La Fan Thursday 3/30/17 #52


At the top of the episode, Lucas and Vale are smooching while an extra lurks in the background, pointing a gun at Lucas’ back.

It’s Justin to the rescue! From the voice, it sounds like Quique is our homicidal extra. Justin scolds him for playing hide-and-seek when he should be with the other extras…and this gun is NOT period. Prop department!

Back in their blissful little corner of the wings, Lucas and Vale cut the smooching before someone sees them. Lucas certainly doesn’t want to end up dead instead of wed! Vale’s sure Quique would never! He’s a good person, deep down. “WAY deep down,” Lucas quips. Vale seems to think he’ll back off once they’re married. Lucas sends up a prayer to the Virgen and they get a few last kisses in.

Salma and Gabe have their plan all ready to go and are just waiting for the “right” time. She promises this is just between the two of them. No one will ruin their plans.

In the hallway, Gabe very fakely pretends he’s not upset at Vale and then asks her…or really, tells her…to help him learn lines later. It’ll only take five or six or seven hours.

Salma invades Lucas’ dressing room to flirt with him and say she’s happy he’s back and they’ve given him this revenge storyline. She just loves revenge.


OK, Pascuale, who is it? Who’s trying to kill you? He thinks it’s…someone close to him.

The maid?

Uh, no.

But Lucía and the maid are the only ones who live there. He can’t mean…!

Oh, no, not at all. He means his daughter Bárbara. She’s in Mexico and she hasn’t called or come by. Lucía says that doesn’t necessarily mean anything. She doesn’t want him feeling nervous. But Pasquale is convinced she hired someone to kill him. She never forgave him for marrying Lucía and making Lucía his sole heir.

Diego and Adriana and Jess and Beni

Diego’s still showing off the tiny apartment (that’s still bigger than the first one Mr. 5ft and I ever lived in) and insisting it’s the best he can do. He tries to convince her that if they lived at one of her properties he’d be getting the worse end of the deal. People would say he’s a fortune hunter! But all they’d say about her is that she married a poor guy.

Adriana feels pressured into agreeing to live here with him to get him to shut up about “But I’m the man.”

Adriana and Diego go to the café. Elo’s relieved to see them, but still somewhat annoyed they handled things this way. After all, what about “poor Jessica.” (*snort*) Adriana says she and the baby will be completely taken care of. She and Diego just want to be together and Elo should get that because she’s in love with Carlos. Yeah she does.

Diego’s all set to talk to Jessica. Is she at home? Elo says the poor dear went to work to try to forget what happened.

“Went to work”?  Is that code for “Cornering Miguel in a darkened dressing room and seducing him”? When the deed is done, they both agree to let it be a “strangers in the night” sorta thing.

When Jess tells Bob about it, he doesn’t know whether to be horrified or congratulate her. On the one hand–ooh, la la. On the other hand–no STD test beforehand. (Yeah, Jess, didn’t think of that, did you?) She does a little “¡Cancelado! ¡Cancelado! ¡Cancelado!” for that and tells Bob to pray the stolen seed germinates.

Diego shows up. To “talk.” Jessi claims she felt so awful she went to the clinic and nearly lost her babies. She feels so disappointed that he ditched her with the kids to go off with a millionaire.

Diego kind of mumbles that she always knew he was in love with the Presi and not her. Jessica says he made her feel like he loved her. Diego and I: “Uh, when?”

She tells him to just get out and she and the babies will figure things out on their own.

Adriana gets home and Natalia’s so proud of her for running off! Carlos dismisses her and asks where Diego took her to live. “Someplace horrible. But he’s the man I love and you don’t get an opinion.”

Diego comes over and gets an effusive greeting from Natalia. I kinda like the sound of “Señor Don Diego.” Carlos tells her to cool it and scram so he can try to convince Diego of something or other. Benicio comes over and interrupts their conversation.

