La Mujer del Vendaval Tuesday 1/03/17 #35

Alessandro just got rejected and wants to know why; after all getting married isn’t like running the New York Marathon (oh I don’t know, it depends on the marriage) when Marcela says its cause she isn’t ready yet, and after all they’ve never even been novios, he asks her to be his novia and takes her laughter as a yes and suggests that now that they’re novios… She shuts him up w/a kiss.

Marcela is scared that all their past misunderstandings and secrets and lies will cause them future problems. He believes they can start again from zero, and he’ll show her how. He takes the mask and puts it on her than asks “Cleopatra” who is she under the mask. She takes the mask off and introduces herself and he introduces himself too and they share a kiss.


Sagrario tells Mateo she has to talk to the local priest before she can decide if she wants to divorce. Mateo is sure the priest will toe the party line and tell her no divorce, but Severo betrayed and abandoned her that surely gives her the right to divorce him. Sagrario says it’s still a sin, and marriage is a lifelong commitment. Mateo realizes now she was never going to get a divorce, and that’s the real reason she never did anything all those years, he starts to wonder is she still loves Severo but she assures him its not that, its just her daughters are Severo’s daughters and even though one of them hates him the other practically worships him.

Mateo tells her he would rather have his feelings hurt than feel she was lying to him, he prefers the truth. She admits for many years she was waiting for Severo to come back, but not any more, now she just feels guilty, Severo’s still her husband, no matter how bad he is, no matter what he’s done. She feels that by loving Mateo, even though they haven’t done anything, she is cheating on her husband and breaking the vows she made before the altar and God.

Mateo tells Sagrario he believes love makes anything possible, he wants to church marry her andn if they love each other they can make it happen. She wants to wait and see if Severo will divorce her so he doesn’t have to share his money. If Severo asks her for a divorce, she’ll feel less guilty; then it will be him breaking his vows, not her. Mateo assures her their plan will work and gives her a comforting hug, but behind her back he looks worried.


Don Timo’s foundation is still meeting and Don T makes July head of the ballet dept and Lencho gets to be head of the sculpture dept. because he did amazing things with play dough when he was a little kid. Lencho will use his post to promote ML’s calendar.


Octavia’s friends are sad to learn of Damiana’s death but Oct doesn’t want to talk about it, and reminds Val before she heads back to work, she must stay away from los Castelo.


Emiliano asks the nurse at the hospital what happened to the nurse who was supposed to be taking care of his mom, and did his cousin Camilo know about it and where is he. The nurse says she doesn’t know about any nurse, but Camilo has been notified and hasn’t been there. Emiliano goes in to see his mom.

Outside Camilo and some other dude have recognised Emil


Don T meets with Severo and Mike and asks how they are enjoying the best hotel in town

Severo -‘Is there any other?’
Don T – ‘No its the only one, but its also our best, where in town could you find a better place to stay?’
Severo – ‘Anywhere! Seriously, I’d have fewer bugs in my bed if I slept in the garden’
Mike – ‘I’d be more comfortable in jail!’

Don T tells them that’s why his government is seeking outside investment, to increase tourism resouces to their lovely rough diamond of a town. Severo gets to the point, he needs a copy of a certain document from years ago, can they look it up in the town archive. Don T says they’re doing a tech update and transferring the documents to digital. Mike believes him says in that case can you email it to me? Well they’re not quite there yet but its one of the objectives of this administration, and by the next millenium they should be tech ready. Well then Severo wants to know can they just get the original from the archive now. We-el anything’s possible says Timo mendaciously, what document do you want? Severo tells him its the land transfer his brother made to him when he married Sagrario. Somehow Severo’s questions about where the documents are now and how to find the one he wants leads Timo and Mike to quote Hamlet at each other, much to Severo’s irritation, He just want to know can someone find the doc for him. Don T says due to the updating, it would take a miracle to find them now and all our personnel are busy, and for some reason they can’t hire some new ppl. Severo says he’ll go into the archives himself to find his doc. Don T can’t allow and unauthorized person into the archives, you have to fill out the form, ect ect ect. Severo demands Don T cut the crap and let him go find his doc.


Emiliano is sitting at his mother’s bedside when her doc comes in and chews him out for neglecting his poor sick mother, who was all alone and will probably die tonight. Emil is crushed and begs his unconscious mother to forgive him and promises that if she’ll get better he’ll stay with her like she always wanted.


Alba and Cris go to sign her a contract, Amadeo goes along to chaperone/make sure they don’t cheat her.


Severo and Mike get into the archives, where July tells them she’s organizing the files by size (I had to stop my recording here because I was laughing too hard to hear what else was said, then I rewound it and watched her again and laughed again) The little folders go here and the big ones go over there (I used to be a file clerk. This made me laugh so hard I cried) Severo tries to explain that’s not how filing works, but July always changes the order of the letters and the alphabet song is too complicated for her. Severo’s look says he understands she’s not working here for her filing skills, and Mike thinks they’ll never find anything at this rate. Don T repeats it’ll take some time and gets Mike and Severo to take a break and get a beer w/him.


