La Piloto Thursday 3/30/17 #18

What a night

Pobre de Yoli. Yes, honey, your mom sold you out to the cops. For cash. “So I guess I’ve never really had a mother.” Estela puts it back on her–Yolanda’s the one who always said they were nothing to each other.

“You make me sick.” Estela keeps whining about how she needs money. She begs Yolanda not to tell John so he doesn’t kill her. “Shut up, Estela.”

Amanda and Arley thoroughly enjoyed their reunion sex, but the afterglow comes to an abrupt end when he hears Yolanda yelling at Estela. Amanda convinces him to ignore it.

As Zuli watches, Yolanda drags Estela out of the car and to the edge of the woods, but Estela won’t shut up and let her think! She keeps whining about how someone has always supported her because she’s useless. Yolanda agrees with her, she sure is! She finally decides she’s leaving Estela right here, right by this tree, and she’d better stay put.

Yoli goes out to the hangar and steals some cash from the shipment going to Colombia. Oh no, Yoli…don’t do it! No amount of cash will ever get rid of Estela!

Yoli gets back to the tree and dumps the cash in Estela’s bag. She won’t say anything to John and Estela had better not come looking for her again or she’ll tell John everything. And he likes to solve his problems by putting guns to people’s heads. Estela whines that she can’t go alone! She doesn’t know her way around!

Yoli calls Vaquero over and tells him before he gets rid of that car to take this woman to the bus station.

She runs into Zuli on her way back to the house. Zuli pretends she didn’t see a thing and asks if Yolanda’s ok…wasn’t she coming with her mom? “Yeah, she had to go back home.” Anyway, Yoli’s off to check on her aunt before she goes to bed. She’ll see Zuli in the morning.

Zequi gets a visit from someone he recognizes as a cop. He asks if they’re here to renegotiate. He can give them all the information they need to get to the head of the cartel. Instead they pull out a gun. Zequi sighs. He understands. He takes off his jacket and lays it on top of the blanket on his cot, then gets up to face…Dean. Dean shoots him once in the heart and once in the head. And somehow ends up with a little blood on his shoes that’s probably going to come back to haunt him.

Arley brings Team Sobrecargo to what looks like a front desk/reception area and explains the rules. Nobody gets in or out without notice. Every package gets tracked–where did it come from, who brought it.

Yoli’s so tired she falls asleep with Rosalba. She wakes up and apologizes, but it’s been a rough few days. The important thing is they’re together. Rosalba starts having trouble breathing. Yolanda goes to get Carlina, who’s in a room behind the desk. Everyone follows them to Rosalba’s room.

In the bus, Estela gets a call from Dave. She remembers what Yolanda said about telling John and hangs up, pulling the battery out of the phone. She starts splitting up the money and stashing it in her bra.

Carlina intubates Rosalba. Arley gives Amanda a quick kiss and leaves. Maybe it’s too much for him.

Yolanda tells the others they were passing by Altamirano and Estela decided she wanted to go home. Who can blame her, after multiple shootouts. Olivia says they might as well get used to it–someone always seems to find them. Zuli “jokes” that it’s as if their bodies show up on radar. Oh, no, Yolanda’s sure no one will find them here.

Two officers come in to get Zequi and find him dead.

Dean goes over to Monica’s and WHAT is that dress? Um…no.

Dean brought Merlot. Because she likes Merlot. He also remembered that at the bar she said she always relaxes after the first glass. Which might be why she’s asking for just a little. Dean doesn’t want to talk about work or the Lucios…he just wants to cut loose a little. He toasts to meeting her. (Well. Wasn’t THAT blatantly creepy.)

John’s back. Zuli witnesses his reunion with Yolanda. John seems content not to ask too many questions about what exactly happened on her road trip. Oscar complains that instead of this being a den full of criminals like it should be, it’s more like a convent. With noisy nuns. Ay, Oscar.

Yolanda complains that Oscar is ALWAYS saying shit like that! John tells her to ignore him. He tells Zuli to get to bed, but tell the other “hens” to be ready to work at eight tomorrow. Yolanda gripes at him for calling them hens–he’s just feeding into Oscar’s BS. “It’s a joke! Don’t take it personally.” And thus endeth the challenge to John’s sexism for the day.

He explains they took so long to get there because Zequi ambushed them. He was waiting for them at Las Águilas. So now he thinks what Zuli said about Zequi working with the feds was true.

John’s not worried about getting to Zequi anytime soon. He thinks it’s best to catch your enemies unprepared. Zequi will get his, eventually.

Vaquero knocks on their door to tell Yolanda he finished that task she gave him…. Yoli thanks him and tells him to get some rest in a very “Got it. Leave me alone with my boyfriend, please.” way that doesn’t make John suspicious at all. But now she keeps talking in “we.” She had Vaquero get rid of the car “we” borrowed to get here. She didn’t think it would be a good idea to just leave it where “we” parked it. John’s so thrilled she’s learning fast.

But now he’s relaxing and he wants the story. Oh, Yoli will tell him everything…after. She starts snogging him. (Yeah, you think you’re in charge, don’t you John. You just keep thinking that.)

Dave tries reviewing his files, but instead he keeps thinking about having sex with Yolanda under false pretenses. I roll my eyes at his temper tantrum, flinging his paperwork all over and slugging back booze. He tries calling Estela again, but her phone is off.

Estela’s hanging with her old pal flaskie, trying not to fall asleep on the bus. She moves her money-laden purse over to use as a pillow.

