La Piloto Tuesday 4/04/17 #21


Really, Arley? “It’s not what you think?” I can’t decide what’s more pathetic–that or his “Guys like me only have one vieja, but lots of morras.”

Amanda’s outta there.

Tía Rosalba chats with Yoli, Liz, and Olivia about Yoli’s solo flight. She must have left out the part about what she was flying. Rosalba’s sure her dad would be proud–flashback to the cops shooting Yoli’s dad.

Rosalba’s a little confused, though…Yoli was a flight attendant until recently. And weren’t the other girls also? Wait, now she remembers CAA got busted. She can’t believe the company would work with narcos and risk its reputation and the jobs of all their decent employees, like them.

John comes over and Rosalba says Yolanda’s been showing her around. She congratulates him on the nice place he’s got here and John asks to borrow Yolanda for a minute.

Away from the others, he asks why she looked so freaked out and Yoli explains that she’s trying to keep her aunt from figuring out there’s anything illegal going on. If everyone could just not mention anything around her aunt, not show their guns, then in three or four days, Carlina says she can go home to Altamirano.

John was coming to find her to give her a present–it’s a device that prevents calls from being traced. He had the guy from Israel bring it for her. Awww, what a thoughtful present…but when he tells her not to go anywhere without it, Yoli accuses him of trying to spy on her, which doesn’t make any sense, but ok.

John checks with the pilot he’s got out on a delivery right now. He’s on his way back, but he mentions he had more trouble than usual at the border of Panama. Oscar comes in, wanting to talk to John, but John wants to ask him a favor first: tell the guys to keep a lower profile and try to look like “normal,” “decent” people while Yoli’s aunt is here.

Oscar thinks that’s ridiculous and especially for some ruca. And John just ran out of patience with him. He thinks it’s better if Oscar leaves. Oh, he’ll go, but not before he tells John that Yolanda slept with Dave Mejia.

John tells him to watch his mouth. He knows Oscar and Yoli can’t stand each other, but he’s not going to let Oscar separate him from Yoli. OK then…Oscar will leave John with his beautiful “love” but he thinks John had better think about it. He throws his Team Lucio ring on the ground.

John goes right to Yoli and accuses her of sleeping with Dave and lying to him. Yoli says it happened before she met him and before she knew Dave worked for the DEA. She didn’t tell him because she didn’t want him to get upset. John reminds her that she swore nothing had happened. “I didn’t want to hurt you.” He says it hurts that she didn’t tell him because now he can’t trust her. Now that he’s realized what a good liar she is, he isn’t going to believe anything she says.

Yolanda wants to know who told him. Zulima? He says Oscar overheard them. Oscar who always looks out for him. And Yoli stabbed him in the back…but it doesn’t matter now. He walks off without explaining what he means.

Yoli goes looking for Oscar. Cañola won’t let her take a truck–John’s orders–but he’ll drive her.

John takes one of the planes out. Vaquero can tell there’s something wrong.

Yoli has Cañola block Oscar’s SUV in to make him stop. She yells at him for bringing John meaningless gossip. Oscar doesn’t think it’s so meaningless if she’s out here because of it. And he heard she misses her nights of passion with Dave. She says he’s like an old woman, listening to gossip. (Ay, Yoli! Don’t be sexist.) She knows he’s a creep, but why is he doing this? Just to ruin John’s life and hers?

Oscar says she’s worthless. He doesn’t want her for his brother or anyone else. He wants her dead. She tells him not to threaten her. If he comes after her she’s going to fight back. Oscar says he’s up for it whenever, but apparently that doesn’t include now. Everyone gets back into their cars and leaves.

Yoli goes over to Cielito Lindo to tell Zuli that Oscar overheard them talking about Dave and told John. And now John’s upset and he won’t talk to her and it’s all Dave’s fault. Zuli says it’s not like John’s a saint–he’s had eeeeeeeverybody passing through his bed. Including her.

