La Fan Monday 3/27/17 #50

He’s baaaaack

In all the excitement, Vale fainted. Gabe and Lucas get her back to Lucas’ dressing room. While Lucas tries to revive her, Gabe keeps trying to figure out what happened. How did Lucas survive? Did he have a feeling something bad was going to happen to the plane? “I wish. I could have saved a lot of people.” But it wasn’t anything like that–he came back for Vale.

While Gabe keeps making annoyed faces, Vale starts to come around, saying she’d rather keep dreaming that Lucas is alive. He assures her he really is and Vale keeps hugging him. Gabe’s face: “Yeah, I’m screwed.”

Natalia comes running into the living room shouting that it’s a miracle! Lucas is alive! She and Adriana bounce around like excited teenagers. Yep, Carlos called and said Lucas never got on the plane.

Quique keeps Salma from leaving her dressing room to go see Lucas. Lucas has a prior engagement with HIM first. What Quique does next is going to depend on why Lucas didn’t get on that plane. For now, Salma better tell Lucas to call him.

Vale says this is a miracle. Sure, a miracle of love. Lucas says the advice of someone who cares about him saved him. Once he tells her the whole story she’ll understand. He never got on the plane. He’s given up everything–the film, the money, fame. He realized some things are more important to him. Like Vale. *intense smoochies*

And then Salma invades the dressing room. Ugh.

Neither Salma nor Vale understands Lucas’ story. For Salma, she can’t believe he would leave everything for this…equis! Ms. Equis gets her ‘tude on and says he sure did, fijate! Salma and Vale argue about what Lucas could possibly “see” in her. “Well he sees something!”

Lucas interrupts, “There are things you can’t see with your eyes.” Vale’s a great person. Awww, Vale gets all smushy about Lucas saying nice things about her.

Salma hates her humble “act.” She knows all Vale wants is to end up with “everything.” What? Vale doesn’t want anything. “Then give back my Lucas!” Hahaha…not happening.

Lucas interrupts again and says he’s not a thing! Salma agrees he’s not. He’s an idiot! And she wishes he’d died! She flounces out of the dressing room while Vale and Lucas rush to ward off her bad vibes.

Adriana comes to the office to give Benicio the good news: Lucas is alive and she wants to get married tomorrow.

Lucas explains to Vale that Quique was not only sending him to Italy because he’s a fabulous actor, but also to get him away from Vale. They’re not sure what to do about Quique now, but they’ll figure it out together.

Tomás arrives and he and Lucas share a spontaneous and enthusiastic hug. Lucas thanks him, saying Tomás is a big part of the reason he’s still alive.

There’s. No. Baby.

Jessi tells Diego she got the clinic to agree to give them a copy of the ultrasound…tomorrow. In the meantime, they’ve got Lucas’ memorial to go to. She all but drags him out of the clinic.

In the hallway at the studio, Miriam begs Jess to stop this baby nonsense already! If Diego loves her, he won’t leave her. Jess pouts that he doesn’t–that’s the problem.


Lucía tells Pasquale to hang on…the doctor will be here soon, just look at her and breathe. She can’t hold back a smile when he says he’s dying.

Lucía comes into Pascuale’s room, thinking he’s died and they carried off the body already…but no Pascuale is feeling better. Lots better. He doesn’t even feel the need to see the doctor. Yay?

Lucía cradles her little dog and walks across the courtyard of her massive house, yearning for the freedom Pasquale so cruelly denied her when he made her sign that prenup stating she wouldn’t get his money until he died. (I mean, sure, she could have refused to sign it, but then she would’ve looked like a gold digger. How very dare he!) Lucía vows that she’s going back as a single tear makes its way down her greedy little face.

Later that night, Lucía is about to smother Pasquale with a pillow when the maid knocks on the door to tell her she has a phone call.

Castros and Zubizarretas

At the café, Diego is grumpy and distracted, thinking about Adriana marrying that veggie face. Miguel tells him to just help raise Jessi’s babies, but be with Adriana. But Diego can’t do that to Jessi because she’s such a good person. He’ll just have to forget Adriana. Miguel says he hates to be a pessimist, but it’s been difficult for him to forget Patricia, so…good luck with that.

Jess is still determined to get pregnant one way or another. Bob’s still not interested in helping. OK, but there’s something else she needs help with….

