La Piloto Thursday 3/16/17 #8

The next morning

Yolanda’s ready for work, but she’s still shaken up by skeevy uncle’s sudden reappearance. Especially the part where he said he’d be around. She makes her way out of the apartment building and ignores a call from John.

At work, she calls Estela and demands to know where her skeevy uncle is. Estela claims she and skeevy uncle don’t talk much, but Yolanda knows that’s bull. And Estela can quit calling her “hija.” She hasn’t been Yoli’s mom since she chose skeevy uncle over Yolanda.

Skeevy uncle’s off renting a crappy room in the back of a warehouse from some friend and paying six months in advance…in cash.

Yoli tells Estela to pass on a message when the filthy creep goes home to her with all of Yoli’s cash–she’s looking for him. And this time it won’t be to scratch his face. She’s going to kill him this time.

Zuli sneaks up and startles her. She feigns innocence when Yoli tells her the story and assures Yolanda she’s there for her. Yolanda excuses herself to take a call from John and Zuli pulls a business card out of her pocket with skeevy uncle’s cell number written on the back just in case we’d forgotten how he found Yoli in the first place.

John’s pushing for a date and whining about Yolanda being all cold and stressed out today because the world revolves around him and how dare she be in a bad mood when he’s not. Yolanda (I can feel the eye roll in her voice) agrees to go out to dinner, but not tonight. Fine, fine, they’ll go out another night, but he’s keeping track. Well, since he’s being so open about that, Yoli calls him on it–everything he does for her, he’s throwing it in her face, like she owes him for it. With interest, at that. John agrees with her–nothing’s free in this world.

Oscar comes in to tell John about their latest bit of bad luck. They didn’t get Monica and Bambán got shot. He has no idea how it happened. They can’t really check things out since the hospital is crawling with cops now. John suggests he try asking Carlina, since she was there when it happened.

At Monica’s place, Dave explains to his boss that there was paperwork at the warehouse connecting the Lucios to the airline, but he has no idea where the warehouse is. They managed to track down the garbage truck and the truck is registered to the airline, so that might help them find the warehouse.

Dave and the boss, Becker, go into Monica’s room. They catch her up on the latest developments–Dave’s now “in” the organization. He assumes John has something else planned for him, but he just didn’t want to kill him in front of Yolanda. Monica and Becker think it’s time for Dave to get out, but Dave’s obsessed with bringing down the Lucios. Monica gently asks about the guy she shot. Is he alive? Because if he is, then he’s seen Dave’s face. (Yeah, didn’t think about that, did you, Dave?)

Bambán is alive and Carlina, the nurse from the hospital, has done everything she can for him, but he’s not looking good. He got shot in the shoulder, not the back like I thought.

Arley hassles her about not knowing what happened and not calling them. Once shots were fired, the hospital went on lockdown and she got pulled into the cafeteria with everyone else–there was no way to call without everyone hearing her. He snipes at her for that and for her use of “patrones” instead of “señores” when referring to the Lucios.

Zequi can’t get Zulima or John to answer their phones and assumes they’re together. He tries Oscar, who tells him to chill–everything is fine, the little bird isn’t going to sing again, and their new friend Alberto is going to handle the Miami flight for them. “You’re going to kill him?” Yeah, but Zequi doesn’t need to worry his pretty head about that. Just tell Zuli to get Alberto hooked up and don’t tell Alberto where he’s going.

Team Sobrecargo

In the locker room, Yolanda tells Olivia, Amanda, and Lizbeth about skeevy uncle’s visit, and the theft. Amanda says they’d just come up with a plan to…well, basically to launder their money, make it “legit.”

Yolanda’s determined not to let skeevy uncle get away with it. She’s going to find him and make him sorry he was ever born. Zequi comes in, asking for Zulima. According to Yolanda, her shift ended and she left. Zequi angrily says if anyone hears from her to tell her to answer her damn phone!

And who was on today’s run? Because there’s been a change of plans. Amanda complains; she was going to use her pay to buy an apartment! Zequi tells her to shut it–that’s not a reason for him to change the logistics.

When Zequi leaves, Olivia complains about him walking in like that. Next time, she’s saying something. Yolanda’s suspicious about today’s delivery. What was so special about it? Was it really going to pay enough for an apartment? Amanda says as far as she knows it’s just money, but yes the pay was higher than usual.

