Happy National Siblings Day!

Happy Monday! In honor of National Siblings Day, enjoy this song from musical siblings Jesse y Joy: Espacio Sideral.

Quisiera darte el mundo entero, la luna, el cielo, el sol y el mar. Regalarte las estrellas en una caja de cristal….

And here’s some useful sibling-related vocabulary:

Your siblings, when speaking in general terms, are your hermanos unless they’re all sisters–in which case, they’re your hermanas. Yep, if you get even one boy in the mix, Spanish grammar rules say his presence tips the balance. (*raises a bitter fist*…just kidding, bro 🙂 )

If you have an identical twin, you might refer to them as your gemel@, or more specifically your herman@ gemel@. Fraternal twins are melliz@s. Triplets are trilliz@s. Another word for twin is “cuate” (I heard this one more often than gemel@ growing up, and you might have heard it used for a close friend).

Your older siblings are your herman@s mayores; younger siblings are herman@s menores.

Some people are content to call all of their siblings herman@s, but there are situations where they may choose to be more specific. When two siblings share only one biological parent, they may chose to refer to each other as medi@s herman@s. Sometimes siblings become siblings because their parents have partnered up, formally or informally, and refer to each other as herm@nastr@s.

We also acquire sibling relationships through marriage, or other formal or informal partnerships. The siblings of your partner are your cuñad@s, collectively. Spanish also has a special word for the partners of your cuñad@s: “concuñ@s.”

Sometimes we have friends we feel so close to, they’re like siblings. One way to describe someone like this is your herman@ del alma.

Here’s a list broken out by gender and singular/plural:

Hermanos – siblings OR brothers
Hermano – brother
Hermanas – sisters
Hermana – sister

Gemelos – identical twins or identical twin brothers
Gemelo – identical twin brother
Gemelas – identical twin sisters
Gemela – identical twin sister
Mellizos – fraternal twins or fraternal twin brothers
Mellizo – fraternal twin brother
Mellizas – fraternal twin sisters
Melliza – fraternal twin sister
Trillizos- triplets or male triplets
Trillizas – female triplets

Hermano mayor – older brother
Hermanos mayores – older siblings OR older brothers
Hermana mayor – older sister
Hermanas mayores – older sisters
Hermano menor – younger brother
Hermanos menores – younger siblings OR younger brothers
Hermana menor – younger sister
Hermanas menores – younger sisters

Medios hermanos – half-siblings OR half-brothers
Medio hermano – half-brother
Medias hermanas – half sisters
Media hermana – half-sister

Hermanastros – step-siblings OR step-brothers
Hermanastro – step-brother
Hermanastras – step-sisters
Hermanastra – step-sister

Cuñados – siblings-in-law OR brothers-in law
Cuñado – brother-in law
Cuñadas – sisters-in-law
Cuñada – sister-in-law

Concuños – the partners of your siblings-in-law OR the male partners of your siblings-in-law
Concuño – the male partner of your sibling-in-law
Concuñas – the female partners of your siblings-in-law
Concuña – the female partner of your sibling-in-law

Hermano del alma – male friend you feel as close as a sibling to
Hermana del alma – female friend you feel as close as a sibling to

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Visita/ Guest

Perfect choice for National Siblings Day! I never knew this holiday existed. There is always something new to learn out there.

stealth cacophony
Visita/ Guest
stealth cacophony

Thanks Diva I loved the song and the video and the vocabulary. And speaking of vocabulary even though I feel like I should know, what does “sideral” mean? (As in Espacio Sideral.) I’m just gonna ask and not even worry about looking dumb in cyberspace.

stealth cacophony
Visita/ Guest
stealth cacophony

I guess I could look it up. 😛