La Mujer del Vendaval Saturday 12/31/16 #34

Alessandro and Marcela are fighting – he lied to her about his wife’s death. He explains how it all was with Damiana taking his car and the brakes failing and that yeah he was desperate to marry Marcela but he’d never kill someone to get what he wanted. He lied b/c he was scared of what she’d think. He begs her to believe he would never hurt anyone and she pulls the mask from her bag – ‘so does this signify you are an honest man?’

‘Where’d you get that?’ he demands ‘Why’d you go through my stuff?’

‘Because I’m nosy and bad mannered and whatever and I had so many unanswered questions about you. But now that I found it, tell me, why didn’t you just tell me the truth? Why pretend? What do you really want here?’

Ale hesitates, and bruises his hands against a tree trunk, but HE FINALLY TELLS THE TRUTH!!! (This may be a telenovela first! One of the protagonists telling another the big secret and we’re only a few weeks in! Yay!)

‘I came here on the trail of a thief who is supposedly you.’

Somewhere in the city, in Ilse’s apartment?

Ilse tells Valeria all about her misadventures w/Camilo, and Val asks about Silvana; is she happy in her marriage, ect. Apparently Val is still smarting at being outsmarted by Silvana and wants to get back at her.


In Silvana’s room Sil and Luciano argue about Octavia’s suite. Silvana wins.

In the lobby Octavia gloats to Mauro about Silvana being on her side re the suite, Sil comes by to tell Oct all is settled and she can keep the suite and Oct acts grateful.

Cristian (his clothes are very informal for an atty) introduces Alba around to Inez and then Octavia who recognizes her last name and asks where she’s from; why San Bartolo Petaquillas of course of course Amadeo gets ignored and shushed by one and all. Oct seems to think Alba’s dress would be better as a little girl’s birthday party dress too but they all go to listen to her play.

Back into the ranch woods

Marcela asks what she was supposed to have stolen and from where.

Ale tells her about the necklace and how they two were the only ppl in the house.

She tells him she didn’t steal anything.

He wishes he could believe her.

She didn’t even know there was a safe in the house, and was so unfamiliar with the place that on her way out the morning after she was running into walls in the pre-dawn dark.

He tells her the police theory that she was part of a gang of thieves that had been following him and had the whole thing planned out

She says her only plan for that night was to kill herself while she was far away from anyone who knew her. She didn’t know anything about the necklace, and wasn’t part of any band of thieves, she waited hours for him at the dock and when he didn’t show, she went back to the hotel and got a message from Sagrario that her mother had died, so she went straight home.

He’s relieved it all has an explanation.

Now she really needs to know if he really thought she was the kind of person who would trick her way into his house to rob him.

Ranch house

Maria Laura hates her life and everyone in it. boo hoo. Nisa says she can come crash at her place in the city if they all get kicked off the ranch by the bank. ML suddenly really wants the bank to foreclose.

The gals head into the kitchen and find out from Sagrario that Ale’s back and spending time with Marcela. Let the plotting commence. At first Nisa thinks they’re plotting to keep Sagrario from putting more chiles in the food, but quickly catches up to the plan to rat Marcela out to Ale before they can talk too much to each other


Ale says his heart always believed in her and now that he knows her story he’s sure she’s incapable of that, but didn’t she recognize him? She says between the darkness and the masks and everything, she wasn’t sure what he really looked like, when he came she thought she recognized him but didn’t like to ask. She thought the man from white crane island was a dream. He says he still hasn’t woken up from that dream. She tells him no one else has ever made her feel what she felt for him that night. They hug and it looks like the honeymoon is on its way to beginning. As Marcela confesses she’s never seen anyone but him naked and Ale is tickled pink by the news, and they head to the hot springs.

In Houston.

The doctor tells Nuria she can go but she has to take it easy. She will, but she’s got to get herself gussied up; wig, new clothes, and makeup so she feels pretty, like her old self.

Hotel Toscana, Lobby

Everyone likes Alba’s playing, Oct wishes for some more up to date songs, but Sil says its good as is. Well with Silvana’s approval Alba is hired.

