Amar es Primavera Wednesday 3/15/17 #27


Öykü finds Ayaz sick, as expected. She gripes, makes him drink herbal tea, tries to bring down his fever with cold cloths, and insists on him getting undressed. “Not until we’re married!” She just meant for a shower.

Onem feeds the tabloids the story that Mete Uyar’s wife Öykü is cheating on him with his best friend. Then she calls Mete, saying the journalist called HER and sends him to the house to warn Öykü and Ayaz.

While the journalists and Mete are rushing to the house, Öykü’s insisting on getting Ayaz into a cold shower, even if he won’t take off his pants. He complains the water’s freezing but he still seems to find it encouraging that she cares. “I’d rather fight with you than laugh with anyone else.”

Ayaz pulls Öykü into the shower. They’re about to kiss, but Mete rings the doorbell. Well, at least she won’t be joining Ayaz on his deathbed.

Mete ends up knocking on the back door when they don’t answer right away. Too bad the journalists go back there too, which is bad enough…but then when Mete tells them to stop filming they’re all “Back off!” So, he needs to respect their cameras but they don’t need to respect private property? They crow that they’ve caught the cheaters when they see Ayaz and Öykü in the back door in robes and towels.

Mete decides to deal with this situation by kissing Öykü on camera.

Later, the three of them argue about whose fault it is. Ayaz is angry at Mete for kissing Öykü and Öykü for not slapping Mete. Mete is angry at Ayaz for not just being patient and waiting and for not thinking about how this will look–not just to Onder, but to Öykü’s father.

Öykü’s tired of listening to them bicker and tries to leave, but now there’s a whole herd of reporters right outside the back door.

At the office, Onem’s so nice to the woman who brings her tea that it creeps her out. Olcay comes running in with the news–Öykü’s finished! He shows her the footage of Mete kissing Öykü, and Ayaz looking miserable.

Seyma’s not as happy about this as Onem thinks she needs to be. She and Olcay both tell her to get over Mete.

Mete suggests he and Öykü just hold hands and walk out like there’s nothing wrong. Ayaz hates that idea. He’s back to calling Öykü his girlfriend. Now they’re both yelling at him because how come he’s the one who gets to decide when they’re dating and when they’re not.

Öykü proposes she go out there and say she’s killed them both and they had it coming. Ayaz thinks he and Mete should go out there, Mete should kiss him, and Öykü should make a run for it while they’re distracted.

Onder calls Mete and he goes to take the call in the kitchen. Seyma calls Öykü, demanding to be called “Señora Seyma” and threatening to dock her pay for the time she’s missing. Ayaz is still trying to think of a plan and he’s tired of Öykü wanting to check his forehead for temperature.

Mete has to go to the office to soothe Onder’s ruffled feathers, but how are they getting out of here? “Not holding hands!” (Shut up, Ayaz.) OK, Mete has an idea. He makes a call.

In all the time the reporters were outside, it snowed. A water delivery guy on a motorcycle shows up.

At Ilker’s, Ilker and Burcu watch the video and parse every bit of body language. It’s irritating Sibel. They all know what’s going on! If Ilker wants to analyze something, he can analyze her face, “Uh, if I don’t cut it out, you’ll release your inner beast?” He goes off to the kitchen to get food for them.

Burcu really is curious, though, what does Sibel think Öykü felt when Mete kissed her? She was in love with him for years. Sibel says there’s no way she felt anything. Ayaz is her guy.

Öykü comes out dressed as the water guy, hauling the empty bottle. Two reporters are arguing over whether she’s innocent or lured these two poor guys in. Öykü flips out and starts hitting them with the empty water bottle, which brings Ayaz outside to join in on the fight.


Öykü and Ayaz end up at the police station, where the officer says he had to cuff them because they wouldn’t calm down. The two reporters who were discussing Öykü got hauled in with them. One wants to sue because Öykü grabbed his camera and threw it. (Um, no, you dropped it. She had nothing in her hands but the empty water bottle.)

Öykü focuses on how the reporters were talking smack about her and she barely hurt them at all. Her re-enactment while handcuffed to Ayaz means he keeps getting his arm dragged around. Since Öykü won’t stop going after the reporters, she and Ayaz get thrown into holding cells. Separately.

