La Fan Thursday 3/23/17 #48

Casa Lucas

Salma thinks Vale should be the one to leave and Vale agrees with her. When Lucas finally gets to give his opinion…he asks Salma to leave. Vale starts to glow…audibly.

Paternity drama

Adriana opens the envelope, but she has nothing to say to Carlos. There’s someone else she needs to talk to right now.

At the café, Miguel has gotten away from them and no one knows where he went. Eloisa’s never seen him so angry. She and Diego curse Felicitas for telling him.

Miguel’s over at Carlos’ house telling him he knows “everything” and wants nothing to do with Carlos. As far as he’s concerned, Carlos and Eloisa cheated on his real dad, the guy who actually raised him.

Adriana’s at the café with the test results. Diego’s excited at the prospect of a baby that looks like her, is as hardworking as he is, and plays fútbol…but Adriana says there’s no baby.

Casa Gabe

Felicitas is ready to start a new life…or rather, re-start an old one. She wants to take up her acting career again and she wants Gabe to get her a part on Lucas’ show.


Diego comes into Adriana’s office, worried about Miguel. He never came home last night. She wishes he’d stop worrying–it makes her want to hug him!

The receptionist announces that there’s a Miguel Castro here to see her. Miguel walks in and he’s glad they’re both there.

For some reason, Ignacio is especially nervous about Benicio getting married to Adriana. He’s lurking in Beni’s office to remind him he has to marry her. Beni and I are both like “Yeah, we got that memo.” But nooooo…HAS to, as in daddy’s broke and the house is mortgaged. Well, that’s news.

So, basically, Miguel came all this way to reject Adriana. He doesn’t want to get to know her. He doesn’t care that they’re related by blood. Diego’s his only sibling.


Justin has the rewritten script for Lucas. He’s getting a spectacular ending. Lucas thinks it’s ok. And no, he’s not going to call and thank Marcela because he doesn’t need her anymore.

Justin says Lucas is nothing but trouble–he’s the nightmare of any director! If they shoot this scene, that’s it–José Gerardo can never come back to the novela. Is he sure? Lucas says José Gerardo is dead and “io sono Lucas Duarti.” (Oy.)


Another shouting match between Eloisa and the hobbit. Carlos loved me, then you came along, blah blah blah, but now you’ve lost your son, haha!

Casa Adriana

Adriana tries on her wedding dress for Natalia. (Ding, ding, ding…that’s a telenovela wedding foul. ¡No habrá boda! Not in that dress.) Diego shows up. It’s all too emotional for Natalia, who keeps looking back and forth between the two of them with her lower lip quivering.

Diego came over looking for Miguel. Neither of them has seen him since this morning at the office and Diego’s worried that something happened to him.

Adriana changes out of her dress. They still don’t know where Miguel is. Adriana’s sure he just needs some time to think about things. Diego assures her he’s a great brother. And that makes the two of them something like step-siblings?

Diego had hoped he and Adriana would be something else. When he saw her in her wedding dress, he thought about just taking her by the hand and running away with her. “What about Jessica and the baby?” Well, the baby is the only connection he has with Jess, but he loves Adriana. Whatever else happens, she’ll always be the love of his life. *smoochies*

El Final de José Gerardo

Marco Antonio has Ana Cristina…and a very big gun. But Stunt!José Gerardo is riding to the rescue! Once he’s dismounted, Lucas completes the walk and tells Marco Antonio to let Ana Cristinao go–this is between the two of them.

Marco Antonio declares that Ana Cristina will be his…or no one’s! He shoots José Gerardo, whose body jerks repeatedly (as does everyone else’s as the shots continue). Finally he falls and Ana Cristina cries over the body.

Vale bids goodbye to José Gerardo…and Lucas…and the love of her life.

Justin calls “cut” finally, bored. He won’t be missing Lucas. Jess sniffs that José Gerardo didn’t deserve to go out that way. Gabe sighs “Girls! It’s just a novela.” (Why does there always have to be that one jerk around who says that? And I bet it’s some jerk who gets upset over sports and wouldn’t appreciate being told “It’s just a game.” And don’t even get me started on the “girls” thing. Or worse, “ladies.”)

They all get up to talk to the actors. Justin says Salma and Agustín did well…but Lucas isn’t getting up. Vale turns him over and there’s no reaction.

Lucas lets them sweat it before popping up. Justin is SO HAPPY he NEVER has to work with Lucas EVER AGAIN! Salma didn’t appreciate his little joke either.

