La Fan Friday 3/24/17 #49

Bon Voyage

Vale begs for Gabe’s life, Carlos tries to get him to put the gun down, Tomás begs Lucas not to kill Gabe. Lucas points the gun up at that and laughs…yeah, he was faking them out.

After they watch José Gerardo’s last episode of the novela, Lucas says his goodbyes. He’d take Natalia with him if she didn’t have an exclusive contract with Carlos. Adriana’s his favorite niece. He thanks Carlos for everything–that’s what bros say when they say goodbye right? He welcomes Miguel to the family and Miguel says he’s not feeling it. Diego tells Lucas he’ll do great.

Lucas thanks the fan club for everything, tells them to keep loving him from afar, and begs them to open a branch in Italy. Before he can say goodbye to Tomás and Vale, Tomás runs upstairs.

Vale tells him he’s going to go outshine all the italianos. And the italianas will swoon over him. Yeah, he knows. But he’ll never find another fan like her–there isn’t another one out there like her. He knows how lucky he was to have her love. What she gave him can’t be bought and you don’t find it every day.

I didn’t love you like you deserved, but I’m not stupid. I know I’ll never in this world find a woman who loves me as much as you do, who made me as happy as you did. And you never asked anything in return.

Vale says he let her fulfill a dream. The fan is happy because she got to be close to her idol.


In Benicio’s office, Benicio’s drunk. His dad takes the booze away and reminds him he has to marry Adriana. Benicio says Carlos has another heir. Yes, Ignacio knew about him, but he didn’t realize Carlos knew. He takes a healthy swig of whiskey before Benicio takes the glass back.

Back at the house, Adriana’s upset about Diego. Carlos seems disappointed that she’s not going to fight for him.

One last night

Nicolas comes home and finds the apartment empty. Did he already lose track of Salma? (And more importantly, where’s Rodrigo?)

Salma’s off at Lucas’ apartment trying to get a goodbye shag. She begs him to say he loves her. “I love you, Vale!”


Lucas tries to take it back…he said “I love you, you know?” If Salma wants to fight about it, she can go!

“Are you kicking me out?!” Well, no, but he didn’t ask her to come over, either.

In that case, Salma hopes his plane falls out of the sky and he disintegrates in midair. She’ll see him at his funeral!

“¡Cancelado! ¡Cancelado! ¡Cancelado!”

Casa Vale

Gabe tries to console Vale. She doesn’t think he deserves to hang around waiting for her to get over Lucas. He tries to invite himself to spend the night and Vale’s furious! She’s a decent woman! (Again with that? Must we?)

He does spend the night–on the couch. In the morning Tomás catches Vale moping, looking at pictures of Lucas on her phone. She gets a brief laugh out of Gabe rolling off the couch in his sleep.


Natalia wants Diego to bust up the wedding. Just wait for the priest to ask if Adriana accepts Benicio and then come in and tell her not to and she’ll turn around in slow-mo and she’ll run toward him and they can flee together.

Sure, she watches a lot of novelas, and she knows this isn’t one, but she also knows Adriana and Diego shouldn’t end up apart.

No. Just no.

So, about Jessica’s non-baby…she refuses to tell Diego she’s not pregnant. She’s thinking either artificial insemination or getting another guy to get her pregnant. They just won’t tell him. Miriam’s face: “!!!”

Jessi invites Bob over and asks him to be the father of her baby. Yes, Bob, be afraid! Be very afraid!

Actually…Bob is in! He’s psyched about being a dad…until Jessi tells him he’ll be the baby’s godfather. Nu-uh, Bob’s not willing to share his baby with someone else. Jessie says he’s being REALLY stingy with his seed. She just wants ONE kid for her and he can have as many others as he wants for him.

“Sorry con excuse me, mi amor…¡NO!” Jess begs him to think about it. After two more seconds of thought, Bob says the answer is still “NO.”


Miguel comes over to the company, at Adriana’s request. She wants to give him the hug she never got to give him before. He accepts, but he’s really trying not to feel anything. It helps when Feli comes in, snarking about this tender sibling moment…or did she miss something more? (Feli is just so…sleazy.)

Adriana starts screaming at Feli about making her grow up without her brother. Miguel would rather let them slug this out alone. Feli tells him to stay–this is all part his. On that, Adriana agrees. But Miguel doesn’t want any of it and he doesn’t want Feli pawing at him either. He leaves before it gets any worse.


Lucas is at the airport, expecting a crowd of fans to descend on him…but they’re all there for Jorge Bernal (the host of Suelta la Sopa).

Quique comes to see Lucas off. Or rather, make sure he gets on the plane. Lucas says he always keeps his word. He’s going to make Quique look good. He’s been studying Italian and everything!

