La Fan Tuesday 3/21/17 #46

The mixed-up morning continues

Carrizo’s dead. Justin’s all for hiding the body. Lucas is worried about his rep and blaming Gabriel.

Turns out we’re not picking up pregnancy test results at the clinic–Jess is just now getting them done. Diego’s there, but she goes into the lab by herself.

Miguel gets dressed and hides out in Patricia’s room while she goes out and greets Gustavo. Gustavo wants some of his mom’s fabulous coffee and to hear EVERYTHING she’s been up to. (You know, the real tragedy in all this is that no one made fresh pastries this morning at the café. Just saying.)

At Salma’s house, Nicolas meets with Quique. Quique is Nico’s ex-boss. Er, current boss? Nico’s all about behaving himself. Quique would rather he MISbehave and not get caught this time. He’s got a little job for Nicolas…Gabriel Bustamante.

Yep, Quique blames Gabriel for ruining Vale’s wedding and if Vale ain’t happy, Quique ain’t happy. Quique is determined to get everything out of Vale’s way on her road to happiness.

Wait, Carrizo’s really dead? I didn’t think he was dead. Nobody was checking. But now they’ve got him on a stretcher and they’re covering him with a sheet and saying they have to hide him from the president of the network.

Oh look, he’s up again! Crisis averted. Except now he’s talking about ruining Lucas. And Vale says they should go talk. And I’m with Lucas–NO SMILING AT VALE LIKE THAT!

Salma’s finding it hilarious that everyone’s blaming Gabe. So what’s he going to do about it? Nothing. Just keep trying to get Vale, whatever that means. Because he luuuuuuurves her. Salma asks if Lucas does. (I dunno…I’m still on the fence.)

Gustavo wants to visit Miguel at the café. He can’t wait to see his old friend…who’s currently stuck in his mom’s bedroom. Miguel manages to sneak out in time to get to the café just after they do. He and Gustavo are just SO excited to see each other. Wow, Patricia’s laugh is fake.

Sounds like there’s going to be a lot more fake laughing going on. The café visit ends quickly, but Gustavo is threatening us with more meetings. Once Patricia and Gustavo are gone Elo asks where Miguel spent the night. He’s not telling her that! She has her secrets and he has his.

Miriam wants to quit–she can’t work at the company when Benicio’s marrying Adriana. He insists he loves her and snogs her. With his office door open.

Adriana comes into the office looking for Benicio and nearly busts him kissing Miriam, but they hear her coming in time. Miriam splits and Benicio starts talking wedding plans, but Adriana wants to talk business.

Diego stops by Adriana’s office and it sounds like Adriana is willing to talk about “them” AFTER he gets the results of Jessi’s pregnancy test. Not that he has any doubts–she’s not pregnant.

Vale and Lucas haul Carrizo back to Lucas’ place where he immediately makes himself comfortable on Lucas’ bed, with Lucas’ pillows. With his shoes on. Lucas leaves them alone, which suits Carrizo just fine. He starts out wanting to talk Vale out of being with Lucas, but then he changes the subject to Vale herself.

Carrizo totally has a thing for Vale. Vale tells him she’s with Lucas and they’re getting married soon–for REALZ. Carrizo begs her to reconsider.

Salma has decided she wants Lucas badly enough (that’s “loves him” in Salma-speak) that she’s willing to tell “the truth” if he gets too close to Vale.

Nicolas follows Gabe out of the studio parking lot and reports back to Quique.

Gabe’s evening

Gabe comes over to Vale’s with a present for Tomás–a new frame for the picture of his mom, to replace the one that broke.

Tomás is glad Lucas won’t be living there anymore. But isn’t Gabe upset at all the lies he told? Gabe says he’s used to it. He’s already forgiven Lucas. “You’re so good.” Not that good, Gabe laughs.

When Gabe gets home, Nicolas is waiting for him with a gun and a warning–his boss didn’t like it that Gabe ruined Vale’s wedding. Gabe’s not feeling all that warned. He sends a message back, that he’s not giving Vale up.

It’s a bit too much information for Nicolas, who thinks he’d better just call Quique. That gives Gabe an opening to take the gun and force him to take off his mask.

Gabe recognizes him and thinks Salma sent him. Nicolas explains his boss is Quique. “Who’s Quique?” (Seriously, Gabe? You forgot the fake belly full of diamonds?)

Quique comes over to blame Gabe for ruining Vale’s wedding. Gabe says Lucas and Vale both knew it was fake, for the sake of the novela. He set it all up for Vale, because he’d do anything for her–just like Quique.

Confusion reigns

Jessi insists Diego open the test results. Diego takes one look and goes running out of the apartment…to go tell Adriana that Jess is pregnant.

Miriam and Miguel end their weird not-really-relationship since he’s still “confused.”

Diego is also confused. He’s not worried about the baby so much as about having to let Adriana go. Jessi needs someone to stick by her and Adriana needs someone who’s at 100%. Adriana hopes he forgets this once he walks out of the house, but…he was her 100%.

Diego gets back to the apartment where Jess is complaining to HIS MOM about the way he ran out. I’m still not convinced he read these results correctly, but now he passes on the news to Jess and Eloisa that Jess is pregnant.