Jessi’s packing up after the shoot when she gets a call from the clinic. There was a problem with her test results, but they won’t tell her anything over the phone.

In Lucas’ trailer, Gabe tells Vale he’s trying to convince the network to combine Amor, Amor, Amor with the web novela. Vale’s not sure…she still doesn’t feel like an actress and it feels like work to her. Gabe encourages her to trust his instincts. He offers to help her forget Lucas. By kissing her.

Lucas walks in and asks what’s going on. He knows he doesn’t have a right to complain other than she’s his…fan. Vale agrees, she is. Gabe’s all about how Lucas is leaving, but Vale says she’d be willing to wait for him…not that he’s asked…but she would…if he asked. Whatever, if Lucas wants to go make that movie, life will go one without him and Gabe intends to fight for Vale. Considering Vale’s not even comfortable with him putting his arm around her, I don’t see that going too well.

Up to his old tricks

Quique brings over some money for Nicolas to deliver. If anything goes wrong, just shoot.

Nicolas has been thinking about, well, quitting. Doing something that’s not a crime. Pfft! Quique refuses to let him go. As an added bonus, he’s giving Nico an “easy” job…spying on Salma. They need to make sure she doesn’t take off with Lucas.

Spreading the misery around

Miguel reappears at the café. He wants to take a DNA test. He’s still pissed off at Eloisa for lying to him and cheating on his dad and making his dad think he was his dad. Ah, but his dad knew. And when Elo and Carlos were together she and his dad were separated. But he always knew Miguel wasn’t his biological son and he still treated him as if he were.

Carlos wants to make Miguel his heir. Miguel is annoyed that Carlos thinks he can buy everything with his money. “And don’t interrupt when I’m talking to my mother.”


Vale tries to talk to Lucas while he’s packing up his dressing room, but he’s still bitter and angry about Gabe trying to take over his life. If Vale wants to trade him in, go for it. “But I don’t want to.”

Feli’s been talking to the writer and she suggested she be given the role of Martin’s lover. “Just like old times.” Gabe looks incredibly uncomfortable.

Lucas pouts about how he hopes the show will do well without him and he’ll still be promoting it on social media…for Vale. Because he knows she loves him like no one else does. He whines about wanting one last night with her. Vale says Quique doesn’t want them to, but Lucas doesn’t care. (Huh. So I guess that explains why nothing happened last night?)

Lucas gives Vale an address where she can meet him tonight, but they have to keep it a secret. Says the man hauling a ginormous picture of his own head out of the studio.

Change of plans

Jess picks up her test results from Hey! It’s that actress! (Kenya Hijuelos…most recently Ivonne on ¿Quién es Quién?) and no she is not pregnant. They mixed up her results with someone else’s who had the same name.

At the office Diego’s still trying to talk Adriana out of marrying Benicio if she doesn’t love him.

Jess comes home with Bob. He has no idea what happened! Miriam’s at home and Jess swears her to secrecy before telling her she’s not pregnant.

Diego sneaks into Adriana’s house and her bed. He says he’s her bachelorette party.

Benicio comes over, demanding to speak to Adriana. Since Natalia won’t go wake her up, he will. Natalia opts out of chasing him up the stairs since she can’t stop him. (But, Natalia…chisme!)

Adriana bids Diego a good night after…whatever. She’s still getting married, though. He conveniently opens the door for Benicio and hey, yeah, how about that! He’s in Adriana’s room. If Benicio doesn’t like it, maybe he shouldn’t get married!

Cue the fist fight. Adriana shouts for Natalia.

Benicio ends up downstairs with some very square ice on his face, hitting Carlos’ good booze. And way too calm. I think Adriana might be getting suspicious? But then I’ve thought she should be since Natalia brought up ulterior motives y nada.

She asks how he’s doing and he asks how she’d be doing?! Would she be happy to have found him in bed with another woman? “Yes…I mean, NO!”

Look, she’s confused right now, and there’s a lot of stuff going on that has nothing to do with Diego. She just found out she has a brother. Her dad and Diego’s mom had a son. “You slept with your brother’s brother?” She tells him not to make her feel any worse! Ok, then how about “We’re tied,” because he slept with someone else, too.


Lucas uses a hat, beard, and sunglasses to sneak into the hotel where he’s meeting Vale. Vale wears a blonde wig and sunglasses. She has a little trouble opening the door, but Lucas grabs her and pulls her inside.

