La Piloto Tuesday 3/28/17 #16

Secret weapon

Estela gets fitted with a wire and has to be told not to fuss with her blouse or talk down into it. She waits for the cops to leave her alone and takes a swig of booze from a bottle in her purse. Why is she even doing this if it makes her so nervous?

Monica answers that question in Dave’s office–she’s being paid. Dave doesn’t like it. What kind of mother turns her child in to the cops in exchange for cash? Monica just sees it as more proof Yolanda is guilty. Dean agrees with Monica that using Estela to get to Yolanda is a solid plan.

As for the guy who was watching the radar at the tower, Dean’s inclined to go with “the planes disappeared.” Either that or the guy’s just incompetent. But he asked a bunch of questions to try to trip him up and nothing worked.

Monica goes to drop Estela off at a hotel. Dean invites himself along for the dropoff and coffee. Monica shoots Dave a “Did this twelve year old just try to ask me out for coffee?” look.

The Zs

Zuli’s up to her old tricks again, looking for supernatural revenge on John for daring to reject her.

Zequi stops by Zuli’s apartment–I guess he’s using it as his home base now. The doorman sees him and calls the cops for backup when Zequi won’t open the door.

Zequi finally opens the door for the doorman. The guy takes a look around the living room, saying Zequi’s not looking too good. And he hasn’t seen Zulima lately. Zequi ends up shooting him. Damn…Zequi is so not doing ok.

New hire welcome

Monica has someone working the RapiTaxi angle. Officer Lopez calls after picking up a job application and tells Monica so far everything seems legit.

She’s out at a bar with Dean, having some beers. Maybe I misinterpreted that look earlier and it’s just the look she gives everybody but Dave. Monica ain’t got time for anything but catching Lucios.

Dean compliments her awesome police work, which just makes me suspicious of him. Monica explains the taxi angle and tells him that because the Lucios own half the country it’s hard for her to relax. If she hadn’t known Luis, the bartender, for years she’d be assuming he’s one of their spies too.

Dean starts asking about Yolanda. He noticed the way Dave seems to pay extra attention to her? Monica says it’s nothing–Dave knows what his job is. Yolanda’s pretty…maybe everyone is attracted to her…but she’s John Lucio’s official girlfriend. Dean says he’s into a different kind of woman. (Oh yeah, he’s definitely hitting on Monica and I do NOT trust him.)

Free La Consentida

Yolanda is inviting herself along on the mission to rescue La Consentida. John’s down, but Oscar…uy, Oscar. He tries to pull an “I’d hate for anything to happen to you.” that’s completely unconvincing. If it’s possible for a woman to be a macho schmo, I’d say Yolanda’s achieving macho schmo-ness by waving that gun around and telling Oscar to be careful.

Dave reviews the stuff he pulled out of the Super Seekrit Hangar. Something about a picture of John with his padrino and La Consentida tips him off and he calls to find out where the plane ended up.

John…and Yolanda…review their route with the guys and start heading for the hangar where la pobre de La Consentida is being held. Yoli surprises John by opting to go in on a motorcycle by herself instead of joining him on his. (Yes, John, she can fly planes, ride motorcycles, plan ops…she can probably bake perfect soufflés, too. If not for all the crappy men in her life she’d be the queen of the universe by now.)

Yoli continues narrating the plan as we watch them ride down close to the hangar, cut the fence, get into the hangar…Oscar actually looks happy, maybe because he gets to carry a big gun.

Inside the hangar things start going all kinds of wrong. That is not La Consentida under that tarp, there are cops inside the hangar, and Dave got the drop on Oscar outside.

Chaos, shooting…Yolanda runs outside and gets separated from the others. She ends up face to face and gun to gun with Dave and she has no intention of going quietly. Dave puts his gun away to get closer to her and try to talk sense into her. And by closer, I mean kissing distance. She finds out he thinks she killed skeevy uncle about a second before Arley shows up to rescue his queen.

Just outside the fence, Arley blocks the cops by shooting at a barrel of something flammable. So, the bad guys get away, but without La Consentida.

At the office Dean and Monica flirt awkwardly over coffee and talk about what a good time they had “last night.” Ummm…? Dave comes in, complaining about his failed op–he realized the plane had sentimental value and thought he could trick John, but they got away. Monica’s pissed he didn’t involve her. “I called you three times and it went to voicemail!” Monica shoots Dean a slightly guilty look. (Dean? You shagged DEAN?! Monica, why?!)

OK, well, they’ll make a proper plan tonight and carry it out. But right now she wants him to go to the infirmary. Seriously, though. (Is he the boss or is she his nanny?) She goes off with Dean.

Unfinished business

Zulima goes down to the pool like she’s just hanging out at a luxury hotel, getting some sun…but as soon as she’s set down her towel on a chaise and made sure a couple of guards have seen her, she makes a run for it in robe and slippers.

Zuli goes to skeevy uncle’s rental space and gets the landlord to give her the key. The landlord calls Zequi. As soon as he says “short hair,” Zequi knows it’s Zuli. The landlord agrees to try to keep her there, but Zequi’s gonna pay up, right?

John, et al, get back to the hotel and one of the security guards has to apologize, but…they’ve lost track of Zulima.

Amanda finally gets hold of Arley and all is right in their lovey little corner of the world. She tells him all the other ex-flight attendants are living at her place and nobody will hire them. She asks if she can call him back–someone’s at the door.