Poor Amadeo sits outside Cris’s office and asks himself why in all the hotels in the world did Alba’s job have to be in this one and starts wondering if he’s invisible

Octavia has ordered that Alba must wear a black dress when she works and she starts tomorrow – uh oh all her other clothes are back home, its too late to take the bus tonight and if she goes tomorrow she won’t get back in time for work. Cris offers to let her stay in his apt, but she’s too old fashioned to accept much to the eavesdropping Amadeo’s relief. Alba’s new wages are much more than she expected, but there’s still the issue of where to stay the night, there is much discussion but the upshot is that with Amadeo along its ok for Alba to stay the night at Cris’s.


In the cantina Severo chides Timo for his lack of organization, Mike has some difficulty asking for a cold beer, and gets sent off w/Eulogio on a special tour so the grownups can talk. Don T asks what Severo wants the document for and Severo explains his plan to deed it over to Sagrario to keep her married to him and away from Mateo, Timo can’t believe a virtuous woman like Sagrario would carry on w/Mateo


Alessandro and Marcela wander the ranch and Ale explains some of his plans for making the ranch profitable b/c he wants to live there w/Marcela for the next 50-100 years. Marcela understands now the prenup wasn’t for her protection but his. Ale says the love was there from the beginning, but the trust grew with time, she wants to be sure he’s not just out to get El V after all so many other ppl seem to want it, and she’s a little untrusting. He just wants to take all the pressure of the debts from her, he’d never take the ranch away from her. She swears her heart and her life are his.

Marcela explains some of the working of the ranch to Ale and tells him her plans to renegotiate the debt w/her mom’s inheritance. He says he knows someone at the bank and will see what he can to to help.


Lencho is stuck in the mud on a country road and along come ML and Nisa a-horseback. At first ML doesn’t want to give Lencho the time of day, but he insists so she gets down off her horse, goes over to his car, and slaps him for telling Camilo all her/Marcela’s business. She also shouts that they are not novios and never will be, and then goes back to her horse and leaves.


Octavia yells at one of the employees b/c Cris got Alba’s contract drawn up and signed before she could, she wanted to give Alba a great contract and have her be grateful to her. Mauro comes in and suggests Oct look at the contract Alba already signed and see if she can’t offer her something better.


At Cris’s place Alba and Cris bond over how they both love houseplants and light open floorplans, and Amadeo worries if there will be enough bedrooms – Chill Amadeo there’s three rooms in the apt one for each (Cris has not remembered Amadeo’s name once in this episode, its not an endearing trait, and seems like a pretty big flaw in our otherwise wonderful Cris) Pasta for dinner – Amadeo seems determined to suspect evil intentions in all of Cris’s kindnesses and ends up helping to chop veg for the pasta sauce since he bragged about being a good cook (not Amadeo’s finest hour either. Amadeo and Cris seem to bring out the worst in each other)


In Houston Nuria tries on wigs and plans how she can make herself look like she did before.


Ale reluctantly lets Marcela go shower w/o him, she says she’s got to update Mateo on their status before any communal showering can take place or he’ll blow a gasket.

ML and Nisa ride up as Ale is musing about telling his parents his plans. Nisa dismounts to talk w/her bro and ML takes the horses. Ale is all happy and twitterpated and Nisa very seriously tells him they need to talk.


Camilo finds Emil at the hospital and tells him he just found out about his mom. Emiliano grabs Camilo’s shirtfront and yells at him for leaving his mom all alone, throwing him around a bit till they get in trouble for fighting in a hospital so Emil drags Camil outside.


Nisa makes Ale go all the way back to ML’s room w/her before she tells him about the latest shotgun pointing at Severo incident. Ale supports fully Marcela’s choice of shotgun targets. Nisa says Marcela has bewitched him and he happily agrees. When Nisa tells him Marcela was messing around w/Camilo he gets less happy but doesn’t believe it, he says he understands that Marcela is different from all the other women he’s dated, that’s one fo the things he likes about her, and he’s in love and couldn’t be happier. Nisa says Marcela is only with him for his money and he doesn’t believe her and laughs at her when she gets melodramatic about the tragic poverty stricken future that awaits. She shows him the pictures on her cell phone and he stops laughing.

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4 years ago

Gracias, stealth! Well, this just keeps moving right along. We’ve nearly got everyone from the entrada incorporated into the story now. I was too horrified by the file room shenanigans to laugh. Also, I always get the strangest feeling I’ve been in that room. Or maybe all serious file messes look alike. “I don’t know, it depends on the marriage” on the other hand almost made me spit out my drink. So now that we’ve met and confirmed that Emiliano’s mom is Camilo’s aunt, I don’t know which of the two to blame more for her condition–Camilo for not really… Read more »