La Piloto Friday 3/17/17 #9


Zuli opens the door for Yolanda and doesn’t attempt to hide that there’s someone else in the apartment–she just says Yolanda doesn’t know the guy. Yolanda was stopping by because she heard there’s a big delivery to Miami today and she wondered if maybe she could handle it…?

Zuli says she sure can! They’ll talk about it on the way to work. She’ll just grab her stuff.

In the bedroom, she gives John a set of keys and tells him to lock up when he leaves. Yolanda? Oh, she didn’t tell Zuli what she wanted. As soon as she does, Zuli will let him know.

When she leaves, John angrily radios his security. Why didn’t they tell him Yolanda was on her way up? Uh, because they thought he invited her. (*snort*)

In the car, Zuli says all she knows is the shipment is “special.” And, um…if Yolanda gets busted, she should take full responsibility. Yolanda thinks that’s a weird thing to say–what could go wrong? But sure, ok, she promises.


Alberto’s alarm clock goes off. He wakes up alone. I see he wears the same underwear as John. I wonder briefly who makes those decisions. I didn’t mean the pun, but I laughed anyway.

John calls to tell him to be at the airport in 40 minutes. Today’s his test.

Arley’s on security detail for the “shipment,” currently in big barrels in the back of a truck. He gets a call that Bambán woke up.

Bambán is indeed awake, but he’s also bleeding and really agitated. One of the two guys with him tries to make out what he’s saying, but Bambán can’t seem to be able to get enough of a breath.

While the passengers’ bags get loaded into the cargo hold, one of the Lucios’ men sneaks a couple of backpacks out of one of the barrels and takes them to the back of the plane.

In the lounge in the airport, Alberto gets a call from Zulima with the flight number. There’s been a change of plans, so she won’t be there. The person handling the shipment will give him his instructions.

Yolanda boards the plane and finds Lizbeth and Amanda already there. Amanda’s prepping their first aid kit, not that she knows what stuff she’s pulling out of a little bottle with a syringe and putting in a bigger bottle–she’s just following instructions. Yoli goes to the front of the plane and sees the guy who took the bags back there putting something in plastic baggies into one of their little hidden compartments.

She calls Zulima to complain–Zuli never said it was drugs. Well, too bad, Yolanda asked for this run. She can’t leave Zuli in the lurch!

The passengers are starting to board. Alberto exits the plane to call Baker with the flight number and the plate number of the truck full of barrels.

Yolanda approaches Alberto, thinking he’ll be happy to find out she’s on this run with him. Instead, he looks alarmed. She thinks he’s just nervous about the delivery.

To show him there’s nothing to worry about, she pulls out the backpack he’s in charge of and shows him how to open the false bottom of an insulated container. She feigns innocence about the packets of “little crystals,” but Alberto knows it’s methamphetamine–a kind of hallucinogen.

Uh huh, well, they’ll just rent a car and the directions and a phone will be inside. Alberto tells her no matter what happens today, last night was really special. (Yeah, babe, even if you get killed or thrown in jail and you realize I’ve been lying to you all this time, I totally meant the sex….)

Yolanda says it was special for her too and she hasn’t felt so safe in years. Also, she’s sorry she snuck out early, she just wanted to go over to Zuli’s and ask for this delivery so Alberto wouldn’t have to do it alone.

Olivia finds Lizbeth leaving something in one of the removable seat backs. Lizbeth tells her to tell the copilot she’s leaving the stuff in the usual place–first class. Olivia’s feeling nervous.

And off goes the plane, under the watchful eye of the DEA. One of the other guys tells Baker they weren’t able to get enough agents on the plane to back up Dave. And they’re still trying to get hold of the judge in Miami.

Alberto tries to get Yolanda to let him make the delivery alone. It’s dangerous. She laughs. It’s not that dangerous. But she’s not going to let him do this alone–they’re a team.

John calls someone to report that on CAA flight 9865 from Tres Fuegos, flight attendant Alberto Diaz is carrying illegal drugs in a red backpack. He says it in English, with a very newscaster-y accent. Now he’s just waiting for US Homeland Security to take care of Alberto for them.

Zuli makes a mess

Zequi’s on his way out of his driveway when his wife stops him to hand him some paperwork. Skeevy uncle calls Zulima to say he just left. He asks Zulima what to do and laughs at her answer.

