La Mujer del Vendaval Saturday 1/07/17 #39

Alessandro calls for the shotgun. Nobody’s happy about that
ML & Nisa try to convince him that A. Shooting Camilo is a bad idea, and B Marcela may not want to be rescued. Rosa brings the gun and gets chewed out by Sagrario for it. Ale grabs the gun and heads out.

ML is mad that Camilo made his own plans w/o her input.

Meanwhile out in the toolies, Camilo has found a nice cave to keep Marcela in (insert caveman joke here) Marcela isn’t impressed though and tries again to convince him to let her go.
When he goes for firewood, she escapes and hides behind a rock berm as flashlights sweep around looking for her. When he comes back w/an armful of wood, she’s gone and he heads out to look for her but doesn’t find her. (Marcela doesn’t know Ale and Mateo are also looking for her and it looked like to me that some of the flashlights she was hiding from for her were Mateo’s and Ale’s but that doesn’t make sense, especially since Ale was shouting her name.) When all is quiet and dark, Marcela works the ropes off he wrists and comes out of her hiding place, to come face to face w/a rattler. Marcela’s tough though, she just stares the rattler down till it decides to climb a tree rather than tangle w/her. She thanks God and sets off home. Her night vision is shot though and she gets lost so she asks her dad for help and he sends a guiding wind gust.

ML is starting to think this kidnapping thing might not work out so badly for them, but Nisa just daydreams about her and Camilo running away together.


Roman tells Emiliano he’s made the funeral arrangements but Emil still has to pick out the coffin. Where’s Camilo? Roman has no idea but thinks its pretty typical Camilo’s never around when you need him.

Later, while he’s choosing a coffin, Val calls to chew Emil out for letting her mom die and not telling her it was so serious. Emil yells right back that their mom died b/c her two kids abandoned her and never came to visit. She can come to the funeral or not or feel bad about it or not, he doesn’t care, he’s got a coffin to choose and stuff to do and guilt of his own, thanks. He hangs up and goes over to where Eulogio is waiting in the background.


Lencho packs for his trip to the city to find sponsors for ML’s event. Makes his papa so proud.


Camilo wanders the woods searching for Marcela and right next to his head the front end of a shotgun appears – ‘Where is Marcela, you creep?’

Just as Marcela is about to drop from exhaustion, Mateo drives by in his truck and she flags him down. When she learns Ale is frantically searching the ranch for her she wants to get back to the house and calls his cell to let him know she’s ok. The last thing we need is him running into Cam.

Camilo tries to convince Ale that Marcela went with him willingly, but Ale isna having it. He marches Cam back to the ranch house at gunpoint.


Val is going back to San BP for the funeral, Ilse offers to go back with her so she won’t be alone.


Mauro remembers Inez’s words about how he’s wasting his life

Inez meanwhile fields all the hard questions from her kid. He likes Mauro, is he one of the ones who comes back or not? Is he gonna be your boyfriend? Do you like him? I can tell you like him. Ye-ah… kid its bedtime.


Silvana makes Luc promise he’ll go to El V w/her, she doesn’t want to go alone but she’s really getting to want to meet Marcela. Sil tells Luc the story of how and why their son married her, and she him, which he hasn’t heard before b/c he’s been treating his son like a criminal. Trip to El V this weekend and no backing out, Luc.


Roman cleans up the house for Emil and they discuss the funeral and wake arrangements. Roman says he’s helping out as a way to try to pay for his sins.

Later when he’s alone, Emiliano grieves or guilt trips or both.


