Launch Pad (April 8, 2017)

Here is your weekly open thread and blog update. Comments and questions are welcome and nothing is off-topic.

Last week

The Música Monday post for the week was Llorar es una locura by Fanny Lu, featuring El Mola.

We posted recaps and summaries for

La Mujer del Vendaval,
The final episodes of La Fan,
Amar es Primavera, and
La Piloto.

What’s happening this week

Fútbol and Holy Week programming are messing with regular schedules this week.

On Sunday night, Univision airs the Gran Final of Su Nombre Era Dolores.

Wednesday, Telemundo airs the Gran Final of Mujeres Ambiciosas.

Friday, most of the usual Telemundo shows won’t be airing–they’re having a movie marathon instead.

Next week: Premios TV y Novelas, the return of Corazón Valiente, the premieres of Reina de la Canción and Soy Luna.

Check the Horario for the regular schedule of telenovelas and series, the Calendar for events (including pre-emptions and schedule changes), the Proximas list for upcoming shows, and the Streaming page to keep up with what’s available on Netflix, Blim, and the Univision Now app.

Known technical issues

None at this time.

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