Carlos asks Eloisa to move in again so they can finally start their life together. Oh, look, he’s even bought handkerchiefs so she doesn’t keep snotting all over the ones he wears in his pocket.

Carlos and Eloisa go to the café to tell Miguel they’re moving in together. “Oh, is that all?” She can do whatever she wants.

Carlos hands over the paperwork for Miguel’s shares in the company. He wants to give Miguel his last name, too. Whether he wants to use the money or not, the shares are his.

Miguel rips up the paperwork. His father is dead and he died poor. He wants nothing from Carlos. Those shares don’t belong to him, the café does. He doesn’t know anything about Carlos’ business and he doesn’t deserve it. And he doesn’t need Carlos’ last name either.

Diego comes to Adriana’s office, saying he came by to fix something…their hearts are broken and this is his last effort to keep her from getting married. *smoochies*

Diego tells Jess now isn’t a good time for them to get married. The kids are one thing and the two of them are another. Jess starts having fake pains.


Old habits die hard. In an interview with Carrizo, Lucas says it was the love of his public that kept him from getting on that plane. “Thank you for loving me the way I deserve to be loved!” Vale just sits there looking uncomfortable.

Lucas whispers to Vale that he didn’t lie to her, but he can’t tell everybody he came back for her. Quique’s around here someplace…they have to make him believe there’s nothing going on between him and Vale.

Quique didn’t buy Lucas’ act and Gabe confirms that he really did come back for Vale. Gabe has some brilliant plan to separate Lucas and Vale for good…and it won’t require violence or death or any of that other terrible stuff. Quiqe stands there working his mouth like he’s got popcorn shells stuck between his teeth and Gabe starts to do the same.

Salma arrives at Gabe’s to explain “the plan” to Quique. She starts off by suggesting they use Tomás, but Quique has his limits. He doesn’t mess with kids.

Not even Lucas Duarte’s kid?

Quique wonders why they haven’t told Lucas that Tomás is his son. Erm…because Lucas always wants everything and he might take the kid away from Vale. “So what exactly are you going to do with all this?” Oh, they have a plan. A brilliant plan. A plan that can’t fail. Quique should just trust them. After all, they want the same thing–to separate Lucas from Vale. Quique agrees that’s what he wants.

Let’s do this right

Lucas looks forward to giving Vale every happiness, because that’s what she is for him. Hey, she’s happy that he and Tomás are getting along! Well, then, get ready, because there’s more…

He pulls out a little box and says it belonged to his mom and he’s been stashing it at the station because that’s more his home than his apartment. He opens it and shows her an engagement ring. His mom told him to give it to a woman when he was sure she was the one. Lucas is sure that’s Vale.

He gets down on one knee and asks her to marry him. Vale’s having a hard time understanding that he means it–it’s all a bit much for her. She always dreamed about it, about being in the place of the actresses he shared the screen with, but she never thought it would be real.

Lucas never thought he’d fall in love with a fan. He was always surrounded by all these divas, these fabulous women (he rolls his eyes), like Salma. But he never thought about giving any of them this ring. He remembered what his mom said and he didn’t dare.

Now he’s got Vale and he doesn’t have any doubts. The ring and his heart are hers and he knows this is for life.

Vale thanks him–this feels like the first day of the rest of her life. She excitedly takes the ring…and immediately drops it! Lucas goes down on one knee again to pick it up and re-offer it to her, asking her please not to say “no.” He’d be the luckiest man in the world to have her by his side. “Please say yes. Tell me you want to marry me.” He puts the ring on her finger.

Wait…is that a line from a novela? He swears it’s from the novela of his life. It’s what he always dreamed. So what’s her answer?

“I dunno. I’ve gotta think about it. I’m not sure.” Dude, of course it’s a “yes!”

Vale starts talking wedding plans, but Lucas says it has to be a secret wedding. Way to spoil the moment.


Martincito is vowing to be the man Ana Cristina deserves. (He’s already forgotten Rosarito? What a jerk.) Lucas invades the set, saying the man Ana Cristina deserves just got here. José Gerardo is back!

Um, not according to Justin. He got shot 25 times. 25 TIMES! He’s dead.

Lucas says he’ll take care of it. If they can have a movie called Return of the Living Dead, why can’t he come back? Many eyes are rolled, including Feli’s. (Well, hey there! I’m digging the ponytail and big hoops on her.)