Speaking of guys who can’t keep it in their pants…Amanda tells Olivia and Liz what happened at the bar. Liz thinks maybe it’s best she found out now. They have a little “All men are alike” fest.

And yet, three of those men are looking for Olivia–her dad, brother, and the boyfriend. They try Amanda’s apartment, but the gossippy landlord (see, gossip transcends demographics) says all the women in that apartment were lovers of “the narco” and he thinks that’s why they all left for parts unknown. Olivia’s dad tells the other two they’re obviously not going to find any clues here. (I’m going to laugh if the three of them manage to find her before the cops do.)

Zuli tells Yolanda it happened a long time ago. And it was just sex. She’s so glad she doesn’t have to keep that secret anymore. Yolanda tells her not to worry about it. And no, she won’t say anything to John.

As Yoli leaves and Zulima goes back inside the bar, Obnoxious’ crew watch and call their boss. Should they go after Yolanda or the guns? And here I thought he was going to say the guns were more important, but no, he tells them to go after Yolanda.

Olivia, Lizbeth, and Zuli don’t know what to do with Amanda, but she’s been crying in the bathroom all night. They agree they’d better keep Cindy away from her. Zuli goes to try to talk her out, but she can’t even get Amanda to talk to her.

Some random cute guy named Raúl flirts with Lizbeth.


Monica explains to Montgomery the big fat ball of nothing they have so far. Dave shows up, finally, and Monica leaves him to deal with his scolding alone. Montgomery asks Dean to leave them alone too.

Outside, he goes to wait with Monica. He says he’s sure Dave is asking for him to be transferred. And the worst part about that would be having to leave her. Monica’s sure that’s not what’s going on at all.

That’s exactly what’s going on, but since Dave doesn’t have a good reason, Montgomery’s not about to send Dean back and make it look like they’re falling apart. Dean comes in and finds out he’s not being transferred, but now Montgomery asks for a plan. The two of them staring at each other blankly? Not a good sign.

Montgomery’s still asking questions and still not getting a lot of answers. Dave brings up Estela and says they’re keeping her under surveillance and he’s sure she knows where the Lucios are. Monica asks if there’s any chance the US would offer a reward. He’ll look into it. He’s out for the night, but they’ll talk more tomorrow.

Dean tries to make peace with Dave. He says he knows he’s been a disappointment, but he’s going to try harder.

Olivia’s dad, brother, and boyfriend are talking to Monica, trying to get her to help them. She and Dave both explain they have no idea where Olivia or her former coworkers are. They all agree to keep each other informed.

Dave didn’t realize Olivia’s dad was ex-military. Monica abruptly changes the subject and asks Dave if he has a problem with her. Because she gets the feeling he has a problem with her. Dave says he doesn’t. (And we’re having this conversation because…?)


Yolanda’s trying to call and check in on her aunt, but she’s not getting a signal. Cañola tells her to wait until they get to a bridge up ahead…and then they get blocked in.

Obnoxious’ lead hench tells her to come with him and he’ll spare Cañola. Instead, they make plans to shoot their way out. They shoot two out of four, but then Yoli gets shot and Cañola tells her to run for it. Obnoxios’ lead hench takes out Cañola.

Obnoxious is pissed that Yolanda got away. Hench doesn’t think she made it–there was blood on the bridge. All the same, Obnoxious thinks they’d better find out who she is. And tomorrow, they’re getting their guns back.

Camp Lucio

John and Oscar have made up, not that anyone’s really saying anything to indicate things are going to be any different this time around. Yolanda stumbles back, calling for John, and collapses into his arms. John shouts for Carlina as he carries Yolanda to their cabin.

Tía Rosalba hears all the fuss and comes running out, asking what happened. Oscar stops her from going over and tells her knowing Yoli, she’s probably been shot. Oh yeah, she’s a pilot, but what? Did she think Yoli flies tourists? Oh, no, she should come on up to the house with him and have some tea and he’ll tell her the real story. (Well…at least he offered her a drink?)

