La Piloto Wednesday 3/22/17 #12


As Monica, et al, land back in Tres Fuegos, the news reports that five of the survivors of the plane hijacking have been found…

Zuli gets out of the helicopter and tries to get away as quickly as possible. Dave refuses medical attention that Monica says he’s getting anyway. Baker welcomes him back.

Monica rushes to catch up to Zulima. She doesn’t believe Zulima’s innocent act and vows she’s going down along with her bosses.

The reporter goes on to say Zequi is assumed to have been trying to escape after the police found out the airline was owned by John Lucio….

Oscar watches the report, aims his gun at Zulima and warns her not to talk, then shoots the screen. Because he’s Oscar.

Amanda gets back to the cell after her talk with the lawyer…prosecutor…she doesn’t even know who he was. Between sobs, she says he offered her a deal, but she didn’t take it. Zuli gets brought back to their cell, still playing the innocent with them. She’s fine, the crash was horrible, she heard John saved Yolanda.

An officer comes in to say Olivia has a visitor…

It’s her dad. And he’s a cop. I thought seeing him might make her crack, but since he just disowned her, I guess not.

Yolanda and John make it back to the Super Seekrit Hangar and Yoli tries calling her aunt, but she doesn’t pick up. She knows this is going to be all over the news and she doesn’t want her to worry. She assures John she knows now that she can count on him for anything and blames herself for being stupid enough to trust Alberto when she knows all men are alike. John objects to that.

Yolanda sighs that she’s in worse shape than she was before. Now she has no money AND no job AND she can’t go home because the cops are looking for her. She’ll have to find some way to get to her aunt’s place. She asks John if one of the guys can take her to Tres Fuegos.

John lets her keep the cell phone he loaned her. She reminds him to do something for the other flight attendants. John says he’ll talk to his lawyers. He insists on giving Yoli some money for food and clothes, and he’s putting her up in a hotel.

Police station

Dave, Monica, and Baker get the flight attendants into an interrogation room together and go in to talk to them. They’re not really asking questions–they already know what they need to know–they’re just explaining how this is going to go. They can link all of them to drug trafficking, thanks to that backpack full of cash. Zuli continues protesting their innocence and Lizbeth says they’re not talking until they see their lawyers.

Dave says he knows they’re all pretty far down on the food chain and he wants the Lucios themselves. And the Cartel de las Sombras. Baker explains that as soon as they tell them everything they know about the Lucios (which I’m thinking isn’t much) they can start talking about reduced sentences. Dave thinks he can win them over with “The Lucios don’t care about any of your lives, but we can protect you.” Mostly I’m thinking the first half of that has nothing to do with the second.

Out in the office, Dave and Baker whine to each other. They’re either very loyal…or very scared. And probably about to get out on bail. Ah, but if the bail amount is set high enough, they’ll have to call John for help. Baker gets to work on that.

Monica comes over to tell Dave the judge needs his statement about what happened in Miami. Yolanda’s their link to the warehouse. Dave makes a face. Monica notices.

Based on what Dave tells the judge about Miami, he’s ready to issue an arrest warrant for Yolanda. Monica starts talking about sending people out to check on her relatives. I swear I can FEEL Dave wanting to come up with a reason why they shouldn’t arrest her.

The judge says he’s already ordered the other flight attendants released on bail. (Which seems weird to me as a longtime telenovela watcher. They typically hold people forever and for no reason at all with no problem.) Dave gets all hopeful–that means Yolanda could get out on bail too. Um, no. She’s in way more trouble than the others. (Sorry, Dave.)

Monica comes into the interrogation room to tell the flight attendants they’re all out on bail. They’re excited–until they see the amount they have to cough up. They all start complaining about how much it is until Monica says that’s not her problem and walks out.

Liz suddenly remembers all the money they gave Mariana (the Ponzi scammer). She thinks getting the money back from her is their only option.

On the other side of the glass, Monica wonders who Mariana is (and if Mariana gets dragged into this just because her name was mentioned, I won’t feel the least bit sorry for her!) and Dave says the only way to find out is to let them call her.

