El Capítulo Final de La Fan Monday 4/03/17 #54

Dance! Dance! Dance!

The crowd is into Vale and Lucas’ act, but let’s be real…Vale’s doing way better than Lucas. They get an enthusiastic round of applause.

Vale’s riding high on their success and so is Lucas. She had no idea he could dance and sing so well. Well, he’s always been good at both, but he’s better at acting…although after tonight, he’s confused.

The restaurant owner comes backstage to congratulate them, but there’s just one little thing…two people showed up claiming to be the real singers. They bluff. Of course they’re the real singers! Lucas tells him to throw those impostors out, getting up in the guy’s face when he doesn’t move quickly enough.

Backstage at the restaurant, Lucas suggests they pick up Tomás and go on the run. He’ll give up his career as an actor…the fame…the red carpets…the awards…Premios Tu Mundo, the Emmys, the Golden Globes, the Tony, the Oscar–

“No! Not the Oscar!”

Lucas says it’s decided. He doesn’t want the Oscar…he wants Vale! (Awwwww!) They can go to Colombia…or México…no, wait, it has to be somewhere he’s not famous. Africa? (Mr. 5ft: “Little do you know….” Me: *waves to everyone who’s going to be watching this on Telemundo Africa eventually*) Wherever it is, it’ll be home as long as they’re together.

Blast from the past

Gabe asks to speak to Señor Blanco, but Lucía says he’s unfortunately just died. “Is this his wife?” Lucía, still in shock says there must be some mistake–he didn’t have a wife.

Gabe tells Feli what he just heard. She’s sure he introduced the woman she saw him with as his wife, but maybe she was his lover? Gabe wants to investigate further.

Gabe comes over to Salma’s. He complains about her being on the phone, but she’s mobilizing her fans to find Lucas and treating it like a contest. Gabe likes the idea. He’s gotten sick of calling them both.

Lucía’s freaking out over Gabriel’s call. Dr. Damian comes over and Lucía tells her she needs Pasquale burned tomorrow–she has to get back to LA.

Three…no wait…Four’s a crowd

Jess makes herself comfortable with the dinner Diego made. Hey, she’s eating for “two” after all. Adriana and Diego just stand there watching her. It’s ravioli, I think. Adriana’s fuming, but Jess innocently says she was all alone and she thought it would be better to come over here where “Adri” could take care of her, right?

Diego’s trying to get rid of Jessica, but she whines that Miriam isn’t home yet. All three of them would totally fit in the bed. Adriana grabs Diego and hisses that there’s NO WAY! Jess just makes herself comfortable in bed and asks Diego to help with her boots.

Jess is sleeping on the papasan chair. (On? In?) Adriana complains that she thought Diego was going to ask her to move in. Jess starts (fake) talking in her sleep about how she still loves Diego, even though he left her for that skinny, ordinary…. “Shut her up!” Diego goes over to the chair and (fake) sleeping Jess starts clawing at him and telling him to call her “Jessi.”

Casa Vale

Elo tells Carlos they have to tell Diego and Adriana they’re planning to move in together first. She seems to want their approval, but Carlos is already reminding her that they’re grownups! They have every right to live their lives!

Eloisa changes the subject to Vale and Lucas, but Carlos is sure as long as they’re together nothing bad can happen to them.


Miguel goes to the studio , looking around for his mystery woman. Justin remembers him, of course, and offers him another role in the novela. “Uh, I’m better in the kitchen.” He explains he’s looking for someone from the other day…is there a list of actresses? Or could he maybe look at the masks?

Justin calls for Aurora to bring over the mask box and has Miguel look through it. He finds his own mask, and the another one that’s similar to the one his mystery woman was wearing. Justin kindly takes up the mystery woman’s potential mask and models it for Miguel. (Next he’ll be trying on the dress, too…and he would totally rock it!)


Benicio has Ignacio meet him at the office to tell him to stay away from Miriam or he won’t see a cent of Zubizarreta money. Ignacio can’t believe Miriam told him…he only threatened her because she was demanding money to leave Beni alone.

Benicio is sure Ignacio is lying, but Ignacio sticks to his story and tells Benicio to wise up–Miriam’s a fortune-hunter. (Good thing he doesn’t have one?)

Casa Miriam

Jess left a note for Miriam explaining that she’s gone to Diego’s to whine about Miriam leaving her all alone, so don’t call her and don’t answer the phone, ‘k? (Piece. Of. Work.)

Miguel comes over to fill Miriam in on the non-wedding. He says at least Lucas and Vale are better off than they are–they’re with the person they love.

