La Fan Wednesday 3/29/17 #51

Going to the chapel?

Vale seems hesitant about getting married on the fly–she has nothing she needs, Tomás isn’t here, etc. Lucas tells her to spend the day shopping and they’ll do it tomorrow.

The padre’s a little confused about the rush. Lucas says he’s the one in a hurry. He’s already wasted enough time and he wants to get (secret) married and start a (secret) life with this beautiful woman already.

Vale stops on her way out of the church to thank the Virgen for her dream coming true. She took Lucía, but left Vale the best part of her–her son. And now she gets to start a family with the love of her life.

Vale walks out and Quique ducks his head…as if his suit is unrecognizable!

Casa Jess and Miriam

Bob is on Miriam’s side now. He wants Jessi to tell the truth already and face reality. Diego wants to be with someone else. Why bother being fake-pregnant?

Because if he finds out she’s not pregnant then he’ll really walk away and never look back. She’s going looking for a sperm donor later today.

Benicio’s confused about his feelings about the non-wedding. And BTW, would Miriam still want him if he’s broke? Shyeah, she would!

They’re smooching at the kitchen table when Jess and Bob emerge from the bedroom and Jess says Benicio would make a good candidate. What? It’s not like he’s exclusive with anybody. Bob calls her more lost than a nun at a cabaret!

On their way out, Jess starts laying groundwork, telling Benicio she shares his pain. She whines about how Diego left her all alone with her babies. Benicio isn’t looking too interested.


Diego wants to move into a tiny apartment. Adriana needs to get a divorce. She did marry Benicio after all. She’ll have to talk to him. Diego isn’t keen to talk to Jessica right away. She’s scary when she’s angry.

Diego calls and checks in with Miguel. He asks how Jessica’s doing and Miguel says she fainted, but otherwise she’s ok. Diego’s still determined to support his child, whatever else happens. He tells Miguel to tell their mom he’s ok. Miguel tells Diego to try to be happy…as happy as he can, anyway.

Adriana says it’s time to go back and deal with the fallout.

Miguel passes on the news to Eloisa that Diego called, he’s fine, and he told Miguel to give her a hug. So he’s hugging her. Diego’s going to try to be happy with the woman he loves.

But what about Jess? She’s pregnant! Well, Diego doesn’t love her, but he’ll still take care of the baby.

Eloisa wants Miguel to go to the station and check on Jess. She’s been trying to call and Jess won’t answer. It’s making her nervous. Besides, that’s his niece or nephew! Miguel agrees.


Gabe doesn’t want to be the villain! Justin warns him to get used to the idea. The station owner wants a really big return for José Gerardo and he wants it to include a masquerade ball. Salma loves the whole idea.

Poor Justin. He has to deal with Lucas again after working with all those people who actually learn their lines. So Lucas had better get on that, because he’s out of patience.

Lucas stops to tell the camera this is what jealousy does. Justin hears him, turns around, and looks into the camera himself, like “Is anybody out there?”

Vale tries getting Jess to back off Diego. He did run off with another woman! Obviously she means a lot to him. Jess complains that he doesn’t care about his (fake) baby.

She changes the subject to Vale, who checks the hallway before telling Jess she’s going to marry Lucas in secret. Oh yeah, Jess, you’re super discreet. Jess says she’d be way happier for Vale, but she’s busy with her (self-imposed) drama.

Vale doesn’t know how she’s supposed to get a dress without arousing suspicions, but Jess volunteers to take care of that.

Annoying Gabe bugs Lucas on the set, talking about how he won’t get Vale, Vale’s his assistant now…ok, they can share Vale as an assistant, but she’s going to be Gabe’s “woman.” Lucas just laughs. Probably because of the wedding, but maybe also because Gabe looks ridiculous in his costume. Like some stodgy corporate guy trying too hard to look like a badass.

Vale emerges from Lucas’ bathroom in a shiny taffeta monstrosity left over from the 80’s. Hell no, Jess! It’s too tight and too shiny and just…no. Unless the wedding theme is Footloose.

Salma comes in and gets about five eyefuls of that sucker. One isn’t enough to take it all in. She assumes this is for the costume party? For José Gerardo’s return? They needed Vale as an extra? Vale hems and haws and says it’s for the web novela. Hm. Well, Salma advises she get a different one, because ew!

Anyway, where’s Lucas? Jess and Vale nervously babble that he must be on the set. Salma keeps giving the dress the side-eye on her way out of the dressing room. Vale worries that she suspected something, but Jess thinks she’s just jealous.

Lucas comes back to the dressing room. Vale and Jess ask if Salma said anything to him. He’s more worried that now Jess knows about the “secret wedding”?! Well, ok, what’s done is done.