Now the 3-way conversation is Benicio, Diego, and Adriana. Carlos drags Natalia away to keep it that way! Adriana’s embarrassed, but Benicio’s got no problem with her–they talked this out already. He’s just here so he and Diego can taunt each other like a couple of macho schmoes even though they’re both actually happy to be with the women they really want.

Casa Lucas

Lucas gets home and finds Nicolas waiting for him, smoking his Cuban cigars and drinking his expensive whiskey. Lucas tries to get rid of him, saying he’s not scared of Quique. Nico doesn’t think Quique would appreciate hearing that.

And telling him Lucas is in love won’t help either. Quique’s not a romantic. He probably hasn’t even seen a single one of Lucas’ novelas. (Wah, wah, waaaaaaaah!)

Lucas whines that he just wants to be happy with his fan. Ooh, no. Quique really won’t want to hear that.

Nicolas screams at Lucas that they’re not done, so Lucas had better sit down…and serve him another drink.

Lucas keeps the drinks coming while he tries to find an angle. See, Nicolas is still in love with Salma, but Salma’s in love with Lucas. Lucas suggests Nico let him live so he (Lucas) can be happy with Vale and Nico can be happy with Salma…but the boss wouldn’t like that. Nico might end up back in jail. Or dead. “No, Quique would never! He knows you’re a faithful employee.”

“Ya think?” Lucas says he sure does and pours Nico another drink.

Nicolas tells Lucas how after a while prison became like his second home. Lucas whines about not being able to do without his face creams and his Egyptian cotton sheets. Nico’s like “Dude, are you gay or something?” (Ay, Nicolas. Such rigid gender roles. One face mask and you’d be hooked, my friend.) How does he get all the ladies to fall for him?! Lucas says it’s just a natural talent.

Well, this time, he’d better step aside, because Quique’s a vengeful guy and Lucas is messing with one of his protegidas (someone being protected). It’s not going to end well. Lucas says he’s going to be the first one to confront Quique. Aw, yeah, and Nico would tell him to go for it, but he’s been so nice, sharing his whiskey…and it would mean he gets Salma all to himself…. Lucas swears he will indeed leave Salma for Nico and never touch so much as a hair on her body. And here, have another drink.

Casa Salma

Salma has noticed Nico’s absence. Rodrigo says he got a call and left, but he doesn’t know where to. Salma tries to have a talk with him about how she doesn’t want to live with his father anymore. OK, Rod gets it–Salma can’t live with her ex. He’ll talk to his dad about getting a place for the two of them.

Salma’s shocked he would suggest such a thing. She even calls him “Rodrigo Ernesto” which, like, [insert fear face here], but Rod keeps on walking up the stairs, ignoring her.

Rod comes back down after a while. He’s been thinking that Salma’s been a little weird lately. She keeps listening to that singer…what’s his name? Duh, Julio César Solar, the best singer ever!

Rodrigo would like her to shut the song off so they can talk, but Salma could never shut off Julio César! (Plus she only has until April 24th to promote the premiere of Guerra de Ídolos.) She promises she’s still listening…Rodrigo asks her to take a vacation with him and his dad.

No way! Salma couldn’t possibly leave the show…or Lucas! Rod says he can’t talk to her. She might as well keep listening to Jose César or whoever. “Julio César, honey. Julio César.” (That’s Julio César Solar, Guerra de Ídolos, premiering April 24 at 8pm/7c on Telemundo.)

Casa Vale

Vale gets home and finds Quique in her apartment hanging out with Tomás. He’s here to stop her from making a terrible mistake! Tomás complains that he was trying to play video games with Quique, but Quique’s no good at them. Vale goes all high pitched and says that’s because Quique never plays. Never.

Vale sends Tomás to his room so she can talk to Quique alone. He admits he’s been following her around to take care of her. Lucas Duarte’s no good for her! He’s just trying to keep her from suffering a huge disappointment that’s going to scar her heart for life.

Vale says she loves Lucas. No one can stop that. She’s going to love him her whole life.

