Amar es Primavera Tuesday 4/18/17 #50

Welcome home

Ilker and Sibel bring home the new baby, who’s been temporarily nicknamed León. Seyma doesn’t understand how all of a sudden the baby’s a boy. Burcu says it happens a lot. She starts to tell a story, but some traditional music starts and Ilker starts marching around the living room with the baby, Ayaz, and Emre. They parade around the living room and then he announces they’re off to his son’s room!

Everyone follows and Seyma takes out her phone to document their trip to the baby’s room. That’s been decorated with a lot of hot pink accents. The guys start being obnoxious about it and it sets off an argument, until “Tía” Seyma says she’ll paint all the walls blue. Uh, she can’t replace all the toys, though–she’s not rich! Ilker says he’s buying all-new everything.

Didn’t we do this already?

Bulent finds Mete in bed feeling sorry for himself and insisting he’s hurt everyone and it can’t have just been the tumor. He must be the devil! Bulent calls Ayaz and asks him to come help Mete before he hurts himself.

Ayaz finds Mete still in bed where Bulent left him. He admits that he did consider staying angry, but then he talked to Mete’s doctor. He knows Mete didn’t know what he was doing. But even this moping around isn’t like him. He’s acting like a big “nerd.”

Flashback to the day they met: Ayaz was a wannabe rapper and Mete was a metalhead with long, silky hair. They fought over a parking space and Ayaz called him a nerd.

Ayaz can’t even tell the story of his life without mentioning Mete, so he’s going to try to forget all the things that happened recently.

Mete jumps up out of bed and hugs Ayaz in gratitude. But…um…Is he wearing boxers with bananas on them? They start laughing.

The Baby Whisperer

The baby comes to hang out at the café. Ilker bought the baby a toy gun. Emre, and I hope he’s joking, says that’s no fair! He was going to buy the baby his first gun. “So buy him a horse instead.” Öykü tells Sibel if they don’t get the baby away from these guys they’re going to turn him into a soldier. Oh, no worries–her uncle is a soldier and he knows all about discipline.

Ayaz shows up with Mete and everyone gives him a hug.

All those of drinking age–and Isik has joined them–toast to the baby. The fight over baby names starts. Maybe they should have gone baby names first and THEN drinking. I totally vote for “Suleyman” though.

The baby starts crying and gets passed from one person to the next in an attempt to calm him down. And they allllll think they’re experts, but nobody’s having any luck. Ayaz won’t even try. Mete ends up having the magic touch. Sibel calls a halt to all the excitement for the day. She asks Mete to bring the baby out to the car so she can take him home.

It takes a village

Group shopping trip. Mete’s the fifth wheel. Emre gets sticker shock looking at the baby clothes. Mete hits the jewelry store and shows a picture of the baby to the sales associate. Öykü and Ayaz hit the toy store and Öykü vetoes all his choices.

Ilker put together an album of baby photos for Sibel, which she thinks was very thoughtful…but no, he can’t change the baby’s diaper. Maybe when he’s gotten more experience. Ilker’s upset that he barely gets to touch the baby without her permission. When she opens up the diaper and they both get a whiff, I think he loses some of his enthusiasm.

But now he’s all excited about what he imagines his son’s proportions will be when he’s fully grown. If you get my drift. And if you don’t, maybe it’s better that way. They start arguing about the baby getting circumcised and Ilker not only thinks they should wait until he’s older, he thinks that should be entirely his (Ilker’s) decision.

The friends can hear the argument as they approach the house. The ringing doorbell doesn’t slow them down a bit. Now everyone else gets dragged into the argument. To clarify, Ilker wants them to have the traditional circumcision ceremony at six or seven years old and Sibel wants to do it now and avoid the trauma. The other guys don’t think there’s any trauma, except that Mete says it IS a big deal if someone’s making jokes about it. And Ilker’s really insistent that there needs to be a party. Öykü’s with Sibel–do it tomorrow at the hospital and get it over with. Great–they’re raising a baby by committee.

Said committee and their bickering wakes the baby. It’s Tío Mete to the rescue again. Ilker gets up to open the door and let Seyma in. She’s perfectly happy to see the baby, and even to see Mete holding the baby…until Mete starts bragging about being the Baby Whisperer. He doesn’t even notice her face falling…or the others clearing their throats loudly. When he finally notices them all gesturing to Seyma with their heads, he thinks they’re trying to tell him to go put the baby in bed.

Just in case we’ve forgotten, Seyma remembers every horrible thing that happened when he found out she was pregnant–him telling her to make the appointment for an abortion, saying he didn’t want to have a baby, telling her he’d take her to the hospital himself when she didn’t go through with it the first time, Seyma walking out of her appointment alone afterwards. (For a fluffy show, this sure does get real sometimes.)

