Amar es Primavera Friday 3/24/17 #34


So, we’ve got Seyma all set to spill the frijoles to Ayaz in front of the grandparents and a nervous Onem and Mehmet struggling to stop her. One at a time, everyone gets their turn asking Seyma what her damage is to stall for time.

Seyma goads Onem about whether she’s going to say it…Mehmet finally says he’ll do it. He apologizes to Salih, but they didn’t have any bad intentions…. Seyma cuts him off and says Mehmet isn’t Ayaz’s father and everyone lied to them. (Huh…well, I guess that makes more sense than saying he IS Ayaz’s father.)

Salih is upset and doesn’t want to listen to Ayaz, but really his beef is with Mehmet and Onem who are grown people and should know better than to get dragged into these kinds of jr. high shenanigans. My words, not his. He’s happy to have more of what Seyma’s serving up, as she appears to be “the only honest person here.”

So Seyma says Onem and Mehmet had an affair a few years ago. Mete rolls his eyes. Ayaz asks Onem if it’s true. Salih keeps harping on how they’re all a bunch of liars. He insists on dragging his family out of there and won’t listen to anyone.

Before she walks out, Burcu sarcastically congratulates her brother for continuing to back Seyma. Now Mete finally gets Seyma to leave, since she’s done all the damage she can. Well, actually she could have stuck around and told Ayaz that Mehmet IS his father, but maybe she’s saving something for later. Ayaz turns on Mehmet–he thought he was just trying to be nice.

Ayaz walks out and Onem tells Mehmet this is why she told him to stay away. Now he’s ended up hurting his son–bravo!

Onem tries to catch up to Ayaz and explain. It’s not what happened, it’s the fact that it came back to bite him in the ass today. He gives her no credit for playing along with Mehmet and pretending to be a happy couple–all she had to do was revive her old memories. He doesn’t want her doing anything to try to fix this.

Starting over

Back at their place, Mete asks Seyma what she got out of that. He sounds bored. He tells her they need to be pretend-friends with Ayaz and Öykü again. He’s not planning anything, he just wants to go back to old times. Back when they were all happy. He and Seyma will have a serious and discreet relationship.

She’s startled, but she agrees. She can do that. She can try to make peace with Öykü again. She’s so happy! Mete hugs her, but he’s like, “Whatever.” He says he’s going upstairs now and pulls something out of his jacket pocket–a USB drive maybe?

Seyma pouts that he must be expecting her to hang up his jacket.

Upstairs, Mete sits on their bed, puts the USB drive into his laptop and says things will be like they were before. It’s time to go back to the beginning. Seyma stands out in the hallway, looking worried.


At Meral’s, Salih is still complaining about being surrounded by a bunch of lying liars. They’re taking Cem–they can’t let him stay with these two impostors!

Meral tells him to cut the crap. She’s Cem’s mother–and who are they? Ohhhh, the concerned grandparents? Where was their concern when their son ran off with another woman and left her alone with two kids?! They’re not taking her son. They can’t take her son! Not as long as she lives!

Salih threatens to sue her and Meral goes off to get their luggage. She tells them to get out. If they try to take her son, she’ll call the cops and accuse them of kidnapping. Go ahead, try it! Sakiz says she warned her son this woman was unstable–just look at her! (Oh, like your son is such a prize. Just because he finally came back doesn’t erase that!)

In the morning, Öykü’s still stressing about her grandparents. Meral’s over it. Ayaz comes over, wanting to talk to them and Öykü’s all “my mom threw them out last night.” Meral tells her to quit saying that. No more games and no more lies–she wants Öykü and Ayaz to set a date, get married, and who cares what anyone thinks.

“But, mom, what about my grandparents?” (LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER FOR ONCE!) Meral just rolls her eyes.

A lawyer explains to Salih that he can’t take his grandson away from Meral. Sakiz says they’ll have to get along with Meral if they want to see the grandkids. She seems mostly ok with this.

The setup

Burcu complains to Emre that if Öykü was a guy she would have gotten away with it. It’s not easy being a woman in Turkey! Emre complains that ignoring him doesn’t make it easier.

He really wants to play? OK, what is so difficult about being a guy? Emre asks if she’d even understand if he explained it. She tells him to go for it.

