La Piloto Monday 3/27/17 #15

Running and shooting and shouting

OK, the feds are descending on the hanger and Team Lucio needs to get moving. John assigns Oscar and Arley to the helicopter. He, Yoli, and Vaquero will go south in his prized Cessna to throw them off.

Except John’s baby won’t start. And he tries…oh, how he tries, but Yoli says they’ve gotta move. They split up again, taking two of the other planes. John and Vaquero in one, Yoli in the other.

In the midst of the running and shooting and shouting, Yoli drops her bag. When she starts to go back for it, she realizes she has a clear shot at Dave and she’s suddenly become invisible, which gives her plenty of time to ponder whether she wants to shoot him or not. She doesn’t take it.

In the plane, it seems like something’s wrong. John keeps yelling to Yoli to take off, but the plane won’t go fast enough. Dave yells at the guys to get in the SUVs so they can play chicken with Yoli’s plane. Dean is the only one who seems to have any sense and he keeps begging John to stop the car, but naw, John’s not gonna blink first. Yoli finally gets the plane up to speed and takes off.

Someone calls the closest air tower to ask them to check the radar. For whatever reason, they mention the two planes and one helicopter they’re looking for belong to the Lucios. The guy in the tower mutters “¡Me lleva la fregada!” (“F* me!” Seriously, the things they bleep and the things they leave in crack me up.) Um, nope, not on the radar. They tell him to call back when he sees them.

John can’t get the radio in his plane to work. He complains to Vaquero about them wasting all the maintenance money and has him take the wheel while he calls Oscar.

Oscar is still complaining about the “ruca” and I still want to kick him in the shins. John tells him to pipe down and keep her alive and he’ll figure out what to do with her later. Oscar’s idea of how to keep her alive is telling Arley to get his shirt off and share body heat. (Um…I dunno…tía might appreciate that when she wakes up…and then again, she might not.)

Yoli tries to reach John on the radio, but she’s not having any luck. She scribbles some notes on a clipboard and keeps flying.

Not-so-seekrit hangar

Dave finds Yoli’s bag and pulls out her cell phone. Somebody asks him what to do with the planes and Dave says to confiscate all of them. He pockets Yoli’s cell as Dean comes over to say there’s something he’s gotta see.

It’s all the weapons packed up in the hangar and left behind. John goes into the office and tries the radio there. When he reaches Yoli, he shuts the door. She takes a minute to realize it’s him and not John. Dave begs her to come back, whining about protecting her and not letting her go to jail and telling her to do it for her Tía and saying Yoli’s not like “them.”

Well, excuse you! Yoli doesn’t think he gets to say what she is or isn’t like. And she’s not turning herself in as long as he lives.

When Dean arrives, Dave says he hasn’t found anything. One of the feds comes in and says if nothing else, the stuff left behind is going to be a major hit to the Lucios’ finances. The tower’s still saying they haven’t seen anything. Dean’s face: “Riiiiight.”

The tower continues to report no sign of the planes. They were heading north, but then he lost them. They must be flying low to avoid radar.

Investigations continue

At the hospital, the doctor tells Monica the Lucios’ pilot died of an apparent heart attack. Could it have been brought on by an injection? Sure.

“I knew it!” We know, Mon, we know. She and the guy with her agree if he was killed, he must have known something. But the guy can’t figure out how they got the helicopter out of there without a pilot. Monica says Yolanda Cadena isn’t just a flight attendant, she’s a pilot now too. (I want to imagine there was just a tiny bit of smugness or grudging respect there.) She takes the guy with her to CAA to see what happened with that break-in.


That plane Yoli’s in seems to have been beeping since she got it going. Looking on the map that was in the plane, she finds a runway and lands.

She’s immediately confronted by a group of guys and asked to put her gun down. They send one to search her and Yoli pulls a knife on him, asking if this is a search or if he’s trying to cop a feel. The guy in charge tells her to go right ahead and kill him, he’s pretty much useless.

So why is she here? Yolanda says her plane’s having trouble. OK, but nobody just “finds” this runway. She says it was on her map. She’s hesitant to tell him she works for the Lucios, but as soon as she does, he’s all “Why didn’t you say so!” He gives orders to hide her plane and tells her to come with him. (For the record, I don’t trust him.)

Team Ex-Sobrecargo

Olivia tried going to her dad for help. He’s still angry. These aren’t the values she was raised with. Olivia sobs that she just wanted to save up some money so she could maybe move to Spain. Her dad scoffs about her loser boyfriend. If she wants help, she can ask her friends.

Lizbeth checks in on her grandma. She moved in with Lizbeth’s aunt in Juarez. Amanda’s been trying to reach Arley, but he’s not answering his phone. As she’s considering trying again, Olivia comes out of her house, crying. They know she was hoping her parents would help them out, but they’ll think of something. They hope Zuli’s ok–she’s not answering her phone right now either.

Zuli’s in an office somewhere doing a search on Zequi. She finds news reports about the raid on the Lucios’ hangar and the murder of skeevy uncle.

Villa Antigua

Oscar checks with the guy in charge of the house. They weren’t ready for people to arrive…oh, but they’re totally ready with the security. He’s got people living with in a km telling him everything that goes on. Oscar wants another ring of security–it’s never a good idea to be too trusting.

John talks to Arley about bringing Carlina in to take care of Tía Rosalba. He’s worried about Yoli, but Arley’s not because Arley is convinced of her unwavering awesomeness.

