La Mujer del Vendaval Friday 12/30/16 #33


Inés is done with her shift at the hotel. Mauro kindly offers to give her a ride home so she’s not struggling to catch the last bus.

Mike’s all set to leave the hacienda, he assures Marcela…but he can’t find Severo. Eh, she’s sure he’s already gone. And since she’s not consumed with burning hatred for Mike and it’s really late, he’s welcome to stay for the night. Mike declares her “mucho amable.” (It should be “muy amable” but I’m not enough of a grammarian to explain why.)

Severo’s roaming the front lawn with a bottle like one of the alleged ghosts on the property. Is it to much to ask that he trips, hits his head on a rock, and becomes an actual ghost?

Rosita’s off for the evening. Albita’s also headed for bed–she has her job interview tomorrow. But, um…what are Sagrario and Mateo doing for the night? Nothing, because Mateo respects that Sagrario hasn’t wanted to disrespect her marriage vows in the last 20 years. Alba gives him a kiss goodnight before he goes back to his cabin, and he actually gets to say good night to Sagrario without hiding or pretending there’s nothing going on for once.

In their respective bedrooms, on their respective sides of the bed (which are not the same, how’s that for a sign!) Marcela and Alessandro each ponder the other and their twisted situation. They’re both agreed that the lies need to end, they’re both worried about what the other’s intentions are, and they are both in love with each other.


It’s morning at the hotel. Damn, the sky and the water are gorgeous! Octavia joins Silvana for breakfast on the patio/rooftop deck. I’m jealous. Sandra brings over a note from Alessandro asking Silvana to deal with the suite drama while he goes to confess his love to Marcela. For no reason other than to give Octavia a chance to read it, Silvana crumples it up, throws it in the nearest trash can, and goes to talk to Sandra about something. I think that just bolstered Octavia’s “The Castelós are trying to get the ranch for themselves” theory.

The hotel has a two-day lawyers’ convention and guests should start arriving today. Inés is totes on top of it. Mauro brought her what looks like an Easter basket from SBP. He’s just starting to try to ask her out for coffee when she accidentally speaks Octavia’s name and summons her. Octi crankily tells them to gossip about her elsewhere and pulls Mauro aside to tell him about the note from Alessandro.

Now her theory is that he and daddy are fighting because daddy wants to cheat Marcela out of the land and Alessandro has fallen for her and wants to pay for it…or something. If anything happens at the bank, her contact there will let her know. In the meantime they have to use all the “weapons” they have available. Mauro’s all “Weapons?!” and Octavia flounces off, offended that he can’t read her mind.


Everybody’s in a good mood this morning. Marcela’s got someone fumigating the stables, Sagrario got to sleep without a secret weighing on her, and Alba’s ready for her audition. I want to like her dress, I really do, but the proportions are off and instead of looking like a short dress with a high waistline it looks like a dress for a shorter person that she put on by accident. But other than that, she’s going to look fabulous behind a piano and she’ll probably nail her audition. Sagrario doesn’t like the dress either–she thinks it’s too uncovered. I agree with Marcela, Alba looks like her usual self, just a little more dressed up.

Mike comes to the kitchen for a hangover remedio. Oh, not for him, for Severo. Marcela imitates his accent as she says Severo doesn’t have a “crew-dough” (crudo = hangover), he’s just a shameless creep. Anyway, Roman and Amadeo are already there to take them to the San Bartolo Inn. Which she claims is a five-star hotel. (Uh…because you can see five stars through the crack in the ceiling?)

Roman and Amadeo may be there to pick up the worthless Severo, but it’s also Amadeo’s usual lesson time. Roman’s trying to get him psyched up to flirt with Alba, but oops! She forgot to cancel. Still trying to be helpful, Roman offers her a ride to the (bus?) terminal, but Amadeo does him one better–he’ll go into the city with her. Roman and I approve.


The South American contingent have arrived in Mexico with an alleged 200 kilos of luggage. Valeria’s still refusing to visit their mother or even let her know she’s there. Because everyone always knows everyone else, Ilse (Camilo’s would-be sugar mama) is the one who picks them up at the airport. She’s an old friend of Valeria’s. They leave Emiliano at the airport to continue on to SBP on his own.

In the SBP

Octavia calls Don Timo, who still doesn’t know if Severo has any claim on the ranch. Eulogio doesn’t know either, off the top of his head. July might, because apparently filing is also her department? She doesn’t know. And, um, the files are a bit of a mess. She’s sent to go look.

Roman drops Severo and Mike off in front of the Inn where Eulogio greets them…just before the sign over the archway drops. “Jesus Christ Superstar!” Mike exclaims. (Hahahahahah! What’s the buzz, Mike?) Mike inquires about the five-star status and…nailed it! Eulogio says there’s a hole in the roof of their room where they can see five stars…or more.

Unfortunately, they didn’t warn the owner and she wasn’t expecting no-longer-dead Severo to show up at her hotel. The poor woman faints onto the hard tile floor behind the desk.

The file room’s not sooo bad. I mean, nothing fell out when they opened the door. But July has no idea where anything is and she thinks it’ll take years to search the files starting from Demetrio’s death and working backwards. Too bad, Jules, because Timo is not about to ask Severo.

Doña Whatserface has been revived. Despite Eulogio’s assurances that this fine establishment was modeled on the Plaza Hotel and the streets of SBP have been likened to those of Manhattan, Mike would REALLY like to get back to the real thing. He quietly warns Severo that the longer they’re there, the more people will start to suspect…. What, neither we nor Eulogio gets to hear.