Marcela and Mateo get back to the house and Marcela learns Ale is out there looking for Cam w/her shotgun. Rosa gets yelled at by another person for giving Ale the gun; she’s all hey that’s what I do, people order me around and I go get stuff. Go get the phone Rosa. Sagrario is relieved to see Marcela safe but Nisa and ML are only asking after Camilo and Ale, respectively. Rosa brings the phone but no juice. Just then Ale marches Camilo into the house at gunpoint, ordering him to repeat his story. Cam asks Marcela what’re you doin here, we agreed to meet in the city. (wow, just wow Camilo. No really, how does he think this is going to work?) Marcela is all what the hell are you  talking about. Ayyy Much yelling in the next scene. Basically Camilo and his story, backed up by Nisa and ML, and Marcela and her, well is saying nothing happened a story? Ale keeps the gun pointed at Camilo  and Sagrario clutches the beads around her neck. Finally Ale’s had enough, he puts the gun down and beats the snot out of Camilo. Rosa and Sagrario cheer him on. Seriously I heard Sagrario yell to Ale, that’s it, hit him hard. (I love Sagrario)

Marcela is not amused. She takes her shotgun back and lets the ceiling have it, again. That’s it the fight is over, and she orders everyone out except Ale and Cam, she’ll resolve this her way. Upshot- they are not turning Camilo in to the cops for kidnapping because she understands he’s just an idiot and she doesn’t want him going to prison, though if he makes any more trouble she will have him arrested. No she does not belong to Ale, but even if Camilo took her away to the end of the world, she’d still love Alessandro. Cam’s response – pout pout ‘its not fa-air, just cause I got kidnapped’ nearly sends Ale over the edge, he knows its a damn lie, but Marcela is determined they will move on, and bygones are bygones and its all over now, can we all just move past this? Camilo has to understand that she’s in love w/Alessandro and they are going to get church married. She calls Mateo in ant tells him Camilo is off the ranch for good. Mateo is only too happy to agree and shove Cam out the door and escort him off the property.


Silvana asks Luciano if he’d like to take a walk w/her, but Luc would rather read the financial newspaper than spend time w/his wife.


Nisa and ML in Maria Laura’s room – Nisa doesn’t know which guy she should be rooting for. ML tops up the Marcela is evil brainwashing for her just in case it was running low. They just have to stop the wedding, ect. ect. Nisa has another way. What, what is it? ‘oh I don’t know, maybe we could somehow let Ale know she’s not as good a person as he thinks she is.’ (*eyeroll* Nisa if anyone would fall in with your evil plan to frame Marcela it would be ML, what are you waiting for)


Alessandro needs a drink and to know how she was kidnapped. Marcela tells him about the Vulcan nerve pinch and the snake but Camilo would never hurt her no matter how crazy his eyes get. Ale says he just wants to never see Cam again and Marcela responds ‘as you wish, husband dear’ and she’s actually serious. Ale looks around to see if its opposite day or if the ceiling is about to cave in but Marcela says its just because she’s in love. They’re kissin when Nisa comes in and Marcela goes to get a bath and apologizes to Nisa for the big ruckus earlier. After she’s gone Nisa tries to convince Ale that Marcela started the whole thing with Cam. Ale doesn’t believe her though and tells her Camilo is off the ranch for good. Nisa sad whines to herself as Ale follows his wife out.


Camilo is at Mateo’s packing and Mateo is ‘I told you so’-ing Cam claims it was all for Marcela’s own good, also his horse is still out there somewhere, so he can’t leave yit and also he doesn’t have anywhere to go, boo hoo. Mat will find the horse tomorrow, and Camilo should have thought of that before, cmon Camilo just go.


In their bedroom Ale and Marcela joke about how the kidnapping would have put off their upcoming wedding. Ale doesn’t want to be stood up. Marcela isn’t about to be stood up again either, he’s gonna be in front of the altar even if she has to drag him there in chains. Or at gunpoint chuckles Ale, since that’s her thing. And we end this episode with sweet bedtime kisses.

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4 years ago

Gracias, stealth! I enjoyed your recap and wow, this show keeps on bringing it 🙂 What a gem! I agree with you about the flashlights when Marcela was making her escape. It did seem like some of those should have been Mateo’s or Alessandro’s, but maybe the ranch just looks all alike in the dark. Hell, even Marcela couldn’t see where she was. I don’t care if it’s cheesy, I loved the “guiding wind gust” from daddy…sending her right to daddy Mateo *sniff* “Hey that’s what I do, people order me around and I go get stuff” So true! Leave… Read more »