La Mujer del Vendaval Wednesday 1/04/17 #36

Ale assures Nisa he’s fine, better than ever, really. Then she shows him the pictures she and ML took of Marcela and Camilo. As he looks at the photos she tries to convince him Marcela is just like Damiana. ML is lurking behind the door listening and when Ale asks Nisa if she’s told anyone or if anyone else has seen these ML shrinks back. Nisa says she took them by herself, having come upon the scene accidentally, Ale tells her he’s gonna check up on this himself and not to say anything to anyone. After he leaves she thinks aloud to herself, too bad soo sad bro, but its my job as your sister to save you from the clutches of that witch.


In the street outside the hospital Emiliano is getting pretty rough with Camilo, but Camilo is full of excuses – she fired the nurse so he thought she was better – anyway she’s Emil’s mom not Cami’s. Then he hands Emil the sob story, how he was kidnapped and just got back to town to find his best girl married to someone else and he lost his job and so on. Emil calms down and seems to believe him.

Camilo makes nice and Emil buys his act and makes plans to notify Valeria.


Ale goes to Marcela’s room, she’s just out of the shower and saved him some hot water, first he asks if anything happened while he was gone and she tells him all about recent events recent enough that I won’t repeat them here, but she describes the San Bartolo Inn as Hell’s waiting room which is new.

Ale also approves of Sagrario and Mateo as a couple.

When he asks if anything else happened, she says oh, well, yeah, Camilo came back and brought a present, then she repeats Camilo’s story about going to the next town to pick it up on their wedding day, and getting kidnapped. Ale still doesn’t believe that story and worries that Camilo is still in her heart. Marcela reassures Ale that since she met him he’s been the only man in her heart, her heart only has room for one, and here on out its Alessandro. They kiss and Sagrario walks in w/o knocking and is shocked, but smiles.

Nisa and ML wonder about how the argument they tried to start is going and gloat about destroying Marcela’s relationship


Don Timo does his accounts while July does his pedicure, but when she tries to take a grater to his foot, apparently the files keep breaking/wearing out, Don T has had enough and kicks he out of the room. Eulogio comes in and after some pleasant malapropisms about whether its called a pedicure or a patacure, cuz its the feets, then get down to bidnez. Don T tells of Severo’s plan to deed his parts of the ranch to Sagrario and they discuss whether that works for Timo’s plans for El V. Timo thinks it’ll be easier to get the ranch away from Sagrario so he’s all for it.

He also thinks Washington went to the moon 26th of June, ’78 and doesn’t want Eulogio to keep correcting him, remember who writes the checks around here bub!

He also thinks Octavia will love his gift.

The Gift

It arrives in a box with air holes and its a turkey! Literally a live turkey w/a red bow around its neck. Mauro, the sap, takes it out of its box and lets it loose in the hotel. Pandemonium ensues. Well at least the turkey and staff get a good work out running around the hotel before the turkey gets caught and Oct sends it, re-boxed, down to the kitchen. She calls the mayoral residence, interrupting Eulogio and Timo’s nap time and Oct and Timo have a misunderstanding filled convo. He’s still convinced she loved the gift, and she literally cannot find the words to express how furious she is. Finally she manages to tell him, very loudly, that she does not want any more live gifts, nor any dead animals , nor any gifts with feet from him at all, and hangs up on him.


Luciano gets a call from Valeria where she just sighs into the phone and doesn’t say anything and hangs up. Ooh mystery gets Luciano going and he wonders who it could have been.


Sagrario has run back to the kitchen to tell Mateo of the scandalous position she caught Marcela and Ale in – ‘she was sitting on his lap!’

Ale & Marcela walk in and try to explain, but Mateo has already launched into his lecture about how he won’t let Ale take advantage of Marcela this way and Ale should probably just go away now, after all the fake marriage didn’t work. Marcela says it worked to help us find love. They tell Mateo and Sagrario how they don’t want to break the contract, they want to extend it, and ML and Nisa enter the room just in time to hear Ale say they’re gettin church married and hug Marcela happily.

NO! shouts ML, Sagrario protests that they barely know each other, Mateo says gettin church married is serious business, ML informs them you don’t have to be church married to have sexxy times and elicits the predictable response from her mom.

Sagrario asks if its not too soon, they barely know each other. Ale explains that they met before and really do want to get married but Sagrario thinks marry in haste repent at leisure. Mateo leaves, very upset. Sagrario leaves too. ML makes it all about herself, claiming Marcela just always has to steal her spotlight, and says Marcela doesn’t deserve a great guy like Alessandro, and huffs out before she can say more. Nisa quickly tells her bro she adores him, but this is too much and mom and dad will never go along with it and runs to catch up to ML.

