La Mujer del Vendaval Friday 1/06/17 #38

You get a plan, and you get a plan…everybody gets a plan!

Marcela succumbs to the Vulcan nerve pinch and the horses start whinnying. Huracán’s so gonna take Camilo down for this, first chance he gets.

In the office, Alessandro is imagining Marcela willingly snogging Camilo in the stables. Nisa interrupts his thoughts and he claims he was just thinking about accounting. Uh huh. Well, she was just wondering why she saw Camilo on his way to the stables. Didn’t Alessandro forbid him from being on the property?

Al grabs his jacket and stomps out of the house while Nisa gives an exaggerated evil giggle.

Alessandro can’t find Marcela at the stables.

Camilo drapes her still-unconscious body over the saddle of a horse and rides off quietly.

Marcela wakes up somewhere in the woods, still woozy, and Camilo brags that he kidnapped her and she’ll thank him for this later. Heh…with a slap she’ll thank him, when he tries to get affectionate!

Camilo whines that he’s trying to protect her. He insists Alessandro’s just trying to use her. He wants the land. Look at all the weird stuff that happened since he got here?! Right, stuff he wanted to go to the police about? Puh-leeze!

Camilo’s all “but, baby,” and Marcela shuts him down. Whatever used to be between her and Camilo, it’s GONE. Alessandro is her man now.

Camilo can’t believe Marcela slept with that guy! Was it the night they spent in her room? He raped her, didn’t he? Marcela’s like “No, dumbass! I slept with him ’cause I friggin’ felt like it!”

She tells him the whole story about Isla Garza Blanca, but he only hears what he wants to. She was going to kill herself over him? That means she loves him. Nope, Marcela knows now she never loved him. She had affection for him, because they’d known each other for so long. If he loves her, well, it’s one-sided. She knows now love is fire, love illuminates everything.

Camilo throws a tantrum like a toddler. It’s almost as if he believes his own made-up story about getting kidnapped. He cries and accuses her of trying to get “revenge” on him without finding out what “really” happened.

Marcela says this has NOTHING to do with him and nothing to do with the past! She loves Alessandro. She needs Alessandro to breathe, to feel, to be happy. Is that so difficult to understand?

While Alessandro is frantically searching for Marcela, Maria Laura is eagerly anticipating the fireworks. Nisa’s starting to worry. Maybe they should go to the stables and see what’s happening. Maria Laura snaps at her–that would be too obvious! They have to wait for the shouting…they’ll hear it soon enough….

Marcela’s sorry, but there’s no going back. If he loves her like he says he does, then he should let her be happy with the person she chose.

Yeah, Camilo’s not doing that. Alessandro’s a bad, bad man. “So you’re just going to keep me here in the middle of nowhere forever?” No, he’s going to take her somewhere far away, where Alessandro can’t find them. (Behold Camilo, master of self-delusion.)

Al runs into Rosa. She thinks maybe Marcela might have gone down to Mateo’s cabin to call him in to dinner.

Marcela’s starting to realize how dangerous Camilo is. She gets really calm and really logical. He doesn’t even have a place for himself to stay. How’s he going to feed her? He doesn’t have money. That horse will maybe make it to the next town over. And he’s going to have to drag her, because she’s not getting on the horse. So, see, it’s not a very good plan. Is he thinking of tying her up? Gagging her?

Oh, she’s not making fun. She knows he’d really do it. But it isn’t right to take a woman against her will. Why don’t they just go back and she won’t say a word to anyone. They’ll just pretend this never happened. (And tomorrow, I can tell Alessandro and Mateo everything and we can get you the hell away from my ranch….)

Marcela tries to run, but she doesn’t get very far before Camilo drags her back. He keeps saying he’s doing this for her own good. Yeah, screw “We won’t tell,” now she’s saying she’ll have him thrown in jail for kidnapping. “Stop screaming! You’re not letting me think!” Again, screw that! Marcela screams for help. Now Camilo threatens to kiss her if she doesn’t shut up. “Then I’d rather shut up. You make me sick.”

