La Piloto Friday 3/24/17 #14


John, Oscar, and Arley are taken to a restaurant for their meeting with The Senator…only it’s not The Senator, it’s some guy named Vergara.

The Senator wants to make sure the shipments will continue. Before anyone gets all snippy about it, he explains they still want the cocaine, but they also want amphetamines and they want them sent to the US and Europe. The senator has a business plan. It’s the Lucios’ job to find new routes and bring Mexican “souvenirs” to Europe.

John’s in. As long as things are above-board. Well, sure, and not only that–they like to pay in advance. Vergara hands John a slip of paper with information about a money transfer. He reminds them that this business isn’t all about the profit, he expects them to invest in their new front company in Villa Antigua.

Things get a little tense. How does he know about that? (Seriously?) Vergara reminds them the Cartel de las Sombras sees all and knows all. They like that the Lucios keep a low profile so…no more bombs and nothing stupid, got it?

He takes off and tells them dinner is on the house.


Zequi goes to his home office, pulls a clock off the shelf, takes a set of keys out, and cries for his dead family.

Zuli and Lizbeth finish packing up at Zuli’s place. Zuli takes a big bundle of cash out of a cabinet when Lizbeth isn’t looking. She supposes she’ll have to give this place up now–it was Zequi who was paying for it.

Outsde, she takes a last look before they get into a car, still being tailed by the cops. Zequi lurks around the corner. When they leave he goes up to the apartment and remembers showing it to Zuli for the first time. He sits at the dining table with a knife. If he’s waiting for her to come back, it’s going to be a long wait!

I guess Zequi got tired of waiting. He breaks a window and gets into the CAA building. In his office, he pulls a lockbox out of a hidden compartment in one of his shelves. Inside, there’s cash, a cell phone, a passport, and a gun. He’s about to walk out when he sees a cop who spotted the broken glass on the sidewalk checking out the reception area.

Zequi avoids him, but when he gets down to the sidewalk, a few other officers spot him and start chasing him. He gets into his car and gets away from them.

All of Team Sobrecargo (including Olivia, finally) meet up at Amanda’s. The job search isn’t going so well. At the last place Olivia and Lizbeth tried, the guy called them filthy narcas. Zuli tells them to face it–that’s what they are. Mulas. It was all over the news. As they’re discussing what to do now, Olivia notices the two cops watching from the street. She tells everybody to be subtle about looking…heh, good luck with that!


John sees Yoli in the hotel dining area. She tells him what Carlina said about the feds skulking around asking questions about her aunt. She wants to take her out of the hospital before she can wake up and tell them anything that will lead them to Yoli. She asks John for resources–men, transportation–to get her out.

John balks. The “client” is unhappy right now. They need to keep things quiet. Yoli swears she can do this on her own, it won’t be his op at all. John’s a little dismissive, saying she can’t just do it, something like this needs to be planned. Oh, the plan is done…

Up in her room she shows him the street maps and hospital floor plans on the wall and says she’s got the schedules of the hospital staff. She’s ready to move on this today. John’s impressed. He had no idea she was such a strategist.

In Phase Two of the op approval process, Yoli goes over the plan again with John, Arley, and Carlina, and has Carlina verify a few details. Carlina has been at this long enough she recognizes feds and how they operate. Yoli’s convinced they want to get to her aunt to use her as bait to get to Yoli. John’s already in, and it seems like asking Arley is a formality. Arley goes to assemble a team.

Yolanda explains the plan to the team while the theme song plays. Everyone’s nodding, except for John who’s looking all smug.

He tries snuggling up with Yoli after but, hello, she’s not feeling lovey right now! He says in the time it takes the guys to go get her aunt, they could have a bath, watch a movie…he pulls the DVD of security footage out of his pocket. She’s pissed–why was he going through her things? No, she doesn’t want to watch a movie–she wants to go to the hospital with the team.

Cue argument. They’re interrupted by Vaquero–the truck is here for Zulima. Yolanda seems suspicious–Zuli’s coming with them?


