La Piloto Friday 3/31/17 #19

It had to happen sometime

Dave digs through the records of everyone who went in and out of the station and fixates on Dean’s name. He calls the hotel and finds out Dean didn’t spend the night there.

When he confronts Dean, Dean won’t tell him where he was. Aren’t they all entitled to some privacy? Nobody told him if he worked this case he’d have to ask permission for bathroom breaks! Monica gets tired of Dave’s questioning and says Dean was with her last night.

Dave apologizes, embarrassed, and walks out of Monica’s office without saying anything more. (OK, but I still think he’s jealous of Dean.)

Cielito Lindo

The big stink Oscar was complaining about is one he engineered himself. Team-Ex-Sobrecargo is working at the Lucios’ new cantina and Oscar picked skimpy uniforms. Yoli’s advice is to be patient and she’ll talk to John, but stop fussing because it’s exactly what Oscar wants. (*glare*)

She meets with John and Oscar and John explains the cantina is going to be one of their fronts–a way to control who comes in and out. Somebody’s got to run it and Oscar’s too busy helping “run” the organization, so Yoli needs to pick one of her peeps.

She picks Zulima–the obvious choice–but doesn’t bother to find out if Zuli running the place means she gets to make decisions like ditching the uniform. And again, I’m annoyed Yoli’s not asking questions like that. Sure, she’ll yell at Oscar, but all that does is piss off John, so where does she get off telling the others “aguanta” and “ten paciencia”? She’s more worried about things like when she can have another flying lesson.

Time passes

Flying lessons resume.

Tía Rosalba’s still in a coma. Yoli promises to take her somewhere in the plane when she’s better–somewhere beautiful she went with John.

Yoli learns to land a helicopter.

Monica gives a combination pep talk and scolding to the team looking for the Lucios.

Yoli practices banking turns.

Everyone but Zuli wears the stupid uniforms at the bar (GRR!).

Estela drinks her way through Acapulco with dead skeevy uncle in a box.

Yoli has an unofficial graduation ceremony with John and her peeps while Oscar keeps scowling from afar.

Boy drama

Amanda’s been feeling sick lately. Lizbeth thinks it’s obvious she’s pregnant. She suggests Amanda go lie down, at least, but Amanda doesn’t want to hear Zulima complaining.

As they’re heading back to the floor, one of the other servers comes skipping down the hallway with Arley and gives Amanda a facetious “oops!” Arley still swears Amanda’s his one and only, but I’m mentally kicking him in the shins. Oscar calls him on the radio, just for an extra illustration that whether it’s another woman or not, his loyalties are divided.

We finally get a name for that other server who’s been coming on to Arley–Cindy. Amanda trades areas with Olivia so she can keep an eye on her. Olivia has no problem doing that, but she advises Amanda not to suffer over a guy. They’ve got enough problems already. Didn’t she see what a mess Olivia made, trying to go to Spain for some jerk who didn’t even care about her?

Said jerk got deported and stops by Olivia’s parents’ house. Her dad tells him she doesn’t live here anymore. “Oh, so she’s living on her own now?” “Sure, if that’s what you want to call working with narcos.”

The investigation stalls

It’s been a month since Zequi died. Ballistics never found a match with the weapons of anyone in the station. They have no leads on anyone. Dave’s still missing Yoli.

Dean checks in with The Senator. The investigation is going nowhere, just as it should be. Dean’s been keeping any actual information away from the team. He brags that he has Monica in the palm of his hand. The Senator tells him Dave’s going to be removed soon, due to the lack of results, and Dean’s in line to replace him. Dean hangs up to answer the door.

It’s Monica. With a carton of ice cream. Which is apparently code for “sex.”

Estela gets home with skeevy uncle in a box and a ton of shopping bags, much to the delight of the neighbor. A vendor down the street hears her bragging about the big life insurance policy skeevy uncle left her.

Oh, the vendor is Lopez. He calls Dave and says Estela came home, finally…alone. He offers to bring her in, but Dave tells him to just keep an eye on her and keep his distance.

Dave tries calling Monica, since Lopez mentioned she wasn’t answering her phone, but she’s busy with Dean.

