La Fan Friday 3/31/17 #53

On the run

Outside the church, Vale starts fighting off her attackers. Lucas joins in, to the delight of two passing nuns. I’m just relieved Vale’s not going to get stuffed in the trunk of the car with the spare tire and ruin her dress. There’s a painting propped up by the trunk–I guess those guys were out stealing a little church art and just said “Oh, look! A bride!”?

Lucas and Vale get into a black SUV and speed away. The nuns make a run for it, and our would-be thieves get into their car.

Gabe makes Nico some coffee and tells him not to worry–Lucas and Vale are NOT getting married. He asks Nico to answer his phone already, it’s stressing him out. Nico’s freaked out at the prospect of having to explain things to Quique and Quique’s not exactly calm himself.

Gabe has to take the phone and tell Quique Lucas and Vale aren’t getting married and Nico did what he could. Quique vows that Vale and Lucas aren’t getting married as long as he lives!

Salma shows up at the church, just trying to find out whether they’re married or not. Quique arrives.

Car chase. Vale says this is just like that movie, Perdidos en el Amor! Brakes squeal! Vale screams! Lucas jerks the wheel! The bad guys are gaining!

Lucas makes a turn, forcing the bad guys to take out a farmer’s market/craft fair. Damn. Why is it always the innocent produce stand that gets it?

Lucas stops the car so Vale can get out. She thought he did great! He’s so awesome! He’s her hero! Lucas always knew he was brave, but he’s even impressed himself. Huh, Vale always thought he had high self-esteem, but it just went up again. And what now? Lucas has no idea!

Vale calls to check in with Tomás. He’s full of praise for Lucas–Lucas “always” saves them, Lucas is scoring major points for saving Vale, send Lucas a kiss for me. Lucas is being just as affectionate, so Vale’s happy. Tomás called Eloisa, which Vale approves of–she’ll meet them at home. Eloisa asks the Padre to pray for them. They need all the help they can get!

Vale and Lucas are convinced this was Quique’s doing. Vale still thinks he’s not a bad guy–just stubborn. Whatever, Lucas isn’t going to let Quique separate them. He loves Vale more than he imagined possible.

Casa EW!

Adriana cannot live like this! She tried, but the apartment is gross, there’s never just ONE roach and he REALLY needs to quit bringing up the roach because they creep her out! She’s leaving. No, not permanently, just until he gets all the insects out…and cleans.

Diego has Miguel come over and help him spray the apartment. HE COLLECTED THE ROACHES! What is wrong with him?! He’d better not show them to Adriana as proof that he did what she asked. Miguel warns him roaches are like rats, an epidemia. If he doesn’t want more, he needs to fumigate once a month.

Diego asks Miguel his opinion of the apartment. It’s…um…cozy? Especially if he’s living there with another person. And Adriana’s used to a different kind of life. Diego insists she has to get used to HIS life because he’s like a combo meal at a hamburger place. Miguel’s fine with the burger analogy, but still…what if she can’t adjust? What’s the backup plan? Diego has no clue.

(And WTF…she HAS to get used to his life because he’s a combo meal? How come she doesn’t get to be all “I’m sushi! Deal with it! You don’t get to order your sushi cooked!” or whatever?)

Casa Jess

Bob’s on his way out of Jessica’s. “Like my dad said, ‘I’m abandoning you.'” Damn, that’s cold.

Jess grabs him by the ear and sits him down at the kitchen table, demanding that he tell her if the seed will bear fruit. “What am I, a gynecologist?” He tells her to chill and give it time. He’s horrified at the thought that she would just go out and find another “donor,” so ok, he did some checking it looks like her chances are good.

Her boyfriend has a girlfriend now, so how does she plan on handling that? Jess tells him she’s going to convince Diego she’s the woman for him.

Zubizarreta Gossipyards

Adriana calls Miriam into her office to have an honest conversation about this whole sordid love parallelogram they’ve been involved in. She just doesn’t want things to be weird. She and Benicio are getting a divorce and that means he and Miriam get to do their thing and she and Diego get to do theirs.

Although…things with Diego are a little complicated. She feels awful about separating a child from his father. Miriam says she’s really not…and soon she’ll see it’s not as bad as she thinks. Yeah, Adriana just doesn’t think they can truly be happy while they know that Jessica is alone, suffering, and pregnant. Miriam looks away guiltily.

Benicio comes to Adriana’s office to tell her the whole company’s talking about them. Not that it bothers him. He’s strong. He can take it. (*roll eyes*) Adriana thinks it’s good that the employees know they have personal problems.

Adriana says she talked to Miriam–

“About me?!”

No. About the weather. Yes, about him! About how he’s a free man. She just wants to be happy and wants him to be happy. Benicio looks like he’s on board with that.

Jessica stumbles into the lobby on the executive floor to gossip to Miriam about her stupid baby plan. Miriam’s not in the mood (is anyone, really?) especially after Adriana’s being all reasonable and saying she’s not going to keep Diego from his child. Diego walks up behind them and Jess faints dramatically and grabs on to him. He makes no attempt to keep her from sliding to the floor and just looks annoyed.

Jessica feigns a loss of consciousness until she hears the word “doctor.” Then she complains about how dizzy she is as she spins in Miriam’s chair. Diego still thinks a doctor might be a good idea, but no, no, it’s just “the baby.” Adriana comes over, having heard all the fuss and now Jess is DEFINITELY not leaving until she’s seen a doctor, because Adriana does not mess around when it comes to the company’s liability!

They bring Jess into Adriana’s office, where Jess whines about not wanting to bother them, so she should go.

