La Piloto Thursday 3/23/17 #13

Tense evening

John finds Yoli and Oscar pointing their guns at each other, which ought to be a pretty good predictor of how family dinners are going to go. He gets between them, gets the gun out of Yoli’s hand, and she sobs that Oscar put a bomb outside the police station and killed her friends.

John is not surprised and Yoli notices. She calls him just as bad, if not worse, than Oscar, and goes back to her room, crying. John turns to Oscar and tells him he’d better learn to respect Yoli. Pfft–Oscar thinks he needs to respect the family.

John goes chasing after Yoli and finally gets her to listen to him–her friends aren’t dead. He sent Arley out there and Arley said they’re all fine. Yolanda sobs in relief now. John says if she’s going to be his mujer and his pilot she’s going to have to learn to get along with Oscar. “Don’t make me choose between you and my brother.” Oh, no choice is necessary. He’d just better tell Oscar not to mess with her people and not to mess with her. John assures her he won’t.

Dave takes a shower. He thinks about Baker. He thinks about sex with Yoli. He thinks about Yoli not choosing him. He cries.

Yolanda has sex with John in her hotel room while the music tries to make it sound all epically romantic or whatever. I’m not really feeling that vibe.

John spends the night. Yolanda wakes up screaming after a nightmare of skeevy uncle lying on an autopsy table, laughing at her. She grabs her gun and John has to take it out of her hands for the second time tonight. (That doesn’t seem like a good sign.) He comforts her.

In the hospital parking garage, they’ve found skeevy uncle’s body and it looks like there are two sets of prints on the knife they’re assuming killed him. (I’m glad he’s dead, but I’m annoyed he can’t rat out Zuli.)

Sad morning

Dave and Monica walk up to the police station, arms around each other, sharing their guilt over Baker’s death. Another officer comes up to hand Dave a cell phone. It’s some guy back in the US named Montgomery. He heard what happened and he’s sorry. Baker was a friend of his.

But they’re not giving up. Dave’s being promoted to Special Agent and he’s in charge of the case now. Another agent, Dean Simpson, will be arriving shortly to help.


Yolanda gets ready to go into town and check on her friends…and her aunt. She tells John she had an “accident” and she’s in a coma. She didn’t mention it because these are her problems, not John’s.

Well, now her problems are his, right? (Oh, that’s going to come back later.) He gives her a cell phone and insists she take some cash, for the hospital bill. Yolanda fusses about it coming out of her next paycheck and wanting to get back to flying lessons. John gives her the tl;dr version for now–they have to relocate to Villa Antigua. They’ll talk details later.

He puts her into one of the decoy taxis and Oscar turns the pitch of his voice up to a whine and calls the cops. Are they still looking for that flight attendant? The one who’s with that narco…?


The Lucios’ lawyer walks out of the police station with Lizbeth, Amanda, and Zulima. (Where’s Olivia?!) He hands Zulima a cell phone. For now, they’re to stay together. Later, Don John will give them instructions. He tells them to go enjoy their freedom. Smile! They all sort of grimace in his general direction and mentally flip him the bird. (What? That’s what I do when some random dude tells me to smile.)

Dave and Monica try to parse the release of the flight attendants. Are the Lucios trying to buy their silence? Do they have some other interest in them? Dave thinks it’s Yolanda who wants them safe, and they need to keep a close eye on them. Oh, Monica’s got that taken care of already. (Of course she does, and yet Dave gets the promotion. Funny how that works.)

Monica gets a call that an “anonymous” tip came in about Yolanda heading for the DF in a taxi. Annnnd, they’re off.

Vaquero drops Yoli off at the apartment building.

Some young cop watches the flight attendants pile into the back of a waiting car and starts following them.


John loads some fat stacks of cash into a bag and tells Arley it’s for the families of the guys they lost yesterday. Arley’s, like, proud to be working for an organization that takes care of its people like this. I mean, he doesn’t say it that way, but yeah.

Oscar comes up to John’s room in what should be a suspiciously good mood. Oscar’s got them all set up in Villa Antigua. Their new front is an old company of bienes de turismo (a travel agency? a tour company?). He found them a house with a runway in the back. John tells him to start moving the planes.