At Ilker’s, Sibel tells Ilker she understands how this works–let the woman suffer and guys like Ilker and Salih show up to lay down the law. He doesn’t know what suffering she’s talking about.

“Do you think it’s easy to be pregnant, give birth, and be a mother?!” He whines that it’s not like she’s doing it out in the woods or something. Childbirth in modern times is apparently “comfortable.” He whines that he does everything to resolve her complaints about her food cravings, aching feet, weight gain. Sure, it’s totes easy to be pregnant. (Sibel’s going to make him pay for that. I’m not even going to feel sorry for him.)

Ayaz and Öykü drive down to the docks for coffee. He tells Öykü women are always making things overly dramatic. Now that the grandparents are out of the picture, he’s arranged everything. “And it didn’t even occur to you to ask me?” (OK, now you’re fighting just for the sake of fighting. That never leads to anything good. Stop it!)

She mocks him for taking care of it all, what a hero! Ayaz is like Superman…Spiderman. “Are you making fun of me?” Well, what’s so hard about being him? He’s rich and hot.

Emre says Burcu just hangs out at the salon all day and picks out shoes and handbags and drinks frou-frou rich people coffee. She says he just drives his taxi around all day, drinks tea, watches fútbol, and makes snide remarks about his girlfriend. He challenges her to drive the taxi all day and then tell him it’s easy.

OK, if Öykü thinks it’s so easy to be him, then she’s got a meeting in half an hour and she can’t be late. Ayaz is always very punctual.

Fine, Burcu takes over the taxi for the day.

Sibel says she’ll be Ilker for the day and he can be her.

All six of our overgrown teenagers declare that it’s on!

(Let me guess–everyone’s going to trade places and learn a valuable lesson about how no matter how easy someone else’s life looks, everyone has their problems? *sigh* As long as we get back to Burcu’s original point–that women in Turkey don’t have it easy–I’m game. Also, I want Ilker to have to wear a pregnancy belly.)

That was unexpected

Seyma has Olcay over to her new place and complains that Mete’s plotting something and she doesn’t know what it is. She’s tried to find out, but whatever he’s looking at on his computer, it’s on a USB drive so she has to find that first.

Onem comes over. Olcay goes to hide upstairs while Seyma invites her in. He watches them from a balcony in the bedroom that overlooks the living room.

Onem is polite enough when Seyma asks how Ayaz is dealing. Oh, he won’t take her calls and he’s probably not going to talk to her for a long time. Seyma wonders what’s going to happen when he finds out the truth. Onem says he won’t. He’ll never know Mehmet is his father. Upstairs, Olcay makes a shocked face.

Onem sits right by Seyma and plays with Seyma’s hair as she says she’s a smart girl. How could she screw up like she did last night? She’d better not do that again. Seyma’s a little weirded out but she says it depends on the number on the check, you know.

Onem grabs a handful of hair and says Seyma doesn’t know what she’s capable of. If anything like last night ever happens again, she’ll kill Seyma, got it? She’d better stay away from Ayaz! Seyma cries that it hurts and calls for help, but Olcay hesitates. Onem pulls Seyma to her feet, only to slap her and then grab her by the face. Seyma had better not say a word to Ayaz about his father…and she’d better not mess with Mehmet either, or she’ll be sorry she was even born.

Onem stalks out and Olcay rushes downstairs. He fetches Seyma a glass of water and says he froze upstairs. He was shocked by what he saw. Seyma really has pressed Onem’s buttons, though…. Seyma says they’re NEVER to talk about this or she’ll cut his tongue out.


Monika enjoys some simit and tea with Mehmet. She says this is one area where Turkey has Italy beat in the baked goods department. He lets her enjoy the bread for a bit and then proposes they join forces. They can do great things together–the two of them, with Öykü. “Here?”

He thinks she’s objecting because it’s such a small studio, but that’s not it–it’s like simit. Small, with a unique flavor.

Mehmet has Yagmur assemble all the employees for something “important.” They assume the worst. Instead, he tells them they’ll have two bosses from now on–Monika’s his new partner. The first thing Monika wants is to take the pictures off the wall. Mehmet insists on taking care of Onem’s himself. And, yes, Monika wants hers taken down too.