Adriana tells her dad the wedding is back on. Diego’s girlfriend is pregnant, so their relationship is impossible. Yeah, Carlos is all broken up about that.

Casa Salma

Salma complains to Agustín that she can’t get rid of Nicolas. She tried to offer to rent him an apartment, but he won’t go. And Rod wants him there, so–she’s not THAT heartless.

Anyway, she needs a favor from Agustín…don’t tell Lucas.

Casa Lucas

Has Vale been stuck there with Carrizo ALL DAY?! Talking about how great she is and how she shouldn’t marry Lucas? He says he won’t sue Lucas in exchange for…her. More specifically, one night of “love.”

Lucas comes home and, yes dude you are interrupting and I am totally ok with it!

Downstairs he said he heard what Carrizo wanted and Vale’s going to agree to his terms. The what?! She can’t believe he’d do this! He can’t believe she believes it–it’s going to be fake. Like the wedding and stuff. He’s not stupid enough to hand her over to another guy!

Vale goes back upstairs, where Carrizo is all set to give her a little “advance.” Lucas bursts in and demands to know what Carrizo is doing with his novia! “¡Acosador de fans ajenas!”

Carrizo leaves Lucas’ and gives Vale one day to change her mind.

Vale’s freaked out at the way Carrizo was looking at her. Yep, he likes her. Lucas thinks this is perfect!

For now, Vale’s heading home to talk to Tomás. She’s concerned about how much they’ve been involving him in all this. Lucas comments that he doesn’t look a lot like Lucía. Vale supposes he takes after his father. “To think, I could have been his father.”

“Sure, if you hadn’t cheated on Lucía.” Lucas insists he didn’t–she’s the one who cheated on him! When he told Vale Lucía was just one woman out of many, he lied. She’s the only woman he’s ever loved. Well, Vale knew/knows them both, so…. But no, she doesn’t think Lucas is THAT bad. If she did, she wouldn’t love him.

Salma comes over later, but Lucas isn’t in the mood. He’s got a romantic evening between Vale and Carrizo to plan. Salma wants in on the planning.

Casa Vale

Vale’s talk with Tomás doesn’t really go anywhere. He doesn’t like Lucas and he doesn’t like Vale chasing after him and lying.

Tomás goes off to bed and Vale lets Gabe in. He says her buddy Quique tried to kill him!


Felicitas comes over to tell Eloisa that Miguel had an affair with an older woman. The mother of a friend. She believes her name is…Patricia.

Later, Miguel admits the truth to his mom. He had a relationship with Patricia, she didn’t take advantage of him, but there were too many obstacles–including the age difference–and they had to break it off.


Salma tries to referee a fight between Gabe and Lucas. Gabe’s furious that Lucas is “giving” Vale to Carrizo for the night. Justin’s sad it isn’t him. Uh…being offered, not. You know.

Lucas says he’s not! Do they really think he could? The unanimous assessment is “yes!”

Casa Vale

Tomás is off to school and Quique comes over for a visit. He’s verrrrry disappointed in Vale.

Vale makes Quique coffee and explains the whole fake-wedding drama. What can she say–she loves Lucas! Hey, if anybody understands the things we do for love, it’s Quique. She has Quique’s support. Whatever she wants–If Vale wants to marry Lucas, he’ll gladly have a few words with him, just wait and see, he’ll be dressed and at the altar waiting for her.

Vale says she and Lucas can’t be together. Lucas is…up there…on a pedestal.

The Plan

Salma and Gabe have now been read in on Lucas’ plan…and I’ll bet it has something to do with those drops in Lucas’ dressing room that Salma just swapped out.

Vale’s congratulating Jessi about the baby when Carrizo gets to the set. After some confusion, Vale says she agrees to his deal.

Lucas pulls Vale into his dressing room to give her the (no longer) knockout drops to put in Carrizo’s drink. Once he’s out, Lucas and Bob will come in. He tells her not to worry–it’s all worked out. Just, uh, don’t put in too much.

Salma brags to Agustín about switching out the drops. Auggie does not approve. Vale could get hurt. Like Salma cares!

Bob and Lucas arrive outside Carrizo’s place. See, we could have just had Vale call Lucas and put her phone on speaker and mute it, but why do that when we can have Bob use his mystical powers to look directly into Carrizo’s apartment? Gabe showed up, unexpectedly, to “help” Vale.

Vale gets Carrizo to serve them both beer in mugs…and some snacks. She gets gastritis if she drinks on an empty stomach. Vale puts that whole damn bottle of (useless) drops in his beer while he’s not looking. Carrizo’s really pushing for them to get to the bedroom and Vale keeps trying to get him to drink his beer.

Next, Vale demands Carrizo takes a shower. She likes her men freshly-washed.

Outside, Bob is sensing danger…and Vale calls to confirm she gave Carrizo All The Drops and he’s not passing out! Lucas begs her not to sleep with him. (Dude…she’s so not…but get your asses in there!)