Tía Rosalba

From the hotel room, Yolanda tries her aunt again. Still no answer. She calls Estela and has to sit through and extended load of BS about how happy Estela is to hear that she’s alive. “Cut the crap, Estela, you’d be happy if I died.” She asks where Rosalba is and Estela’s surprised they haven’t seen each other–she went to Tres Fuegos, to Yolanda’s apartment. And has she not run into her uncle, either? (Now why would she even say that?! I hate her!)

Yolanda gets back to her apartment building, cleverly disguised in a baseball cap and glasses. She finds Dolores waiting in her apartment. Dolores feels bad about Tía Rosalba–she explains that when she kept calling and nobody knew where Yoli was, she gave her the address. And then when she got there, skeevy uncle was threatening Dolores and Rosalba tried to help and they fought and she went over the balcony. She’s in the hospital.

Yolanda gets to the hospital and finds out her aunt is in the ICU. She gives her name as “Beatriz Silva” and says she’s a friend of Rosalba’s.

A doctor tells Yoli that the fall caused a bleed in Rosalba’s brain. She’ll need surgery before they even know how well she’ll recover, or when. But he wants her to be prepared–it’s possible Rosalba might not even recover at all. He asks if she has medical insurance.

Everyone’s day gets worse

John and Arley come back to the Super Seekrit Hangar from somewhere or other. John’s kind of bummed about the airline. It was such a good front for them. Oh, well, moving on….

Arley’s called the lawyer to get the flight attendants out of jail. Oscar’s not at the hangar, but other than “the city” no one knows where he is or why he went there.

Some guy’s putting a couple of bombs in the trunk of a car in a garage. He takes a call from Oscar and assures him they’re going to put on a show the gringos will be able to see from Miami!

Yolanda sees the cops at the front exit to the hospital and sneaks out the back. Skeevy uncle catches up with her in the parking garage. He knew she’d come check on her aunt. He wants revenge for her cutting up his face and I’m sure we all have a good idea of what that means to him.

He’s threatening Yoli with that knife he’s been carrying around and as she struggles with him somehow the knife ends up in his guts. He says she’s going to jail now for sure and grabs her arm. Is Yolanda just trying to get away from him or did she jerk the knife on purpose? Either way, skeevy uncle looks like he’s dead and Yolanda’s got his blood on her hands, literally.

She calls John, who sends Arley out to pick her up.

Lizbeth comes back from calling Mariana. Well, she called the number Mariana gave her, anyway. It’s a strip club and there’s no Mariana there. The money is gone. Olivia sounds like she’s crying and laughing at the same time.

Oscar gets back to SSH and tells John he’s prepared a little…surprise…for tonight. He looks so damn pleased with himself. OK, OK, he’ll tell–he’s going to have a car full of explosives blow up in front of police headquarters. John asks if he’s gone “crazy.” The flight attendants are there! Oscar’s all “Well, duh! That’s why! The problem will be all taken care of!”

Monica and Dave are walking out of the police station and Dave complains that his head’s going to explode. (Seriously, show?) She suggests they go back to her place, get some food, he can have a shower…it’s closer than his. She talks him into it. But she can’t get the door to the SUV to open. As Dave checks it out, the timer on the bomb counts down.

John is, shall we say, displeased with Oscar taking this kind of initiative. Oscar’s like “Well, Yolanda’s not in there. Let me do my thing.” OK, right, but her FRIENDS are in there and one of them is Arley’s girlfriend. What’s he going to say to him. “That’s the biz.” *sigh* OK, how about this–it’s one thing to be prosecuted for drug trafficking and entirely another to be prosecuted for TERRORISM. “Oh, come on!”

John’s phone rings. On the other end is a guy in a suit. He’s not happy that ever since John and his brother have gotten involved in “the business” they’ve done nothing but call attention to themselves. John tries to blame the media, but, um, no. Suit’s not buying that. Now, are they going to be able to keep working with them without leaving evidence that could lead the malditos yanquis to them? Suit hangs up. John tells Oscar, “I told you so.”

Yolanda arrives and John warns Oscar not to say a word. And quit acting like a child!

John leads a shocked Yolanda to the little outdoor living space somebody’s set up, complete with a drinks cart, a rug, and a floor lamp. She doesn’t tell him what happened, she just says she’s decided to work for him–as a pilot. She wants to be in the air as much as possible, away from all this.