Vale says Jess is helping her with the dress. Lucas suggests they order one on the Internet. She can’t be running around trying on wedding dresses or someone will suspect. Vale and Jess: *shifty eyes* (What I don’t get is how he thinks she can get a wedding dress on the Internet by tomorrow.)

Vale wanders around the set wailing that Lucas left her and sobbing dramatically. Justin offers to make her a list of younger galanes. Agustín tries to soothe her with platitudes, but ends up crying with her.

On the other side of the set, Lucas takes selfies and flirts with Salma. That just makes Agustín cry some more. Vale grabs Justin and sobs into his chest.

Non-wedding fallout

Benicio tells Bad Daddy it’s over. He’s done enough and he’s not going to keep chasing after Adriana. Ignacio reminds him they’re broke. (And how is that Benicio’s problem?) He blames “that woman” for Benicio having lost his gold digging ambitions.

Benicio reminds him her name is Miriam. And he’s in love with her and he’s going to be with her, and that’s his final word!

Carlos is anxiously waiting for Adriana to come home. Natalia’s thrilled she ran off like this. In her opinion, you might as well love like you’re in a novela or not at all. Yeah, well, if this were a novela, that knock at the door would be her, Carlos quips.

It’s her. (ha!)

With Diego and some suitcases. She tells her dad not to look at her like that. She’d run off again if she had to. “That’s my girl!” Natalia crows. Diego tries to hide his smirk. Natalia hugs them both and gives them her approval. She sits Carlos down on the couch like they’re Adriana’s parents and says they’d better have some kids she can take care of! Carlos hands her a cookie to calm her down and says it’s his turn to talk now. ALONE. Natalia scurries off.

Carlos’ main objection to all this–well, aside from it being Diego and the fact that he’s sitting on Carlos’ couch next to Adriana and actually touching her–is that they had ample opportunity to do it SOONER!

Benicio comes over to Adriana’s. He’s also upset that Adriana didn’t call the whole thing off sooner, as many times as he asked if she was sure.

Look, Adriana’s made a decision and she hopes this doesn’t come off like she’s trying to buy him, but she wants him to have the job he would have had as her husband–General Vice President. The “ka-ching” sound goes off.

So they’re still divorcing, right? Benicio’s totally ok with that! She loves Diego and he loves Diego’s friend Miriam. (Get that look off your face, Adriana, it’s all working out.)

Ignacio sees Miriam in the lobby at Zubizarreta. (WHY are extraneous people always wandering around this office! The lack of any semblance of security infuriates me!) He stops to sneer at her, asking how his son could possibly be interested in someone so…common. With no class, no style. Worthless. He tells Miriam to stay away from his son. (I mentally adjust his tie on her behalf.)

In Adriana’s bedroom, Diego’s going way overboard telling Adriana her dresses are too nice for his neighborhood and don’t pack that and we’re getting the tiny place we can afford on my salary. Adriana’s stung–they pay well! “Sure, I’m just…repeating what the other employees have said.”

Carlos comes in and asks them to stay, but Diego insists they need their own little love nest. Adriana goes along with him, but she looks doubtful.

Diego takes Adriana to what looks like one of the “barrio” houses from ¿Quién es Quién?, only with a way smaller kitchen and apparently no bedroom. It’s decorated with some of the tchotchkes from Silvana sin Lana.

Diego talks about putting up a curtain to divide the living room into a living room and a bedroom, but Adriana says she can’t do it. She can’t live here.

In Mexico (*sigh*)

Lucía is still trying to kill off Pascuale and make her grand return to LA, to Lucas and the baby “life” “forced” her to leave behind.

Pascuale is suddenly overcome with the need for a nap. Lucía turns on the gas and takes Luquitas for a walk, cackling evilly.

Lucía gets back to the house. There’s no Pascuale and no smell of gas. They must have carried the body away already!

She happily gets a pitcher of water out of the fridge and heeeeeeere’s Pascuale! Lucía must have accidentally left the gas on when she made his tea. Good thing the maid saved him or she’d be planning his funeral right now.

Lucía nervously gulps water in an ambiguous way. Pascuale can think it’s “That’s so awful! I almost lost you!” while we know it’s “That’s so awful! Why won’t you die?!”

You know, Pascuale is starting to think with everything going on that someone is trying to kill him. And he thinks he knows who it is….

The costumes. The. Costumes.

Salma is all dressed and wigged and powdered for her new role as Salma Antoinette. She’s trying to listen to some music on her cell phone to soothe her, but it’s not working. Justin comes in and she explains that it’s Julio César Solar (Guerra de Ídolos tie-in!). Of course she’s not a fan! Salma Beltran will never be a fan!