Just another day at the office

Ayaz sits at home in front of his computer, eating popcorn and watching Öykü’s version of him take a meeting.

There’s a problem with their current job–there’s a 30cm deviation from the plans. “Ayaz” tells them to ignore it–chicks dig larger kitchens. “But it’s a deviation….” OK, then fix it. “On all 30 floors?”

OK…and Ayaz was also going to pick the paint color. Ayaz groans to himself that she’s going to choose pink and say they should name the building Las Casas Rosas. Sure enough she does. “I know my girl.”

And then the union reps show up. Ayaz freaks out and tries to tell Öykü to get rid of them, but she can’t seem to hear him through the screen. Funny how that works. He calls, tells her about the camera in the office…and she hangs up on him.

The union reps want a raise for their employees. Well, “Ayaz” can’t let work stop, so…how much do they want? 30%. Ayaz begs Öykü to negotiate. Instead she wonders if 30% is enough. Well, they don’t want to cause problems…. Öykü gives them 40%…no, wait, 50%.

The employees would really rather consult Ayaz…he calls on the office phone, and shouts through the phone for Öykü to answer! She happily tells him it’s easy to be him. All she has to do is say everything’s OK and it’s done! He says she’ll have to find the money for the raise. She is the boss, after all. Öykü hangs up on him again and pretends to end the call for the benefit of the union reps.

The meeting is over. Öykü explains to the camera that he can’t very well hassle her about how to get the money after he told her to be Ayaz. Ayaz has a good heart and would have done just what she did. Ayaz makes a face like “OK, maybe.”

The receptionist brings Öykü a cup of coffee and some plans there will be no time to re-draw. I suggest we all brace ourselves for the inevitable.

Öykü. Coffee. Plans. Splash. Panic. Spill. She tries turning the camera using a t-square, then flashes a hankie at the camera before attempting to use it to wipe up her spill. Or wipe it sideways, more like.

And into all this mess wanders Mete. Öykü doesn’t say anything about Ayaz watching on the camera. She says she’s Ayaz, but doesn’t elaborate. Mete says he was just coming by to talk to Ayaz, but since she’s here…

He sort of apologizes for being a jerk and letting his feelings run away with him. But he’s totally not feeling those feelings anymore. (What, since last night? Because otherwise, you want to explain what that was about?) Mete wants them to be friends again. He’s sure if she gives him a chance, everyone else will. He wants to have them all over to his house to apologize.

Outside the office, Mete pulls the mystery USB drive out of his glove compartment and says it will bring Öykü back to him. He calls to see if Onem is at the fashion house so he can go talk to her…no, not about Seyma.

Öykü begs the camera not to get all freaked out about Mete’s visit…but Ayaz isn’t at home anymore. She says they should give Mete another chance. Ayaz shows up for real and gets all freaked out about Mete’s visit. He doesn’t believe in Mete’s “repentance.” Since he’s here anyway, Öykü has him wait in the office before coming downstairs….

Fashion House

Onem’s lawyer is struggling. It’s not just that they’re losing business and having to pay back money they don’t have, it’s that Onem’s response is to tell him to just deal with it.

Olcay stresses over the secret he’s not sure he can keep to himself. He runs into Mete on his way out of the bathroom and randomly says he doesn’t know anything and he’s not telling!

Onem invites Mete into her office. He says he talked to Seyma and what happened the other night won’t happen again. *smirk* Onem’s sure it won’t. Mete says he has an offer to make–he wants to be partners.

Freaky Friday

Burcu takes a call from Emre pretending to be her. “Burcu” complains about the way “Emre” is answering the phone…and that “she” hasn’t gotten a text from “him” yet…and why is “he” so cranky? Burcu says some woman was being annoying. She’d rather not to talk to him right now and take it out on him.

Emre Burcu-whines that he saw a sweater he wanted, but they didn’t have it in his size. It was sooooo awful! He orders a latte and Burcu gets jealous. He tells her to go have some nice hot tea. “If I can find the place. Istanbul is huge! Did you know that?!” I can’t tell if she’s really whining or fake-whining.

Ilker is carrying a watermelon around as a fake baby. Emre shows up. He’s just waiting to hear from Burcu that she wrecked the taxi. Ilker decides it’s time for revenge…he has a craving for fish. And some veg to go with it. Sibel complains that fathers don’t get cravings, but fine.