Oscar tries to get a little credit for finding this sweet new living space for them. John says it’s ok. Aw, crap, now you’ve upset Oscar. (Just to be picky, I noticed cars driving by the end of the runway, like there’s a major road just past the brush, which I’m sure I’m supposed to be ignoring for purposes of the story, but also kind of comes off like a dig at Oscar…yeah, nice house you found…right by the highway so the cops can get here easier.)

Oscar complains that John only cares about his stupid pilot. Hey, what’s the point of having an empire without the two things that are most important to him? His plane and Yolanda. Oscar sarcastically thanks him for letting him know what he considers most important. John and Arley walk away from Oscar, Arley frowning at his back. John mutters about letting Oscar cry in peace.


Yañez, the guy in charge at the mystery runway, keeps trying to call John, but he’s not answering. Yoli doesn’t see why she’s being kept here. Yañez tries to flirt with her, saying he’s never seen a woman pilot before….

“I did tell you I’m John’s woman?”

He dials again and gets Oscar. Aw crap! As soon as Oscar hears Yolanda’s name, he tries to step away from John with the phone, saying it’s just Yañez, but John takes the phone from him. Whew!

Yep, Yolanda’s his morra, so Yañez had better treat her like a princess. Yañez puts Yoli on the phone so she and John can catch up. Tía’s fine, Carlina’s on the way, etc. John wants her to hurry up and get back.

Yoli explains the plane was having problems, but she saw an “X” on the map and assumed it had to mean something.

Yañez hands Yoli her gun back and apologizes for not giving “the boss’ woman” the welcome she deserved.


Monica gets to CAA, where a bunch of other cops are all standing around in Zequi’s office waiting to show her his cleverly concealed (and now empty) lockbox like they’re impressed. Monica’s pissed. If someone just walked in and went straight to it without messing up the whole office that means they knew where to find it, meaning it was someone sent by the Lucios. She goes stomping out of the office.

At the police station, Monica interrogates the taxi driver, who puts on a perfect innocent act. Does he know John Lucio? Sure, everyone in the country knows him! Oh, no, not personally. He’s just a taxi driver and what happened earlier was purely an accident. He didn’t even know the guy in the other car was a fed until he got cuffed. So can he go now?

Monica says she’ll check. She tells someone to find her more info on this driver and his company, Rapitaxi.

Dave calls. He says the tower’s no help–the guy says they must have been flying low. He doesn’t know what to believe. Monica says she’s going through the same thing with the taxi driver. The Lucios have bought half the country!

Dave tells Simpson to check on the tower guy. He doesn’t trust him. Dean agrees.

When Dean gets there, the guy’s getting ready to end his shift. Dean tries to challenge what he said about the planes, but he sticks to his story–they went north and then fell off the radar. They must have been flying low.

Uh huh, or someone ordered him to ignore them. Dean asks if he’s working for organized crime. Um, no. It happened just like he said it did.


At the ranch in Las Aguilas, someone’s walking around, but they’re ignoring the ringing phone. Zequi hangs up and turns on the radio. He hears about the Lucios’ hangar being raided and turns it off. He watches some people getting out of an SUV, but he doesn’t seem too concerned about it.

Settling in

Yoli’s made it to the house at Villa Antigua, as has Carlina. She tells Yoli that Tía is stable and to let her know if she needs anything.

Yolanda asks about the pilot. With a perfectly straight face, Carlina says she understands he died. The cops shot him.

Yoli sits with her aunt for a while, talking about her day and laughing that she flew twice today and she hasn’t even finished her flying lessons.

She hears John shouting and goes to the top of the stairs to listen. John’s talking to Arley and Oscar about La Consentida (the plane). He’s not letting anyone touch her. His godfather gave him that plane and he’s going back for her.

Yolanda listens as they plan to sneak into the warehouse, have John change the alternator, and fly out. Oscar talks to someone on the phone about meeting them at the halfway point and reports that the crew in Tres Fuegos is ready.

A possible break in the case

Agent Gimenez brings Estela to Monica’s office, referring to her as skeevy uncle’s “romantic partner.” Why, yes, she knows Yolanda. Yolanda’s her daughter. Rosalba? She’s just the sister of Estela’s dead husband Ramon (no mention of her being skeevy uncle’s official wife, unless I misunderstood a connection way back at the beginning?). Monica tells her about skeevy uncle trying to stab Rosalba and sending her over a balcony instead.

Estela refuses to believe it. Why would he want to hurt her?

Monica steers the conversation back to Yolanda. Oh, Yolanda, well, she never got along with skeevy uncle. She hated him. And after he took them in and took care of them! Yolanda’s just ungrateful! (Burn. In. Hell.)

Gimenez interrupts with the security camera videos Dave asked for, from the garage. “Where they killed [skeevy uncle]?!” Estela asks. She repeats what she said about Yolanda being ungrateful.

Dave and Monica review the security footage later. Monica points Yolanda was in the hospital at the same time the ME said skeevy uncle died. “That doesn’t mean she did it!” Dave swears he’s not trying to defend her, he’s just saying…that doesn’t mean she did it. Monica says she’s their main suspect.

She has Estela brought in and introduces them both. Estela wants the truth–is Yolanda a suspect in skeevy uncle’s death? (Every time she mentions his name and crosses herself I want to kick her in the shins!)

They say she could have had some contact with him on the day of his death. Estela starts complaining about how Yolanda disfigured him and now she’s killed him and she’s so selfish! (*kick*)

Dave emphasizes that they don’t know if she did it. But it’s a possibility. Monica asks for her help finding Yolanda while Dave just stares at her in disbelief.

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