La Fan Wednesday 3/22/17 #47


Vale blames herself for Tomás leaving. She rushes out to look for him, leaving Lucas in the apartment in case he comes back.

Gustavo tells Patricia and Miguel they’re dead to him. (Um, just met you five minutes ago, so I kinda don’t care.) Patricia goes after her disapproving son in time for Vale to arrive looking for hers. (I see another potential support group forming.)

When Vale doesn’t find Tomás downstairs she and Miguel both come back upstairs. Could he be with Gabe? Lucas doesn’t think so, since his note says not to come looking for him, be happy with that dumbass Lucas Duarte and Tomás is going to be with his real family. What Lucas can’t figure out is–if Vale’s not Tomás’ “real” family, then who is?

Jessi and Miriam come over and Miriam checks Tomás’ laptop. He was chatting with his (fake) bio-dad’s dad. He must have gone to find him. Vale blames herself again (grr!) and Lucas says he’s going to take care of everything.

And indeed he does, by using a police contact/fan. They found Tomás and he’s on his way to the station.

When Tomás gets there he’s unhappy to see Lucas and won’t go home with Vale unless he never has to see Lucas again. Gabe shows up. Tomás tells them he was at his grandfather’s house…except his grandfather said he wasn’t his grandfather.

Baby, baby

Diego leaves the pregnancy test that Adriana refuses to take, bids goodbye to little Diego Jr. and leaves her to stew in peace.

Jess gets cozy with a sundae and a can of whipped cream at the café. Diego breaks it to her that he doesn’t want to get married.

Casa Salma

Gabe tries to talk Quique into keeping that worthless Lucas Duarte away from Vale while Salma tries to talk him into keeping Lucas alive. Quique has no idea how to do both and he’s finding it irritating. What do they WANT?!


Lucas complains about Gabe getting bad info. He’s going to find out on his own who Tomás’ father is.

Tomás is complaining about wanting to skip school and spend the day with Vale. She’s in, but he has to come to work with her first. Lucas shows up and Tomás starts whining about broken promises and not wanting to be around That Guy. Lucas gripes that he has a name and he’s the biggest galán blah blah blah.

Vale intervenes. I say just let ’em fight it out. They’re going to the station, she and Tomás are going on with their plan for the day and she and Lucas will talk later.

Tomás sinks to new depths, continuing his snotty attitude during the car ride to the station. He accuses Vale of not loving him and jumps out of Lucas’ convertible at a stop light. He nearly gets run over by another car, but Lucas gets there in time to grab him and pull him out of the way.

They’re all a bit shaken up–the driver, Lucas, Tomás, Vale. Tomás is so shaken up the “twerp” got shaken right out of him and he thanks Lucas for saving his life and hugs him. Vale smiles happily.


The pregnancy test was negative. But then, so was Jessi’s. Just saying. Diego thinks of the same thing–tomorrow he’s coming to Adriana’s to pick her up and take her to get bloodwork done. Yeah, Adriana’s over this. She tells him to go worry about Jessi instead of her.


Quique has a plan and he’s not telling Gabe anything about it. Gabe doesn’t like it? Aw, gosh, Quique’s all broken up about that. Gabe stares into the camera in horror–what if Quique kills Lucas? I was waiting for the “Meh, who cares?” But no, Gabe is genuinely alarmed.

He interrupts Salma giving Jessi pregnancy advice to tell Salma that Nicolas and Quique are going to kill Lucas.

Lucas and Tomás are BFFs by the time they get to the station. Too bad it won’t last because now Nicolas is calling and telling Lucas he’d better send the woman and the kid inside instead of involving them in this. Not that Lucas knows what “this” is but he gets the implied threat and does as Nicolas asks.

Next Nico approaches and walks him to who-knows-where at gunpoint while insisting Lucas not hang up the phone. Even though he’s right there. “OK, they’re your minutes.”

Nicolas takes him to Quique’s ranch. When Quique gives him permission to take the hood off, Lucas’ first concern is his hair. Nicolas obligingly does a little spit-styling.

At the station, Salma’s starting to panic. Someone told her Lucas left with a strange guy. She and Vale agree–Lucas had every intention of coming in to shoot that scene with Salma and he wouldn’t have just taken off. Gabe does what Gabe does–tells them to calm down and let him deal with it. Salma’s sure something terrible has happened to Lucas! Neither she nor Gabe mentions Quique or Nicolas.