Sibel has Burcu drive her to a fish market. Burcu complains that she’d better get the fish wrapped well or it’s gonna stink up her cab! And hurry up or she’ll get a fine! Sibel runs into Ilker’s frenemy from baby class. He calls Ilker just so we know he’s in on the “revenge” when he fights with Sibel over the fish she wants. The last one in its tray. Sibel comes out victorious…and the market guy’s like “So what? I have more.”

Burcu emerges from the taxi, ready to take a tire iron to Frenemy. I’m not sure if Emre would have done that. He might have gotten pissy at someone threatening a fare, but probably not the tire iron bit….

Burcu drives Emre to a shopping center. “Oh, right, because when Burcu is bored she loves to go to the beauty salon!” Burcu laughs bitterly…yep, they’re going to make him prettier than he already is and she bets he’s going to like it. She shoves him inside, where her stylist Neslihan sizes Emre up and tells another stylist to lock the door. Emre looks terrified. (Heh. But being Burcu is supposed to be soooo easy!)

He looks at the sign on the door, “Depilación,” and tries to make a run for it. Oh no! She drove that taxi all day to be him, now it’s his turn. “Don’t be a coward! Get in there!” She shoves him in as he screams that his hair is sacred!

Phase Two

Downstairs, “Alfred the chauffeur” is waiting for Ayaz. He Öykü-complains that “Ayaz” could have done better than this. And he can’t believe she only put three balloons on the car! A little kid comes up and pops one. Öykü chases after him, but Ayaz says he would have ruffled the little tyke’s hair. Öykü says she doesn’t complain this much!

He has to remind her to open his door for him. She opens the driver’s door–no way is she going to drive! It would be way too dangerous!

Ayaz continues being obnoxious and calling it “being Öykü.” He ignores her driving directions, because Öykü never does what he tells her to and usually does the opposite. OK, OK, he’ll turn around. The light isn’t red, but Öykü has him stop at an intersection for the next part of her “surprise.”

A woman in a red dress, carrying a bouquet of roses starts crossing the street. Guess who’s surprised? Red Dress hands the roses through the window to Ayaz and kisses him on the cheek. Öykü gets out to yell at her and Red Dress runs down the street, laughing.

Öykü gets back in the car and says next time a strange woman kisses him, she’s going to kill her! She was only supposed to give him the roses…and she shouldn’t have been so pretty! Ayaz thinks she’s going a little overboard. Nope, she’s just acting like Ayaz would. He doesn’t even realize most of the “crazy” stuff he does when he gets jealous.

He finally thanks her for the roses and kisses her and Öykü says they’d better get back to it. Of course she has more planned–she’s Ayaz!

Secret weapon

Mete’s phone rings in his jacket, but he’s in the shower. Seyma ignores the call from his dad when he doesn’t respond and puts the phone back. She finds a USB drive (or “the” USB drive) in the pocket and plugs it into the laptop.

There’s a very fake-looking video of Ayaz saying Öykü is just a stupid girl and he can get her to marry him in three months. Mete says he’ll hand over his lucky coin if Ayaz manages it. Ilker is behind the camera. It sounds like this was some kind of joke video they made? Ayaz keeps giving the camera knowing looks. And frankly, if Mete thinks this video makes Ayaz look bad? It doesn’t make him look much better.

It’ll work, of course. Even Seyma’s falling for it. She just doesn’t know what Mete’s going to do with it.

Casa Meral

Meral’s working on beading something. Cem wants dinner and he doesn’t consider “It’s on the stove, just reheat it,” an acceptable answer. He’s annoyed that Meral’s working on something for Öykü. Lately it’s all Öykü, Öykü, Öykü! Meral threatens to send him to his grandparents and let him rebel against them! When the doorbell rings, she rushes to hide the project before she lets Cem open the door.

It’s grandma. She claims grandpa ditched her because she defended Meral. She never wants to hear his name again!

Guess who shows up. He knows she’s hiding here! Yeah, “hiding” in plain sight on the couch. Oh, oh, she feels so awful! She has a headache! Her blood pressure went up! She’s going to die! Meral and Cem look at her like “Really?! Go for it!” Yeah, yeah, Meral will go get that glass of water with lemon from grandma’s blood pressure.