Olivia, Amanda, and Lizbeth meet with someone who insists what she’s offering them is not a pyramid scheme. (Nooooooooo!) Mariana says if they give her their money, she’ll have it back to them in 2-3 weeks with massive interest. (NOOOOOOOOOOO!) Olivia thinks it sounds too good to be true, but Lizbeth says she’s been doing her research and a friend of her grandma’s got her money back just as promised–she recommended Mariana. Amanda thinks it’s a good way to help Yolanda with her money problems. They’re in. (NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!) OK, fine, Olivia will ignore her gut and lose her life savings. (Crap.)

Annoyingly Ambiguous

Dave insists on helping Monica sit up so she can have some lunch.

I’m pretty sure she just confessed her feelings for him, saying she’s worried about him, about how dangerous things are getting, and she’d die if anything happened to him.

He thanks her for her kind words as he’s holding her hand and says when he saw she’d been shot he couldn’t say what he felt. She’s very special to him…and here, have some lunch. (The f–was that like “I care about you as a friend?” Was that “I’m madly in love with you and I can’t say it because we’re co-workers?” Were the little glances and smiles significant? Not significant? Damn you, DEA Dave!)

The creep who needs to die already

Skeevy uncle is prepping his new home. He puts tarp down on the floor and starts unpacking knives and chains. Zulima calls him. She heard he was at Yolanda’s last night. Look, he doesn’t have to lie to her–she knows just what kind of rat he is and that’s why she’s calling. She wants to make a deal.

Zuli meets with skeevy uncle (Who does have a name, but I don’t feel like using it. Sue me.) and lays down the law. If they’re going to work together he needs to stop looking at her and recognize that she’s the one in charge. Now, is he capable of doing anything besides raping women? He says it depends on how much money’s involved.

In that case, she has an address for him. He’s to wait there until she calls. She gives him a stack of cash and a cell phone. Does he know how to use the camera? “Are we making a porno?” (Shut up you skeevy creep!) She says she’ll call with more instructions and tells him to get out of her car. (Disinfect. Everything.)

Yolanda trusts no one

A Lt. Robles from the police shows up to talk to Zequi about Hector (security guy). Yolanda lurks near the open boardroom door to listen. Hector’s neighbors reported him missing and there was blood in his apartment. Did he have any enemies? Zequi really doesn’t know. He didn’t have a personal relationship with Hector.

Yoli grabs her stuff and heads outside to call John. Does he have anything to do with Hector’s disappearance. John tries to pretend she’s just being SO UNFAIR to accuse him of every disappearance. Yeah, whatever…she heard him asking Alberto about Hector and now Hector’s gone. Coincidence?

John talks a lot, and damn does he contradict himself! Nobody informed him about Hector’s disappearance, but somehow he’s got a team of guys out looking for him. He’s as concerned as she is about Victor…uh, Hector. Obviously someone’s trying to get to him through his employees and he can’t allow that!

We get a brief flash of Dead!Hector getting his acid bath.

Well, ok then. Yolanda hopes John’s right and Hector shows up alive and well. John laughs and says Hector’s probably just out partying and hey, how about their dinner? Yolanda hangs up on him. At the ranch John tells his bikini-clad friends the call, uh, got cut off.

Yolanda sees Alberto coming down the sidewalk. Hey, about yesterday…. He says there’s nothing for her to apologize for. He wanted to work for the Lucios and that was just the price he had to pay. It all worked out, right?

So when can they have dinner again? Yolanda makes a face like “Why is everybody obsessed with having dinner with me?!” She grumpily asks him what he’s after. He got what he wanted, so why’s he still being nice to her? Alberto says he just likes her is all. He’s never lied to her and he’s always going to tell her the truth. (*glare*)

Yolanda relaxes–it’s not him, she’s just got problems. Anyway, she’s off to Guadalajara for the evening. She gives him a kiss on the cheek and tells him to take care of himself before getting on the bus. Zequi watches them from inside the building.

Another day at CAA

Alberto tries skulking around in Inés’ office, but she busts him. He pretends he was just waiting there for her so he could sign that warning from Zuli. Once he’s signed she shoos him out of her office. (I think I’d be more annoyed if people were always just coming into my office when I wasn’t there, but Inés is awfully chill about it.)