It’s Estela. I don’t think Lizbeth, at least, believes Estela’s story that Yoli gave her their contact info. She claims she’s looking for Yolanda to tell her [the sleazebag who raped her] is dead.

Arley brings Yoli his phone so she can talk to Amanda…but it’s Estela on the phone. Yoli excuses herself so she can get some privacy while she tells Estela not to be such a hypocrite. No, she didn’t know her skeevy uncle was dead. Estela keeps up the act on her end, pretending Yoli’s saying all the polite, societally-approved things and whining about her dead lover and not having a cent to pay for his funeral. (Why? How expensive is a dumpster?)

While she’s doing that, Monica and Dean are tracing the call.

Yoli hasn’t agreed to a damn thing, despite Estela’s thanking her for being so kind and generous and understanding blah blah blah. But now she says she’ll “lend” Estela the money and then she never wants to see her again.

Monica and Dean start getting things together for a raid on the hotel.

The landlord doesn’t make too much of an effort to stop Zuli from leaving, but he at least gets a tip out of her, so…good for him? It stalls her enough that when Zequi arrives, he can point out her car driving away. He gets no tip from Zequi.

Yolanda lies to John and says Amanda was calling to ask for help. She, Olivia, and Lizbeth can’t get jobs–not even as flight attendants. Oscar smarmily asks why they don’t just become prostitutes. (Die, Oscar.) Yoli stares him down and says that’s what they’re trying to avoid. “We can help them, right, John?” John says he’ll give them money to get to the end of the month.

Oscar objects to “maintaining” them and Yoli snaps at him again–that’s not what they want. They want to work. Yoli begs John to bring the others with them. She doesn’t know what kind of work to give them, but they can figure something out.

Oscar complains that he has enough to do putting up with her without her bringing her entire manada (pej. gang, pack). Yolanda starts to argue with him and John tells them to cut it out.

Arley’s been letting Yoli handle this, but now he speaks up. He agrees with Yolanda–they’ll be able to work doing something. John puts Arley in charge of getting them from the apartment to Villa Antigua.

And then the feds descend on the hotel. The hotel manager won’t let Monica in until that alleged warrant she swears she has arrives.

By the time it does, her team can’t find anyone or anything incriminating at the hotel. But wait…there’s something in a trash can that might be of interest….

It’s the hospital plans from Yolanda’s room.

Meanwhile, John, Yolanda, and everyone else have snuck out the back and are heading out in a mini-fleet of RapiTaxis.

In the back of a taxi, Yoli calls to check in on Amanda. Oddly enough, their surveillance is gone. Yoli tells them to get out, right the hell now, and meet them. Her mom? Um…bring her and Yoli will figure out what to do with her later. Amanda assumes Zuli is with Yolanda, but no, she left the hotel early and never made it to the apartment. They plan to meet in the parking garage of a shopping center. All she tells John is that they’re on their way.

Olivia, Amanda, and Lizbeth get Estela out of the apartment and start down the sidewalk, not answering any of Estela’s questions. Just after they’ve left, Zuli arrives…and so does Zequi.

Monica calls to tell Dave about the plans in the trash can. He’s sure now that Estela’s the key–Yolanda’s going to meet with her to give her the money she promised. They both head over to Amanda’s apartment.

Zequi sneaks into the apartment after Zulima and starts getting violent with her. It’s a little hard to hear what either of them is saying what with him trying to strangle her, but she says something like “They made me do it”?

Dave arrives just as Zequi is shoving Zuli into his car. She hops right back out of the car and makes a run for it while they start chasing Zequi. They make a call for backup, Zequi gets caught, and now Dave’s ready to have a nice long conversation with him about all things Lucio.

In the parking garage, Estela is going on and on to Amanda about that sleazebag rapist she was so in love with that her entire world is shattered without him and I am seriously LOSING MY PATIENCE with her! OK, wait, does anybody believe she was really a professional swimmer who could have gone to the Panamerican Games if she hadn’t gotten pregnant with Yolanda and married Yolanda’s dad? Even Amanda tells her to shut up before she starts in on the “How I met Yolanda’s dad” story.

Estela, I kid you not, says she HAS to vent or she’ll end up with a mammary cyst, which…um…ok…yeah, you don’t want to swallow your feelings, but…I’m with Amanda. I cannot listen to any more of this!

Yoli and Arley arrive in an SUV and Estela starts in on the “Aren’t you going to hug your mother?” and Yoli’s all “cut the crap, ma, your money is on the way.” She calls Amanda over and they start worrying about Zuli again. This time she picks up the phone when Yoli calls and claims she went to the apartment to bring food, but no one was there. Yoli starts giving her directions to a place she can meet them.

Outside Amanda’s apartment, Monica chews out a DEA guy who’s all “Hey, so, uh, do we just wait for them to come back, or what?” Um, no! They took their stuff, they took Yolanda’s mom, she needs him to get back to the van and find the frequency of Estela’s mic. Subtext: and get out of my face because, seriously, do I have to do EVERYTHING?!

Dave shows up and tells Monica he got Zequi. She’s so damn happy she shouts for joy and hugs him.

The other SUV shows up with an envelope full of cash for Estela and can she please go away now? First off, Estela complains it’s not enough money. Then she starts whining at Yolanda about how she’s not used to being alone and Yoli’s all she has left and she knows she’s been a bad mother (understatement) and she drank “sometimes” but she loves Yoli and she wants another chance.

Damnit, Yoli, don’t cave! Yoli says she can’t take Estela with her, but Estela cries and whines and Yolanda looks like she’s starting to crack….

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