Ayaz takes this opportunity to argue with Öykü about Mete kissing her. She can’t believe he’s seriously asking if she’s having feelings for Mete again. She says she’ll never forgive him, but she doesn’t say what for. She refuses to speak to him.

Mete tries to talk the two reporters into dropping charges and staying out of their lives. They insist they don’t mess with people’s private lives, they’re just trying to earn a living–what were they supposed to do when that woman called? That gets Mete’s attention.

Onem’s watching the video when Monika comes in. Onem tries to convince Monika to fire Öykü, but she’s not there to talk about Öykü at all. They need a new collection, and soon–Monika’s not allowing them to use her name on Seyma’s stolen collection. Onem asks if she has proof. Monika thinks if it’s really Seyma’s collection she should be able to draw something in front of them.

Mete shows up to confront Seyma for informing the reporters. She laughs about his “wife” not being here and says they’ve all seen the video. Onem and Monika arrive in time for Mete and Seyma’s shouting match. Onem says Seyma didn’t do it. And why does Mete care anyway? Has he fallen in love with his fake wife? Olcay and Monika’s faces: “Mhm. Glad somebody said it.”

Seyma grins and tells him to admit it. Mete brushes off the question–he came here to tell them Öykü and Ayaz are in jail. Can’t Onem’s reporter friend help get them out? (There’s seriously no excuse for him not to suspect Onem if he knows this.) Onem would rather not. She thinks it’s time Ayaz learned a lesson. So much for the drawing test.

Ayaz tells Öykü to forget what he said. They hit him on the head. He has a fever. He doesn’t feel well. He feels dizzy. Öykü insists she doesn’t care about him. She’s over him. She wouldn’t get up off that bench even if he were dying.

Ayaz tests this by falling loudly and not responding when she asks if he’s dead already. She cracks and turns over to look at him lying on the floor. She’s not buying it. She tells him to go right ahead and lie there like a rug…he’s just going to end up with a cough, not that she cares…stop messing around…she’s going to put something about him missing his wedding and having someone else take his place on his tombstone…if he doesn’t get up she’s going to start singing this song about a dessert…ok fine, she doesn’t care about him…no seriously, get up!

Cem’s not answering his door and Meral finally bursts in. When he shuts the lid on his laptop, she’s afraid he’s looking at porn. He swears he’s not. She understands teenage hormones, but she hates lies! Cem shows her the video of Mete kissing Öykü and Ayaz beating up a reporter.

Öykü gets an officer’s attention and he goes in to check on Ayaz. She screams at Ayaz that he’d better not die–she can’t live without him! She yells at the officer for locking him up when he’s sick. Ayaz wakes up, or rather “wakes up,” and pretends he doesn’t know where he is. He was just feeling dizzy and passed out, that’s all. The officer helps him to the bench. Öykü demands to know if he’s ok. “Why are you like that? You were talking about desserts a minute ago.”

Hey, wait, she said that when he was passed out. “I was heading for the light but your voice brought me back.” Öykü doesn’t think it’s funny. Neither does the officer. Ayaz asks if Öykü forgives him and she shouts at the officer that this is HER cell from now on. When she kills Ayaz and gets brought back here, she wants THIS cell. She’ll be measuring it for curtains. Ayaz blows her a kiss.

Emre quit the gym. He didn’t give Bulent any choice but to accept his resignation. Burcu thinks it’s because of the things she said. Bulent doesn’t deny it–Emre’s got his manly pride. Mete calls to tell him Öykü and Ayaz are in jail. Bulent will see what he can do.

In their cells, Ayaz wonders whey they aren’t in the same cell. Öykü’s glad they aren’t. Ayaz wants to come back here every time they need to talk about something. “Sure, you just let me know when you want to talk and I’ll hit the first man I see over the head and confess.”

An officer comes in to let them out. The reporter dropped the charges and the comandante wants them gone–they’re giving him a headache.


At Ilker’s, Sibel hears that they’re out. Burcu wishes she could lock herself up with Emre somewhere until he forgives her. Sibel says it sounds like she’s talking about kidnapping. Let the man breathe!

Emre shows up just then and says he doesn’t have a lot of time to talk–the taxi’s waiting. Burcu shows him the big lunch she made and says she has this whole apology planned.

He picks up the vase of roses on the table and throws it on the floor, telling her to pick it up and put it back together just the way it was before. (I’m rolling my eyes…snobbery is not the exclusive province of the rich.) She broke his heart and it’s over. No need to apologize–they just don’t belong in each other’s worlds.