Dave and Monica pay a visit to Doña Dolores and show her a picture of the body in the morgue. Yep, she recognizes that as skeevy uncle. They ask if there’s anything else at all she can remember that might help them, but the only thing she can come up with is that he drove a black van. That’s enough to get them started.

In the police van, Monica wonders if Yolanda will come back to the hospital. Dave’s sure she won’t leave her aunt. He asks about the other flight attendants. According to the surveillance team (who are all reporting to Monica, huh?) they all went out early this morning. Zuli and Lizbeth went to Zuli’s apartment. She hopes they’re looking for jobs and not thinking about buying plane tickets. They get a call that someone found the black van in the parking garage.

That would be the black van that was parked right next to the body. Which is convenient, because they already had the crime scene tape up. Inside the van, they found knives and some old blood. Dave doesn’t think skeevy uncle was killed inside the van, but he’s sure this has some connection to Yolanda’s aunt.

He notices the security camera and tells someone to get him the video. Monica says she’s going to go get this case reassigned to them. They want to be informed when someone shows up to claim the body.

That would be Estela. Her sobbing disgusts me. The ME tells her they’re still investigating, trying to find out what happened. Agent Gimenez tells her she needs to come to the police station and answer some questions and Estela gets defensive. “I didn’t do anything!”


Zuli gets ready to head for new Lucio HQ. Team Sobrecargo all say goodbye outside Amanda’s apartment, asking Zuli to say hi to Yoli and (in Amanda’s case) Arley. In the taxi the driver hands her a hood–it’s this or the trunk.

The driver notices quickly that they’re being followed and radios for someone to block the car. An identical taxi just happens to pull out in front of the cop car. The cop gets out and starts yelling at the guy, accusing him of blocking him on purpose and threatening to arrest him.

Yolanda goes out with John to greet Zuli. She complains that the hood is a bit much. Doesn’t he trust her? John says you can’t trust anyone. Something about Zequi working for the DEA doesn’t seem right to him, hence Zuli’s visit. Yolanda rushes over to get the hood off Zuli and fix her hair.

Monica’s in her office, getting the bad news that they lost Zulima. She demands they arrest that taxi driver. She doesn’t care if they “can’t,” it’s an order! The arrival of Dean Simpson interrupts her tantrum. She tells him Dave’s out on an op, but he’ll be informed of Dean’s arrival.

Yoli and Zuli chat for a few minutes. Yolanda apologizes for getting everyone else in trouble, but Zuli says it wasn’t her fault. Yoli explains she had John get them out of jail because she felt so guilty about it. Zuli’s glad her novio came in handy for something. Yeah, John said they were novios. She’s glad–she just wants to see Yolanda happy. (She must have flame-retardant pants.)

Yolanda says all this scares her. All she wants is to work and be a pilot. Zuli complains that dios da pan al que no tiene dientes (God gives bread to those with no teeth) and the rest of them would love to have Yolanda’s life. Zuli can’t even get her nails done right now! Yolanda promises John will get jobs for them. Zuli’s so happy they’re friends again! (*cough*liar*cough*)

John comes over to tell Yoli it’s time. She says goodbye to Zulima and tells her to tell the others she misses them and to behave. John tells Yoli if anything seems weird to call it off. She and Arley go off together.

Zuli fake-casually wonders what that was about, but John says that’s Yoli’s business. He hauls Zulima up to a room and says some things about Zequi aren’t adding up. Zuli pouts and tries to distract him with sex, but John says he doesn’t need her. So talk! Why did Zequi hijack the plane?

Zulima says he was “crazy,” he wanted power. So he crashed the plane rather than just go back to his friends at the DEA? Zuli swears she has proof, but she’s just so upset that John doesn’t trust her!

Zequi gets past a checkpoint on his way to Las Aguilas.

The Op

Carlina pushes a patient in a wheelchair. Her hair is covering her face, but Carlina makes sure to call her “Rosalba” just as she passes the cop in the waiting area. He immediately gets on the radio.