Casa Salma

None of Salma’s fans have any word on Lucas, but she’s still convinced someone will find them. Quique and Nicolas come over and Quique shares his brilliant plan–he’ll just watch Tomás. Sooner or later, they have to come back for him.

Salma’s still frantically checking her phone, but nothing. She’s afraid Quique will find them first. Only because she’s worried about Lucas. Gabe gripes that Lucas has it coming.

Feli calls Gabe. She confirmed Pascuale’s death with her contacts. He wasn’t married, but he was living with a woman named Ursula Molineros. Gabe says he has to find that woman. He’s coming over. He won’t tell Salma who he’s talking about, but…keep him posted!

No, YOU listen!

Tomás is all packed and ready to go. They’re just waiting for Vale and Lucas to get there. Carlos thinks what they should be doing is calling the police. Nooooo, Elo’s afraid of that man. (Elo…is there anything you’re not afraid of?) Tomás’ face: “Don’t look at me. I’m just along for the ride.”

Lucas and Vale approach the apartment. She hopes everything goes well…not like in Escapando del Amor. Lucas remembers that one…Vale says he was dying of snake venom and being run over by a train while his brother shot at him. “It was lucky I survived!”

Quique and Nicolas are right behind them, and Quique’s not fooled by the costumes.

In her apartment, Eloisa blesses everyone. Carlos suggests the police again and Vale and Lucas yells “NO!” at him. Lucas says they’re going to Africa. It was the only “country” he could think of. “Africa’s a continent, not a country,” Tomás pipes up. Eloisa asks what part of Africa. (Uh, you’re asking the guy who just had to be told by a kid that it’s not a country?) Lucas has no idea, but they’ve gotta go!

Not so fast! Here’s Quique and Nicolas with their guns. Quique sends Nico to take Tomás into the back as he promises he won’t hurt Vale…especially not in front of such a beautiful and distinguished lady. Carlos says that’s his girlfriend! OK, whatever, it’s time for them to “comer un pollito” (literally “eat a little chicken”; I’m going to take some liberties with the poultry here and say that’s “talk turkey”). Vale says they sure are, and Quique’s going to listen to her!

Vale tells Quique this has to stop! He can’t be wanting to kill Lucas all the time. Hm…good point…Quique thinks he should just kill him now! Lucas starts to pray and Vale snaps at him that nobody’s dying here!

Vale swears Lucas loves her and he’s willing to give up everything for her. Quique says he’s a liar. Vale says she’s sure he’s telling the truth. Eloisa sniffs that she’s sure! Carlos asks the gentlemen…yes, you too, Quique…to calm down.

Vale begs Quique to let her be happy. She deserves it. Lucas was always her idol. She’s been living a dream–please let her make it reality. Quique waves his gun around like “Wrap it up!” They all duck and Carlos asks if they don’t think it’s ridiculous to be negotiating with a criminal. Don’t piss off Quique, Carlos.

Vale begs again–let her be happy with the man she loves. Quique waves the gun around again. Everybody ducks again. OK, fine, he’s made a decision. They’re getting married tomorrow. (Fine! Good! Do it! Why do neither Vale nor Lucas look happy about this? You nearly did it already, just do it!)


The elusive Bárbara shows up to confront “Ursula” about killing her father. She’s going to demand an autopsy! Too bad, he’s already ashes.


Gabe needs Felicitas to repeat everything she knows about Pascuale. He has to go to Mexico and find out if “Ursula” is really Lucía. Feli hands off her drink–which he gratefully gulps–and sighs.

Gabe has his suitcase packed for Mexico, but Salma shows up, freaking out that Lucas and Vale are getting married! Nicolas told her they convinced Quique and he gave his blessing. (Ha! I typed “gabe his blessing.” Nope, that’s never going to happen!)

Well, Gabe’s gotta go to Mexico, so this is a job for Salma.

“Excuse me?!” What could be going on in Mexico that’s more important than what’s going on here? Gabe says he has to find Lucía.


Jess is still in the tiny apartment. She wants a shower before work. She can borrow clothes from Adriana, right? Adriana hesitates, but she’s got a good poker face. Of course she can.

Miguel and Miriam talked all night. Miguel is determined to find his mystery woman, even with zero clues. They assume the knock at the door is Jessica, but it’s Benicio. Now he’s starting to think what his dad said was right. He thought she was different! He stomps out the door, leaving a confused Miriam.

Bárbara shows up at Casa Pascuale, or should I say, Casa “Ursula,” once she’s confirmed that there’s no hope of an autopsy. She’s still going to press charges! Lucía tells her to go for it–she won’t be able to prove anything.