Carrizo is very much not passed out and very minimally clothed. Vale has an idea to “spice things up.” (Please don’t tell me…please don’t tell me…please don’t tell me….)

The three Musketeers are making their way inside, but they’re stymied by a barking dog that looks like he means business. It’s Bob to the rescue once again–he tells the dog in no uncertain terms to SIT, y ya. Problem solved. This time Lucas and Gabe both give the camera the “Are you kidding me?” look. That’s right, boys, Bob does it all.

Vale ties Carrizo up to the bed. I so didn’t need to see that. She goes to let Lucas, Gabe, and Bob in and marches them into the bedroom. Bob strips down and hops into bed with Carrizo while Lucas takes photos.

(Because mostly-naked Carrizo in fuzzy animal-print underwear wasn’t incriminating enough? And originally he was going to be passed out, so…I dunno. Call me stodgy, but fighting “non-consensual” with “non-consensual” doesn’t seem right.)


Diego comes into Adriana’s office to talk. She’s having kind of a tough time…yes, because of Diego. But she’ll be ok. Suddenly, Diego remembers that Bob saw two babies. And if Jessi’s having one…then what if Adriana’s having the other?! Adriana thinks that’s crazy.

Jessi’s at the office looking for Diego. Since she feels the receptionist isn’t being helpful, she hits up Benicio for info. He’s Miriam’s boyfriend, right? Some random dude wanders by and congratulates Benicio on his wedding. Ooops….

Jessi insists on discussing this now, in the lobby, but Adriana comes out of her office. Jessi takes the opportunity to really pointedly congratulate her.

In Adriana’s office later, Benicio has his guest list ready and a couple of “caterings” for her to look at. (Really, show? Caterings? I just looked it up and…that’s correct. That’s tripping me out.) Adriana wants to put that off for a sec, because suddenly she’s not feeling so good. She rushes to the executive bathroom to puke.


Miguel tells Diego he’s already having problems with Miriam and now Patricia showed up again and so did Gustavo. (Do y’all not live together? How is this just coming up now? I guess Diego was too busy with his own stuff.)

Patricia’s back again. She wants Miguel to stay away from Gustavo because she has such a hard time staying away from Miguel. (As evidenced by her being here in the first place.) Well, screw it, because now Miguel wants to try openly having a relationship. He kisses her.

Annnnnnd Gustavo walks in. (Greeeeeat. He, Tomás, and Rodrigo can form the “I hate the guy my mom’s in love with” club.)

Casa Salma

Gabe is tired of Salma interfering, especially when it means messing with Vale. Nicolas hears the shouting and comes into tell Gabe to quit yelling at his wife. Well, she used to be anyway, so he’s not going to let random dudes yell at her!

Gabe says THAT guy works for Don Quique! Salma: “Who’s Don Quique?” Well…that guy’s boss, duh! Anyway, the important thing is…he wanted to kill Lucas!

Gabe complains about Nicolas breaking into his house and working for mafiosos. He demands Nicolas get Quique there right now! Nicolas doesn’t like his tone…so Gabe asks again, very politely, and Nicolas gets this look on his face like “Oh. I guess now I have to do it, right?”

Salma’s worried about Gabe meeting with Quique, but Gabe explains it’s going to be fine. He somehow plans to manipulate Quique by using his love for Vale. And they’re having this conversation right in front of Nicolas.

Gabe and Nicolas argue about why Nicolas came over to his place. Per Nicolas, he was only going to break a few ribs, not kill him. And also, he doesn’t kill people, he just pulls the trigger. God does the killing. (I don’t know whether to laugh or facepalm.)

Casa Carlos

Adriana’s still feeling pukey later. How nice that she’s got Carlos to dote on her and Natalia to make her tea and Feli to cackle “Are you sure you aren’t pregnant?!” Apparently Feli’s mom always said it was just as easy to have a rich man’s baby as a poor man’s, so try to have a rich man’s or tell him it’s his. (Uh huh…and how far did you take that, Feli?)

Diego comes over to see how Adriana was feeling. He bought her a pregnancy test. You know. Just in case. Wasn’t that a…thoughtful…gesture.

Adriana refuses to take the test. Diego brings up Bob’s prediction again. TWO BABIES! (One to bring balance to the Force and the other to defeat the Dark Lord?) Adriana says she’s not having his baby! Oh, right, because it could be Benicio’s. He gets sodamnhappy when she says she never slept with Benicio.

Casa Vale

Lucas thanks Vale for sticking her neck out for him AGAIN and thanks her with some sweet sweet kisses.

Tomás comes in. Predictable pre-teen crankiness ensues. This time, he decides he never wants to speak to his mother again. (And he thinks Lucas is the manipulative one.)

By the time Lucas gets himself all worked up to try to talk to Tomás the little twerp has flown the coop.

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3 years ago

My favorite part was Justin just wishing that Lucas would have have volunteered him rather than Vale to spend the night with Carrizo (his leopard print underwear was a surprise!)

You are so kind with “pre-teen crankiness” and twerp. To me Tomás has turned into a real brat. He could hate Lucas and still be “polite.” Blame Vale on that one.

Nice to know someone is into the “caterings.” LOL