Monica brings Dean over to their surveillance van to meet Dave. (Dean’s English sounds believably American. Good casting!) Monica gets the call that the patient is being transferred and they’re taking her to the back of the building. Dave and Dean go to check things out in person, leaving Monica to coordinate from the van.

Carlina gets to the back door, but Dave checks out the patient in the wheelchair and it’s not Rosalba. He notices a helicopter overhead and he and his guys start running.

Vaquero and the guys, dressed in scrubs and masks, have Tía Rosalba on a stretcher, about to get into the elevator. Yolanda and Arley are up in the helicopter.

They land it outside the hospital and get Tía Rosalba inside. Dave starts shooting and hits the pilot. OK, seriously, how many guys are going to have to get shot in this show so Yolanda can fly stuff? Yes, of course she’s going to fly the helicopter now. Looks like the pilot wasn’t the only one who got shot. Dave runs out to stick a tracker on the helicopter.

Yolanda tells Arley to call John–she has no idea how to fly this thing! Arley tells John they got Tía Rosalba, but the pilot got shot, so Yoli’s flying. He puts John on speaker. John tells her to stay calm. She can do this because she’s a fregona (I’m pretty sure he means “badass” rather than the dictionary definition). He asks where she’s at and gives her a new flight plan. He also tells her the controls are pretty much the same as a plane.

Monica’s calling for backup, but Dave tells her to cancel that. He’s got a tracker on the helicopter. Another agent comes running up to tell them the pilot is alive. Monica goes to interrogate him while Dave and Dean track the helicopter.

Yolanda tells Arley they’re nearly there. She tells Vaquero, in the back with Tía, to hang on to her. This is going to be a rough landing. (Thank you, piloto obvious!) Arley’s just having a great time with all this.

Oscar’s been down at SSH, getting the planes ready to fly to Villa Antigua. He stops by each of the pilots and says something like “We’re family, right?” or “We’re family, got it?” I’m not impressed.

Now they’re loading the guns into the back of a truck after checking them all. John and a mini-fleet of taxis arrive. They’re supposed to be leaving for Villa Antigua, but there’s been a change of plans–Yoli’s in a helicopter and she needs a place to land.

Oscar starts in on one of his “Yoli, Yoli, Yoli” rants, but John shushes him to take a call. The pilot didn’t die. He tells Arley to deal with it. OK, so now can Oscar get an explanation? Hm, nope. John just starts yelling at people to clear a spot for Yoli to land and he tells Oscar to trust him.

Carlina gets into the pilot’s hospital room and puts something in his IV. Monica comes in, but Carlina’s wearing a mask and doesn’t talk much except to answer that, no, he isn’t conscious. She slips out just before the pilot starts to flatline. Monica gets on the radio and tells them to stop a woman about yay tall with dark hair…. (Wearing scrubs, and a mask, in a hospital. Might as well lock the whole thing down at that point.)

John guides Yoli through landing the helicopter and congratulates her on doing it. He calls her a fregona again and tries to get Oscar to join the Yoli Fan Club, bragging that she’s good at everything.

Carlina, instead of hiding in plain sight among all the other scrubs-wearing, masked people in the hospital, made a run for it outside. Monica gets hit by an SUV while chasing her and just keeps on going.

John hugs Yoli, saying “Nada te queda grande,” (nothing’s too big for you; there’s nothing you can’t do). He gets the report from Arley–Chano and Molo were hit, and the pilot, but he’s dead now for sure. And who came after them–the feds? DEA? Arley says it was the feds, the DEA, INTERPOL. He saw Mejia, but he makes excuses for not killing him, saying he wasn’t close enough.

Dave and Dean and their team roll up to SSH, shooting out their windows past John’s checkpoint.

Carlina finally loses Monica by crossing a busy street. Monica looks like she wants to be sick.

Dave and Dean make plans to surround the hangar and a bunch of them go in on foot.

John says it’s time to leave. They’re going over land. Oscar complains that they’re changing everything just because of that ruca (pej. old woman). Yoli and I both start screaming at him and I have to back up the recording. John and Arley break up the argument. And so does the warning over the radio that the feds are on their way.

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