Cem won’t come to dinner. Meral tells Öykü to leave him alone. Whatever’s really going on, to the rest of the world it looks like she’s a married woman having an affair. Everyone in the neighborhood thinks she’s married to Mete, including Cem’s friends at school who saw the same thing on the news that he did. If Öykü doesn’t stay away from Ayaz, people will keep talking about her and about the family.

Mete comes over to Ayaz’s. He knows Ayaz is angry at him and he understands, but he’s trying to save the company. Ayaz wants an honest answer–when he was about to marry Öykü, what did he feel? “Nothing. I thought I was helping my friends–you asked me to do it. And Öykü was desperate.”

Ayaz says that’s how he felt at first–he couldn’t admit to himself how important Öykü was to him. “What are you trying to say?” Nothing. But he’s sure when the time comes and Mete decides to accept it, he’ll understand. “That moment will never come! I’m not interested in her.” Ayaz warns him no one will separate him from Öykü. Mete just shakes his head pityingly at Ayaz and leaves.

The following day, Onder comes by the office. Once again he’s not interested in listening to anything. The companies he works with won’t be any more interested in explanations than he is. He warned Ayaz and he warned Mete–if they don’t behave they’re losing their contract.

Öykü picks up her knitting and remembers Ayaz telling her about the yarn he tied around her finger at the hotel.

Ayaz fumes in his office and kicks Mete’s empty chair.

Öykü calls to ask if he was going to ask her something at the hotel. Something important? There was more to it than the yarn tied around her finger? Ayaz congratulates her for figuring it out, but he’s not going to talk about it over the phone.

She invites him to come pick her up and go out for a romantic dinner. Meral comes into Öykü’s room and stands there listening to her phone call and fuming. Öykü’s still trying to get more info, like is it something that requires a romantic setting? What should she wear?

When she gets off the phone, Meral forbids her from going out with Ayaz. Was she not listening yesterday? Meral’s not letting her out. She takes the key out of Öykü’s door and locks her in. She opens it again almost immediately, but it’s just to take Öykü’s cell phone.

When Ayaz arrives, she won’t let him in. They can do whatever they want after she’s divorced from Mete. They’re just going to have to wait. She slams the door on him and pats it like she wishes she were patting him on the arm.

Casa Bulent

Mete complains to his dad about Ayaz screwing everything up. He’s worried about losing the contract and all the money they’ve invested. Bulent warns him not to think that way or that’s exactly what will happen. He’s sure Ayaz will come around and he and Mete will figure things out.

Burcu comes home with her suitcase. Mete looks like he’s gloating. Jerk. Even Bulent is grinning and Burcu tells him he was right, it wasn’t as easy as she thought. Mete’s happy she’s home. I’m annoyed with them both.

Mete wants to have a typical family night at home–movie and popcorn. Burcu complains about waiting for him to make the popcorn, then shoves a handful in her mouth and says she’s too down to do anything. Mete encourages her to keep going or she’ll regret it. Burcu thinks he’s really talking about…Öykü. Mete shoves popcorn in her mouth and tells her to shut up.


Ayaz sneaks into Öykü’s room. Because that’s going to look better than picking her up at the front door? She starts freaking out about her mom catching him and tells him to get OUT! He had someone from the electric company get him up to her window in a bucket truck. Öykü tells Ayaz to call the guy and tell him to come get him! Her mother’s coming.

The guy doesn’t answer his phone. Ayaz keeps looking down at the ground under the window as Öykü flips out, her mom listens at the door, and I keep chanting “Do NOT jump out that window!”

When Meral digs the key out of her pocket and comes in, Ayaz is not in evidence. Öykü pretends she was sleeping. Meral notices the open window and shuts it. Then she wants to fix Öykü’s comforter, half-draped on the floor, and steps on Ayaz’s fingers.

When she leaves, Öykü tells him to call the guy with the truck already. Sorry, the guy can’t come back–he’s working on a fallen utility post right now. Ayaz couldn’t be more thrilled.

Öykü’s over her insistence that Ayaz needs to leave and she’s angling for the proposal she assumes she was getting tonight. They bicker, as usual, and then Ayaz talks about couples who are destined to be together as he uses a bit of yarn to tie their pinky fingers together.

