La Piloto Tuesday 3/21/17 #11

Worse to worst

John gets on the radio. That’s reasonable–except that the feds are probably on the way. Oscar argues that John shouldn’t care about Yolanda since she was probably in on this, but John can’t understand Zequi’s behavior. If he was working with the feds why go to the airport and hijack one of their planes?

He finally gets through to the plane, just after the copilot (or, I guess, the de facto pilot) tells Zequi they don’t have the fuel to make it anywhere. John threatens Zequi if anything happens to Yolanda, or “his” plane, but Zequi doesn’t care. He says he’ll make sure John and his brother go down and tells him not to worry about Yolanda–he’ll bring John a nice souvenir.

Zequi orders the pilot to keep them low and avoid radar. The guy tries to tell him they don’t even have enough fuel to reach Costa Rica, but Zequi insists he head for Panama.

Yolanda tries to talk to Zuli, but she pretends to have no idea why Zequi’s behaving like this. She asks about Alberto and Yoli says that’s not even his name and he’s a DEA agent.

The police and the DEA arrest Olivia, Lizbeth, and Amanda.

Monica’s up in the tower, where they’ve completely lost track of the plane. An agent tells her they just arrested three flight attendants who had a backpack full of money. Oops. Monica wants them held until she says otherwise.

Dave’s searching the overhead bins. The pregnant woman is stressing out. Zequi’s waving his gun around and screaming at everyone–mostly Dave. And she and Yoli are both trying to talk some sense into him.

The passenger who was with the pregnant woman fights Zequi for the gun and a whole lot of things start happening at once. Zequi fires several times. One shot hits the pilot in the chest. Zequi gets the passenger off him and back into a seat. Dave tries the “I can help you” routine, but it’s no more effective on Zequi than it was on Yolanda.

And then the engines stop.

Yoli leaps into action, running for the cockpit and telling everyone to get their seatbelts on. The oxygen masks come down, Yoli shouts for help on the radio, alarms go off, the plane shakes. And then there’s a loud crash.


Tía Rosalba sees the report on the news–Zequi Yilmaz hijacked a plane and nobody knows where it went–and tries calling Yolanda. There’s no answer. She gets on a bus headed for Tres Fuegos.

John sees it and tells Arley to get a helicopter ready–they’re going out to find Yolanda. Arley seems pleased with this idea. Oscar…well, you know how Oscar feels about it.

The police and the DEA are planning their search. Monica wants to get going, but some guy with a lot of wings pinned to his uniform says it would be a waste of fuel on a cloudy night like this. They’ll start in the morning.

Skeevy uncle loads shovels into the back of a van. He takes a call from Estela, calling her “amorcito” (*shudder*). She saw the news and she’s already plotting to try and get some money out of the airline if anything happened to Yoli. She’s also annoyed that after she went and got Rosalba to tell her where to find Yolanda, skeevy uncle isn’t sharing any of the money he found with her. Skeevy uncle pretends he can’t hear her and ends the call. (Die.)

Monica pulls the flight attendants in one by one and tries to get them to tell her anything at all about that backpack or CAA or Zequi. They all deny knowing anything. They were ordered to bring the backpack. They didn’t know what was in it.

Monica leans hard on Lizbeth–with the backpack, she has everything she needs to accuse them of trafficking. Is she really going to rot in jail while her bosses go free? If Lizbeth tells her everything, she can talk to the prosecutor and get her a reduced sentence.


Yolanda wakes up in Dave’s arms and she’s furious. He’s trying to carry her up somewhere higher, where the rescuers will have an easier time finding them. He has no idea where anyone else is. While they’re arguing, they hear someone calling for help.

It’s the pregnant passenger from the plane. Her water broke.

Zequi wanders alone and starts hearing voices. Zuli is directing a few other passengers to make a “HELP” sign out of rocks and branches. He mutters about her surviving when she was the only one who needed to die and prepares to deal with her himself. That same passenger who tried to take Zequi down on the plane now tries to keep him from attacking Zuli.

The Lucios’ people got a helicopter ready that looks like a legit rescue helicopter. John is sure the cartel is going to send people down, so he asks Oscar to deal with them.

Arley’s all set to go with John, but what about Amanda and the other flight attendants? Oscar scoffs that they’re just going to have to handle things on their own. John says they’ll deal with the crash first, then see what they can do.

But there’s one other thing. Arley’s contacts in the police told him they’ve already found the plane in Costa Rica, smashed to bits, and it doesn’t look like there are any survivors. John doesn’t care–he wants to see for himself.

Monica’s heading out too. She’s sure Dave survived and she’s going to bring him back. Baker’s not as optimistic.

He takes charge of Lizbeth and Olivia, seemingly with no other purpose than to parade them past the glass-walled interrogation room where Amanda’s talking to a lawyer. Their whole setup seems designed for this sort of ploy, but it also makes me think nobody’s talking. Otherwise, why keep trying?

Zequi tries to convince Zulima to let him go. If the feds get their hands on him, he’ll tell them what Zuli did.

Yoli and Dave help the pregnant woman to a spot closer to a little stream. Dave starts a fire, hoping the smoke will help the rescuers find them. But why does he want them found, Yolanda wonders. To throw her in jail? Isn’t that what he’s wanted all along? And to think she was falling for him!

Dave does the thing. You know the thing. The thing where he says he’s not Alberto Diaz, he’s Dave Mejia, but what happened between them, aka “the sex,” wasn’t a lie. Which, even if it’s true–shut up, Dave. The pregnant woman gets Yoli’s attention again and I’ve gotta agree, rapidly arriving baby trumps Yoli’s messy relationship with Dave.