Mrs. Zequi is on her way out of her driveway when skeevy uncle stops her.

Zequi’s in his office shredding paperwork when he gets a call from his wife. All teary and scared, she tells him to do whatever they ask–they have the kids! Zulima takes the phone from her and tells him to come to her apartment alone and unarmed if he ever wants to see his family again.

Zulima has Zequi tied to a chair in her apartment, just starting to wake up from who knows what. She calls John and says she was totally going to get on that flight, but she just found out Zequi’s working for the feds. Zequi looks like he’s about to object, but she whips out a gun and points it at him. She caught him in a bathroom telling a DEA agent he was going to turn over John and Oscar. She doesn’t know how much longer she can keep him here. John really needs to come over! Zequi just keeps staring at her with a “WTF?” look on his face.

John tells his hench to prepare the decoy taxis and tell everybody to get out of the safehouses. Zulima just told him Zequi’s the mole–they need to get away from all the safehouses Zequi knows about before the feds show up.

Zequi asks why Zulima is doing this. The short version: greed. She never felt like Zequi gave her enough. So now he can either tell John that he’s working for the DEA and he was going to turn over John and Oscar or she can call the person holding his wife and kids–she shows him a live feed on her cell phone as proof–and tell him they don’t need them anymore. His choice.

Zequi calls her cheap. Zuli agrees–he treated her like she was cheap. That’s why this is happening.

Arley checks on Bambán, whose caretakers are apparently completely clueless. They’re not even bothering to clean him up and he hasn’t been in control of his bladder or bowels. Arley’s choking on the smell. Like it’s no big deal, the one guy says Bambán was peeing blood this morning. Why did they even bother getting him medical care in the first place?! Arley throws water in his face to wake Bambán up and asks him what happened in Monica’s hospital room. He complains that Bambán needs to talk right, he can’t understand him. (He can’t even fucking breathe!)

John calls and tells Arley to drop whatever he’s doing and get to Zulima’s apartment. And he’d better not take his eyes off Zequi, whatever he does.

Arley tells the other two lousy excuses for humans that if Bambán says anything coherent, he wants to be informed. And change his diaper. (Die. Die horribly.)

As soon as Arley clears Zulima’s apartment, he tells John to come on up. Zuli has John dismiss the others so she can tell her story without witnesses. According to her, Zequi told the feds he was tired of working for the DEA and wanted to turn John and Oscar over to the police and take his family to the Bahamas. And his family is already gone.

Zequi, staring at Zulima, says it’s true. John gives him a good smack and then turns him over to Arley for further questioning. Jon congratulates Zulima on her good work. And what about the shipment? He doesn’t seem bothered to hear that Yolanda’s taking care of it. He wants Zuli to come to the warehouse with them for the interrogation of Zequi. She excuses herself to make a quick phone call to skeevy uncle–if she hasn’t called him in an hour, he knows what to do.


The plane gets to Miami and Yolanda and Alberto make their way into the airport. The cops pull Alberto aside immediately and Yolanda walks away, trying to stay calm.

Newscaster!John calls his contact “Mac” to verify that Alberto Diaz was picked up and the flight attendant with him wasn’t. He brags to whoever’s driving him that they just took care of two birds with one stone.

Dave convinces the guy holding him at the airport to call Baker at the DEA so they can verify his identity and he can get the cuffs off. (Can they not find bilingual actors who are as convincing speaking English as they are Spanish? Hello, we’re not hiding!) On speaker, he tells Baker this was John’s doing–he was coming after Dave directly. They had his alias and everything. Baker’s going to have him released, but he’s gotta be careful to keep John from finding out.

Yolanda keeps walking through the airport, looking at the signs.

One of Dave’s fellow agents shows up in person, apologizing for the mix-up. Dave grabs his stuff, putting the methamphetamine back in the backpack, and starts to go. The other agent and the cop who was holding Dave have orders to follow him. Dave: *facepalm* OK, but they need to keep their distance.

John calls Oscar and tells him to head for the warehouse. Zequi’s their rat. Oscar needs to clean out the warehouse while John deals with the ranch. There’s no telling how much Zequi has told the feds. As for Miami, the shipment already made it through.

