La Piloto Monday 3/20/17 #10

More running and chasing and shooting

In Miami, Yolanda and the Colombian guys make their escape in an SUV with the DEA on their tails. Dave makes the executive decision that he wants them all alive and he doesn’t want anybody firing. I’m sure that’s purely a professional decision, right? Despite the sirens going, they end up losing them in traffic. At a light. Which is weird.

In Mexico, Zequi gets himself untied and helps himself to one of the many guns in the warehouse. He’s able to get away from Oscar, at least temporarily.

While the Colombian guys change their clothes and the license plate on the SUV, Yolanda calls John to tell him Dave was a big rat. She feels guilty for getting him involved. John’s just worried about getting her out of the US. He gives her instructions to meet with some guy named Piñeyros in the airport parking garage. He warns her not to get caught or there won’t be anything he can do for her.

The Colombian guys agree to give Yoli a ride to the airport (there’s a When Harry Met Sally joke in there somewhere) and one of them says they’ll drop the merchandise off with the senator on the way back. Yes, Yoli, they said “senator.”

Dave calls Baker to tell him Yoli and the Colombians got away, but he’s sure John’s going to try to get her out of the US. Baker says they got the warrant to raid the airline…and also there’s a big shootout going on at John’s warehouse. And Monica’s there.

Zuli sneaks out of the warehouse and makes it to her car, but Zequi gets to her and forces her to let him in. As they drive off, Monica gets a few shots off, but they get away.

Arley and Oscar sneak out on a motorcycle as Monica and her team get into the warehouse.

The escape

The Colombian guys drop Yoli off at the airport, where she’s immediately approached by Piñeyros, a baggage handler.

The rest of Team Sobrecargo are welcoming passengers onto the plane and worrying about where Yolanda and Alberto are. When they finally see Alberto…whoops, he’s DEA Dave and he’s brought a team with him to search the airplane. Dave goes into the cockpit and reviews the flight paperwork while Olivia, Amanda, and Lizbeth fret about their sweet, innocent-looking Alberto being DEA and what’s going to happen to them now.

When Dave comes out of the cockpit, it’s to ask where Yolanda is. Lizbeth snaps at him that they don’t know and everyone gets back to work…or away from Dave. Same difference.

Piñeyros loads a suitcase onto a big baggage cart and assures it it will be fine. It will have plenty of air and he won’t leave it until they get to the plane and oh shit, Yolanda’s in there!

Dave’s still stalking around the plane angrily as his friend says the plane is clear. Dave intends to stay on the flight. The rest of the flight crew mutter to each other that it can’t be legal. They decide he’s allowed to do whatever he wants as long as they’re on US soil, but not in Mexico. Subtext: “As soon as we’re in Mexican airspace, I’m spilling a drink on him and stepping on his foot, the creep!” Dave gets comfy in a first class seat…until he notices a certain wiggling suitcase waiting to be loaded.

Yolanda emerges from her cocoon in the cargo hold.

Dave goes up to the cockpit to use their floor hatch to get into the cargo hold. Yoli notices the light. The copilot complains, but Dave says the warrant gives him permission. Copilot shuts up, but as soon as Dave’s most of the way through, he shuts the door on him. The pilot’s freaking out–he’ll die in there! Meh, John Lucio will be happy. They start getting ready for takeoff.

Yolanda takes Dave’s dropped gun and swears on her aunt that she’ll shoot him! He’s still trying to use the “Hey, I’m a nice guy!” routine and saying he can help her. She makes him get away from the door.

Oscar calls John, but he’s only on the phone long enough to tell John the feds found the warehouse. John tries to radio the plane Yoli’s on.

Yolanda’s still working on keeping the gun aimed at Dave while she picks up the backpack full of money and starts banging on the ceiling. The plane takes off. Dave begs her to give the gun back–if it goes off by accident she’ll kill them all. She’d rather shoot him in the gut and let him bleed out, TYVM. They both realize the oxygen supply has been cut off and start banging harder on the door, the walls.

Up in the cockpit, the copilot’s laughing and wondering how much money John’s going to pay him for a DEA agent.

Yolanda’s freezing. So’s Dave, but he’s conserving energy. Yoli stumbles over to the luggage and finds an oxygen tank. Dave takes it away from her. He’ll trade the oxygen for the gun. No deal.

Until she passes out anyway. Then he sticks the mask on her face and starts sobbing and begging her to forgive him. Whatever, Dave. He tries shouting up at the ceiling some more.

John’s still trying to hail the plane when Oscar and Arley get to the hangar. They lost the warehouse, and Zequi too. Oscar has no idea where Zulima is. John keeps trying to reach the plane, explaining Yoli’s on it and he needs to know if she’s ok. Oscar doesn’t even complain, he just tells John everything’s going to be ok–they’re the Lucios. (Mr. 5ft: “Oscar’s just hoping all their problems die on that plane.”)