She’s be better off looking for a job. Lucía’s seen the will and daddy didn’t even leave her a monthly allowance. “Ursula” gets it all.

Here comes the bride?

OK, it’s time for Wedding 3 prep. Eloisa says third time’s the charm. Jess says bad things come in 3’s. Say it with me now…

¡Cancelado! ¡Cancelado! ¡Cancelado!

Jess borrowed a dress from wardrobe. Vale’s actually nervous this time around.

Oh, great. Gabe’s here. And he wants to talk to Vale. Alone? Well…ok…for a little while.

Gabe just came by to tell Vale he loves her and it hurts that she’s marrying Lucas. (Well, who asked you?) But he’s always known she was in love with Lucas and all he wants is for her to be happy and have what she deserves, so…good luck. And if she ever needs him, he’ll be there waiting for her (like a creepy stalker).

The guests are waiting for the wedding to start. Jess adjusts Diego’s tie and Adri hisses that he’d better talk to her. “I did. I told her not to be so invasive.” (Try again. She’s like kudzu, dude.) He tells Adriana not to get all huffy.

The press is there, taking pictures. Carrizo wants to interview Natalia because she’s crying. She says she works for that old guy over there, Carlos Zubizarreta. She’s just so happy that Lucas is finally getting married. “Lucas! I love you!” And um, she’d like to say hi to her mom. She squeezes the microphone. (Oh, Natalia, I’ll miss you!)

The priest asks Lucas if he’s sure nothing weird is going to happen today. (Did you have to ask?!) Oh no, he’s sure today he and Vale will be husband and wife.

Felicitas is practically salivating, wondering where Salma is.

Salma gets a last selfie at home, but Nicolas won’t let her out of the apartment–Quique’s orders. She’s not going to screw up the wedding.

Salma isn’t answering Agustín’s calls and it’s making him nervous–who knows what she’ll do! Justin’s upset too because the president of the network has decided that Julio César Solar is too expensive to hire to do the music for the show. (Also, he’ll be busy on his own show, Guerra de Ídolos, starting April 24.) Agustín warns him not to mention it to Salma. She would DEFINITELY hacer un disparate (do something crazy).

Salma tries to act reasonable and agree with Nicolas–what did she see in Lucas? Maybe she needs to give Nicolas another chance. They can still start over…except that Salma whacks him with a champagne bottle and makes her escape.

Eloisa is worried that something is going to happen, like in one of Lucas’ telenovelas. Carlos doesn’t know what she means, since he apparently doesn’t watch them. (Ah, Carlos…just wait until she moves in.) Elo explains that the villainess always comes in to stop the wedding. Looking at Feli, Carlos says he doesn’t think anyone more evil could show up, so…no worries.


Lucía and Damian are all ready to go. She’s sure Barbara won’t be a problem. So what’s Damian worried about? Lucía tells him as long as he’s loyal to her, everything will be fine.

And he will be. He knows everything…how she met Pascuale, how she became Ursula. (OK, then, come sit by me and let me pour you a drink!)

Lucía’s all ready to be Lucía again.

Gabe arrives at his hotel and asks if the employee setting towels out on all the chaises knows where Pascuale Blanco’s hacienda is. Barbara hears him mentioning her father’s name. Did he know him? Gabe says he didn’t, but he’s looking for his wife–Ursula Blanco.

We’re on!

Carrizo announces Vale’s arrival. Quique walks her down the aisle. Awww. It’s a long dress this time. I’ll give it second-favorite. And lavender roses. Those I like. Vale voiceovers…

There are dates that should always be marked on the calendar. The day you achieve a dream, for example. That’s one of those days that deserves to be remembered forever. All of a sudden, there I was, Valentina Perez, just an everyday woman, a fan, getting the thing I wanted most in life. They say when you want something with your whole heart, sooner or later it happens, and I’d like to think that’s true. That the universe conspires in our favor. That we can do anything. That nothing is impossible.

Quique whispers in Lucas’ ear, “If you make her suffer, I’ll kill you.”

Lucas responds, “If I make her suffer, I’ll die.”

He tells Vale she looks beautiful and the priest gets the ceremony going. The theme song plays over a wedding montage. Vale does, Lucas does, the padre does, and Lucas seals the deal with a kiss. The guests applaud.


Honeymoon time! Lucas carries Vale into their hotel suite. They can’t believe they really got married! He’s sure his fans are suffering his loss. (*snort*) Isn’t he going to take selfies? Nah, this time around it’s just the two of them. So, finally they’re going to have their first night together!