Vale serves Quique a coffee and denies she’s getting secret-married. After all, her life isn’t a telenovela! Too bad the priest talked. And there are things about Lucas that Vale doesn’t know. Things Quique thinks would make her change her mind.

Vale threatens to have him thrown in jail if he kills Lucas. She’s just saying…she’s had enough of him trying to tell her what to do and if anything happens to Lucas he’ll never see the light of day again, got it?

Vale goes up to her room to tell Tomás she’s totally busted! Quique knows all. He offers to tell Quique not to kill Lucas, but no, Vale’s going to deal with this. He needs to pack his things to go over to Eloisa’s tonight and Vale is going to either get Quique to understand that Lucas is her happiness por las buenas (“in the good way”; the easy way) then she’ll do it por las malas (“in the bad way”; the hard way).

Vale and Quique have moved on from coffee to tequila. She hopes the tequila opens his mind. And if that doesn’t work, she’s dosing him up with mystery drops. Quique knocks the shot right back.

Casa Pascuale

Lucía wakes up in the middle of the night to find Pascuale sitting up in bed. He just can’t believe his daughter would do this! He’s thinking of going to the police and having them investigate. Lucía feels awful for him.

Yeah, Pascuale has never liked greedy people, and unfortunately his daughter has always been motivated by money. Not like his dear sweet Lucía. *shifty eyes*

Casa Gabe

Gabe sits alone at his kitchen table, looking at pictures of Lucía, complaining that once again Lucas is taking away from him what should be his.

Feli pops by with a big bottle of wine. She gets a look at the pictures of Lucía and asks why he said she was dead. This woman is alive, and Feli knows her.

She did a show in Mexico last year and there was this older millionaire buying her work and THIS woman was his wife. It was the age difference that caught her attention. Gabe’s all “She would never!” But Feli says a lot of women sure do.

“Not Lucía! Did you drink before you came over here, or what?” Oh, honey, she always drinks before LUNCH, but he shouldn’t be taking this out on her! She just came over to have a drink with him and it’s not her fault if this woman has a twin sister or whatever it is that’s going on, Feli is SURE that’s her.

Gabe asks for some more details about the guy who bought her work and the woman who was with him. Well, he was rich and cultured, with a small collection and she was stuck to him constantly. He kept a close eye on her like she might get away from him otherwise. Sure, Feli’s got his contact info somewhere. Gabe says he’d like to be the first one to find out what relationship this woman has to Lucía.

Right, gotta find out before Lucas does, Feli’s guessing.

Feli takes off, since Gabe isn’t in the mood for sexy shenanigans. She’ll look up that contact info and get it to him. Maybe for once he can beat her ex-brother-in-law at something. Gabe thanks her for the free criticism and, hey, next time she wants to come over, “call first so I can tell you I’m not here.”

Nobody’s getting in my way!

FINALLY! Nicolas is out! Lucas drags him into the living room, ties him up, and makes a run for it with his suitcase. Nobody’s going to keep him from marrying Vale!

Quique is tied up on Vale’s couch and her suitcase is ready to roll. Nobody’s going to keep her from marrying Lucas Duarte!

At the café, Jess whines to Miguel about Diego not wanting to be with her. Miriam’s not sticking around to hear this again. Miguel takes away the beer Jess is so casually swigging since, you know, the fake-pregnant shouldn’t be drinking. And, um, he wants to ask her about something that happened to him at the studio today….

So he saw all these people with masks and there were a bunch of people around and…where do they get the extras from? Uh, an agency, Jess guesses (usually). Why?

Vale comes rushing through, asking for their help.

Let’s just get this out of the way….

GIANT ROACH! GIANT ROACH! GIANT ROACH! On the covers! Crawling on Adriana and Diego! Adriana screams and the thing gets flung to the floor. I’m from Texas, y’all, but I’m telling you that sucker ate five Texas roaches for breakfast and still had room for dessert! Diego squashes it with HER slipper [insert incoherent screaming here]! Adriana demands he call an exterminator, but Diego says that’s what her macho is here for. (Aw, hell no, Diego! That’s a deal breaker! ¡Hasta aquí llegamos! Have a nice life, we are THROUGH!) Yes, yes, decontamination bath before touching, does he not know the procedure?! Adriana is OUT OF HERE!