It’s not cute anymore, Quique

Vale and Lucas discuss their secret wedding that no one knows about except Tomás. On the set. Yeah, I’m sure nothing will go wrong.

Vale tries to beg Quique for clemency, but he won’t budge. He doesn’t think Lucas has changed, he stood up the entire production company in Italy, and if he doesn’t stay away from Vale he’s getting 25 bullets for real this time.

He wants Vale to swear she won’t get back together with Lucas. Swear on Tomás. Oh helllll no! She once swore on Tomás that she’d keep her diet and he got pneumonia after she ate a piece of chocolate. Nope, never doing that again. She’ll swear on Quique’s life though…what? She totally cares about Quique’s life. No? OK, then…she’ll swear on the success of Amor, Amor, Amor that she won’t go back to Lucas.

Quique finds that compelling enough to believe her. Of course her fingers are crossed behind her back. And isn’t he going to see it on the news eventually?


Adriana’s at the office. OK, what day is THIS wedding supposed to be happening on because what happened to tomorrow? It’s more like tomorrow…and tomorrow…and tomorrow….

She finds Jess at the office, waiting to wow her and Diego with her fake ultrasound pictures of “the babies.”

OK, the wedding IS today, and after last night’s goodbye shag on Adriana’s desk (again?) she wants to run away with Diego.

Ooh, yeah, he can’t. He tried talking to Jess last night and she started feeling bad and he can’t be responsible for his babies not being ok.

So, are they or aren’t they?

Salma tries to get some incriminating evidence, recording Lucas as she says they always used to make fun of Vale and he told her he loved her when he didn’t mean it. Lucas admits it, sure, but things have changed. He loves Vale now. What’s so hard for Salma to understand?

She shuts off her phone recording and Lucas says he and Vale aren’t together. He may love her, but he loves his own life more! Oh…that changes things. Salma launches herself at him and Lucas makes a face like “Ew! She’s touching me!”

Salma tells Gabe about her convo with Lucas. He’s not so sure Lucas means it…although he has always been a coward…and he sure does love himself more than anyone else. They decide not to put their “plan” into motion. But Gabe doesn’t think Salma should erase the recording. Just in case.


Mexico. OK, even I want Pasquale to die and I don’t even dislike him, I’m just tired of the constant trips back and forth.

Lucía remembers making Vale promise to take care of her son as if he were her own if anything ever happened to her. She tells Luquitas it’s too bad her best friend is now her rival. (Oh, please, if your relationship was based on lies and manipulation that was a one-way friendship at best. Stuff it, Lucía!)

At Vale’s, Tomás is hoping Lucas will come by the apartment. Vale warns him that even though they’re alone, they shouldn’t even say his name…just in case. (Says the person talking about the wedding on the set earlier….)

There’s a knock at the door and Tomás gets excited, thinking it could be Lucas, but it’s Miriam. She came to cry on Vale’s shoulder about Benicio getting married.

A call from Lucía interrupts Miriam’s sob-fest. Tomás picks up and she says she’s his mother. Vale snatches the phone out of his hand and tells the sicko on the other end she’d better not call again if she doesn’t want to end up in jail! Vale comforts Tomás. On the other end, Lucía cradles her phone, sighing over Tomás and Vale.

Lucía’s even more determined now to get back and recover what’s hers…Lucas and Tomás. Luquitas nonverbally asks about Vale and Lucía says she’ll have to be sacrificed. Someone has to lose.


Adriana is ready for the wedding and Natalia begs her to run off with Diego! She’ll go down to the party and tell him to wait in the car!

Adriana stops her. She says she tried. She tried to live her own novela, but she couldn’t. And now she “has” to marry Benicio. Natalia consoles her.

Adriana comes down the aisle on Carlos’ arm with Natalia dancing around behind them, showering them with flower petals. Lucas pulls her aside for a quick selfie. (Lucas! Behave!)

The minister stops to verify Adriana and Benicio’s names before he gets started. Diego, still standing, glares at them. Jess yanks on his arm to sit him down.

OK, Adriana, do you accept or not? She turns around to look at Diego and accepts. We apparently missed the tense moment when everyone wasn’t sure. The guests start sitting down and applauding in relief and don’t immediately applaud again when the minister declares them husband and wife.