Justin finds Jess in the hallway and says he needs her right away. Actually he needs EVERYONE for extras in this masquerade scene. Jess hurriedly texts Bob to come over.

Miguel arrives. Jess explains she didn’t answer Miriam’s calls because she tries not to answer her phone at work. She turns on the fake tears and tells him the baby’s not doing well.

Lucas is costumed and wigged now and hitting on Salma in her dressing room, calling her beautiful. He carefully kisses her precisely made-up face and Vale walks in and busts them.

In the hallway later, Salma tells Gabe she’s not buying it. Not one bit. Vale’s a terrible actress and Lucas is being way too obvious. They’re obviously trying to distract them! Side note: the masquerade costume looks MUCH better on Gabe than his wannabe-punk look.

Salma checked with wardrobe and Jess is trying to borrow that wedding dress for tomorrow. Gabe confirms they have no scenes that would need it. It’s obvious to Salma–if Vale needs a wedding dress for tomorrow, it’s because she’s getting married. The kiss, the tears–it’s all to try and fool them.

Gabe still isn’t convinced. (This is weird, for Salma to be the brains of the operation. It’s tripping me out right now.) Salma says it’s just like something from a novela, and Lucas being the copy cat he is…. They should put their plan in motion already and end this. (And for two characters complaining about bad acting, that was some bad acting right there…and stilted lines.)

In Lucas’ dressing room, Vale complains the kiss was too much! She’s not going around kissing people! Lucas swears it was just a novela kiss, not for realz. Besides, the only kisses that reach his heart are Vale’s. Awwwwwww! *smoochies*

Miguel follows Jess to the set as she says she’s really not feeling ok, but she has to fake it. Miguel promises to be there for her and the baby and she can call him if she needs anything. He’s at least going to be the godfather, right? Jess agrees, and now she’s off to makeup.

That leaves Miguel to get hit on by Justin in a sort of personal/professional way. He has Miguel taken to wardrobe to get put into costume for the big party as Miguel objects that he’s not an actor!

Bob gets to the set and he and Jess squeal over the prospect of him getting to wear a tux. And no, she hasn’t heard from Diego, but Miguel came around. Bob’s sure Diego just doesn’t know what to say to her. (What more is there to say?)

Whatever, all Jess cares about is how she can get pregnant. Bob begs her for the hundredth time to STOP IT! He’d rather they focus on something else. Like getting him into costume.

Gabe finds Vale in Lucas’ dressing room and says they’re nearly ready for José Gerardo’s big comeback. Whatever. Vale’s not going to watch the show again. How could she, after what he did! She starts bad-fake-crying.

Gabe hopes his surprise will cheer her up–he, Tomás, and Vale are all going to the beach tomorrow, all day. Vale gives a nervous laugh. Gabe keeps focusing on how TOMÁS is SO HAPPY about this trip.

Right, see, but…there’s an..oven repair person coming tomorrow and Vale’s had this burning need to bake cakes.

What? She’d really miss a day at the beach for oven repair? (Spoken like someone who’s never had to schedule one!)

Well, and Tomás has an appointment with the pediatrician. He just doesn’t know about it because he hates getting shots. Can’t they do this another day?

Gabe whines like he’s mortally wounded. Vale goes to take some stuff to the set for Lucas and Gabe immediately calls Salma. She’s right. They’re getting married. He sobs.

Lucas films what looks like a promo talking about how José Gerardo is back for revenge. Justin gives him grudging praise for doing a barely decent job for once.

Miguel is in costume and he’s getting into it, hanging out in one of the dressing rooms by himself and thanking people for coming to his party. The lights go out. I’m pretty sure that’s Jess coming in with a pink wig, locking the door, and declaring this her lucky day.

On set, Lucas complains to Vale (now in her Party Extra duds) that having José Gerardo come back like this is stupid. Whatever…bigger fish: Gabe invited Vale and Tomás to the beach tomorrow.

In her dressing room, Salma is all panicky, insisting they can’t wait. Gabe tells her to chill…but yes, it’s time.

Vale doesn’t think Gabe believed her excuses, and she kind of feels bad for him. He really does like Tomás. Lucas reminds her Gabe turned Tomás against him (true). But no, he’s not angry at her. He reminds her they’re getting married tomorrow and starts to kiss her.

Gabe confidently declares that Vale and Lucas are NOT getting married tomorrow.

On the other side of the set, one of the many be-wigged extras is pointing a gun at Lucas’ back.

And we’re still heading for a Capítulo Final on April 3. Three episodes to go!

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4 years ago

And on we go with crazy Jessica the liar now finding a sperm donor in Miguel. This is the only subplot I find annoying. I feel sorry for Diego. Too bad Miriam feels an allegiance to Jessica and does not just tell Diego the truth.