Seyma grins and shrugs it off. She goes over to the baby’s carrier and pins her baby gift to it–a gold coin with a charm to ward off the evil eye and a red ribbon bow. Öykü and Burcu tell Ayaz and Emre to go ahead and give theirs now, too. Ilker jokes that the baby is rich now. Seyma says she needs to go. She’ll hold the baby another day, when he’s awake.

Emre comes back out and hands the baby monitor to Sibel. Everybody starts explaining to him what a giant jerk he was just now. And he gets it, but it feels like he’s not quite as horrified with himself as anyone else is.

It was just a typical day…

Cem congratulates Öykü about her fashion show…again…when it was last month. OK, he wants money for a new game. Hey, he studies a lot and he got good grades. Öykü’s about to give him money when Meral comes running in and tells her not to do it!

She threatens to throw out his game console and he gets the requisite lecture about going outside and finding some “real” friends, which I’m gonna let slide only because he said it was the console itself that’s his “friend.” Anyway–Öykü is NOT to give him money behind her back.

Ayaz comes over to surprise Öykü. He neglected to mention he brought his dad’s bike. She looks in the mirror on her way out and decides that her ensemble is not up to snuff. I say once a dude’s seen you puking, all bets are off. She starts emptying out her closet. Gotta give her props–nobody manufactures drama like Öykü.

Emre’s trying to get more shifts at his taxi job. The boss doesn’t think it’s a good idea for him to do mornings AND evenings, but Emre wants to make more money. Burcu stops by so they can grab something to eat before her class, but he lies and tells her he’s covering a shift for a sick friend.

Mete goes to Onem’s to see Seyma. She’s heard about the tumor and asks how he’s doing. He’s not overt about saying he’s no longer feeling all blackmail-y, but he apologizes and says he doesn’t know what else to do but apologize and wait for everyone to forgive him. Onem forgives him. And yeah, Seyma should be in her office….

He brought her daisies. Also a vase and a bottle of water. So she’ll remember the “old” Mete.

He apologizes for what happened at Ilker’s, but as far as she’s concerned he just keeps hurting her–tumor or no tumor. He tries to tell her he feels like a fish with a hook in its mouth. Yeah, that’s about how she felt when she had the abortion. He asks forgiveness and she says she can do it, but how is their child going to forgive them? Really, she doesn’t know how she feels about him, but she knows she has a problem with herself. She’d like to not see him for a while. Mete says he can respect that.

At least when Öykü comes down she’s in pants and sneakers. And now that she sees the bike, she wants to skip class. (*cough*)

Burcu calls Mete on the way to class for an update. He tells her it went badly. She offers to come pick him up, but he’d rather have some alone time. She runs into Isik and mentions that Mete tried apologizing to Seyma and it didn’t go well. She goes off to class, but Isik suddenly changes direction.

Um, a motorcycle and a selfie stick? Can we not? And standing up in the seat? Ayaz is spending more time trying to get Öykü to behave than he is driving. The go to the beach and THOSE ARE NOT BAGELS! They’re simit.

Mete gets home and finds Isik waiting for him with a picnic basket.

Öykü and Ayaz look at the baby pictures Sibel sent last night. Ayaz never would have thought Ilker would end up married with a kid. Öykü hopes they end up like Sibel and Ilker, but Ayaz doesn’t see what’s wrong with being themselves. They’re going to get married soon enough and move into a different house–the one he has now is too small for kids. Öykü hopes their baby isn’t stubborn like she is, and she’d rather they be tall like Ayaz. Öykü and/or Ayaz start having a fantasy about her being pregnant and having a baby.

…and then the drama happened.

Sibel calls and asks Öykü to come over right away and not say anything to Ayaz. She got an appointment for the baby to get a circumcision today. Öykü feigns a work emergency.

Mete’s enjoying the fresh air at the park. Isik asks if he’s keeping up with his medical appointments, but he’s tired of talking about himself all the time. He asks if she’s getting together with her ex, but she says neither of them really wanted to after all.

At Sibel’s, Öykü, Burcu, and Sibel have three hours to find a way to keep Ilker from somehow finding out about the circumcision. If only they could get someone to keep him at the restaurant….

Mete finds a frisbee in the basket and they start playing. He gripes about Isik’s throw ending up out to one side and she tells him he should have reached for it. In retaliation, he does the same, but she trips and falls on her arm. They have A Moment…that’s interrupted by his ringing cell phone. Sibel begs him to get over to the house right away–she’ll explain when he gets there! Isik says it’s ok, she’s got a class to teach.

When he gets to Sibel’s he finds out she wants to recruit him to make sure Ilker doesn’t leave the restaurant and interfere with the circumcision. He thinks having it done in secret is a bad idea. And it’s not like Ilker isn’t going to notice! He doesn’t want everyone to hate him all over again. Well, Öykü puts it to him this way–would he rather have the guys hate him or her, Burcu, and Sibel? He says he’ll get going and mutters to himself that whatever happens now, he deserves it.