Octavia sees Ilse and Val come in and sends Sil to the ladies room to check out an invisible stain on her back to keep her from seeing them.

On the balcony Alba and Amador celebrate her new job w/complimentary drinks from Oct, then Alba starts to rave about the dreamy Cris and ruins Amador’s day.


In the land of Don Timo – Important meeting coming up, July’s gonna get some help to organize the records room, and Lencho shouldn’t come downstairs in his pjs.

Hotel Restaurant

Octavia tells Ilse and Val she isn’t fooled, she knows Val came to see Silvana, not to visit Oct, but now isn’t a good time for her to be stirring up things. She changes the subject to Val’s recent plastic surgery and the friends have a good laugh about it.

Rancho Outdoors

Nisa and ML go out to look for Ale, distracted only by Nisa’s burning passion for Camilo and fear of creepy crawlies and the woods because Nisa is definitely not a country girl. For all her complaints about the ranch ML is far hardier and more comfortable in the outdoors than any delicate flower raised in a city hothouse, if she’d just own her strengths, instead of trying to be what she’s not.

Ale gets Marcela to admit he’s the only other person she’s loved besides Camilo and they remember in vivid and sexxy detail their night together. Marcela thinks the kind of pleasure they shared that night must be a once in a lifetime thing, I mean, it’d be a sin to feel that good every night, right? (um, Camilo must need some lessons or something, that is not reflecting well on him)

Apparently in these hot springs you keep your clothes on to go swimming.

ML & Nisa finally find Ale,just in time to see him sharing a smoking hot kiss w/Marcela in the hot springs – oh dear

Ale ends up asking Marcela to church marry him, she’s hesitant, he’s sure. He starts talking about the wedding he wants and his enthusiasm carries her along enough to wish for fireworks at the wedding, he laughs but agrees if that’s what she wants, he wants her to meet his folks, she gets somber again.

ML tells Nisa as they spy on Ale and Marcela that Marcela has surely bewitched Ale, like for real, cause she wants his $$ and will bankrupt the whole family.

Ale presses Marcela for an answer, she wants them to wait and think about it, is he sure he still doesn’t think she might be a thief.

San BP

Emiliano gets home, the town hasn’t changed but he has. When he rings his mom’s doorbell, a helpful neighbor tells him his mom got really sick and they took her to the hospital yesterday.

Don T gives a speech to the Quinonez Foundation, which seems to consist of himself, Eulogio, July and the two older ladies from his dinner speech a few episodes ago – I didn’t get most of it but Eulogio will be in charge of literature so he doesn’t have to wear a tutu

In their hotel room, Mike, beating stick in hand is looking under furniture for rats and/or scorpions and Severo is musing about his lands and why Marcela won’t let him look thru the office for the paperwork, but he’s sure there’s a copy in the registry office. Mike isn’t really paying attention, but he does not that Marcela has good reason to mistrust her uncle as he scans the walls and ceilings for creepy crawlies and pulls his feet up on the bed.


Back at the ranch Mateo talks to Sagrario, he still thinks his plan to get Severo to give her up will work, cause she still wants a divorce, right?

Ale demands to know why Marcela won’t just give him an answer now, and keeps trying to avoid the subject. He gets down on his knees and asks her one final time, will she marry him? She gently and tenderly but firmly tells him no.

(Wow! what a way to end an episode, tsk show, just leaving Mateo and Alessandro like that, tsk)

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3 years ago

Gracias, stealth! I’m with you on that “Wow” moment. I think Al pretty much told her everything there is to tell. I’m shocked! Also shocking in a less flattering way…Camilo. Um, it really does sound like he had no game whatsoever. Or, if it were a romance novel, it would mean he and Marcela were never right for each other. So, um, just to be clear…she’s got major vision problems, she could barely make it out of the room in the dark (Why did he never think about that before?), but she got a good look at the goods? More… Read more »

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
3 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

I think Marcela can only really see what’s straight in front of her, but if its right there straight ahead….

Maria Laura hurts my heart a little, she’s so good at being a country girl, its too bad she hates it