Dave calls the morgue to ask if skeevy uncle’s body is still there. Yep. Dave asks them to call if anyone comes to pick it up.

Monica’s all cozy with Dean, sitting on the floor in her living room, drinking wine. He’s really laying it on thick with the “I couldn’t stop thinking about you.” And then he starts kissing her. Huh. Maybe they didn’t have sex the other night. Because she seems really surprised that he’s interested. Barring any unforeseen interruptions, they’ll be having that sex now. (Damn…he’s using her as an alibi, isn’t he? The creep!)

Also making with the nookie are Yolanda and John. This nookie is similarly a misdirection. Just saying.


Monica wakes up with a hangover and Naked!Dean in her bed. I’m not sure which one’s worse. I don’t think she’s sure which one’s worse. Dave calls–they killed Zequi. She tells Dean they’ve gotta go NOW.

Yolanda listens in while John takes a call from his contact in Colombia. I think she just got his pilot killed for stealing money out of the duffle bag. She asks John what happened and he explains there was $50K missing from the shipment that came from Las Vegas. He doesn’t think Capi took it, but there’s no reasoning with the Colombians.

I’m kind of pissed at Yoli for not just telling him the truth, but at least she tries to talk him out of letting the Colombians kill Capi? She says it would be like admitting he did it and he’d lose credibility. He should call them back and tell them he trusts his people.

And he does it. He calls the Colombian guy back and tells him to leave Capi alone, he trusts his people, and he’ll send him $50K to get him to quit whining. And the next time he threatens any of John’s pilots, John will come down there and break [Colombian guy] himself. And it works. (I mean, seriously, did John actually need this advice? How did he survive pre-Yolanda?)

Oscar comes up and happily announces that Zequi died.

The cops are less happy about Zequi’s death. Dave takes it as proof that Zequi had a lot to tell them. He decides this must have been an inside job–someone who knew the cameras weren’t working. They’re going to retrieve the bullets from the body and check them against the weapons of everyone who works in the building. They’ve got a mole.

Please go away

Estela went back for skeevy uncle’s body. She bribes the morgue guy to just keep his mouth shut about her being there and hand over the ashes. He’ll bring them up to reception in five minutes.

Estela picks up the ashes and pours a little booze on the box. It’s time for that trip to Acapulco they always wanted!

Camp Lucio

John and Yolanda continue flying lessons with some landing theory. He tells her never to land until she’s gotten a good look at the runway and always get coordinates. Yolanda asks what to do if she loses communication with ground control and John tells her not to, for one. But if she does, make one pass to check out the runway and then turn around and come back. The important thing, in this business, is that she learn to land and take off from short runways.

Capi brings the plane in and congratulates John. It’s a nice runway. He hasn’t felt so comfortable in a while. This “Capi” actually has a name–Pedro–and he’s the guy who handles their runs from Peru to the US. But today, he’s bringing some product for “domestic use.”

John excuses himself to listen to Oscar complaining about the “hens” while Yolanda chats with Pedro about his landing.


López, the guy who was sent to check out RapiTaxi, is watching them from a shop across the street. He calls Monica to tell her several of the drivers are having a meeting, including the one who got brought in for blocking an officer’s car while they were following Zuli. They’ve got a suspicious package with them.

Monica, Dave, and a team head for RapiTaxi to see what they can get out of the drivers. It seems obvious that they’d be really helpful for moving money, drugs, and people, around the city. As far as the morgue–Estela hasn’t been there as far as Monica knows.

The RapiTaxi drivers head into the back of the office. The boss, I guess, tells them the Lucios have left town. They won’t be needed to drive them around anymore, but they left a nice bonus behind for them and they’re now being asked to pass on information. The drivers are more than happy to do it.

They scatter when the receptionist calls to tell the boss the cops are here to talk to him. Oh, really subtle, guys! A bunch of them ran right past the front door. And then the receptionist tries to run. Seriously, people, what kind of henches are you?!

Dean shoots one guy in the garage. Another one (the one who was brought in before?) takes Monica as a hostage. He demands Dave put his gun down and ends up getting shot from behind by Dean.

The two guys start fighting over who’s going to comfort her. I’m exaggerating a little bit, but Monica’s all shaken up, collapses into John’s arms, then Dean comes in and tugs her away from him and he’s all kissing her hair and stuff. Which is annoying, because I hate seeing Monica like this and doesn’t she have her gun right there on one hip? I guess she needed both arms to avoid being choked? And then Dave’s all “Way to go, Dean, I hope you left SOMEONE alive to answer questions,” which seemed more like he was being snarky because Dean’s all over Monica, but hello, you’ve been obsessed with Yolanda, so shut it, Dave! And also…having two guys with four-letter names that start with D and have 3 out of 4 letters in common? Did you have to do that, writers?!

The boss is up in the office and he’s sticking to his story…sort of…they’re just a taxi service and sometimes they drove the Lucios and delivered stuff for them and gave them information, but that’s it! Dave demands he tell them where John is, but he doesn’t know. Dave slams the guy’s head down on the desk and he keeps leaning on him, and yeah, the guy knows about Las Águilas, but they knew that already. They cart him off to jail while Dave throws a tantrum and Dean, who tried to tell him to back off on hurting the guy, says it’s obvious the Lucios would never have let some underling like this guy know where they’re hiding.

Monica gets a call saying they’ve got a list of everyone who went in and out of the station at about the time Zequi died.

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