Get me to the church on time!

Lucas comes downstairs at Carlos’ place and steals his coffee. Nati offers to make him breakfast and gets a little too friendly with his thigh. And hey, what’s he doing here anyway?

Carlos comes down, wondering what his brother is doing here. He and Lucas both share the one cup of coffee until Nati comes back with another one. In the meantime, Lucas explains that he’s NOT running away from a woman for once. Nope, quite the contrary. It’s a special day for him and he needs Carlos’ help.

At Miriam and Jess’, Jess and Bob have got Vale wedding-ready. She’s wearing a simple, strapless, knee-length white dress with a tulle skirt and a sheer cape over her shoulders (probably as a nod to this being a Church wedding). Her hair is swept up and she’s got a little tiara on.

Eloisa and Tomás arrive.

Quique wakes up with a start, screaming around his gag. He gets himself free quickly, but can’t get past the door lock, so he shoots it out.

Gabe comes over to Lucas’ seemingly-empty apartment with an envelope. In a flashback, we see him go to the clinic and ask the fabulous Kenya Hijuelos for the results of a DNA test he requested. It’s under Lucas Duarte…yes, just like the actor. It’s a divine punishment. No, he doesn’t know the guy at all.

Flashback!Gabe looks at the results in anger, crumples them up, and calls Salma. It’s confirmed–Tomás is Lucas’ son.

Present!Gabe looks at the envelope and leaves it on an end table before noticing Nicolas. He starts untying him and Nico, still half asleep and possibly a little tipsy, starts mumbling “I love you too, Lucas!” When he wakes up all the way he tells Gabe that Lucas ran off with Vale!


At the church, Lucas is nervous, looking for assassins in every corner. The priest tells him to chill and just wait for the bride. He doesn’t have any reason to think she wouldn’t show, does he? Lucas says Vale’s always dreamed of this day. “Son, pride is a sin. Hopefully the Lord helps you keep that self-esteem until the end of your days.” Lucas grimaces nervously and keeps looking toward the door of the church.

Tomás walks Vale down the aisle and tells Lucas he’s handing her over so Lucas can love her and make her happy. He gives Lucas a wink. Lucas and Vale get into a “you’re pretty…no, you’re pretty…well, yes I’ve always been pretty” discussion and the priest interrupts to start the ceremony.

The priest asks for objections and Tomás makes sure to say if Vale’s happy, he’s happy. The priest is being awfully…flowery? Is he stalling? He asks them to give the reasons they want to get married. And not to him…tell it to the Lord. Oh, wait, he knows I love wedding vows, that’s why…

I want to marry Lucas because I’ve loved him ever since my heart started thinking about love. Since I first felt butterflies in my stomach; and they’ve been with me every day since I met him. And because I think life is much more than what I dreamed. I was very happy raising Tomás, but now that I’m going to do it with Lucas, I feel like I can’t ask for anything more. Thank you! I just want to say thank you!


I always had everything. The most beautiful women, money, fame…or at least, that’s what I thought. When I met her, I saw another side. I didn’t realize how important you would be for me, but luckily my heart was paying attention. For the first time in my life I genuinely laughed and got excited…and suffered. But above all, I truly loved. What I feel for Vale, I have never felt before. Not in a novela and not in real life. I love her and I like thinking that love brought along the gift of Tomás, a son I’m very excited to be a father to.

The priest says it all sounds good to God–time to get on with the wedding! Tomás hands over the rings and the padre asks if Lucas Zubizarreta (What’s the significance of Zubizarreta vs. Duarte?) takes Vale as his wife…

And some random dude with a gun starts dragging Vale off while another one holds a gun on him. Vale begs Lucas to stay with Tomás, but Lucas knocks the guy out and starts chasing after Vale and her kidnapper.

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