Arley’s giving Oscar a death glare behind his back, which Oscar doesn’t notice until he turns around. Arley’s pissed off at Oscar for nearly killing Amanda. Oscar spouts some BS about women being worth nothing in this business and I’m like “get him, Arley!” but John breaks it up and reminds him they’re all family, so they need to learn to get along and quit fighting over viejas, ’cause they’ve got plenty of them. (Screw it, get ’em both, Arley.)

Arley accepts Oscar’s handshake and cheek kiss and Oscar goes back to “Yeah, man, chicks are worthless.”

John takes a call. Arley still looks pissed off. John says The Senator’s people are waiting for them tonight in the DF. Arley finally cracks a smile as they all celebrate that, but he’s still giving Oscar a look.

Tía Rosalba is still in a coma. Like the doctor said, they don’t have any way of knowing when she’ll come out of it. Yoli tries to ask about taking her home, but she’s not stable enough…and only a family member can do that. If she doesn’t have any family, they need to contact the police. Yolanda backtracks. She has a niece. Yoli says she’ll try to find her number.

She calls John and says she’s going to have to ask him for another favor….

Before she leaves, Yoli tries to beg her tía to wake up.


In the elevator, Yolanda hears a cop talking to a hospital administrator about how they found the body of skeevy uncle and they’re waiting for an autopsy to determine the time of death. The hospital administrator hands over the garage security videos from last night and tells him to call if he needs anything else. Yolanda brushes past a woman in scrubs and follows them out of the elevator.

In an office, Agent Gimenez looks at all the evidence in plastic bags set out on his desk. He pulls out a cell phone, powers it up, and starts trying the last few numbers in memory. The first one’s a bust, but Estela picks up the second one, whining about skeevy uncle hanging up on her, and just when she was going to ask him about the money!

Agent Gimenez asks if she knew skeevy uncle. He’s sorry to inform her…he was killed. They need someone to come take charge of the body. Estela cries. I have no patience with her.

Yolanda follows the cop out to his car and tells him someone’s in the ER threatening to shoot the place up because they won’t take care of his mom. Once she’s got him headed in the right direction, she reaches into his open car window and swipes the DVD with the security footage on it.

Yoli walks out of the hospital, slips on her shades, and heads down the sidewalk. Dave and Monica arrive, following up on that tip about Yolanda coming to town in a taxi, but Dave apparently doesn’t recognize her from the back, out of uniform, without her hair up.

Vaquero was trying to come back for Yolanda, but he got stopped near the hospital. Dave and Monica ask him about his last fare. Gosh, he remembers she was short…dark…really pretty. No, he didn’t drop her off here, he dropped her off back at the corner of blah blah blah. Monica says that’s far. Naw! It’s, like, ten minutes. No, he didn’t see where she was headed. He’s a professional–he just dropped her off and moved on. Is he sure? Well, why lie! Sorry, he has no idea where she went.

All his paperwork is in order. Dave and Monica let him go. Vaquero calls Yoli and says he’s alone now. He picks her up around the corner.

Catching up

Zequi’s not dead! He’s got his leg bound up after that snake bite and he gets off a bus 12km from Tres Fuegos and starts limping on in.

John calls Zuli. She thanks him for paying their bail (BUT WHERE IS OLIVIA! This is seriously starting to bug me!) and says they’re all bunking at Amanda’s to save money.

He’s got a lot of questions for her. Like…where’s Zequi? Zuli sticks to her story–the helicopter arrived and he must have gotten away, but he’s definitely dead because who could survive out there? John’s inclined to agree, especially because the feds haven’t descended on Las Aguilas (the ranch).

Zulima asks if it’s true John rescued Yoli…and did he tell her about them? John says there is no “them” and she’d better not go blabbing to Yolanda. Zuli pretends to be ok with that, but she’s crying.

Yolanda, Yolanda, Yolanda

Monica’s looking through the piles of evidence on the Lucio case, having guys move boxes of it around, when Dave walks in. Is there anything in there on the flight attendants? He wants to check Yolanda’s address. Monica knows exactly where it is…but she wouldn’t have gone back there. Right, right, but Dave’s sure someone there must know something. Monica gives him a loooook as he walks out. (It’s ok, Mon, I appreciate you.)

