La Reina de la Canción Tuesday 4/18/17 #2


We’ve just gotten it down to 24 and right away, Las Horóscopos and Poncho pick their teams. Here’s how it shakes out:

  1. Stephanie Franco, 18, Oxnard, CA – plays the violin
  2. Mary “la Güera” Fredette, 28, Indianapolis, IN
  3. Carmen Rios
  4. Jazmin Lopez, 35, Bracketville, TX – raising her nephews
  5. Dayanna Garcia, 19, Murietta, CA
  6. Olivia Calderón, 44, Eloy, AZ – security guard
  7. Flor Hernández, 30, Tucson, AZ
  8. Claudia Fernanda, 27, Mexicali, BC – voiceover artist
  9. Susett Rodriguez, 24, Pomona, CA – plays guitar
  10. Lluvia Vega, 28, El Paso, Tx (Ciudad Juarez) – wears a Virgen de Guadalupe medal from her sister
  11. Gabby Castro, 19, Wasco, CA – her dad forbid her to come
  12. Beatriz “la Emperatriz del Pueblo” Delgado, 29, San Antonio, TX
  1. Marcela Gálvez, 23, San Diego, CA – Marcela’s mom was a singer
  2. Vivian Mitre, 25, San Diego, CA – does crossfit
  3. Deyra Barrera, 41, Hacienda Heights, CA – sacrificed having kids to pursue her career
  4. Sandra Padilla Cervantes, 25, Swansboro, NC – a server
  5. Liliana Hernandez
  6. Sandra Itzel, 23, Miami, FL – actress
  7. Irene Davi, 28, Anaheim, CA
  8. Paloma Carrasco
  9. Janine Rivera, 19, Whittier, CA
  10. Beatriz Montes, 43, Lerma, MX – took a temporary break from music to raise a family
  11. Verónica Rosales, 32, Houston, TX – used YouTube videos to learn how to accompany herself
  12. Yohanny Rodriguez, 39, Caledonia, IL – proud Dominicana

Alejandra introduces Lucero. And when she calls her La Novia de América, she means the whole damn hemisphere. She’s going to be judging and she’s looking for a good voice, but also someone who can convey emotion.

And now it’s time for…

Casa Reina

This house looks familiar, but I can’t think from where. Nuestra Belleza Latina, maybe? Or one of the many incarnations of The Real World?

They assigned sleeping spaces, so at least there’s no bloodbath over that. What? I was worried.

Meeting with Lucero

Las Horóscopos and Poncho get some private time with Lucero to go over their team members and start going over strengths/weaknesses. So it sounds like there’s going to be something of a cooperative process here of choosing the Reina.

And then some of the contestants (at least) get some time to just sit and chat with Lucero. Sit. And chat. With Lucero. About stuff like her kids and inspiring other women.

Lucero comes to check out the mega-bedroom for a group pep talk about enjoying this time and taking advantage of everything that happens. She’ll be checking on them throughout the competition.

But she also reminds them of my least favorite phrase on any reality show: This is a competition.

This week’s challenge

The winner gives their team captain the ability to save a contestant or switch a contestant when it’s time for elimination.

The challenge is to make over a plain black dress. And she brought in designer Adan Terriquez to give them some advice. He’s the one who designed the dresses on mannequins in the back of the room. They need to pick four team members to do the challenge for the whole team. Because it’s the metroPCS challenge, they get cell phones to use to look for inspiration.

And out come the hot glue guns! In the end, Team Recodo goes with a black-blue-bling theme while Team Horóscopos goes black-red-gold. I’m partial to the red one and so is Adan. He didn’t like the black with blue and Team Recodo got an edge because he liked the way Jazmin wore it.

I frown in his general direction. She’s tall. Of course she’s going to be able to pull that off better.

Adan’s advice to whoever wins the competition is to find a look, find a designer, and be confident of what she’s wearing.


Vicky and Marisol brought in Régulo Caro to work with Team Horóscopos. They joke that he’s also there as taco de ojo. Régulo doesn’t think he’s here so much to coach them on singing as share his life experience–so they don’t make the same mistakes he did.

Poncho brought in Marisela, La Dama de Hierro, to teach his “girls” how to be guerreras.

Alejandra slips in the info that four contestants are going home at the end of this week.

Team Recodo rehearsals

Vivian’s singing Ay Amor. Poncho advises her not to embellish something BEFORE you learn it.

Poncho and Marisela want to hear some more emotion out of Irene.

After rehearsals, Marisela sings Si No Te Hubieras Ido, which turns into a group singalong. Everybody gets a little weepy, but Marcela’s especially emotional since Marisela’s music reminds her of her mom.

They ask about keeping your emotions under control on stage. Marisela tells them not to sweat it–sometimes you cry.

How does she get through tough times and stay focused? She says she’s never competing, she’s just living her life the way she wants to.

How does she take care of her voice? She treats it like an instrument that needs to be kept toned and strong.

Does she have any regrets? She doesn’t think you should ever have regrets–everything that happened gets you to where you are. She tells them not to regret things. If you screw up, you screw up…next!

Team Horóscopos rehearsals

Stephanie sings No Volveré and Vicky thinks they need to give her some exercises for increasing her lung capacity.

Carmen is working on El Amor de Su Vida. Vicky gets on her about pitch.

Susett is singing Ya Lo Sé. Like a boss. They don’t even have anything to say to her that we get to hear.

After rehearsals, they get to hang out with Régulo and pick his brain. He gives some general advice about determination and being yourself. Ooh, and how to sing sick…but no, we don’t get to hear that. Coping with being away from family? Remember there are rewards. He sings Sería Un Error for them.

And that’s all for today. Tomorrow: the contestants sing for the first time for their team captains.

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