Except later Vale confronts Salma alone and Salma cracks–Quique has Lucas and it’s all her fault! Salma’s fault…in case that wasn’t clear.

At Quique’s place, he tells Lucas he knows all about the fake wedding and he won’t stand for Lucas blaming it on Vale! Vale might love Lucas, but Lucas doesn’t love her and that’s why he needs to stay away from her. Quique hands him some paperwork for an offer he doesn’t think Lucas can refuse.

And indeed, he doesn’t. He accepts…though he wants to leave the discussion about him not really loving Vale aside. The important thing is why’d they go through all the drama with the hood and mess up his hair? Oh, just to scare him. And show him what they’re capable of. Yeah, Lucas gets that.

At the studio, Vale finds Jess and Tomás and tells them she’s going to go save Lucas. Tomás isn’t even upset about it. He explains to Jess that someone wants to kill Lucas and offers to help save him, but Vale says she’ll take care of it.

At Quique’s he assures her Lucas isn’t dead, he just gave him what he deserved–fame. Then he laughs ominously.

Salma, Jess, and Tomás hang out on the set, worrying about Lucas. Tomás turns on Justin for only caring about the novela. Justin gives him the “this is work, we’re not here to make friends” speech (typically said by reality show contestants about fifteen minutes before they start crying that someone was mean and nobody likes them).

Lucas arrives, babbling in Italian and bragging about being headed for the big screen. Funny, Justin thought mediocrity was reserved for TV (ouch!). He’d like to get on with filming the show’s final scene now. (Already? Wow…art imitating life imitating art…or something).

Lucas hugs Tomás, tells Salma not to be jealous, and asks where Vale is. “Off saving your life,” Tomás informs him. Salma rolls her eyes and flounces off.

Vale gets back to the studio, relieved that Lucas isn’t dead. He says he’s better than not dead, he’s going to be filming The Lover of Sicily! Oh…kay….

The plot line that just won’t die

Patricia’s back. Gustavo won’t speak to her and he says he’s going back to Boston. Eloisa, the reigning queen of putting everyone else’s needs ahead of her own, tells Miguel and Patricia to think of everyone else. “As a mother” she can’t understand how Patricia could do this (the previous affair? The current snogging?). Miguel decides it’s time he and Gustavo had a conversation.

Miguel goes over to Patricia’s to tell Gustavo he understands how he feels, but he and Patricia are going to “live their love.” Nope, because Patricia shows up and says it’s over and she’s going to Boston with Gustavo.

Patricia tells Miguel (and Gustavo) it was fun while it lasted, but it’s over now. The only reason she came back was Felicitas Zubizarreta.

Miguel confronts her the next day, blah blah blah, she tells him he’s Carlo’s son and everything else that happened flew right out of my head. I think I actually mentally high-fived her.

Felicitas did NOT tell Carlos, though. She sent him to go ask Eloisa himself what secret she was holding over Elo’s head. Elo tells him–Miguel is his son.

Miguel doesn’t believe Feli, but she doesn’t care. She tells him to go ask his mom…or better yet, get a DNA test with Carlos and come back to apologize to her later.

Elo’s doing tequila shots. She’s all overwrought because instead of rejecting her like she was always afraid he would, Carlos is fine with it. He wants to get to know Miguel and be the father he didn’t have the chance to be before. But still Eloisa’s trying to convince him they shouldn’t tell Miguel because he’ll never forgive her. Thank you, Carlos, for asking if she might not be wrong the way she was wrong about him!

In walks Miguel. He won’t say where he’s been and snarks on Carlos for being there yet again. Then he goes upstairs without mentioning anything else.

Carlos goes to Feli’s studio to confront her about the letter from Eloisa. She claims she hid it from him out of love, just like she stayed with him despite all his cheating. Carlos says it was a waste–he’s happy he and Eloisa had a son and now he loves her more than ever. He writes “I ♥ E” on her canvas in red paint before storming out of the studio.

I’m getting whiplash here

Lucía appeared to Vale in a dream and gave her permission to date Lucas. Which would be great, except that useless tool didn’t read his contract. There’s a clause that says he can’t date anyone for two years or else–no movie. He has to be cholo. No, Lucas that is not how you say “solo” in Italian. He apologizes, but he always gets so into character he picks up the accent–which he demonstrates by doing his Spanish and Colombian accents.

