La Candidata Episode 1 First Impressions

[Ed. note: La Candidata is currently available on the Univision Now app. It is scheduled to air on UniMás starting May 2 at 9pm/8c, replacing Mujeres de Negro.]

Let me just get a confession out of the way: I pay for the Univision Now app. I’m glad I do. I get to see shows before they air in the US, in many cases. I decided I would try La Candidata this weekend.

I should also warn you that I don’t really do “reviews”. That involves like, effort. I just watch the show and make mental notes. Then I sleep on it. And I usually forget the mental notes. In this case I am also trying to write a review without giving too much away.

First thoughts? Wow. So. Much. Information. I didn’t catch one name. I had to go back to Wikipedia to get them.

Think of a Televisa actor. They’re probably in this show: Silvia Navarro, Helena Rojo, Susana Gonzalez, Fabiola Guajardo, Victor Gonzalez, Nailea Norvind, Patricio Castillo (God help me he will always be “Chácaras” to me…thanks for that La Gata), Juan Carlos Barreto, and Adalberto Parra to name eight…er… a few.

Let me start with Silvia Navarro. She plays Regina. A senator who is married to a state governor, Alonso San Roman. If they actually named the state, I didn’t catch it. I am not a Silvia fan. Yeah. I know. Heresy. I’ve just never seen her in a show where I’ve liked her. Up to now I associated her with overkill. But I am tentatively taking it all back. This might just be the role I’ve needed to see her in. It’s understated. She’s powerful, but reserved. She shows emotion, but there are no histrionics. For the first time, I’m starting to get why people love her.

The episode opens with a terrified and fleeing Florencia (Fabiola Guajardo). Someone is after her. She doesn’t escape. Maybe we’ll see more of her in flashbacks?

Apparently Florencia was the center of a sex-video scandal involving Regina and Alonso’s son. I feel really bad for the son. Over the course of the episode, he starts to suspect that Florencia wasn’t that into him. She was just out to ruin the Governor.

Alonso and his people work the press and scandal clean-up for the majority of the episode. It’s revealed that Regina also had her people look into Florencia.

Don’t think this is the only storyline. I think there are going to be a lot of things going on. It’s like each actor got their own story. This makes me nervous. There are only 61 episodes. I have no idea if they are all interconnected or not.

Susana Gonzalez is playing Cecilia, a high-end escort. I am happy to see her in this. As usual, she looks amazing. I feel bad for the actress who shares screen time with Susana. Wish I could tell you who that is. She’s familiar as hell, but I never caught her name. I did not like her wig. No, it isn’t important at all, but it’s a blond and in a pixie hairstyle. And it looks like a late 50’s early 60’s hairdo. It needs a little pillbox hat. Details like that distract me. It makes me question how much effort they are *really* putting into the show. I trust Giselle Gonzalez, so I’ll let the wig pass for now. Anyway, Cecilia sees the reports about Florencia on the news and is visibly upset. This is gonna be important methinks.

Victor Gonzalez plays Gerardo. Victor Gonzalez always seems like a block of wood to me. This role isn’t changing my mind. He plays a senator for the opposition party. That is, the party that opposes Regina and her husband. He and Regina have a history. He’s married to Teresa now (Nailea Norvind.) Teresa is a loose cannon. Does Nailea play any other kind of character?

Alonso the Governor is an ass. I’m not sure there much else to know. I guess he gets it from his parents (Patricio Castillo and Helena Rojo.)

Speaking of Helena, props to the show for acknowledging that even women of a certain age have sex…enjoy it even.

The production value is pretty good (excluding that wig) and I think they’ve tried to write a good story. I do wonder if I know enough about Mexican politics to get it or if it even matters. The first episode did end in a way that left me wanting to watch the second, but not in an “oh sh*t! I have to watch right now!” kind of way. I do worry if maybe they are trying to do too much with this. It felt like a pretty packed first episode…but not necessarily fast-paced. It is a different story than I’m used to. I’m not sure I can make any sort of judgement based on just one episode. It didn’t turn me off immediately, but nothing made me sit up and take notice either. I’m willing to give it 5 episodes before I make a final decision.

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Gracias, Sara! I was on the fence about this one, but I think I’m more interested now after hearing your thoughts than I was before. I am an unabashed lover of Silvia’s work, but I think I get where you’re coming from about the histrionics. It might not be fair, but I blame the roles and not Silvia!

Nailea Norvind…oh dear, yes, loose cannon indeed! But the important question is…does she wear a hat?

Visita/ Guest

Thanks for the info about Univision Now. I always wondered how some people are always ahead in their novela viewing. 🙂 It seems well worth the price.

Anyway, I watched the last two episodes of “La candidata” and was impressed. I am now curious how the story got there; so I will be watching this one.