Um, no. Not until she’s better! Adriana can’t understand why Jess doesn’t want to see a doctor. And just like that, Jess feels perfect. And she only came by to get their address, in case of an emergency. Adriana can’t believe Diego didn’t give it to her already! She writes it down for Jessica, who whines the whole way out of the office about how she and the baby will leave daddy alone with his new girlfriend….

Miriam checks in with Benicio. He’s on the same page as Adriana as far as everybody getting to be happy and the four of them working together.

Miriam just has one concern. She doesn’t know if she should tell him, but she definitely can’t keep it quiet–his dad threatened her.


Gabe comes over to Feli’s. She has the name of the guy who bought her artwork: Pascuale Blanco.

In Mexico…Pascuale is still upset about his daughter trying to kill him. She won’t answer her phone. Who else could it be?! Gosh, Lucía hates to agree with him, but who else would want to hurt him? Of course it hurts–she’s family.

Lucía makes Pascuale some coffee with lots of sugar and a secret ingredient that’s not love. This should calm him right down.

Feli found out the guy’s a major landowner in Mexico. He pretty much hides out on his hacienda all the time. They try looking for pictures of him online.

They find pictures of him…but none of Lucía. Gabe thinks that’s weird–if he had a wife who looked like Lucía he’d be taking pictures with her all the time! Feli interprets this as him thinking she’s lying and Gabe has to apologize.

Feli starts looking through her physical files for his contact info. Gabe complains about not having been able to sleep since she told him she saw Lucía. Feli unbuttons a button on his shirt, just because she can, and says unrequited love will do that to you.

Pascuale’s running a fever…and he’s having really bad stomach pain. He wants a doctor. He’s dying! He ORDERS her to call the doctor.

This is like I Love You to Death. Pascuale’s still suffering and still not dead. Lucía’s lost patience. She tells him to die already! She’s tired of waiting! And maybe now he finally has popped off. She cackles to her little dog that they’re free!

Damian, Lucía’s pet doctor, comes over to verify that Pascuale’s dead. He’ll get the death certificate ready saying he died of a heart attack. Lucía plans to have him cremated and go back to LA. He says they’re in this together and she can schedule the appointment at the crematorium anytime.

Casa Salma

Gabe takes Salma back to her place and explains Quique’s genius plan and how it all went awry. Salma suggests he call Lucas and see if he can find out where they are.

Vale sees the incoming call and wants to answer because Gabe, like Quique, is “Good People.” Lucas doesn’t trust Gabe, since he didn’t want them to get married and he’s in love with Vale. Vale thinks he’s being silly. He answers the phone, brusquely saying he’s busy, but Vale grabs it and tells Gabe that Quique just tried to have them killed. He asks where they are and Lucas grabs the phone back and hangs up. He trusts no one. Smart move.

Salma’s still fussing about how she had it all under control and Quique screwed up her plans. Nico tells her to get over it–Lucas wants to be with Vale. Quique comes over. He admits he made a mistake, but so what? So Salma now says SHE will take care of separating Lucas and Vale, that’s what. Good luck with that, Salma.


Justin has great news to share with Agustín! “I’m getting more lines?” Um, no. Julio César Solar, aka Salma’s favorite singer (aka a character from Guerra de Ídolos, premiering April 24 at 8pm/7c on Telemundo) is doing the theme song for Jose Gerardo and Ana Cristina. “I’m not in those scenes.”

Casa Vale

Elo and Carlos are on Tomás duty. He still wants to know when she’s moving in. “Soon.” *smoochies*

One big happy family

Diego gets Adriana back home, promises the bugs are gone and everything is clean, and he even made her a special Welcome Home dinner. She’s happy, but not 100%, not knowing Jess isn’t feeling well. Yeah, well, them’s the breaks…but he’s going to be a good dad and Adriana’s going to be an excellent madrastra. Ew, no, she hates the sound of that.

There’s a knock at the door. It’s Jessica. She wasn’t feeling well and Miriam left her all alone.

Casa Gabe

Feli comes over and Gabe answers the door with a drink in his hand and says he was just leaving…this is “to go.” Oh, please, she just came over with Pascuale Blanco’s number. Now–who’s calling?

Gabe calls and Lucía answers Pascuale’s cell phone.

The Lucas and Vale Show

Lucas and Vale check into a cheap hotel to figure out what to do next. Vale doesn’t think they can keep walking around in these clothes. Lucas won’t go shopping since he assumes someone will recognize him. Vale volunteers, but he thinks someone could recognize her too!

Lucas waits an interminable…minute and a half?…for Vale to come back with clothes for them. All she could find was a party supply store.

Vale dresses them up as flamenco dancers. Or, you know, an American mass-market cheap polyester version.

She and Lucas just happen to find a Spanish restaurant. The waiter mistakes them for the performers doing tonight’s show and I can already see where this is going….

They tell the guy they’re not performers. Lucas orders a TON of food, because he’s nervous. They realize Vale spent all the money on their disguises and they call the waiter back to tell him they were kidding–they’re here for the show. They just like to eat first.

Vale has to help Lucas get into character as Paquito, a flamenco dancer with no manager who charges significantly less than Lucas Duarte. Lucas declares himself “Ito…Paq Ito.” (*facepalm*)

It’s the restaurant’s anniversary, which is why they hired María and Paquito here to entertain them. The music starts and Lucas and Vale give it their all, lip synching to the song and making up cheesy choreography. Let’s just hope everyone’s been having sangria.

Monday…Capítulo Final.

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The flamenco disguise plot line had an “I Love Lucy” slapstick flavor to it. I hope we see more of the act.

One more to go!