La Piloto Wednesday 3/29/17 #17

Police station

Zequi’s being walked down to interrogation. Dean sees him and calls someone to tell them Zequi’s alive.

He interrupts Zequi’s interview with the prosecutor (“You done some baaaaad stuff, Zequi.”) to remind him Zequi’s wanted in the US…. Now Zequi interrupts. He doesn’t care who gets custody of him, he has info and he wants immunity.

Escape from Tres Fuegos

Team Sobrecargo are escaping Tres Fuegos in a bus. Yoli avoids telling Zuli where they’re headed, but no worries, they’ve got Estela to let the DEA in on all their secrets…if they can stand to listen to her long enough. As Arley finishes paying the driver and tells them to get on the bus, she’s already preparing to tell Zuli her life story.

In the DEA van, the poor guy listening to the mic feed complains that the signal is intermittent, but they can tell it’s heading south. Dave says they’re going to follow it and avenge Baker’s death by catching John Lucio. “And Yolanda,” Monica adds. (Riiiiight.)

If Estela doesn’t shut up, Zulima’s gonna throw her off this bus! I can see it in her eyes. Estela’s fishing for the route, not that it seems obvious that’s her main objective because she talks so much, who can tell? And here I thought it had been hours, but when Zuli goes to complain to Yolanda she says Zuli put up with her mom for a whole ten minutes. (No. Aguanto. Mas.)

Zuli’s questioning the wisdom of bringing Estela with them, but Yolanda didn’t know what else to do with her. As long as Estela doesn’t get her claws out like she always does, it should be ok. Zuli thinks she’d have left Estela on the side of the road already if it were up to her.

Arley calls someone on the radio to make sure they’re ready for the arrival of the bus. They’re taking this show off the road and into the air.

Estela has relocated to a seat behind one of Arley’s guys. She takes a swig of booze from the bottle in her purse and starts asking “Hey, what’s that pueblo up there? Oh doesn’t it look nice with the houses and the trees?” Funny, if Estela had been quiet the DEA would have heard that they’re catching some kind of air transport.

Arley’s guys have noticed the van following them and Yolanda screams at everyone not holding a gun to get down while she, Arley, and the guys start shooting out the back door and windows. The bus pulls over and Arley tells everyone to run. Backup arrives for the DEA. The shootout continues and Yoli tries to herd all her baby chicks in the direction of the plane.

Annnnd, we lost Estela. Good riddance. But no, Yoli has to go back and look for her.

She stayed on the bus. She’s sooooo happy to see Dave and Monica. And where’s Yolanda? Over that way somewhere. The DEA and the cops abandon Estela to go searching for Yolanda and the others.

Yolanda manages to hide and they get past her. She makes it to the bus, finds Estela, and says they’re going to drive.

In one of the planes, Arley’s really trying not to leave without Yoli, but Zuli (in the other plane) tells him the cops found them. They take off and Dave calls for air support.

Amanda begs Arley to go back for Yolanda, so he asks the pilot to fly low to see if he can reach her on her cell phone.

Dave and Monica get back to the bus and Estela is gone. Dave is sure this means Estela was working with Yolanda to begin with. Monica’s not so sure. But if Yolanda came back for Estela then they’re not in the planes….

Yolanda carjacked some dude. She talks him through slowing down to let the cops pass him and keeps reminding him to stay calm, keep his eyes on the road and his hands where she can see him and just drive.

Arley reaches Yoli on her cell phone and she tells him not to come back for her. She and her mom will drive.

Her battery’s running low. She asks Estela for her cell phone, but Estela claims she doesn’t have one.

Arley calls John, who passes on the news to Oscar–Yoli didn’t make it to the plane. Oscar’s eyes light up, “Did they catch her?!” John smiles. Para variar (“for a change,” which always means the opposite) Yolanda got away. But the feds are on their heels. Oscar’s sick of that. He’s ready to leave Tres Feugos. John says they have to visit the cemetery first.

John and Oscar are at the cemetery for one last visit before they leave Sinaloa by the same airport they first used when they became bosses in “the business.” Oscar tells John not to get all sentimental. John tells Oscar to say goodbye to their mom while she’s right here in front of him.

John wonders where their dad ended up. Oscar doesn’t want to talk about him. John tells him to let go of his hate–they’ll find their dad and take care of him one day. The important thing is the two of them will always be together.

The planes arrive at Villa Antigua and Arley welcomes them to their new home. Zulima and Lizbeth are less than impressed. Inside the house, he says they’ll have to bunk together, but all the rooms have their own bathrooms. “And where does Yolanda sleep?” Zuli wonders. Uh, with John. Where else? Arley’s sure John has some good jobs lined up for them, but he doesn’t know what they are yet.

Zequi’s in the house

Yeah, Zequi knows stuff. He was the Lucios’ business partner. But he’s not talking until he gets a signed agreement.

Outside the interrogation room, Dean asks the prosecutor if they would really consider immunity for Zequi. Sure, if it gets them the information they want.

Dean checks in with the guys repairing the surveillance cameras in the building. The explosion knocked them all out and they won’t be done until tomorrow.

Zequi has a signed immunity agreement and Dave’s back in town. Dave says it’s awfully sly of him to have gotten immunity for being nothing more than a front man for the Lucios. “Look, Alberto…Agent Mejia,” he wasn’t their front man, he was their business partner and he’s the one who got them in touch with the Cartel de las Sombras. He starts talking about the ranch…where John may or may not be at the moment.