John sees the smoke and Dave and Yoli see the helicopter. He builds up the fire while Yoli reassures the pregnant woman that help is on the way and begs her not to fall asleep. Up in the helicopter, John tells Arley to have his gun ready and shoot at anything weird.

Capi’s having a little trouble landing, with all the wind, but he manages to bring it down and guess what…there’s Dave, flagging them down. Does that qualify as weird? John thinks it’s his lucky day. He and Oscar jump out of the helicopter, aiming their guns at Dave. Somehow, they manage to NOT shoot him and he runs into the trees.

John follows, he gets one shot to Dave’s arm, they get into a fistfight, and Yoli leaves the pregnant woman behind while she goes to deal with the toddlers. She picks up the gun John lost and tells them both to cut it out and Dave to get on his feet. They both start talking down to Yoli, each trying to convince her HE’s the one she should trust. If she shot them both right now, I would not be surprised. They seriously need to shut up.

Yoli fires the gun in the air and tells them to do just that–shut up! She remembers having sex with Dave and him suddenly revealing his identity in Miami, and she drops the gun. Dave makes a run for it. Yoli grabs John and tells him to let Dave go. He won’t survive in the jungle anyway and they’ve got a pregnant woman who needs help.

By the time they’re back at the road, John’s trying to convince Yoli he’ll send back help for the pregnant woman, but the rest of them should go–there’s only room for four. Yoli tells him to leave her behind because seriously, this woman’s about to give birth–does he want her to die? John whines about the things he does for Yoli and tells Arley to help the pregnant woman into the helicopter. They’re ALL going.

They get back in the air just as Monica is flying near where the other group of survivors have spelled out “SOS” in rocks…but wait, what’s that other, unidentified helicopter doing here? When she tries to contact them and they won’t respond, Monica calls for backup. John tells Capi to let him fly the helicopter. (Why do I feel like this is a terrible idea?)

Monica lands and Zuli and the two guys from the plane start hobbling over to her. She tells Monica that Zequi hijacked the plane, shot the pilot, and then they ran out of fuel and Yolanda saved them. And Zequi’s right over there…except he seems to have mysteriously gotten away. Monica snaps at Zuli to get in the helicopter.

Dave heads for the water, trying to clean off the wound on his arm. He stumbles around at the edge of the trees and Monica sees him and tells the pilot to turn the helicopter around. Zuli looks nervous.

Once they’ve picked up Dave and they’re back in the air, he and Monica start planning what to do now. Dave thinks Zuli might be helpful for snagging the Lucios, but she whines that she doesn’t know who these “Lucios” are! She was only a victim! Monica laughs and Zuli pouts that she’s just been in a crash! Have a little pity! (Oh, Zuli…nobody’s buying what you’re selling.)

Oh, this baby is so being born in the helicopter. John tells Capi to find someplace closer to land.


John and Yoli sit in the hospital waiting room while, presumably, the pregnant woman gives birth. I’m surprised she didn’t want Yolanda with her.

John tells Yoli he thought for a minute there she was going to give Dave the gun. She says he knows how much she hates cops–especially after what those guys did to her dad. Plus, she likes John better. (Well played, Yoli.)

He asks how she ended up on the run instead of Zuli. Yolanda says she asked for it–she needed the money. “All you had to do is ask me.” Oh, please, he knows she likes to earn her money.

She asks about the airline. John says Dave did his job well–he’s gotta respect him for that. They raided the airline and they’ve got a ton of proof against him by now. “And what about the other messengers?” Arley comes over with a bottle of water for Yolanda and answers her question–they’re all in jail now. Yolanda tells John they have to help them! (I don’t see how, but ok….)

The doctor comes out to give them the bad news. They did everything they could, but the baby died. Their passenger isn’t doing too well right now, either, but he thinks she’s strong enough to make it.

Yolanda sobs to John about how unfair this is. That poor woman didn’t do anything wrong. She just wanted to go home. What right did Zequi have to hijack that plane and not care what happened to everyone else?

John tells her Zequi admitted to him that he was working with the feds, but the hijacking doesn’t make any sense to him either. The only one who knows why Zequi did it is Zequi and John’s sure he’s dead by now.

(Actually, he’s still stumbling around in the jungle in Costa Rica.)

Yolanda’s glad at least Zuli survived. John didn’t realize Zuli was on the plane. Yolanda says Zequi brought her as a hostage. John shoots Arley a look. He comforts Yolanda and tells her it’s time to go. They’ve done everything they can. He gives Arley some cash to give to the woman so she can pay her hospital bill and get a plane ticket home.

Tres Fuegos

Skeevy uncle waits for Dolores the landlady to get back to the apartment complex and threatens her with a knife. He demands to know where Yolanda is, but Dolores doesn’t know. He says they’ll wait at her place.

They make their way up the stairs to the second floor just as Tía Rosalba is arriving.

In Yolanda’s apartment, skeevy uncle tells Dolores he’s looking for cash, jewelry, anything of value. Rosalba walks in and scolds him like she’s not even shocked. Wasn’t stealing Yolanda’s money enough? She’s not letting him take anything more from her niece. Skeevy uncle gleefully tells her Yoli earned that money working for narcos, so what’s she think about that, huh?

Rosalba sneers at him. He’s such a nothing, so little of a man, that he’s not even able to be with a woman unless he’s forcing her. If she knew, then why didn’t she say anything, he asks. What does that make her? Rosalba slaps him and gives Dolores an opening to grab him.

Rosalba goes out to the balcony shouting for help. Skeevy uncle gets away from Dolores and goes after Rosalba. When he catches up to her, their struggle sends her over the balcony. Dolores comes out and starts screaming for the police and NOW the neighbors are starting to come out and see what’s happening. Skeevy uncle makes a run for it.

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