Dave gets to the apartment building and flashes his badge at Doña Dolores and she spills everything–from skeevy uncle’s arrival, the money he stole, the fight with Tía Rosalba, to Yoli rushing over to the hospital last night to check on her. He remembers Yoli telling him about her “so-called godfather” raping her. He asks to see her room and Doña D takes him up.

She promises she hasn’t touched anything. Not that there seems to be much for him to see. Yoli’s uniform jacket’s sitting on the bed, her flight school brochures on the nightstand.

Yolanda gets back to the hotel and finds what I’m sure is a bunch of designer dresses, shoes, and a handbag on the bed with a note from John. He hopes she enjoys them–he’s off to the DF for the night, but he’ll see her tomorrow.

(I sneer in the direction of his offerings. I know we’ve seen her in dresses before, but when she had the opportunity to get things for herself, she ended up with this jeans-boots-jacket outfit she’s wearing. Maybe that’s more her style or maybe since she’s been living this narco-adjacent lifestyle she’s more inclined to choose outfits it’s easier to run away in. Or maybe I just don’t like John.)

Yoli pulls the security footage out of her bag.

Dave checks with reception at the hospital and finds out Rosalba Cadena is in the ICU. And there was a young woman who came to visit…Beatriz Silva. The receptionist describes her as “pretty” though she’s not entirely sure that was the same woman who came today–she looked different somehow. Dave asks to see Rosalba.

Yolanda watches the security video and sees herself sneaking into see her aunt…going into the parking garage with skeevy uncle following her. But then they’re behind the van. The next time Yolanda’s visible on the screen she’s running out of the parking garage. She keeps going over it again and again. There’s a shot where her face is pretty clearly visible, walking down a hospital corridor. In frustration, she pops the DVD out of the player and back into her bag.

She pulls out the gun, checking out the window and locking her door. Her phone rings. Carlina, the same nurse who was at the hospital when Monica almost got killed, calls to say she just got there and she’s passing as Tía Rosalba’s private nurse, like John asked. She’s stable, but someone’s asking a lot of questions. Some guy…tall, hot, black hair. Dave may not have recognized Yoli walking out of the hospital, but she sure recognized him. She knows that’s who it is.

Yoli asks for a favor–stick close to Tía Rosalba and let her know if anything happens.


Monica gets to the hospital and looks curiously at the crime scene tape in the garage before coming inside to ask Dave what’s going on. Dave didn’t even notice anything in the garage. (I’m not saying that promotion was sexist or anything, I’m just saying….) He asks her to find out what happened. From a room down the hall Carlina listens in.

While they’re waiting for someone to call Monica back, Dave explains that the woman in the ICU room is Yolanda’s aunt. Someone named “Beatriz” came to visit her, but he’s sure that was Yolanda. Monica gets a text with the info about last night’s murder in the garage. Dave recognizes the dead guy has the same name as Yoli’s skeevy uncle. They decide to head down to the morgue.

Zequi goes to skeevy uncle’s warehouse, asking the owner where the bodies are. Instead of wondering what bodies Zequi is talking about, the owner says this is just the way the guy who rented it left it! No blood, no bodies, just a bare light bulb, a couch. He has the guy’s name, but no other info. He knows the guy had a big black van. Zequi rips the page with skeevy uncle’s contact info out of the landlord’s little book and goes off to see what he can find.

Down in the morgue, skeevy uncle’s lying on the autopsy table, just like Yoli’s nightmare (minus the laughing). Agent Gimenez brings the evidence box down. He says there’s only one fingerprint that doesn’t belong to the dead guy, but it’s not in their database either. The ME doesn’t have an exact time of death, but it was last night.

Zulima calls skeevy uncle and his phone starts ringing in the evidence box. Monica answers it and Zuli recognizes her voice and doesn’t answer. She hangs up before Lizbeth comes in and says her name. They’re packing.

The meeting

John, et al, meet The Senator’s entourage in a parking garage in the DF, only to be driven to another location.


Vaquero comes knocking on Yoli’s door. Unlike John, he didn’t go on a random shopping spree for stuff Yoli may or may not even find useful. Oh, no, she gave him a list and sent him out for all the paper products, writing implements, tape, and scissors she’s going to need to bust her aunt out of the hospital.

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