Mete calls him. He needs those wedding rings for tomorrow. Onder wants to have dinner with all of them.

Ayaz passes on the news about dinner. He thinks Mete is happy about being married to Öykü. Öykü insists she’s telling Onder tomorrow about the fake marriage and ending all this.

At his house, Mete is putting wedding pictures into frames and looking entirely too pleased with himself.

Cem’s still cranky in the morning. And his hair straightening treatment has settled into “Alexi Lalas” territory. He refuses breakfast before school, snarkily telling Öykü she can have breakfast with her husband…and his mom that she can scold him for talking to his sister like that when he gets back from school.

Meral despairs–her sweet child is gone and now she’s got a raging teenager. Öykü suggests they go get some therapeutic sea air. Like, now. No need to clear the breakfast dishes. Ayaz listens from under Öykü’s bed as they leave.


Burcu finds Emre out polishing his taxi and says it’s possible. She fixed the vase. Of course it’s not the same, but she fixed it. He looks like he’s struggling not to smile, but he tells her it’s going to be easier to break now. “So I’ll fix it again.” He doesn’t think she’s getting the point. (I don’t think he’s getting her point.)

Burcu says she’s sorry. She screwed up, he taught her a lesson, can he forgive her now? Emre’s new boss sends him out to make a pick-up. Burcu hops into the back seat of his taxi and says she won’t leave until he forgives her. Instead he pulls her out of the taxi and takes off, leaving her standing on the sidewalk holding the box with the vase in it. 🙁

Another workday with no one working

Öykü gets to the fashion house and gets ‘tude from Olcay and a summons to Monika’s office. I can’t wait for Monika’s test to wipe the smug smile off his face.

He goes to tell Seyma her “girl” is here. He wishes she’d quit being so down. Sure, Monika thinks she stole her collection, but there’s no reason to get like that. “Well, I’m sad. What do you want me to do?” Focus on destroying Öykü, duh.

Monika confronts Öykü about the collection. Did she draw it? Why did Seyma want Monika to ask Öykü? Öykü tries to distract her by saying she was in jail yesterday…she was looking at the police officers’ uniforms and she thinks they should design something for them. “What happened between you and Seyma?! Why did she want me to talk to you?” Öykü’s also been thinking of hats that would go better with the uniform.

“Are the drawings for the collection yours or not?!” Seyma and Olcay are listening at the door. Öykü says they aren’t. They’re Seyma’s. Seyma grins like she doesn’t realize that means she’ll now be expected to actually design something in the future. Öykü insists she borrowed Seyma’s drawings to look at them–that’s why they were at her house. When she realized she couldn’t beat them, she destroyed her own drawings.

“So you didn’t even keep the promise you made to me?” Monika says that’s it. She has nothing to teach Öykü. From now on she’s Seyma’s assistant and nothing more.

Öykü runs into Seyma and Olcay in the hallway and Seyma orders a coffee with milk…light.

Ayaz gets to the office with the rings like Mete asked. He mocks Mete for being so obsessed about the rings and does an impression of Gollum. HA! Mete tells him to knock it off–he’s trying to save the company here. “Yeah, you get to be the hero while I do nothing.” Mete gets a call from the house and looks upset.

Öykü brings Seyma her coffee. Seyma complains that she watched it getting cold while Öykü walks in. “I’m doing the best I can.” Oh, so she has no talent? Öykü rolls her eyes and starts to set the coffee down, but Seyma bumps her hand and tries to blame her for the spill. Öykü tells her to quit pretending–no one here is fooled. If she wants to yell at someone, she can talk to herself, but they’ll all just think she’s “crazy.”

Öykü grabs her stuff to leave and Seyma tries to pull rank, insisting she finish her shift. Olcay’s enjoying listening to Seyma accuse Öykü of feigning innocence, using Ayaz to make Mete jealous, being a fraud…ooh, sounds like a fat load of projection to me! She insists she can talk to Öykü any way she likes because “I’m the boss!” (The more you have to say it….)

OK then, Öykü grabs the closest clipboard with paper, writes “I quit, Öykü.” and hands it to Seyma. Seyma gloats that Öykü has finally realized Seyma will always be better than her and will have everything she wants, plus what Öykü wants. (Yeah, have fun designing your next collection….)

Mete walks in and says “Not everything.” He takes Öykü’s hand while Seyma stares.

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