Quique can’t believe he still thinks he’s going to Italy because he’s a good actor. He’s only leaving because Quique wants him away from Vale.

Tomás calls Lucas to say goodbye and tell him…Vale’s miserable. He didn’t really like Lucas until after he saved his life, then he liked him a little. He may be a kid, but he knows there’s no movie, no trip, no prize that’s worth more than Vale. He hopes Lucas doesn’t regret leaving.

Lucas thanks him for his affection. Tomás is lucky to have a mom like Vale. Tomás says Lucas is lucky to have Vale’s love, but he doesn’t appreciate her. Tomás feels sorry for him.

Lucas hangs up the phone, thinking, and tells Quique to back off as Quique keeps trying to shove him toward the departure gate.


On the set, Salma’s gloating about how she didn’t make it to the bon voyage party, but she went over to have a private party with Lucas later. Vale starts feeling sick and Salma thinks she’s jealous, but it’s not that…she’s got a horrible pain in her chest. She has a feeling something terrible has happened to Lucas!

Carlos gets a call about Lucas.

Eloisa comes running into the café and says Lucas’ plane fell.

Carrizo shows up on set as they’re getting ready to film. Justin flirts with him, but…he can’t just wander in here any time he wants to! Carrizo’s surprised they haven’t heard anything–Lucas’ plane fell!

Carlos gets to the café, all teary. He’s in shock. He came over to see if Eloisa would come to the airport with him. Miguel seems annoyed that Eloisa says she’ll always be with him.

Gabe leaves Vale in Lucas’ dressing room, trying to get her pumped up about filming later. She’s just not that into being an actress. “But you’re a great actress! The best!” (News flash: people don’t always like the things they’re good at and they’re not always good at the things they like. It’s lovely when they go together, but it’s not a guaranteed thing.)

Salma comes running in to attack Vale and say she killed Lucas! It’s all her fault! He’s dead! His plane fell! Vale faints and Salma yells at her to die, she hates her!

Feli is bragging about resuming her career, and Adriana is ignoring her, when Diego comes in and tells them Lucas’ plane fell.

Vale finally comes back around and begs Gabe to tell her it was just a nightmare and Lucas is fine…on his flight, checking out the flight attendants, signing autographs, talking about himself…right? Gabe says she didn’t dream it. He calls it a tragedy, hugs Vale, and says they lost him. (I maybe 60% trust his grief?)

Gabe and Vale get to the airport. Carlos has checked the list of survivors and Lucas isn’t on it. At least Eloisa’s there for Vale.

Rodrigo finds Tomás at the fútbol field and tells him Lucas’ plane fell. Everybody’s talking about it. His teacher was crying. Tomás feels bad–Vale liked him and he was just starting to.

Vale, Miriam, and Jess cry together at Vale’s. Vale can remember his first novela…and every one since. Her memory is going to be her curse–she’ll never be able to stop remembering all the time she spent with him. She’s lost the love of her life.

Salma’s so upset she cried off all her eye makeup. Which, for Salma, is…a lot. At her apartment, she drinks and declares that she should tell the whole truth. Agustín says there’s no point. Nicolas and Quique wonder what she’s talking about. Salma says Lucas never loved Vale-it was all a ploy. She goes stumbling out of the apartment alone while Quique, Auggie, and Nicolas all stare at each other.

Gabe goes over to Lucas’ to cry over him alone.

Tomás tells Vale it hurt when he heard about Lucas, like it did when he found out his “real dad” was dead. He hugs Vale while she cries.

Salma goes over to Lucas’ to try to convince Gabe to spill the whole story about Lucas and Vale and how he never loved her and he just put up with her because of the ratings. (Yeah, not really feeling like that’s the “truth” either.) Gabe warns her not to mess with Vale. Salma wonders what it is about Vale that makes all the men try to protect her. Lucas is about to become a saint and they have it in their power to make him a demon.

Benicio comes to comfort Adriana and finds Diego in her office already. She wants to put off the wedding. Diego and Benicio try not to look at each other. Or gloat, or panic, respectively.

Benicio makes a call and says everything’s cancelled. Adriana wants to go home. They fight over who’s taking her and she tells them to cut it out. She asks Benicio to keep an eye on things at work for her. Before Diego leaves, Benicio warns him not to cross the line–it may not be tomorrow, but he’s marrying Adriana soon and once he does there won’t be much for Diego to do around the company.

Salma comes over to Vale’s. Vale begs her to take pity on her and just go. She doesn’t care what Salma has to say. She knows Salma hates her, but can’t she just respect her pain?

Gabe gets there before Salma can say anything. Vale tells Gabe to please get Salma out of there. Gabe tells her to go home and leave Vale alone and Salma agrees, but she insists Vale’s going to find out everything.