Dave wants to go out to the ranch, but he’s annoyed that he can’t find Dean and he’s not answering his phone. Monica gets to stay in the office and handle things from there. He especially wants her to make sure no one finds out Zequi’s alive.

Dave and his team go out to raid Las Águilas. There were only two guards. Dave starts telling them they’re going to jail and the Lucios won’t be able to help them. But if they tell him everything they know about John and Oscar Lucio, he’ll make sure they stay in Mexico. Neither one talks.

Mother-Daughter road trip

Yoli has their carjack victim drop them off in an alley somewhere and tells Estela they’re heading for Baja California so that’s what the guy would tell the cops. They’re really heading for Michoacán. She busts out a car window and hotwires it.

Yoli gets gas for the car. Estela is worried it’s going to get reported stolen. When Yoli points out it was practically abandoned and the owner isn’t likely to notice it’s missing anytime soon, Estela whines that it’s ugly. (So…you wanted her to steal a nicer car?)

Somewhere in Durango, the car gets a flat. “I told you it was a crappy car.” (Shut up, Estela!) Yolanda starts to change the tire while Estela asks how she started working with John Lucio anyway….

And she knew Yolanda was working with the Lucios how? Oh, she heard the other girls talking. Yoli says working with narcos was never the plan, but if Estela recalls, she had to leave home. Estela whines that she knows [skeevy uncle] did “a bad thing, but you know how men are…they get horny.” (I’m trying to refrain from using any gender-based insults here and it’s really pissing me off that I’m drawing a blank. It should be easier to find some completely vile, gender-neutral word for what I think she is that also doesn’t unfairly denigrate any other group of people.) Estela complains that [skeevy uncle] didn’t deserve to die that way and whoever did it must be some heartless killer.

Yolanda remembers what happened in the parking garage. She tells Estela to get back in the car if she’s not going to help. And quit drinking because Yoli doesn’t want her passing out and breathing booze in her face. Estela starts asking if Yoli and John have a thing. She heard Yoli’s one of John’s viejas. Yoli corrects her–she’s John’s mujer.

Yolanda’s nearly done with the tire when two guys on motorcycles ride up because a woman alone fixing a flat tire looks like easy prey to them. They don’t notice Estela until she pops up with Yolanda’s gun and tells them to leave her daughter alone. Yolanda takes the gun from Estela and still these creeps don’t think Yolanda would really shoot. She fires a warning shot in the air. When they’re gone, she and Estela have a little “Go, us!” moment. (Whatever. I still hate Estela.)

Yoli’s tired. And Estela is sleeping, so she’s no help. She stretches her legs and rolls up her jacket for Estela to use as a pillow, then gets back on the road.


Still in front of the panteón, John gets a call from Zequi. “I thought you were dead.” Zequi, in the interrogation room, says that was all part of his plan. He’s at a really pretty ranch right now–Las Águilas. To “prove” it, he puts one of the guards on the phone. In the interrogation room, the guard says Zequi caught them off guard. No, he didn’t come with the cops–he’s alone. Zequi tells John to come to the ranch and bring lots of money.

Dean gets back to the office and claims his phone battery runs down quicker here than he’s used to. Oh, they’re ambushing the Lucios’? That’s great news! While Monica’s occupied giving instructions, he sneaks back out of her office.

On the way to Las Águilas, Oscar calls his guys and tells them to surround the place so no one can get out. John adds that Zequi is his.

Dave gives orders to block the bridge as soon as the Lucios have crossed it, to cut off their escape route.

On the bridge, Oscar gets a call from their contact in the cartel, “Vergara.” He tells the driver to back out–there’s an ambush waiting for them.

Dave is unpleasantly surprised to see the SUVs start backing out. Now it turns into a shootout. Dave throws a tantrum.

John’s not too happy either. He directs their driver to take a side road so they can escape in drive instead of reverse. “How did we not know it was a trap?! How did Vergara find out?!” (In the words of Prince Humperdinck “I always think everything is a trap. Which is why I’m still alive.” Live and learn, John.)

Dave gets back to the office in Tres Fuegos and starts roughing up Zequi, accusing him of telling the Lucios they were there. He’s the only one who knew. Monica calls for guys to get Zequi out of there before Dave goes too far.

Dave turns his attention on Dean–where was he? I notice Dean’s not actually answering him, just saying it wasn’t on purpose and he’s there for Dave. Whatever–if it happens again, Dave’s sending him back to the US. Monica comforts Dean. (Yeah, they so did it.)

Villa Antigua

Zulima has to suffer the indignity of Arley sneaking into Amanda’s bed in the middle of the night. She goes outside. It’s kind of pretty out there, with all the candles set up on posts and stuff.

Yolanda arrives and hears from Vaquero that John hasn’t arrived. The plane out back came from Las Vegas and it’s headed for Colombia. Arley’s back, with a bunch of cute girls. They’re in cabins 2 and 3. Yoli asks him to do her a favor and get rid of this car for her. Sure thing, as soon as he gets one of the guys to cover his post.

When Estela starts to get out of the car, Yolanda sees the mic pack in Estela’s pants and tracks the wire to the microphone pinned to the front of her blouse. Zuli, out smoking her cigarette, gets an eyeful of Yoli trying to yank the mic out from Estela’s clothes.

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