But what about what she said earlier–that she didn’t want to be in anyone’s shadow? Yolanda says she won’t be. She’ll be his right hand, his best pilot, his mujer. They kiss.

The flight attendants are being loaded up into a van, amid tears. Monica and Dave are still trying to get into her SUV. The timer is still counting down.

John goes into his office for his gun and tells Oscar to call the police station so they evacuate it. Oscar whines. “For once, just do as I say!”

The gun is John’s lucky gun. And he’s giving it to Yolanda. He’ll show her how to shoot it.

They finally get the SUV door unlocked and Monica lets Dave drive. Baker stops them to ask where they’re going and Monica invites him over. He says he’ll stop by the store first. Pick up some wine and cheese. The counter keeps counting down.

And Baker’s car is closer to the one that had the bomb in it. He sees a blinking red light over the wheel of a parked car and starts to run, but it’s too late. (This still sucks, but that was less impressive than we were led to believe it would be.)

In the van, Olivia’s shrieking and crying like it hurt her ears, but Zuli just seems a little confused.

Monica and Dave go running to Baker. Dave tries CPR, but Baker’s gone.

John starts teaching Yolanda how to shoot. Oscar comes over, smarming about how cute they are. And how proud he is of Yolanda for going from stewardess to assassin. John tells him to back off and asks what “they” said.

Quick cut to Oscar calling Arley. They didn’t make it in time. He tells Arley to get back to the hangar. “But Amanda’s in there!” Oscar says he’s not asking him, he’s telling him.

John calls Oscar, screaming at him that his big ideas are getting them in trouble. This is exactly what they didn’t need! They have to be discreet! He sees Yolanda approaching and ends the call, telling her everything is fine.

Arley has decided to ignore Oscar and go after his woman. He and his guys roll up and start shooting. It’s a pretty stupid thing to do, but, you know, it’s what passes for romance from a guy like Arley. Monica has a couple of cops drag the flight attendants out of the van so they can crouch behind it. Amanda pokes her head out, shouting for Arley.

Monica has someone take them back inside. Arley desperately calls out Amanda’s name. He gets back in the SUV and they drive off again.

At SSH, John and Yoli are getting into one of John’s decoy taxis when Vaquero (at least I think that’s his name) answers the radio and identifies himself as the daddy of the little chicks. He gets a report that there’s pigs in the corral and they should fly east because it’s clear. John tells Yoli not to let it get her down, this is just how things go.

Arley starts hunting down individual cops, asking where to find the flight attendants.

Out front, Dave’s furious that he saw Arley and Arley got away. Monica’s sure they did this just to get the flight attendants out, but Dave says they would have paid bail if that’s all they wanted. The bomb was for them. “As revenge because we brought down the airline?” Dave gives a scream in response and vows revenge for Baker’s death before going back into the station.

He has someone let him into the cell and tells the flight attendants to stand up. He shows them Baker’s badge and screams at them about his friend being dead. Zulima’s sorry, but they didn’t do it! John keeps screaming at them, trying to get them to crack, and tells Zulima she’d better tell John that he’s going to kill him and his brother. Zuli just stares at him while Amanda and Olivia cry and Liz gets that look on her face she always gets when somebody’s making threats. Liz does not like to be threatened.

Yoli’s back at the hotel in Tres Fuegos. She can’t stop thinking about what happened in the parking garage. She stares at her hands and angrily wipes the tears off her face.

The news reports that there’s still no news about where Zequi ended up, etc., etc., etc. Zequi’s still wandering around in Costa Rica somewhere. A snake bites him.

Yolanda watches as the reporter continues that Zequi is presumed dead. She’s about to turn it off when they start reporting on the explosion and blaming it on the Lucios. Yolanda grabs her gun and goes out into the hallway.

Oscar’s downstairs in the dining room, explaining to the hotel owner how things work now. It’s not like she has any guests anyway, so from now on nobody gets in without his or John’s authorization. The woman nods silently and walks off.

And in comes Yolanda, pointing her gun at Oscar and asking if he was behind the explosion at the police station. She wants an answer or she’ll fill his head with bullets. Oscar whips out his own gun now, happy to have an excuse to blow her head off.

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