Ilker is at the café, practicing his diapering skills. A friend calls to congratulate him on the baby and Ilker sends him a picture. Mete arrives and Ilker complains to him about Sibel not letting him change diapers. He decides he misses the baby too much and he wants to go home. Mete refuses to let him go until he’s mastered the art of changing a diaper. Where is his masculine pride?! He crumbles up a cookie for added realism, but Ilker doesn’t think it’s funny.

Sibel is stalling. She doesn’t want to wake the baby up to take him to the hospital, but it’s starting to get late.

Ilker cracks. He has to go home! Mete comes back from the bathroom to find him fleeing and he can’t make him stop. He calls Sibel to tell her Ilker’s on his way home.

Sibel got the baby ready, but he throws up. Öykü asks why. (Um, because he’s a baby?) Sibel starts freaking out. She’s only been at this for a few days! How is she supposed to know?! Öykü changes the baby’s clothes while Sibel calls the doctor. The doctor’s verdict is that he’s a baby and Sibel needs to calm down.

They get headed out the door again, but it’s too late. Ilker comes in with Mete. Sibel tells him the baby just fell asleep…she’s going to go put him in his crib…with Öykü and Mete. No need to follow–Mete’s the Supernanny, right?

In his room, Sibel puts a baby doll in bed with her baby’s hat and throws the covers over him to fool Ilker. So…he’s sneaking out of the house before he’s even a teenager, eh? Öykü prepares a duffle bag for use as a baby carrier. Mete wishes she’d wait until tomorrow, but Sibel really wants this surgeon.

So now Mete’s job is to keep Ilker from taking the covers off the fake baby. She has no idea how she’s going to get the real baby back inside the house, but she’ll figure it out later.

Ilker and Mete play video soccer. He pauses the game, thinking he’ll go in and get a good luck kiss, but Mete tells him not to disturb the baby while he’s sleeping. And certainly not just for a game! But now Ilker is distracted, watching the “baby” on the monitor. Mete tells him he’s not focusing. He’s so boring since he became a dad! To keep Mete from leaving, Ilker promises he’ll concentrate.

And then Mete’s phone rings. It’s Sibel. He pretends he’s talking to Emre as he gives her an update. Ilker figures he might as well go check on the baby. Mete scolds Sibel for ruining her own plan and goes running after Ilker.

In the baby’s room Ilker has noticed that the baby’s head seems to have grown…and he’s not moving…or breathing…and he’s made of plastic. He remembers Sibel insisting the baby’s name would be “Yagmur” and he’d get circumcised in two days and starts roughing up Mete for information. Did they go to the Registro Civil or the hospital?! Ilker calls him a traitor. Mete tries the “The girls made me do it!” defense, but ends up admitting they’re at the hospital.

On the way out of the house, Ilker calls Ayaz to tell him Sibel kidnapped the baby to get him circumcised and that means “they” aren’t going to get to have their big party. Mete promises to drive his car fast, but I’m not sure how committed he is to that.

At the hospital, Ayaz and Ilker turn on Mete, who keeps insisting the girls pressured him and in his, uh, weakened state?, he couldn’t say no. Oh, hey, did Ayaz get a new bike? “It’s my dad’s….” Ilker yells at them for discussing this right now. He’s screaming that he can’t calm down–his son’s in there getting cut.

Inside, they hop into an elevator and Ilker just hits a button at random. When he admits he has no idea where he’s going, Mete tells him to look at the labels, but now Ayaz unhelpfully chimes in that there’s no circumcision department. So Mete hits the emergency stop button so they’ll quit wasting time. And now they’re stuck. But he swears it’s because the electricity went out. Ilker sobs that they have to “save” his son…and he’s a little claustrophobic.

The lights come back and they’re off to the main reception desk to find out where little Batican Sorbey Kormaz is getting circumcised…but there IS no Batican Sorbey in the hospital because Sibel refuses to name him that. Mete slowly, but gently suggests he try…you know…that other name. Ilker chokes out “Yagmur Kormaz” and she says he’s on the fifth floor. (I had to look it up–what is his problem with Yagmur? The internet says it’s a unisex name.)

Ilker decides he no longer trusts the elevators. They run up the stairs to the fifth floor…and run right into Burcu, Öykü, and Sibel. It’s too late. Ilker can’t believe Sibel did this TO HIM…er, without his permission. Ayaz can’t believe Öykü skipped out on their date for this.

They all stand there arguing in the middle of the hospital hallway until Mete interrupts and reminds them all they’re in a hospital. He thinks he has an idea to resolve this…and they’ll find out what it is in four hours, but for now they need to leave.

Mete throws the baby a post-circumcision party at the café.

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