Zequi catches Alberto on the stairs to try to pretend he’s still got any authority in “the organization.” He demands to know why Alberto wants in and takes “I need the money” as a sufficient answer. He warns Alberto he’d better not mess around. If any money goes missing, Zequi will have the Lucios shoot him once for every dollar. (Zequi needs a hobby.)

Yolanda’s ready for her next flight out. She calls Tía Rosalba as she walks through the terminal. Since skeevy uncle stole all her money, she won’t be able to send any home so her aunt can buy her medications.

Rosalba tells her to just focus on pressing charges and getting her money back, but Yolanda won’t. Skeevy uncle threatened to say she tried to kill him back in Altamirano. She’ll just have to deal with it herself, along with all her other problems…uh, nothing tía needs to worry about. Yolanda tells her if Estela shows up, to try to find out where skeevy uncle is.

Everybody wants Alberto

Alberto gets home from today’s flight and briefly embraces the gun hiding in his couch cushions. He goes to gaze out his living room window and Oscar appears in the kitchen doorway. He stole an orange. It was a long wait.

So anyway, what kind of gay is Alberto? “That’s a personal question.” Well, too bad. He’s just going to have to answer. See, Oscar doesn’t think Alberto is really gay. He doesn’t “smell” gay and Oscar thinks he’s got a good sense of smell. So how’s Alberto going to prove he’s gay? Oscar spits an orange seed at him. (Dude, gross! Oh yes, I pick all my lovers for their ability to spit seeds in my direction. Also, Oscar strikes me as a bunny boiler, in addition to this being sexual harassment, so this whole situation is getting pretty damn creepy.)

Saved by the bell. Someone calls Oscar to report that their pilot didn’t show up. Alberto tries fishing for info, but Oscar says it’s nothing for him to worry about. Alberto puts a faux-whine into his voice and asks if they’re still giving him the delivery. Oscar says they are. So, focus on that and Oscar will see him later. He tosses his half-eaten orange back at Alberto.

Oscar’s SUV pulls away from the curb just before Yolanda’s taxi arrives. Alberto’s just putting his gun away, shirtless, when she knocks on his door. Someone from her past showed up and she feels like she’s running into him everywhere. She wondered if she could stay at his place. Alberto keeps her from chickening out and going to Zuli’s instead (good call!).

Inside, Yoli asks for some of that tequila they were drinking yesterday.

Despite yesterday’s shootup, Yoli feels safe at Alberto’s. She tells him about her so-called godfather and laughs when he asks if she pressed charges for rape. He’s got the whole police force bought. She would have ended up in jail herself.

He changes the subject to her dreams of becoming a pilot. Yolanda says her dad was one. He flew a crop duster. She’s been working with the Lucios, trying to get money together to go to flight school, but now it’s all gone. She’s back where she started.

Alberto’s sure she can do whatever she wants to, without the Lucios, with those eyes and that smile. (Seriously?) Yoli’s had enough tequila that she thinks it’s sweet and kisses him.


Zequi still can’t reach Zulima or John and he’s getting increasingly agitated.

John’s at Zulima’s. She said she was expecting him, but he never told her he was coming over. “Maybe it’s because I’m a witch.” He treats it like a joke, but the camera pans to show us the picture of him on her altar.

Oscar’s out at a little airstrip, giving a pilot landing instructions and having his guys turn on the headlights of their SUVs to light the runway. He wonders where John is.

Zequi’s demeanor changes as soon as his family come into his office. We already knew Zequi had a wife. He’s also got a daughter and a son. They’re both involved in something sports-ish and doing well. He invites them out for pizza to celebrate. (Odds on any of this family surviving…?)

The scenes of John and Zuli screwing at her place are interspersed with Yoli and Alberto taking it slow at his. I’d call it “making love” but come on…he’s a lying liar and she’s not going to be happy when she finds out. Alberto takes a little “Are you ok?” pause that just makes me want to kick him.

The big score

In the morning, Zuli’s strutting around her bedroom getting ready while John lounges. He’s so complimentary about her sexual prowess she decides to ask for Zequi’s job. Seriously? John’s going with “no.”

He tells her to prepare for today’s delivery. Alberto’s handling the decoy shipment so she can get the real shipment through. This time it’s “ice.” Methamphetamine. Zuli whines that it’s really dangerous to take drugs to the US! She could end up in prison for fifteen years! John just tells her to make sure she does her job well, in that case, and kisses her.

They’re both startled by a knock at the door. Zuli isn’t expecting anyone.

It’s Yoli.

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