La Piloto Wednesday 3/15/17 #7

The escape

John busts back into Alberto’s apartment and is so furious to find Yolanda there that he wastes valuable time delivering a beating to Alberto for lying to him.

At the ranch, Zuli tells Oscar and Zequi she thinks she knows who the mole is–someone who’s been acting very strange lately…

Oscar calls John, interrupting Alberto’s beating to tell him about the mole, but John says they have bigger problems. He tells Oscar where they are and tells him to come over with the helicopter and pick them up. Yolanda suggests they get up to the roof and come down the other side of the building to avoid the cops. She tries to get John to leave Alberto behind, but he refuses.

Meanwhile, Monica has been slowly making her way up the stairs, taking out John’s guys.

Oscar and his team head for the SUVs. He stops to interrupt Arley and Amanda in the stables having a literal roll in the hay.

Zequi and Zuli get the rest of Team Sobrecargo out of the party. Zuli starts planting doubts in Zequi’s mind about the Lucio brothers–is he sure they’re not working with the mole, trying to get rid of Zequi?

Between the other side of the building and the pick-up point, there are a bunch of big barrels and there’s lots of shooting back and forth between John’s guys and the police. They eventually make it to the other side, where the helicopter is waiting.

Oscar lays down cover fire for John, Yolanda, and Alberto. Who knows where the other guys ended up. One of them hits Monica and Alberto freezes in the doorway of the helicopter. John shoves him inside and knocks him out. I’m sure there’s some reason the DEA agent stops everyone from firing on the helicopter as it takes off, but I don’t know what it is.

Up in the air, Alberto is passed out in a seat. John complains about Oscar taking so long, but Oscar says he hopes John learned his lesson about the trouble his calenturas (urges) cause.

John orders “Capi” to get them to Warehouse 2, from the west. Yolanda vetoes that–there’s a police radar on that side. He should come from the north, as low as possible so the radar can’t detect them. John smiles indulgently and tells Capi to do as la piloto says. Oscar takes off his headset in disgust.

Casa Lizbeth

Lizbeth, Olivia, and Amanda catch the news report that once again, John Lucio got away from the cops. In the process, agent Monica Ortega was shot. Amanda recognizes her from the raid the other day. Lizbeth says that’s the same one who rescued her and Yolanda. The whole thing makes Olivia nervous.

And the mole is….

Well, that answers that question. Zuli fed Oscar the security guy at CAA. Arley goes to bring him in, but the security guy shoots himself. I’m terribly disappointed in Arley–rather than upset the Lucios, he plans to tell them the security guy admitted to being the mole. (I expected so much better from a hench played by Mauricio Aspe. Gavilan had us spoiled.)


When Zequi drops Zulima off he gives her a message for John. Next time they’re all snuggly, he wants her to whisper it in his ear like Zequi’s doing now. Tell him if Zequi goes down, they’re all going with him.

Zuli got to Zequi. When he gets home, he can’t stop wondering if she’s right and the Lucios want him out.

At her place, Zulima’s working her magic to get the obstacles out of her path–primarily Zequi. That definitely wasn’t honey getting poured on his picture tonight. At home, in his office, Zequi drinks and angsts.

Casa Yoli

Creepy uncle doesn’t set off any alarms for Doña Dolores. She has no problem chatting with him about Yolanda, her job, her odd hours, the people she’s hanging out with. She even lets him into Yoli’s apartment and says it’s too bad she has a small bed or she’d invite him to sleep with her. She says he’s welcome to come over if he can’t sleep.

Anyone who wants a full explanation of the disgusting things he said and did isn’t getting one. It was bad enough to watch.

At the warehouse

Dave/Alberto wakes up tied to a chair. He manages to free himself and get into the warehouse office. He hears somebody talking about beefing up security. (Uh, step one, don’t keep your kidnap victims in the same place as your files?)

Dave/Alberto makes it out of the warehouse and listens in on John and Yolanda’s conversation. She uses his story about being gay and says he only told John she wasn’t there because he knew she didn’t want to see John. She’s been trying to figure out all day how to tell him–

John doesn’t want to hear it. He’s all about how she can’t break up with him because of everything he’s done and because he doesn’t deserve it. Yoli says she’s grateful to him for teaching her to fly, but…. She doesn’t mention that Oscar threatened to blow her brains out, she just says she’s scared of what could happen if she’s with him.

Oscar shows up, all weird, telling John repeatedly “I need to talk to you,” in English, until John tells Yolanda to go inside and wait for him.

Oscar tells John that Arley called. The security guard was the mole. The problem now is what to do about Yolanda’s friend inside. The flight attendant. Because according to Zulima he was hanging out with the security guard a lot. John tells Oscar to deal with him.

Dave/Alberto is still sneaking around outside. He’s about to get into a truck when Arley pulls up in his SUV, shouting orders to the guys with him to take that trash in the back and throw it in acid. He waits for them to get inside then tries the truck again.

This time it’s Oscar who stops him, with a very big rifle.

