La Mujer del Vendaval Thursday 1/05/17 #37

You’re getting what?

“Mommeeeeeeeee! Alessandro’s getting maaaaaaaried!” Nisa whines. Silvana’s a bit…concerned. Did they set a date? No, but Nisa’s sure it will be soon–Marcela will want to keep Alessandro from escaping. Like the witch in Hansel and Gretel! She wants to eat him up (*sigh* a stopped watch is right twice a day?).

Silvana doesn’t necessarily think she needs to run down there, but she does need to talk to Alessandro right away. She tries his cell phone, but it only has one line (seriously?) and Al is busy consulting with Cristian about Marcela’s inheritance.

Mike’s firm did handle the inheritance, and it’s one of the most prestigious ones in New York (color me surprised), but they can’t really give Cristian much more info than that because, ethics. Cristian doesn’t see why it would be so strange for a woman who ran off and abandoned her daughter in the first place to have left her daughter an inheritance of three pesos while her lover gets the rest. Al agrees.

Oh, and about that Church wedding? Al says it’s true, he doesn’t want to hear anything about it, and nothing’s going to make him change his mind. Al already told Marcela the truth and Marcela told him she didn’t steal the necklace. He was looking her in the eye when she told him and he’s sure she didn’t do it. Any more questions?

“Yes. Where would you like us to bury you after your parents kill you?” At El Vendaval, duh! Al asks him not to talk to the parents–he’ll take care of it. “Make sure your mom sitting down and has the number for the emergency department.” Seriously, though, Cristian thinks he should wait. Give Marcela time to explain things to his parents and convince THEM that she didn’t do it.

But Al believes in her. And what’s his dad going to do? Lock him up in the hotel and deny him room service? Cristian says his dad’s even “crazier” than Al, so he wouldn’t put anything past him. He begs Al to have his parents out there to meet Marcela and get to know her and do things right this time! Fine, fine, Al says he’ll take his advice. He promises. Heh.

Marcela really needs Mateo to approve of her relationship with Alessandro. She doesn’t tell him he’s rich, she just asks him to trust her because she’s actually happy for once.

Silvana calls Cristian and pretends she’s just casually looking for Alessandro. Oh…yeah…um, Alessandro said something about wanting them to meet Marcela. He said he’d call her tomorrow. Silvana tries to talk herself into staying calm. Nisa must have just misunderstood.

Marcela and Alessandro meet up out in the garden. She says her aunt and Mateo are kind of ok with it now that she’s talked to them. What about his parents? He says his phone battery ran out and he’ll call his mom tomorrow. He’s sure his mom will come around. His dad will be…more difficult to convince. (If by that you mean, “A complete and total jerk about it and you’ll have second thoughts about becoming a part of my family,” ok.)

Marcela and Al head for the kitchen so Al can have his shot at talking to Sagrario and Mateo himself. He apologizes–he was so excited about getting married that when he brought it up earlier he was a little abrupt and he was tactless and he doesn’t want them to feel like their opinions aren’t important. They are–they’re the closest thing Marcela has to parents and he wants to ask them for her hand.

Marcela reminds Sagrario that she was always the one pushing for Marcela to marry Al in the first place. She was practically the president of his fan club! Yeah, Sagrario admits that…and he did save Huracán…and Marcela is happy–Mateo interrupts. Sure, everything’s great now, but who’s going to promise him that it’s going to stay that way? No one can, but Alessandro does it anyway–he promises Marcela won’t cry another tear, not on his account.

So…are they toasting? Mateo grumbles. He hasn’t said “yes” yet. And this isn’t how you do it! Al’s parents should be here, he should be making a commitment. Alessandro says he will do that–he’ll invite his parents here, as long as it’s ok with Marcela. Mateo still hesitates to toast, but Sagrario tells him to bring the dang tequila!

Alessandro pours and toasts to Mateo and Sagrario and to their love that has flourished over the years, then to himself and Marcela, and to everyone who knows what love is and defends it. Marcela toasts to everyone who doesn’t understand giving them a chance.

Valeria does what Valeria wants

Emiliano finally gets hold of Valeria and gives her the bad news about their mom. Val’s sure it’s just a bunch of emotional blackmail. Yeah, sorry, she couldn’t possibly go to SBP. She’s like, busy plotting revenge and stuff.

Valeria tells Ilse she’s not setting foot back in San Bartolo Podunk. Besides, Mommy always liked Emiliano better. She can have him all to herself now.