Ugh. Her again.

Mete has dinner with his dad. They’re surprised to see Burcu show up dressed like a taxi driver. She says it’s a long story. What did they need to tell her? And hurry up because she has to return the car. They’re waiting for someone. It’s Seyma. As soon as Burcu sees her, she starts ranting about this woman always being after them! She’s out of here!

Seyma asks Burcu to stay and listen to Mete and afterwards if Burcu doesn’t want to see her again, she’ll leave. (Sure, she leaves…and comes back…and leaves…and comes back….) Mete “announces” they’re back together again and it’s serious. There won’t ever be trouble again. He’s making up with Öykü and Ayaz. He wants their support.

Bulent starts off like he wants to tell them to take a hike, but…this situation is too embarrassing for him. Burcu tosses her prayer beads down in the middle of the table.

More Surprises

Öykü takes Ayaz out to a restaurant. (I thought the surprise was the mini-snowperson bride and groom on the sidewalk.) As Öykü, he begs her to tell him what the surprise is. He jokes that the real Ayaz would do something before they go in. You know…something that usually gets interrupted by a ringing phone? Öykü gets it and leans in…and the phone rings.

It’s Sibel calling to ask if Öykü has heard about this “apology party” that Mete and Seyma are throwing. Öykü says they’ll talk tomorrow and leads Ayaz into the restaurant. It’s empty. Öykü claims she didn’t shut the place down for him–they must just not have any other customers.

Öykü has hired an accordion player to back her up while she sings to Ayaz. The accordion player doesn’t have a lot of faith in her skills.

Back at the table, Ayaz mutters that she’s a romantic with no experience. She’s got a long way to go before she can be him. He notices an incoming call from Mete on her phone and tries to calm himself down. He resists answering, but he can’t resist looking at the message. Mete asks if she thought about what he offered today and says he’s waiting for her decision.

Öykü and the accordion player come back to the table, but instead of singing to him, she sees Ayaz holding her phone. Cue argument. A cat passes by on the windowsill outside, takes one look, and starts walking away. Smart cat. This is all Öykü’s fault because she doesn’t block Mete’s number and refuse to talk to him. Öykü takes her phone back and leaves.

The accordion player scolds Ayaz for ruining her proposal. He goes chasing after her.

Ayaz catches up to Öykü. She threatens to call Mete to drive her home. Same argument–she wants to forgive Mete and Seyma and Ayaz doesn’t trust them. Fine, she’s screwed up the surprises and she can’t be him, but she’s at least smart enough to know who’s lying and who isn’t. (It’s so not a matter of smarts….) She accuses Ayaz of not wanting to see how much she loves him.

Ayaz chases after her again and grabs her. He’s sorry. He can be a jerk sometimes, but he loves her. (Meh.) Öykü finally agrees he gets angry too much, but she loves him. (Meh again.)

Mete’s nefarious plans

Mete watches his video and says Ayaz is going down tonight. He won and Mete is going to pay up.

He’s supposed to be meeting Onem today. Seyma warns him to hurry up or he’ll be late. Mete puts the laptop down without removing the USB.

Mete and Onem sign the partnership agreement. (He provides the money, she provides the ‘tude?)

Once the lawyer leaves, they talk business. They already have a collection ready…right, Öykü’s collection. Look, Mete knows it’s hers. They have to set it aside. He suggests a collection for young people. Onem nods like she’s interested, but she’s looking at him like she wishes he’d quit trying to talk fashion.


Öykü is surprised to find Monika at Mehmet’s studio. She was actually coming by to quit. Monika says she can’t go around becoming a partner at every place Öykü works! She needs Öykü to stay and design the collection she has in mind…one for young people. Hm…Öykü looks interested in that.

Öykü asks her mom for advice. She couldn’t turn Monika down. Meral says she should have told Ayaz. Now Öykü is regretting that she told Ayaz she would quit in the first place. Can’t she just work in secret? Ayaz is bound to stop being angry at Mehmet sometime….

Meral: “Have you learned nothing?” Look at everything they went through with the grandparents! Öykü can’t keep lying! Once trust is gone, there’s no going back.

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