Marcela is downcast, Ale tries to comfort her (shoot, just imagining myself in Marcela’s shoes here, I’m surprised she’s not crying).

Marcela didn’t expect so many objections, well she pretty much saw ML’s coming since she’s carrying a torch for Ale, this is news to Ale, but everyone else’s negativity really shook her. Ale is certain she’s the woman for him and if she’s certain he’s the man for her they’ll prove everyone else wrong. Comfort kisses.

ML rants and raves in her room, but quickly moves on to plottin w/Nisa to have Ale find Marcela and Camilo together.


Don Timo is trying to figure out what went wrong with his present, he decides he needs to be more modern, update his image; short sleeve t’s to show off his muscles, and maybe a tiger tattoo. Eulogio dissuades him from doing any permanent and radical, like a tattoo or a nose ring, he’s got conservative constituents, he’d better try something more moderate.


Oct and Silvana meet by chance in the hotel lobby, and decide to dine together, Oct asks why Sil brought up the Luciano/Valeria thing w/Ale.

Sil says it’s cause she didn’t want Ale to think his father was some kind of supernatural higher being.


Val and Ilse talk about her call to Luc and her plan to work her way back under his skin and then grind him to dust. (wow, romantic.)

Ilse mentions that the last time Val went for Luc she was poor, now she has $$ why is she still going after Luc, after all he’s still pretty hot but she could get someone else if she wanted, is it for him or for his $$ or for revenge on Silvana? All of the above, says Val.


Marcela goes to Sagrario’s room for a heart to heart – she feels Ale is the man she was born to love and he’s made her believe in love again, not only that night but every day since. She believes their encounter is divine providence. Sagrario is worried that their thing is just passion and not real love, Marcela assures her aunt they both really love each other, but that her happiness won’t be complete if Sagrario isn’t on their side. She also lets Sagrario know that Ale isn’t just with her for the inheritance or the ranch, he’s way rich. Sagrario just wants her to be happy and if she sure Ale is her happiness then she supports her, she just hopes she doesn’t regret it later.

Ale tries to call his mom to let her know, but Sil is busy lunching w/Oct and so he’ll try again later.

Alba calls w/good news, she got the job and starts tomorrow. Sagrario’s mostly worried about Alba spending the night in an apt w/2 men, despite Alba telling her they each have their own bedroom and the apt is way big. Sagrario passes the phone back to Marcela so she can tell Alba she’s gettin church married, and Alba is so thrilled she passes the news on to Amadeo and Cris sitting right there. Amadeo looks happy but Cris has this look that says ‘oh no what is that poor dope up to now?’

Alba congratulates Marcela and promises they’ll chat more when she gets back home, after she hangs up, Cris asks about a wedding date but Alba says they didn’t set one yet. Then Cris picks up a, presumably hot, pan off the counter w/o hotpads and makes fun of Amadeo wanting to use them -‘we’re men, not clowns’ (yep, men with burned hands. Whatever, Cris)


Oct and Sil split after planning to meet again, and Luciano comes up to Oct to sneerfuly menace her and forbid her spending time w/his wife. Oct tells him sorry bub, you neglect her and she needs a friend to cry to and that’s me now so there.


ML tries to find Camilo at Mateo’s place so she can get him on board with the make Alessandro so mad at Marcela he doesn’t marry her plan, but nobody’s home.


In Houston Nuria tries on clothes (on of the dresses looks a lot like Alba’s too short dress, maybe its a thing? It looks weird on Nuria too).


Nisa suggests that instead of Camilo, they get her parents to help stop the wedding, she calls her mom’s cell and tells her ‘Mom Alessandro’s gone crazy, he wants to church marry Marcela!’ In spite of her earlier conversations w/Ale when he confessed he loves Marcela, Silvana looks shocked and appalled.

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3 years ago

Gracias, stealth! I don’t know which was worse, the cheese grater or the turkey. Why would he think she would want a turkey?! Did she ever in her life think she’d need to tell someone not to send her presents with feet? At what point in a relationship is it appropriate to say to the other person, “Please don’t ever send me live poultry as a gift.”? Nuria does appear to be going for a bit of an Alba-ish look with the sweet, awkwardly too-short dresses. At least she didn’t go for a long Alba-ish wig. That would be too… Read more »

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
3 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

Thanks Diva
Hmm, what else have you seen the actress playing Nuria in? All I’ve seen her in, that I can remember right now, is Lola: erase una vez, and Rebelde. The characters she played in those were nice and sane, sometimes a little nerdy or neurotic but not in a creepy way.

3 years ago

Now I have no idea. I just looked her up and I haven’t seen anything she was in except Lola (but I only watched Friday episodes because reasons) and I don’t even remember her from there. And now I can’t find who the other actress is I must have been thinking of and IMDB is no help. I’ll figure it out at 3am.