Dave…er, Alberto…meets up with Yolanda on her way out of the airport. He tells her they just held him for a while, but they didn’t search the thermos or ask him any questions–they just let him go. Other DEA guy follows them out from as far back as he can.

While Yolanda deals with the rental car paperwork, Alberto pulls their cell phone out of the package in the glove compartment and takes out…the battery? Yolanda gets back to the car and confesses she didn’t understand a word of English the rental guy was saying! But anyway, here’s their packet with the address and the cell phone.

Yoli and Alberto make it to the restaurant where they’re making the drop. He tries to get her to stay in the car, but seriously, does he not know her at all? Baker orders the guy who followed Dave from the airport to go in with his team like customers and keep an eye on Dave.

In Mexico

Monica stops by the command center to see how the op is going. She has no reaction to hearing Dave got held up at the airport, but she thought Zulima was the flight attendant on this run, not Yolanda. That seems to bother her.

Baker’s guys are catching up to the truck. Yes, THE truck that Dave saw outside the warehouse. Monica wants in on that op. She begs Baker to send her. She takes off her sling and Baker tells her to be careful. Not in a careless way, more of an “I’m going to regret this later” way.

Arley finds Zulima lurking around Zequi at the warehouse and kicks her out. He warns her not to say anything to Amanda. He wouldn’t want her thinking bad things about him….he says, before the beatings commence.

Monica and her crew have followed The Truck back to the warehouse, where one of the Lucios’ guys makes the decision to pull someone off roof detail to go help them unload. Bad move. Guy gets taken down quietly by Monica’s team. She tells one of her guys to get them backup and air support.

And then her phone rings. Monica, I’m going to have to dock you cool points for that. You know you’ve gotta put that thing on silent during ops! It’s Baker looking for an update. She tells him there are guys crawling all over the building and they need backup. Baker tells her they have eyes on Dave and “the stewardess” and it looks like they’re on their way to the dropoff point.

Clearing out the warehouse is a serious job of work! Oscar’s having someone load up an enormous stack of money when Arley comes looking for him. Bambán died, but he finally managed to tell them that it was “Alberto” in Monica’s hospital room. (Talk about loyalty. He should’ve just died without telling them anything, those jerks!)

Oscar calls John to drop that bombshell on him and John comes to the conclusion that Zequi must have known the entire time that Alberto was working with the feds. He tells Oscar to deal with Zequi and they’ll meet at the hangar as soon as John’s done clearing out the ranch.

John calls to tell his guy in Miami to deal with Alberto before he gets hauled off to jail. They apparently tell him Alberto’s already been released. Heh. John’s furious that he wasn’t informed. He tries calling Yolanda, but she doesn’t answer. And the truck’s all loaded, so it’s time to go.

And then, everything explodes

Yoli and Alberto walk into the restaurant and wait for some random guy to wave them over. Yoli brushes off the guy’s attempt to flirt (“If I’d known this meeting was going to be in heaven, I would have prayed an Our Father first.”) and asks if he has the money. He wants to see the drugs before he hands it over. Yolanda flashes him the two containers in her bag and then opens Alberto’s backpack.

She’s confused–she thought he didn’t get searched, but his container is open. Their contact asks what that means and Dave stands up, pulling out his gun and badge, and identifying himself as agent Mejia, DEA. Yolanda stares at him in horror. I’m just hoping this means I can quit having to call him Alberto half the time.

That’s just disturbing. Arley’s got a plastic bag over Zequi’s head and there’s no telling how many times now he’s taken it off and put it back on. Oscar threatens to blow his brains out and says he found out Alberto is Zequi’s partner.

At the restaurant, Yolanda decides NOW is the time to worry about “Why didn’t you tell me?” No, wait, she’s just trying to shove him so he’ll shoot up at the ceiling so she can grab one of the bags and try to escape.

At the warehouse, the police start moving in. I guess that really doesn’t make Zequi look any more innocent. Everybody shoots at everybody else.

Same thing at the restaurant, except that over there, Yolanda’s in the kitchen, trying not to get shot.

At the warehouse, the repeated shooting is wearing out Monica’s not-quite-healed shoulder.

Yolanda runs out the back door and the guy from inside the restaurant comes out the front with another one of his guys. He pulls Yoli along with them to a waiting SUV. Whether he’s trying to help or take her hostage isn’t clear yet.

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