Casa Inés

Mauro has won over Inés’ son, Luisito. He had a milkshake and three scoops of ice cream and now they’re going to go play video games. Inés keeps acting like she’s gotta keep them apart, but that ship has sailed.

Luisito finally goes up to bed and leaves Mauro and Inés to talk. He likes kids, huh? Mauro thinks it’s in a fairly “normal” way, but no, Inés says it’s a gift. Adults can be fooled, but kids know when someone is their kind of person.

Mauro says he’d like to have a child of his own, but he just never has. Inés almost angrily says Octavia’s way past the age for that and since Mauro is stuck with her. Erm, never mind, forget she said anything.

Mauro tells Inés about his mother. He says she died of a sickness he calls “being afraid to be alone.” Since his brother got married and moved out to the country, Mauro had to drop out of school, and out of life basically, to take care of her. He did it for five years and then she was gone.

He’d missed so much school…and all his lawyer classmates were getting jobs at major law firms. But Mauro just sort of ended up at the Toscana. He met Octavia and, well, Inés knows how that went.

Now he gets all soppy about Octavia. How she’s not as bad as everyone, including Octavia, thinks she is. How she’s just so warm and fuzzy underneath it all and he feels the need to protect her. So…he’s recreating the dynamic he had with his mother? Inés seems to make that connection anyway–she says he’s not fully living his present because of something unresolved in his past.

She apologizes again for giving him her opinion without being asked. It just infuriates her that someone who spent all his time taking care of his mother has attached himself to a woman who doesn’t value him. Octavia doesn’t see him as a partner. She doesn’t see him as anything! A servant, maybe.

Mauro’s ready to get back home. But he had such a good time, he’d love to go out again…all three of them. He really loved spending time with Luisito! Like a dad hanging out with his son–and he imagines Luisito felt the same way.

He notices her face and thinks he must have said something wrong. She says it’s fine. And yeah, she’d like to get together again. They awkwardly hug goodbye.

Casa Cristian

Cristian has thought of everything…at least as far as Alba is concerned. He has pajamas for his guests, he’s going to open a line of credit at the hotel boutique for Alba and get her a paycheck advance. No word on what Amadeo is supposed to wear, but at least Cristian is starting to remember his name…occasionally…Memo was close, right?

Amadeo goes off to the bathroom and Cristian says he’s a little odd. Alba doesn’t think he’s the only one–there’s something in Cristian’s eyes. An absence. A sadness. What’s that about? Cristian says something vague about life presenting painful challenges. Alba thinks that sounds awfully poetic. He talks about waking up before the alarm and listening to classical music until it’s time to get up and be Lawyer Man.

Alba asks who his favorite composer is and of course, it’s Chopin. I swear, she’s looking at him like she wishes Amadeo weren’t in the apartment. If you know what I mean.

In the middle of the night, Cristian comes knocking on Alba’s door. He walks in and abruptly starts kissing her….

Apparently this is Amadeo’s nightmare, the dream Cristian is feeling guilty for having, and the dream that Alba is thoroughly enjoying! Mhm, you go right back to sleep, Alba!

Amadeo sneaks down to Alba’s room to make sure she’s alone. Uh, because THAT’s ok, but if Cristian snuck in that wouldn’t be? He parks himself in the hallway to make sure nothing happens.

Lencho pouts a lot

Lencho gets home, still somewhat drunk, and tells Timo all about the plans for Maria Laura’s calendar launch…that the Quiñonez Foundation is paying for.

The what?! Oh hell no, Timo’s not springing for a beach in the town square! Does Lencho have any idea what that would cost?! Nu-uh, they’ll put some trees in the multi-use room in the municipal building and maybe they can serve some beer to the peeps showing up to see Maria Laura “naked.” That’s all they’re doing and she oughtta be grateful for it!

Lencho goes back to the cantina to drink some more. Eulogio finds him there and Lencho spills the whole story to him. Eulogio suggests he find sponsors for the launch. That’s what Timo does to get free stuff. Eulogio can give him some names, but Lencho will have to go do the asking, and they’re all in the DF. Lencho’s down with that. He orders Eulogio a beer.