Carlina’s not too worried about the wound, as long as she disinfects it. Yolanda starts fussing about not letting her aunt see her like this. And where’s Cañola? John’s sure he’ll be back soon. He wants Yoli to tell him everything. She says it was those guys from the bar, from last night.

Nobody told John a thing about last night. He whines at her about how she’s gotta tell him everything. He tells Carlina to make sure she doesn’t have so much as a scar after this. It’s not like Carlina has much choice but to agree, even if she knows he’s being completely unrealistic. John goes off to get more information about Obnoxious and his crew.


Pobre de Lopez, having to listen to Estela all day. He tells Dave she’s been calling guys on the phone and flirting. All. Day. No calls of any interest to the case. Dave tells him to keep paying attention and give him any information directly. Lopez complains that he’s supposed to report to Monica, but Dave makes some excuse about him being the one in charge of the Altamirano portion of the op. I guess that’s good enough for Lopez.

Monica’s waiting for Dean to come over for dinner. She gets stood up.

Dean’s having a date with The Senator’s assistant. He’s upset that he’s been doing all this stuff for the cartel and they’re not living up to their end of the bargain. He wants to see The Senator’s face. Montgomery’s in on this meeting–he tells Dean he’ll meet The Senator soon.


Oscar’s disappointed about their setback, but Zuli says they shouldn’t let it interfere with their plans. How about making John think that Yolanda’s a DEA mole working for Dave. Oscar doesn’t think John’s going to believe that. Yoli’s been working for them too long. Plus, John’s in love with her.

Zuli brings up the Cartel de las Sombras. They can tell John that Yolanda’s trying to get information on the Cartel de las Sombras and that’s why Dave doesn’t seem to be able to find them.

Oscar likes Zulima’s plan, but he feels like it’s missing something. John finds them talking together and demands to know why nobody told him a bunch of armed men came into HIS bar yesterday. Zulima says it wasn’t anything important. They were just drunk and hitting on the girls and Yolanda showed up to defend them.

John yells at her, saying she answers to him, she can’t just make decisions on her own. They must be some low-level narcos from the area. Zulima says Yolanda disarmed the guys and asked them please not to tell John. Oscar says this is what he gets for giving Yoli and her friends so much power. But as for the little narco, just say the word and he’ll take care of them.

John says they have to be careful–this isn’t over yet. John walks out and Oscar calls after him “Is Yolanda ok?” (Oh yeah, Oscar, nice touch. Very convincing. *roll eyes*) Zuli tries not to laugh.

Camp confessions

Tía Rosalba brings Yoli some tea. So…she got shot, huh? Yoli says it was just a scratch…some guys wanted to steal the truck.

Tía asks her to tell the truth–is she a narco? That’s what they call people who move drugs right? What difference does it make who told her? It was Oscar, her boyfriend’s brother. And the two of them are the most wanted narcos in the country.

Did she think Oscar and John were going to take pity on a stupid old woman like her and keep Yoli’s secret? She tells Yolanda to look her in the eyes and have the guts to tell her the truth. She wants to know what her niece has become.

Yolanda finishes telling Tía Rosalba the “How I met my narco” story and helps her back to bed. She says he’s the first man who’s treated her with respect. He’s the one who helped get Rosalba out of the hospital, among other things. And he says Yoli’s his best pilot. He’s the one who taught her how to fly, just like she always wanted.

Rosalba suddenly wonders what happened to Estela. Yoli says she came asking for help, but she sold Yoli out to the feds. Rosalba asks if she’s listening to herself–she keeps talking about danger, running, chases, betrayals. There’s no loyalty in this world. Yesterday her mother betrayed her, today it’s Oscar, tomorrow one of her friends could stab her in the back…or John.

Where did her girl go? What does Yolanda want–to end up like her dad and get shot? She’s worried one day Yolanda won’t hesitate to take out a gun and shoot someone. Becoming a murderer would be the next step….

Yolanda remembers killing skeevy uncle in the parking garage.

Rosalba asks if there’s something Yolanda isn’t telling her.

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