Monica and Dean are getting dressed and Monica FINALLY notices the blood on Dean’s boots. He says it’s from the day they raided RapiTaxi.

Yoli’s latest big adventure

Yoli’s making a solo run to Guatemala with flammable chemicals. One of the bottles is already leaking while she’s still sitting on the runway flirting with John. He tells her to make sure she lands like a feather.

An electrical fire starts in the plane, sending up a cloud of smoke. Yoli looks in the back and starts trying to beat it out. “Not today!” (Damn right!) She finally manages to pull out the fire extinguisher, but it doesn’t look like she’s aiming it right. Also it looks like she’s headed for a mountain.

Yolanda hasn’t landed. John goes to confront one of his mechanics about whether the plane was flight ready. “I think so.” Ooh, bad answer, Manolo. John remembered it having a short. If anything happens to Yoli, Manolo’s toast.

Yolanda’s still flying the plane of doom, but now the engine has gone out.

Yoli fiddles under the hood and gets things going again.

It’s late. Yolanda still hasn’t made it to Guatemala and John decides he’s going out looking for her. Arley totally has his back, but Oscar’s all “Hey, man, if the plane crashed, what difference does it make if you look for it now or in the morning.” John says there’s a lot of difference and he knows Oscar doesn’t care because he’d like to see Yolanda dead.

Somebody radios John from the runway in Guatemala. There’s a plane coming in, but they haven’t been able to establish communication. They’ll let him know who the pilot is as soon as they land.

It’s Yolanda, por supuesto. John calls the guy in charge of the runway and he hands over the phone. And what does she tell him? “Everything’s fine.” She collects her pay and apparently gets right back into the plane of doom to go back to Villa Antigua.


Estela’s neighbor’s nephew has apparently decided to cast himself in the role of Boy Toy. She’s having a great time drinking tequila with Flor (the neighbor) and Emiliano (the nephew) when Dave walks in.

Dave does question Estela, but more importantly, he bugs her house. She’s too drunk to notice. When he asks where Yolanda is, she remembers Vaquero dropping her off at the bus station. He asked her why she didn’t want to stay and keep Yolanda company. She told him she likes her booze, but she likes a quiet life. Also Yoli’s boss sounds like a scary guy. Vaquero told her that as long as you play fair with the boss, there’s nothing to fear; but if you try to screw him over, he won’t forgive that.

Estela tells Dave she has no idea where Yolanda is. She collected skeevy uncle’s ashes, claimed his life insurance payout, and spent some time on the beach. OK, sure, she was scared of dealing with the feds.

Dave offers her money to tell him where Yolanda is, but again she insists she doesn’t know.

Dave goes out to the car to listen to Estela. He’s getting nothing remotely useful. Dean calls him and Dave starts harping on his usual “dead battery” excuse. Maybe he needs to get a new one. Dean says he’ll consider it.

Dave tells him to pack his bags. A right hand man who’s busy on his honeymoon is no use to him. He’s sending Dean back to the US.

Dean passes his phone to Monica so Dave can tell her he’s spying on Estela. He called, but she was apparently busy with Dean. Monica snaps at him that whatever she and Dean have going on has nothing to do with him. Dave agrees, he has no business getting involved in her personal life, but it’s affecting both their jobs.

She asks if Estela knows where Yolanda is. Dave says she told him she doesn’t know, but he thinks she’s lying. Monica tells him to let her know if he needs anything.

Dean wants to know if Dave found anything out, but no, nothing yet.

Villa Antigua

Yolanda gets home all proud of herself for getting through her first solo flight. John’s not even going to bother counting the cash.

In John’s office at the cantina, he and Yoli have tequila and she tells him all about the flight. He’s anxious to get back to their cabin, but Yoli wants to spend some time with the peeps. She talks him into going home and waiting for her.

As he’s leaving the bar, John asks one of his security guys to stay and keep an eye on things, especially on Yolanda. After he, Oscar, and Arley drive off, another truck arrives.

It’s some creep who travels with his own security. He ogles the servers, bragging about how he’s going to “have” one of them, then has his guys empty a table for him and starts shouting for service.

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