He is SO anxious to get right to the sex, but Vale needs to tell him a few things…

First, Lucía gave them permission to be together right before he told her he was making this movie in Italy. (Hey, maybe Lucía’s a jerk who just said that because she knew Lucas was leaving. Just saying.) Lucas thinks it’s too bad he’s still going, but at least they have tonight!

Right, and tonight would be Vale’s first night. Ever. As in she’s a virgin.

Say what?

OK, then, deal’s off. Lucas says he doesn’t deserve her. He’s never had sex with a virgin–not even when he was a teenager! He can’t do it. He’s always had partners who knew what they were doing. (The implication being…that he doesn’t?) Oh Vale knows how it works, she’s just never actually put all her theoretical knowledge in to practice!

Yeah, he can’t do it. But he’s up for some pizza, if she wants.

I don’t think they have pizza, just teary goodbyes and true confessions. Like, Lucas doesn’t really like flying and he’s going to miss Vale. She’s sure he’ll have another assistant in Italy to look out for him. “But not one like you. No one will ever love me like you do.” They get ready to leave the room and Vale’s face is all red. (Damnit, Lucas! Why do you always gotta bring it with the last-minute sincerity!)

Casa Gabe

Salma comes over late just to ask Gabe if it isn’t time to tell Vale that Lucas only wanted her for the ratings.

Gabe was with Felicitas and she’s thrilled to pick up this bit of chisme. Salma gives her more of the details. Feli’s completely turned off by Gabe’s request that whatever they do, they don’t hurt Vale. She goes to get dressed.

Casa Lucas

Vale comes over in the morning to perform her final duties as Lucas’ assistant–packing his suitcases and helping him study his Italian. And of course, she’ll keep being his fan. She’d be his fan even if he moved to the moon (*sob*).

The bags are packed, Lucas’ passport and plane ticket are on his nightstand. And that’s it. Lucas thanks her for everything she did. Vale thanks him, too, but Lucas doesn’t think he did anything for her.

Vale disagrees–he gave her some hope and a reason to live. She got to go from being his fan to his girlfriend. Does that seem like nothing to him? Lucas rolls his eyes and mocks himself as he says millions of women in the world would have loved to be in her position. Vale says she’s the one who got to and she’ll always treasure the things they did together. So will he. She was happy. So was he.

Vale hugs him, then slams him down on to the couch, kisses him, and runs out of the apartment before she can change her mind.


Jessica comes by to bug Diego at work and notices that he and Benicio have matching bruises on their faces. Benicio has no problem telling her it’s because he busted Diego in Adriana’s bedroom AFTER they had sex.

Jessie rushes off, upset, and Diego chases after her, worried about the babies. Which Jessi STILL insists they’re having!

Adriana chews Benicio out for upsetting Jessica like that. She’s pregnant! Benicio doesn’t care.

He maybe accidentally points out that both of them have been lying to each other, they both cheated on each other, and they’re supposed to be getting married in two days–what kind of married life are they going to have together? Does she want to marry him or not?

Adriana’s not sure. Benicio suggests they take 24 hours to make a decision. Adriana asks him if he still loves her. Benicio remembers his dad saying they’re broke and almost angrily says he does.

Jess and Miriam’s

Eloisa and Miguel make up. He’s going to go back home, but he’ll need some time to adjust. And he has no intention of treating Carlos like a father. Eloisa’s just happy he knows the truth and accepts it.


Eloisa tells Vale she and Miguel made up. Vale cries on Elo’s shoulder about their idol…and the love of her life…going away.

Oh, hell no!

Miriam gets on Jess for not telling Diego the truth. How much longer is she going to go on with this pregnancy ploy? Jess says “forever.” She’s going to get pregnant for real.

Bon Voyage

Vale and the Lucas Locas have organized a party at the café. Lucas comes in all dramatic in his pinstripe suit, threatening Gabe with a gun–he’d better kiss everything he loves goodbye because tonight is the last night of his life. Gabe’s face: “Seriously?”

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Great comment on the “girls” and “ladies”. Makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck. At my age there is also the “young lady” which I consider the double insult that I “happily” address whenever a store clerk dares to use it. Vale slamming Lucas on the couch for the final kiss: that was good! There is so much good comedy here with such an interesting fast plot (even without the slice and dice) and great actors, I will never understand how this could get such low ratings when other novelas I would consider the “same old… Read more »