nisa has decided she’s not hungry after all but Marcela insists she sit. Mike is looking nervously back and forth, and Nisa clenches her little fists and stamps her foot and screams that she’s not hungry and they can’t make her and stomps out.

Sagrario and Alba chide Marcela who is unrepentant, Nisa wasn’t scared, she’s just spoiled. Mike just looks relieved nobody got shot.


In ML’s room Nisa fumes to ML about Marcela trying to make her eat. How very dare she.

Stables and surrounding area

 Later that night Marcela goes to visit her favourite guy – Huracan.

Camilo is waiting in the stables to give her the present he supposedly was going to get the day of the wedding that wasn’t – it’s a saddle, he saved up for years to buy this wedding present for her. She doesn’t look too convinced by that story still, though he’s giving it the hard sell.


ML gets Nisa to admit she’s made planes to meet w/Camilo tonight – well Camilo is meeting w/Marcela in the stables, its their meeting place, and while the cat’s away….

They head out to the stables to see. On the way there Nisa hears a scary noise and ML tells her its probably just the ghosts, see this ranch was built on an old Indian burial ground, and the ghosts are all over the place, but don’t worry they can’t do anything. Nisa is not comforted.


Marcela tells Camilo she can’t accept his gift cause she’s married to someone else. Camilo is telling her all about the suspicious circumstances of Alessandro’s first wife’s death. He wants her to believe she’s in danger from Ale and needs to be protected by Camilo and would be better off coming back to him. She’s trying to convince him she doesn’t love him anymore.

Camilo invades her personal space and ML and Nisa  start taking incriminating phone pics. ML tells Nisa she has to tell Ale, he’ll believe her. Some of those pics look an awful lot like Camilo and Marcela are kissing.


Will the inquiet ghosts of long ago devour Nisa and Maria Laura before they can show the pics to Alessandro?

Will Camilo get the slap he so richly deserves?

Will Huracan find a lady horse friend and live happily ever after?

Will the wind sweep away all the obstacles in our lover’s paths?

Or sweep new obstacles into their paths?

Find out next time on La Mujer del Vendaval

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4 years ago

Gracias, stealth! Hear, hear! Huracan is the best guy on this show. He deserves love!

Mike is the most ridiculous character, but I have to give the actor props for getting in there and just committing to the ridiculousness. The hiding behind whatever-that-was and toadying to Marcela all night was priceless!

I was about to be very disappointed in Alba until she said she was just upset about how she found out. I can live with that.

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
4 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

Thanks Diva – yeah Mike is a hoot and a half, I’ve not seen that actor in anything else, have you? Well I can’t really see Alba staying mad at anybody, she’s kinda a softie. I really liked how Marcela was sort of gently trying to remind Alba – remember this is Mateo, he’s our friend, we like him, right. It was really different from when she was all ordering ppl around with the shotgun, its like she has one way of being for those she likes, like Alba and Sagrario and Mateo and the ranch kids, and everybody else… Read more »

4 years ago

He was Marcos on El Vato, but he was SO un-Mike-like that I couldn’t place him at first. As Marcos he’s a philandering seducer and basically a hottie. I would describe Mike as “cute” more than “hot.” Definitely a versatile actor.

LOL…if Marcela likes you, you get cookies. If she doesn’t, you get the shotgun!