Diego set up an ultrasound appointment for Jessi. She starts trying to get him not to come in with her. The blood might freak him out. Diego’s face: “You know I’m not completely clueless, right?”

Jessica tells Bob about the ultrasound. “Uh, you didn’t think that would happen?” “Bob! I don’t think.” “I figured THAT out.” Bob doesn’t see a way out of this.

Miriam hides out in Benicio’s apartment listening to Adriana promise him she’ll be a good wife, even though she’s been a lousy girlfriend. She’s so happy to have him.

Miriam’s phone rings and Adriana starts to suspect he’s with someone.

OK, yes, he’s with another woman. She came to see him and they were…just talking. Seriously?

Hey, she hopped in bed with Diego! Adriana says he’s right–there are things she doesn’t need to know. She shouldn’t have come over.

Miriam emerges when Adriana’s gone. She seems upset that Benicio told Adriana the truth. She doesn’t understand their relationship or why they’re getting married.

Los muertos no regresan

Vale goes over to Lucas’ apartment to snuggle with his pillows…

Lucas comes in and snuggles Vale.

Meanwhile, in Mexico…Lucía sees the news about Lucas’ death. Lucía, in all black ranch-wear and holding a little dog. (Mr. 5ft is gloating. He’s been calling “Lucía’s not dead” since we first heard about her.)

Lucia’s agitated at the thought of Lucas being dead. The dog, by the way is Luquitas. An older guy, Pasquale, comes to tell her the masseuse is here. Lucía drops a glass and gets defensive about it only being a glass. She tells him to get rid of the masseuse–she doesn’t want to see anybody.

Vale wakes up in Lucas’ bed alone, crying that the dead don’t come back.

But Lucía’s not dead and neither is Lucas. He drops into his nana’s backyard and narrowly avoids getting shot. Nana is living a media-free life, so she has no idea what’s been going on.

Quique forbids Salma from saying anything to Vale. Salma insists she doesn’t care about anything if she doesn’t have Lucas. (Her fascinator with the little veil…divina!)

Lucía (Lucía!) pulls Lucas’ picture out of a box in her bedroom and says she’s always going to love him.

Lucas tells his Nana about Vale…but he can’t go back and see her. Not like this! Without a shower and his cologne! All his bags went to Italy! She wouldn’t happen to have some French cologne, would she? (Uh…does Lucas not know what’s going on either?)

Lucía (Lucía!) tells little Luquitas they’ve got to get to LA. Pasquale needs to die already. They’ll up the dosage on his poison. (I knew I didn’t like you.)

Ugh, with this

Jessi tries to get out of the ultrasound by telling Diego she had it earlier today…she’s has to rush to the station for Lucas’ homage. Uh huh, but he still wants to see his baby.

Jess pretends they’ve lost her ultrasound footage, but Diego doesn’t see what the problem is–they’re both here, might as well do the test again.

In memoriam

Lucas goes into town and watches his homage from a little diner/sandwich shop, thinking all this drama is over his leaving THE COUNTRY, not THIS PLANE OF EXISTENCE. Vale cries about missing him and he shouts at the TV that he’s coming back! And he found his algae shampoo! His hair looks better than ever! He brags to the other guys in there that that’s his fan! Other guys: “Whatever, weirdo.”

Slowly, it starts to dawn on him that they think he’s dead. Vale’s talking about “que en paz descanses”and Carrizo just gave her his condolences.

Lucas goes back to Nana’s house and tells her what he just saw on TV. She’s shocked…and relieved! His love for Vale saved his life! She is the woman for him and he’d better run back there and tell her. He can’t let Vale keep suffering, thinking he’s dead!

“There’s just one little problem.” Nana slaps him and says he’d better not start talking about grooming products! No, it’s not that…if the plane didn’t kill him, Quique’s going to.

Vale’s still talking to Carrizo/the cameras. Lucas saved Tomás’ life and he saved her from a life of sadness. Lucas was and is and will always be the love of her life.

Salma interrupts to take the mic and say no one knew Lucas like Salma. Salma is the only one with the right to talk about him. Vale bought the whole story…it all started with the station and this is where Salma’s going to finish it.

Lucas finally bursts in, in his bad disguise, to announce that he’s still alive. (And he’s way too chipper about it.)

The Gran Final…or rather, the “Capítulo Final” of La Fan airs on April 3.

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3 years ago

Congrats to Mr. 5 ft and his call on Lucía! So she has been poisoning Pascual for a while. . . .

I liked Lucas’ nana. Too bad we never saw how he got there or escaped the airport.

Yes, Lucas was way too “chipper” as you put it.