Luciano finds Valeria’s number in his phone and calls while she’s having drinks with Ilse. Of course she’s not going to answer! It’s more fun that way.

Emiliano’s mom is still unconscious. He sobs that he’s going to be there for her like she was for him.

Front desk

Mauro comes to get Inés for that coffee date…but it’s late and she thought she’d forgotten. She told her mom she’d pick up her son at practice. Mauro suggests they go pick him up and all three of them can go out together. (The way her eyes light up…you’d better not be screwing around, Mauro!)

In beautiful downtown San Bartolo

In town, Nisa and Maria Laura look for Camilo. Nisa makes the mistake of telling her new bestie that if there wasn’t money involved, she’d have no problem letting her brother marry Marcela. ML smacks her arm for saying it. Nisa’s just sad that if she breaks up Marcela and Al, and Marcela goes back to Camilo, she’ll be all alone and without the only man in the entire universe who’s worth it. (It’s pronounced “worthless,” Nisa.) ML tells her to suck it up and make the sacrifice for her family.

As ML walks on, Nisa thought bubbles to herself that she has another way to bust up this marriage–the necklace. All she needs to do is wait for her parents to get here.

It’s a dude convention at the cantina: Camilo, Román, and Lencho. Lencho mopes while Camilo hires Román to do the repairs on his aunt’s house. (Camilo and Román are like, the good old boy network of the future. The Bad Young Dude network or something.)

Camilo takes off, leaving Lencho to mope to Román. He’s upset because he wants to do this big calendar launch for Maria Laura, but he wants her to love him for realz, not just for what she can get out of him. Román says ML doesn’t know how to love any other way. Damn, that’s pretty deep. Lencho considers calling her, but he does have his pride.

Nisa and ML wait in the town square long enough for Camilo to show up. He and Nisa flirt with each other until Maria Laura tells him Alessandro and Marcela are getting Church-married.

Camilo stomp-paces around while Nisa flutter-runs after him. Maria Laura lets him get it out of his system a little then shows him the pictures on her cell phone. She needs him to do this again, but this time in front of Alessandro. Nisa pouts that it’s so sad he loves someone who doesn’t appreciate him and Camilo starts getting distracted, but ML tells him to FOCUS! And she tells Nisa to go find some other dude to hit on!

Look, Camilo will hide out in the stables again tonight and Marcela will go by there to say goodnight to Huracán like she always does, and they’ll make sure Alessandro shows up.

On their way out of town, Nisa and Maria Laura run into a drunk Lencho. He tells Maria Laura about the Quiñonez Foundation doing a launch of her calendar and suddenly she’s showering him with affection, jut like he didn’t want. But like Román told him–with ML it’s that or nothing. They wander off, leaving Nisa alone to mope about losing Camilo in peace.

OK, so whenever Don Timo sets a date, Lencho will let ML know. She’s already got some plans, like…she wants a beach in the town square. Dude, no, not with the ocean–just some sand and palm trees. And she’ll model some of the bikinis from the calendar. Lencho freaks out about her being “naked” and this isn’t a “teibol” (table, as in “table dance”; a strip club) and people are going to want burlesque shows every weekend. ML says they’ll figure that out later, but she definitely wants the beach. She works on getting the kiss marks off his face for about a second.

And now she’s gotta go. To, uh, take medicine to Huracán. Lencho pouts about that poor sick horse.


Octavia gets a pedicure while talking to the employee who was handling Alba’s contract. She set her up with an employee room, but Octavia wants her in a regular room. Nothing fancy, but make sure they put flowers in the room. She’s sure Cristian must have taken Alba to the bus station, but she’ll be back tomorrow before her shift.

Luciano arrives. Oh, well, there goes her buzz! Octavia offers to change out of her plush robe and into actual clothes, but he says this won’t take long. He lights his damn cigar while he says he needs an honest answer to a question…is Valeria Fereira in Mexico?

How would she know? She introduced them at that conference in Aruba, what, ten years ago? And then they had their affair and Valeria dumped him for some other rich guy. Sure, they kept in touch for a little while, but Octavia has no idea where she is now.

Luciano’s not buying it. Octavia turns the tables on him–why is he asking? She thought he was over her. Did someone mention her? What’s going on? Luciano says she called him from Argentina, but he got a local call recently and he heard her breathing. Octavia mocks him for recognizing her breathing. But, sorry, she doesn’t know a thing.