Valeria’s out at a bar with Ilse and a couple of random (rich?) guys when Emiliano calls her with the news that their mother died. Valeria, shocked, just hangs up on him. She doesn’t say a word about it, but she’s having a hard time pretending she’s ok. Good thing nobody seems to notice much, or care?

Valeria eventually decides to leave the bar after telling Ilse about the call. On her way out, she stops and cries about her mother. Ilse comes after her, but Valeria wants to be alone.

Luciano (and the specter of Valeria)

Luciano gets back to his suite after a long, tiring day of harassing his employees and looking for his ex. I mean…being in a meeting and discussing administrative matters with Octavia. He asks Silvana if she’s seen Alessandro and seems surprised that he went back to Marcela’s. He hopes Al has the guts to confront her.

Silvana admits she’s starting to think that not only does he not, but he’s going to come up with a way to protect her.

So, they’re giving up on the necklace, then? He’s just going to stay married to a thief? This isn’t what Luciano wanted for his son. Well, Silvana doesn’t know what to think, since she’s never met Marcela, and me in love do stupid things.

Not that she’s agreeing with Luciano that they should have locked him up! He’s not 8! She thinks they need to go meet Marcela and find out more about her. Luciano doesn’t have time. He’d rather just press charges already. Silvana scoffs–that’s just like him, act first and ask questions later. What would that gain them? “He’ll thank us later.”

She sighs–he and his son both have a tendency to lose their heads when they’re in love. “What does this have to do with me? When did I become the villain here?” Uh, since she doesn’t believe he was in a meeting and discussing administrative matters with Octavia. She knows his pattern–this is just like when he had his affair with Valeria. Is he seeing her again?

Luciano claims that not only is he not seeing her, he has no desire to see her again. Well, she was just remembering how much it hurt. Is it really over? Luciano lays on the charm–he doesn’t want to fight with her. They have so much to deal with already, with Alessandro. Exactly, and Silvana is just so afraid something like that will happen again.

Aw, no, Valeria was just a mistake he made, but he chose Silvana. He’s learned his lesson. Silvana’s the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with. She’s the only one he can be vulnerable with. She can relax. They share a mechanically awkward kiss that seems to reassure her. And he’s totally lying.

So much for the plan

In his cabin, Mateo finds a note, presumably from Camilo. He sends up an all-purpose “Dios Santo!”

Alessandro gets to Mateo’s cabin, looking for Marcela. Well, Mateo was just coming to look for Al. They need to find her! Camilo left a note saying he’s sorry, but he’s kidnapping Marcela tonight. Neither of them can believe he did this. They split up to go look.

Camilo has somehow managed to tie Marcela’s hands. She begs him to stop this! Alessandro’s going to come looking for her. Camilo is scarily convinced they can hide somewhere no one will find them. Marcela starts calling for help again, so now he gags her.

Maria Laura and Nisa can’t handle the wait. They start heading for the stables and find Sagrario waiting by the door, saying Marcela is missing. She and Rosa looked all over the house and Mateo and Alessandro are searching the grounds.

ML seems to think it’s just taking a while for the fight to end, but Nisa’s worried there was a shootout. Alessandro comes running in and announces that Camilo kidnapped Marcela and he and Mateo are going out in the truck to look for them. He tells Rosa to bring Marcela’s shotgun! If he finds that guy, he’s going to kill him! (If you find that guy, Marcela’s going to be fighting you for the shotgun!)

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stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
4 years ago

Ok I think the most important question here is, where did Camilo learn how to do the Vulcan nerve pinch? And whoah crazy eyes Camilo! On a completely nother topic, what I love about this show is how real the characters are; Valeria isn’t just a two dimensional man eater, she loves her mom even if she didn’t really like her, and Ilse isn’t just a fiancee stealing cougar, she’s a good friend. They’re maybe not good people but they’re real people (I know they’re just characters in a story, and not actually real people, but I can’t come up… Read more »