He triumphantly walks Dave/Alberto back into the warehouse and presents him to John. Yoli watches in horror as Oscar asks what his relationship is to Hector (security guy). Alberto says Hector was blackmailing him. He was convinced the girls were working for the Lucios and he wanted information on them, but Alberto refused to tell him anything and defended the other flight attendants and the company.

Oscar wonders why Alberto would do that…why so much affection for them? Alberto says he wants to work for them–that’s why he started getting to know Yolanda. “Too bad. We’re not hiring.”

Yolanda intervenes before John and Oscar can shoot Albert. She says he’d make a good addition to the team. He’s used to working under pressure. He defended them. “Think about it.”

John agrees–for her. Alberto swears he won’t be sorry. John warns him he’s on probation. He has one of the other guys drive him home.

Oscar takes him aside to have the “that woman’s making you look weak in front of the guys” talk. John tells him to chill. Yolanda’s right. Alberto’s going to be useful for them. Oscar thinks he and Yolanda have something going on. “He’s gay,” John scoffs.

He hasn’t lost sight of what they need to do. Next week they’re making a delivery to the Cartel de las Sombras in Miami. He plans to make their new friend Alberto the carnada (decoy) for the DEA. Oscar’s suddenly in complete agreement with John’s brilliance.

And now Oscar has a job to do–take out Monica.

John finds Yolanda outside and asks her again about why she’s afraid to be with him. She says it’s nothing–he should ignore her. Heh…don’t have to ask him twice. The snogfest commences, but she cuts him off before it gets any farther. She needs time.

Monica’s number is up

Alberto’s on his way home with the guy from the warehouse…and Arley. Oscar calls Arley. What Alberto hears is Arley asking about Monica, saying he’ll take care of things, and asking what to do with the flight attendant. On Oscar’s end, he passes on the orders to kill Monica and give the flight attendant a message.

They drop Alberto off in the middle of nowhere and Arley says this is “VIP” treatment. For non-VIP you end up with a mouth full of flies. Alberto tries to beg them to take him back to the city (to save Monica) but he ends up having to hoof it. Running back to town seems a little optimistic, but I guess it gets him out of the sun somewhat faster than walking?

It gets him to a roadside stop where he can steal a dirt bike from some poor guy who just wanted a friggin’ quesadilla!

Arley sends his guys in–one to do the deed and one to keep an eye out in case the “FEDericos” show up. Alberto/Dave gets in by walking next to a stretcher like he’s with the person in it.

The would-be assassin goes in with a nurse to get changed so he doesn’t contaminate the ICU environment while he’s doing the killing. Or is she their plant? I suppose he’d have to look ICU-ready anyway so as not to arouse suspicion.

Dave watches them get into the elevator and tries the stairs…where he gets stopped by a security guard. He realizes the guy’s never fired his gun before and wrenches it out of his hand, telling him to call the cops and tell them someone’s trying to kill Monica Ortega before continuing up the stairs.

Dave sneaks into the hospital room, where Monica is not only alive–she’s awake. He sees the nurse and the assassin, Bambán (now dressed like a nurse) outside and tells Monica she’s going to have to wake up.

Outside, the conveniently-absent police officer who wasn’t guarding the door when Dave snuck in stops Bambán and the nurse–only one person at a time allowed in. Bambán says that’ll be him, walks in the door, turns around in the doorway, and shoots the cop in the back of the head. He tells the nurse to take care of the body.

Inside the room, he aims the gun at Monica, but Dave sneaks up behind him and tells him to drop it. Bambán leaves the gun on the bed so he can turn around and wrestle with Dave. Monica groggily picks up Bambán’s gun and shoots him in the side before passing out again. (Seriously, people, she’s hopped up on painkillers and she still has to do all the work?)

Bambán and the guy keeping watch haul ass back to the truck, or try to anyway. Bambán’s bleeding all over the place. Arley is understandably annoyed after Bambán was bragging about what an easy job it would be.

Casa Yoli

Yolanda gets home and finds her skeevy uncle waiting. She’s got a piece of 2×4 under her bed for just such an occasion. He whines that he lost everything and he’s so sorry…he can’t even buy bread. Won’t she help him get a job? He could mop floors at the airline. Who cares who told him where she lives and where she works? They could be a family again. Wasn’t he always like a father to her?

At this point I screamed “Oh, fuck no!” and nearly drowned out Yoli’s “A father doesn’t rape his daughter.” Yoli backs him out the door at stick-point. He drops the humble penitent act and dares her to call the cops–has she forgotten what she did in Altamirano? He moves his hair to show the scar on his cheek. He says he’ll be around–she’s sure to need his help at some point. Yoli keeps waving that stick until he starts down the stairs. (He’s welcome to trip on the stairs and break his neck. Can we sic Oscar on this guy?)

Yolanda checks the little box where she keeps her savings and it’s gone.

Out on the sidewalk, Skeevy Uncle pulls a huge stack of cash out of his jacket and laughs.

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