Salma gets to the church long after everyone else has gone, except the padre. Yes, they got married. It was a lovely ceremony. Salma sure does have a problem with schedules, doesn’t she? Salma tells him not to worry–she’ll find them!

To congratulate them, of course? Salma snaps that happiness doesn’t last forever. The priest blesses her…or wards off her evil, I’m not sure which. She does not burst into flames.

Couples (and not) besides Lucas and Vale

Diego comes out of the shower and finds Adriana gone. She left him a note explaining that sometimes love is not enough. She tried, but she can’t handle having Jess around all the time. She can’t handle feeling like she’s keeping a father and child apart. She’s not cut out to be the villain. She’s going on a trip for a while. She loves him like no one else, like she’s never loved anyone, and forever.

Diego goes tearing out of the apartment in his boxers.

Benicio comes over to Miriam’s. He wants to talk, but he believed his dad over her, so…bye! She shoves him out of the apartment.

Miguel and Jessi have post-wedding coffee and chisme. Miguel excitedly tells her about a woman he had a fling with and hasn’t seen since. He wants to find her. Jess thinks that sounds exciting. Maybe she could help! He met her at the studio, during that masquerade party.

Jess is a little weirded out. Sure, she can help, but…Miguel wasn’t there…. He explains the director roped him into being an extra. He was waiting in a dressing room and this woman came in and it was just…an explosion of passion! But since they both had masks on, they never saw each other’s faces.

So, she can help, right? Jess nods, shocked.

Justin meets with one “Luis Alberto” and promises to make him a star. Woo hoo! It’s Carlos Ponce! (Wait, why am I excited? This is ending in five minutes.)

Reporters descend, asking how long they’ve been dating, and Justin possessively clutching Luis Alberto’s chest doesn’t exactly sell the “We’re not dating” angle.

Adriana is about to board her plane when mostly-naked Diego arrives and starts begging her not to leave. How’d he get through security like that? She just lets the escalator carry her away and tries to keep it together while a couple of gate attendants hold him back.

Foiled again!

Gabe and Barbara get to the hacienda, but Ursula is gone. There’s a picture of her and Pascuale left behind and Gabe insists that’s Lucía.

In Colombia…Lucía wanders the forest in a dirty dress. She sees some men approaching, musses her hair, rubs some dirt on her arms, and starts calling for help. They “find” her lying on the ground, having apparently escaped some terrible ordeal. She really thought this out.

The big reveal

Lucas and Vale toast to their love. Salma knocks on their door, saying it’s room service, with a gift from management…and Lucas opens the door. Of course she found him! When they were dating he always said he wanted to spend his wedding night in this hotel, he just changed brides.

Salma can’t wait to see what Vale thinks of her husband after she hears THIS. She plays the recording of Lucas denying he came back for Vale and Salma saying it all started with a lie and then she cuts it off. (What does that prove?!)

She tells Vale this all started for ratings. Lucas says that’s true. It did, but after he got to know her, he really fell in love with her. She knows he loves her.

(Now all of a sudden, Vale’s doubting him? She’s spent the last two days dodging Quique and telling HIM Lucas loves her, but Salma comes in here and that all goes out the window?)

Salma says he’s such a heartless bastard he’s even freaking her out. Doesn’t he have anything more to say to Vale? Lucas doesn’t…but Salma does.

She pulls out the DNA test results. Lucas is Tomás’ biological father. Lucas takes the paperwork out of Vale’s hands and reads it , confused, as Salma says he’s had that paperwork for a long time. He knew Tomás was his son and he never cared–he didn’t love Tomás or Vale.

Vale stares in shock at Salma and Lucas.


Which means, we’re not done with this story yet! I see some of you are already searching for “When does La Fan come back?” Sorry, I don’t have that information yet, but as soon as I do you’ll find the date listed on the Proximas page.

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Visita/ Guest

I loved that we got to see the rest of the flamenco act. I hope this comes back in spite of its awful ratings because if it doesn’t, this was a really depressing ending. Btw, it was fun doing dueling recaps with you (so to speak) I recapped this 5 nights a week on the ” other blog.” It was an interesting experiment. I don’t know how you do it on such a consistent basis and for more than one on top of it all.

Visita/ Guest

Thanks so much, Kat! I was traveling and then sick, so haven’t had the opportunity to drop by and read. Just like Jarifa, you did a fabulous job recapping this fun little show. Bravo! I really can’t predict what Telemundo will do about “season 2.”