Diego sneaks into Adriana’s bedroom during the reception. NOW he wants to run away with her.

And they do it! But where are they running to? Diego doesn’t know. Adriana suggests they stop calling each other “usted.”

Diego promises to make her the happiest woman in the world and starts snogging her while she’s driving. She calls him “Castro” and has to correct herself. (Yeah, the two of them calling each other “Diego” and “Adriana” does sound a little weird after all this time.)

Jessica can’t find Diego…and Eloisa says Adriana is missing. She tells Jess to stay calm and not start a fuss. She’ll check with Carlos. Elo tells Carlos that Adriana and Diego are both missing.

Adriana calls Benicio and says she left. Sorry. She can’t tell him where she is. She should have done this earlier. They wouldn’t have been happy. Yes, she’s with Diego.

And thus, all Benicio can really tell Carlos, his dad, Jess, Eloisa, and Miguel is that Adriana ran off with Diego.

Casa Vale

Lucas sneaks over to Vale’s to talk wedding plans. She hates the idea of it being just the two of them in her apartment–they’re interrupted by a loud banging on the door. It’s Quique. And his gun. And he’s not happy with Lucas for breaking their agreement.

Vale tells Quique it’s her fault! She, uh, called Lucas and swore she’d kill herself if he didn’t come over! Quique’s so disappointed. Lucas is no good for her! Quique’s doing all this for her own good. How could she fall in love with Lucas out of all the men in the world?

Lucas says you don’t always fall in love with the best, but Vale did, so clearly there’s a God.

Quique is not down with that.

Casa Jess and Miriam

Jessi has Bob consult the cards. Miram’s about had it–Diego doesn’t love her, she’s not pregnant, enough of this!

Oh yeah? Well what she’s been doing with Venicio or Benicio or whatever his name is sucks! She’s not getting Miriam’s permission, she’s going after Diego with everything she’s got.

Bob approves–the cards show a baby. Jess turns to Miriam and says “In your face!” OK, but whose is the baby? He has no idea. Miriam declares them both “crazy.”

And she’s opening the door someone just knocked on because it’s her house and she can open it if she wants too, no matter that Jess says it will let the “luck” out. It’s Benicio.

So, now what?

Adriana and Diego wake up in a hotel somewhere. Mostly they’re just basking in the afterglow of actually running off together. Well, that and the sex.

Carlos can’t eat. He’s worried about what’s supposed to happen now with their kids…and Jessica, and the babies, and Benicio. Eloisa figures they might as well let the kids find their own happiness their own way. They just want to be together! Like her and Carlos.

Diego doesn’t want to live off Adriana’s money, he knows that. Adriana doesn’t see why they should scrimp if they can live well. Oh, no, Diego tells her to get used to living off of only what he can provide.


It’s time for today’s shoot. Salma complains to Gabe about not getting invited to Adriana’s wedding. But she’s happy Vale didn’t go with Lucas. Looks like they really did break up after all! (Looks can be deceiving….)

Justin has news! Lucas is back in the novela. He asks Gabe not to rage-faint near him. Gabe’s going to be an unforgettable villain from now on. Shouldn’t be much of a stretch acting-wise, right? (Justin’s words, not mine!)

I now pronounce you?

Vale approaches the priest at church. She’s about to commit a sin. Padre Lucas clearly doesn’t think it’s a sin. He’s in disguise to fool Quique. Quique watches from the back of the church and tries to pretend he was just…you know…praying…and stuff. Vale didn’t realize he was there.

So, um, anyway, Vale has a LOT of sins to confess. Padre Lucas invites her to his office…to talk….

The real priest shows up. Real Priest remembers when Lucas played “Padre Raymundo.” They all reminisce about his role.

But anyway, can the real Padre marry them now? Nope. Not if they haven’t had their civil ceremony.

No Tuesday episode because it’s fútbol time. That means 4 episodes to go….

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3 years ago

Loved the proposal and the runaway bride. Finally, someone, in this case Miriam, told Jessica to stop lyiing. Yay! Two big threats to Lucas and Vale’s happiness: Salma and the TRUTH and Lucía the would be muderer’s possible (probably imminent) return. Since this novela has always been so good at quick plot resolution there is no reason they cannot wrap it all up in 4 more episodes for a happy ending. If not, I will have to imagine my own happy ending.