Vale’s happy for him, but is he really more excited about the movie then about…say…her?

At Quique’s, it would appear that Gabe didn’t read the contract either and didn’t notice the clause. Quique explains his brilliance–he used Lucas’ own ego to trap him!

Vale gets that this is a big opportunity for him. Lucas points out that since she doesn’t want to date him anyway, thanks to her dreams about Lucía, it doesn’t really change anything between them, right? Now, what did she invite him over to tell him? “Nothing important.” She gets her bag so they can go to the studio. Lucas still has some things to resolve there.

Gabe goes to explain the brilliance of Quique’s contract to Salma…except he only tells her that VALE will have to stay away from Lucas. (OK…Quique vs. Salma in a cage match? My money’s on Salma.)

Vale tells Jess about Lucas’ new job. And the contract clause. Jess is unpleasantly surprised. Here she was thinking Vale could go with Lucas to Italy for a few years.

Gabe whines because Vale is upset even though she knows Lucas is a big selfish jerk who doesn’t care about anyone but himself. “But what about Lucía? Because he told me he never cheated on her–she cheated on him.”

Gabe remembers snuggling with Lucía. She promised she’d never leave him. Then he saw her flirting with Lucas and leaving the bar with him.

He looks confused for a moment, then tells Vale she knows Lucía and Lucas both–who does she think would have cheated?

In Lucas’ dressing room, Gabe tells him the network isn’t happy about him leaving. They’ll have to rewrite the scripts AGAIN (OK, so not ending after all. Justin must have meant the last scene of the episode, not the whole show.) It’s a mess for international sales when the leading man leaves before the end of the show. The best solution they could come up with is to put Martincito from the web novela into the show as the new lead.

Lucas is furious–Gabe wants to steal his role AND his fan?! Gabe agrees he’d like nothing better, just in time for Vale to hear.


Diego goes to Adriana’s house, but she’s already left for the clinic. Natalia knows what’s going on and she thinks if they’re having a baby they should get married. Because Adriana’s never looked at anyone the way she looks at Diego.

Diego gets to the clinic near Adriana’s house, which looks just like the one he took Jess to, which you wouldn’t think wouldn’t be anywhere near each other? She’s not sure why he’s there–what are they supposed to say if someone sees them? He refuses to leave and wishes her luck when the nurse comes to get her.

Afterwards, Diego tells her if she’s pregnant he wants to marry her instead of Jessi.


The Lucas Locas convene so that Elo can tell them…Carlos knows the truth.

Uh…Jessi and Miriam have no idea what she’s talking about. It takes her a few tries to reveal that Carlos is Miguel’s dad…with Vale’s help.

In the café, Diego tells Miguel he already knows that Felicitas told him the truth–Elo told him.

Lucas goes to Quique’s to ask why he offered him the contract in the first place. Salma arrives, complaining that this isn’t what she and Quique agreed on…oh, hi Lucas. Quique lays it all out. The movie is real, the contract is real, the objective is to get him away from Vale. Now…if he’d like Quique to rip up the contract and be with Vale instead…?

Nope, because Lucas is The Lover of Sicily. Thus proving what Quique’s been saying–he’s the wrong man for Vale.

Jess encourages Vale to take advantage her final moments with Lucas. There’s somewhere she needs to be and it’s not at her house and it’s not with Jess.

Benicio is setting up his apartment for romance. Miriam arrives, ready to get her shag on with Benicio in spite of everything.

Carlos breaks it to Adriana that Miguel’s his son. But he doesn’t know yet because Eloisa wouldn’t let him tell Miguel. Adriana’s wigged about her and Diego sharing a brother.

And Carlos is wigged about the envelope sitting on the couch. Is that…? Test results. For…? To see if she’s pregnant with Diego’s baby. Carlos grabs the envelope and says if she doesn’t open it right now, he will! (Right? Dude’s had enough paternity drama for one day.)

Vale goes over to Lucas’ house all set for the goodbye they deserve–their one night of passion.

Too bad Salma had the same idea. She tells Lucas to choose: it’s her or La Fan.

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3 years ago

Quique turned out to be smarter than I had thought. He really put Lucas on the hot seat without him knowing it or, better yet, feeling it. Hmmmm. . .