They actually can hear Dave upstairs. They’re impressed he’s not dead yet. The copilot figures going up another 2000 feet will kill him, but the pilot says they’re already 1000 feet higher than they should be. Eh, whatevs, the  copilot hits the thing that makes the plane climb, not even caring that the flight attendants are back there trying to serve drinks. I look forward to watching John deck this guy later.

Amanda and Olivia are a little…concerned about what’s going on in the cockpit. Dave or Alberto or whatever his name is has been up there for a while. Lizbeth’s in the back trying to get Piñeyros on the phone to ask about Yolanda. She gets off the phone and says Piñeyros said he got Yolanda on the plane, but then he hung up the phone, so she doesn’t know where. Amanda’s light bulb goes on–CARGO!

That’s right. Once again things go sideways and who has to fix it? Team Sobrecargo.

They go explain to the two dumbasses flying the plane that Dave’s not down there alone–Yoli’s with him and they need to get her out NOW! Oops. They mumble about re-starting the oxygen in the cargo hold and depressurizing.

Olivia goes down first and sees Yolanda. Lizbeth goes down to help Olivia while Amanda stops to scold the copilot–he’d better hope Yolanda’s fine or he’ll be the one in cargo on the next flight. The pilot wants to call for an ambulance, but Amanda says no one can know Yolanda’s on this flight.

The other three flight attendants help Yoli back to the hatch and grab the cash while the copilot ties Dave up.

From bad to worse

Zuli takes Zequi to the warehouse. His wife and kids are dead. She blames it on him–she told him she needed to make a call! Stuff it, Zuli.

CAA’s done for. They’re getting raided again and this time there are arrest warrants. Monica gives the order to go ahead and carry them out. The feds start grabbing files, computers, employees. The news report talks about a possible link to the “mythical” Cartel de las Sombras.

Zequi considered killing Zuli, but instead he’s making her drive him to the airport. She begs him to forgive her and keeps harping on that phone call she told him she needed to make!

Oscar brings John the bad news that CAA got raided. So far, the feds haven’t gone to the ranch or any of their other properties. Oscar wants to leave, take off for Belize or wherever, but John won’t go without Yolanda. And there goes Oscar’s patience!

Yolanda is up in first class with 2 out of the 3 available flight attendants trying to get her to wake up. A pregnant passenger comes all the way up from coach to ask for a glass of water. As Lizbeth goes to get it, the pilot tells them to prepare for landing. Yolanda wakes up, more or less, and starts talking about Alberto being a DEA agent and where is he and is he dead.

He’s alive and tied up in the cargo hold, but I guess the copilot’s pretty good at knots.

Skeevy uncle goes back to get the bodies of Zequi’s family and…I can’t even ask the question. Mr. 5ft helpfully answers, “He is a butcher.”

Zequi has Zuli drive him into the parking lot and starts walking her toward the runway.

Monica gets a call from the security guard at the parking lot that he just saw Zequi. She’s on her way to the runway with her team.

Zequi keeps walking Zuli, at gunpoint, right past all the passengers leaving the plane.

The pilot says he’s done with this shitty airline and he quits.

Yolanda hands the backpack off to Amanda so Alberto won’t have any proof against her. She’s still sitting up in first class when Zequi gets on with Zulima and forces the rest of the flight attendants off the plane. The pregnant woman and some other random passenger are still on board…plus Alberto down in cargo and the copilot.

The copilot starts to realize something’s wrong when he hears Zequi telling the pregnant woman to sit down. He pokes his head out and Zequi orders him to take off, despite the approaching sirens.

The tower tries to tell the plane to stop, but the copilot’s hell-bent on making the worst decisions he possibly can today.

Monika has to tell Baker that Zequi just hijacked the plane Dave’s on.

This pregnant woman is so fixin’ to give birth. Yolanda goes back to check on her, assuring Zequi it’s not like she can go anywhere. She encourages the woman to breathe. Looks like there are even more passengers still farther back in the plane. Suddenly that whole “bolting for the doors as soon as we land” thing doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. (No, I’m kidding. Don’t be that person who jumps up and takes out five other passengers as you swing your luggage out of the overhead compartment. Nobody likes that person.)

Preparations continue for Team Lucio to leave their super seekrit hangar. Arley’s loading money in the back of John’s plane when Amanda calls him to tell him Zequi hijacked the plane.

When Arley tells John, his response is “WTF are you talking about?” which strikes me as particularly hilarious. I mean, how else can you respond to that? A few more quickly muttered details and John’s leaving to do who knows what. It’s not like he can just reach up and grab the plane, so what’s the plan here?

Arley tells Oscar what’s going on. “Great. That’s the last thing we needed.”

Dave finally freed himself from the cargo hold and comes up to swipe the copilot’s gun and threaten him with it. And then Zequi comes up behind Dave and does the same. Copilot gets his gun back. Zequi walks Dave into first class.

Dave tries doing that “Hey, let’s be reasonable” thing, but Zequi’s past listening. Yolanda tells him the pregnant woman isn’t doing so well.

Zequi tells her not to worry. Nobody on this plane is going to live.

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