Octavia mocks him some more, warning him that he’d better be careful. This time, his kids are grown. They’d actually notice if he was having an affair and they wouldn’t forgive him for it. He just tells her to watch out–he wants no funny business from her, and she’d better stay away from Silvana!

He leaves and she says to herself that she’s not staying away–she’s getting a front row seat for the destruction of the Castelós!


Román goes over to the hospital to talk to Emiliano about the work he needs on his mom’s house. They figure out that they hadn’t met before because Emiliano left town before Román moved there. Román does know his mom, though, and he’s sure she’ll be up and about and screaming at everyone in no time. “Sounds like you know her.” A little.

So anyway, what does Emiliano do? He’s an ophthalmologist. Oh, what a coincidence–they don’t have one in SBP.

Their conversation is interrupted by momma’s nurse calling for the doctor. Emiliano rushes in to see what’s going on with her.

Next thing we know, she’s dead. Valeria’s probably going to do a happy dance, but Emiliano’s in tears. They give Emiliano some time alone with her before they come back and start vaguely mentioning procedures and calls to the funeral home. Em’s in shock. Outside, Román is still waiting to console him. He offers to take care of all the funeral arrangements for him and Emilio takes him up on the offer.

This creep

Severo comes back to the ranch to propose a deal with Sagrario. He’ll give her his part of El Vendaval. Hm…she remembers him and Demetrio talking about some land, but she figured after what happened Demetrio took it back. Severo doesn’t think so. And it just so happens that land is right near the entrance, where Mateo’s house is now.

He’s sure Marcela has the paperwork. If Severo puts the land in Sagrario’s name, at least part of El Vendaval would be saved in case of bank foreclosure. But in order for Severo to do that, Marcela needs to cough up the paperwork. Sagrario is willing to at least ask her if she has it.

And all he wants in return is for her to be his wife again. If she tries to get free of him, there’s no deal. (OK, sure, but at some point, once the land is under her name she can do whatever she wants…so what’s his motivation to actually sign it over? Don’t take the deal, Sagrario!)

Severo says he’ll go, but she should leave Mateo. Now that everyone knows he’s alive it’s going to be hard for her not to look like “the ranch foreman’s lover.” Sagrario doesn’t get it. She thought money would be more important to him. He ran off with her sister and the two of them were happy, so why can’t he let her be happy too?

“Maybe I’m selfish. What do you want me to say? That I’m jealous?”No, Sagrario wouldn’t believe that. Severo smarms that he’d forgotten how hot she was. Creeeeeeep! He puts his arms around her and suggests she could remember her old feelings for him, but Sagrario threatens to scream.

OK, then. She has two days to think about it.

Go time

In the office, Alessandro looks over the ranch paperwork and bemoans Marcela’s lack of accounting skills. Hey, she tries. And it’s at least good enough for him to put it all in his computer and start working up some projections. They really need to hire a pro, though, and the only one in town does Don Timo’s books, so that’s a “Hell no!”

Marcela leaves him to his computing and goes to say goodnight to Huracán. Al wants to come with her, but it’s a little private thing she likes to do. He grumpily says he never thought he’d be jealous of a horse.

He remembers Nisa telling him that Marcela and Camilo meet in the stables and she’s going to cheat on him like Damiana did. He talks himself out of thinking stupid stuff–he has to trust her.

ML and Nisa watch Marcela heading out of the house and hug each other to a column to avoid being seen. It’s time for Nisa to do her thing. She stops for a minute to soak in the feeling of being in an action movie.

In the stable, Marcela says good night to Huracán and shuts his stall. And then there’s Camilo, waiting to confront her about marrying Alessandro, as planned. Marcela tells him to get gone–this is her ALONE time and her HUSBAND isn’t going to like this. Camilo says he won’t let her get married.

“And just how do you think you’re going to stop me?”

He says she’s not going to understand right now, but one day she’ll thank him. I swear he lays a Vulcan nerve pinch on her and prepares to make things look worse than they are….

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stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
4 years ago

Thanks Diva There were so many good parts but this one is my fave “Camilo stomp-paces around while Nisa flutter-runs after him” it so describes it perfectly

Ok I’m starting to wonder what Camilo’s motivation is to keep pursuing Marcela, after all she’s still broke and he ditched her on their wedding day so he can’t care that much, so why is he letting ML pressure him into this whole rigamarole? He’s looking more and more like Severo to me lately or else I just don’t get it