Severo demands the nicest, or least-crappy, suite in the place and lucky them, it comes with two towels, two rolls of TP, soap that makes Mike gag, two fans (it comes with air, get it?!), and a multi-use stick that can be used to kill a scorpion as easily as a rat. That’s right, Mike…a rat.

Eulogio runs back to Timo’s office to tell him Mike and Severo got kicked off the ranch and Mike said something about people starting to suspect Severo. Of what, he has no idea. Timo thinks it might have something to do with Severo owning part of the ranch. Timo is sure Octavia plans to make Severo an offer, but Timo wants that land.

And he wants Octavia, because the poor deluded fool actually thinks he has a shot with her. He decides to send her a present. Not flowers, something practical. I have the fear.


On the bus, Alba gets a little too friendly with a burro before realizing that is NOT what she wants to smell like when she gets to her interview! She and Amadeo trade seats and she has him check to see what she smells like. “¡Divina!”(Aw!) They get to talking about repertoire and she proposes starting with Agustín Lara’s Mía Nomás if that wouldn’t be too cheesy. He doesn’t think so. They start singing it while their fellow passengers completely ignore them until the song’s over.

Alba and Amadeo make it to “the city” and guess what? Her job interview is at the Toscana. She’s intimidated and starts getting nervous, but Amadeo sweet-talks her into calming down. And then he picks THIS moment to try to talk to her about his feelings…right before Cristian jogs up to the entrance. Amadeo who?

Cristian offers to use his pull with Cristobal, the hiring manager. He doesn’t entirely forget Amadeo…just his name. Amadeo rails at God for sending Alba to THIS hotel restaurant out of all the other ones out there. He rushes to tag along as Cristian escorts Alba inside.

Ungrateful creeps

Maria Laura’s eagerly anticipating throwing Marcela under the bus when Alessandro gets there. Nisa emerges from the shower, complaining the hot water ran out. ML’s like “Why are you even here instead of at your luxury hotel?!”

Before Nisa can answer Sagrario comes in with breakfast for both of them and ML makes me want to reach through the screen do something violent, the way she talks to her mother. And who is Maria Laura to even be talking about “How dare you, after what you’ve done?” Excuse you Ms. Accessory to Murder! Even Nisa’s so uncomfortable she’d rather jump back in the cold shower.

Maria Laura just tells her to pipe down when Nisa tries to intervene. ML makes more infuriating comments about Sagrario’s supposed sex life, which is all a cover for how bitter ML is that she’s living at the ranch in the first place. She wants her daddy, he’s the only one who can get her out of her before she dies of disgust. Nisa says he went out early with Mike. ML slams the tray out of Sagrario’s hands before leaving.

And Sagrario apologizes to Nisa, saying Maria Laura isn’t usually like this, she’s just…nervous. Nisa feels so bad she helps Sagrario clean up the mess.

At his cabin, Mateo feeds his bird while he sighs to Camilo that the one good thing about Severo being back is that it brought his and Sagrario’s relationship out into the open. “Uh huh, that’s nice. And how much money did Nazaria leave Marcela?”

Mateo says that’s none of his business. She’s working out the debt with the bank. No, he never said it was a good amount–just stay out of it. And stay away from the house! Camilo thought bubbles that he’s not going to stay out of that rich boy’s way, and especially not so he can make himself richer.

Truth time

Marcela comes to the kitchen for a cold cloth. It’s hot, her eyes are bothering her, but hey at least the mango crop is looking good. Sagrario scolds her about going to the doctor, but Marcela’s not interested in finding out just how much time she has left before she goes blind. She hears Alessandro’s car out front and excitedly rushes out to greet him.

Alessandro tells a huge bunch of flowers to just sit there and look pretty and leave the cheesy stuff to him. Marcela comes out, all business, and he cuts her off before she can object–the flowers aren’t for her, they’re for the house. He thinks it’s time they stopped pretending nothing’s going on here. Oh yeah? Marcela thinks it’s time they started telling the truth. So what’s his truth?

He starts off with “I’m not poor,” but wait! Marcela doesn’t want to talk about that here. She tells him to leave the flowers inside and laughs when he says they’re NOT hers, remember. She pulls the mask out of the purse she’s been carrying around with her all day and considers it before stuffing it back inside. Alessandro comes back with one tiny little daisy for her and the suggestion they go talk truth in the fresh ranch air.

As Marcela and Alessandro walk by the river, he starts off with the “older people” he works for. They’re not that old. And they’re his parents. And they run the family business. Which happens to be the Toscana hotel chain.

Alessandro insists he’s not a millionaire. He lives off his salary. All his shares and stuff are tied up in the company and he doesn’t own any big properties. He didn’t tell Marcela because he was afraid of how she would react.

But why didn’t he tell her that he wasn’t divorced, but that he was widowed a few days before marrying her?

We’ll have to wait for the next episode for the answer to that.

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Kitty Sanchez
Kitty Sanchez
4 years ago

Gracias Diva! Severo is such an asshat. One of the apples didn’t fall far from the tree, because ML is just like him with the “you owe me” attitude. She turned from silly sneaky slutty cousin to total antagonista. She is going up against her entire family except for her greedy father. Nisa isn’t helping matters!

I’m glad some of Ale’s cards are finally on the table, I can’t wait for Marcela’s reaction to everything.

Lots of scheming going on!

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
4 years ago

Thanks Diva, I love your descriptions Aw this story is so complicated, but I like it. Everybody in it has their own personality and you don’t really get the feeling that they’re just there as NPCs to move the plot along When I first watched the show, my Spanish was just barely better than Mike’s so I identified with him a lot and got a kick out of his Spanglish “(It should be “muy amable” but I’m not enough of a grammarian to explain why.)” Now I get that, sometimes I’m thinking that’s not the right word/word form/suffix for that… Read more »