La Reina de la Canción Wednesday 4/19/17 #3

It’s time to sing! Tonight we’re only going to hear 12 of the 24. They’re going head-to-head on the same song. Lastima para nosotros that we’re still getting only a cutting and not getting to hear the entire song.

El Amor de Su Vida
Carmen Rios (#teamhoroscopos)

We saw some of her rehearsal yesterday and she was asked to watch her pitch. Mission accomplished.

Janine Rivera (#teamrecodo)

Marisela had some concerns that Janine wasn’t really getting into the song. Once she gets going it’s clear that isn’t a problem. Vicky would have liked to hear her sing it in a higher key, but Poncho disagrees–for him the lower key was warmer. (Pues, OK, Poncho, but she could have brought it up a little and not lost that.)

Me Vas a Extrañar
Mary “la Güera” Fredette (#teamhoroscopos)

Régulo points out in rehearsals that Mary’s got kind of a country sound to her voice. She’s struggling with the words and Marisol tells her to practice slower and gradually bring up the tempo. Mary’s off tempo. And for some reason, the band doesn’t follow her.

She admits she thought about packing up and leaving last night. Alejandra and Marisol both give her props for learning Spanish and liking the music and wanting to sing it. Marisol thinks maybe she’s finding a new subgenre here, country musica regional. Poncho’s glad she didn’t go home.

Marcela Gálvez (#teamrecodo)

Marisela had concerns about Marcela being distracted during rehearsals. She wanted her to set aside whatever was bothering her and focus on the song.

In her performance, Marcela’s in tempo, but the words get away from her. Other than that, it was solid. Poncho mentions it, but he also tells her to be careful–she doesn’t always have to go full out on everything. Vicky likes that she just kept going and didn’t make a big fuss about having forgotten the words. She and Alejandra agree it’s better to screw up with attitude! “Antes muerta que sencilla,” Alejandra says.

Ay Amor
Vivian Mitre (#teamrecodo)

This is a new song for her and she’s really stressing over the words. Poncho warned her not to embellish before she knows the song. Marisela didn’t feel like Vivian was loving the song.

Pitch got away from her. And unless the captains got together and compared notes, Vicky wasn’t in on the “don’t embellish” conversation and what did she do–embellished. And Vicky could tell she didn’t know the song as well. So I’m kinda feeling annoyed because…we discussed this!

Claudia Fernanda (#teamhoroscopos)

Claudia also isn’t as familiar with the song. I don’t get it. This is apparently one of those songs that I didn’t realize I knew until people started singing it. So this brings up another peeve of mine–why are they only being given recordings and lyric sheets to study from? I know not everyone knows how to read music, but I’m sure some of them do and even if they don’t it’s going to provide a visual reminder of “you go up here, you go down here” that they’re not going to get from a lyric sheet. *sigh* Anyway…

Claudia takes her time on the intro–nicely done. I could still feel where she wasn’t quite on the notes, but she did it like she meant it. She forgot some of the words and made up new ones and she takes some ribbing for that.

Yo No Soy Esa Mujer
Paloma Carrasco (#teamrecodo)

Again, Marisela didn’t feel like she was loving the song. And Paloma forgot how it was supposed to go in rehearsal. (Sheet music. Sheet. Music.)

Paloma really tries to get into it, but it’s not long before she forgets the lyrics. (And Mr. 5ft noticed.) Poncho scolds the lot of them to concentrate.

Gabby Castro (#teamhoroscopos)

Gabby mentions in rehearsal that this song is a bit of a trabalenguas (tongue twister). She’s not wrong, but I think it’s more that if you don’t come in right where you’re supposed to on “de modo que no puedes ni sospechar” it’s just gone and it’s so fast you can’t get it back and you might as well skip straight to “yo no soy esa mujer.” (Yeah, this whole Paulina Rubio album spent at least a summer in the car’s CD player and Mr. 5ft and I were working at the same place and we had an hour commute each way, so obviously I have Opinions.)

Gabby does ok. Gabby’s getting into it better than Paloma did. I still feel like Gabby doesn’t know the song–some places there were note changes that felt deliberate and some places it just felt off. And yeah, she flubbed the lyrics right before “de modo que no puedes ni sospechar” but she actually still managed to come in correctly, which says to me that she was so determined to nail that bit that it got in the way of what came right before it.

Vicky acknowledges that spot is tricky and Poncho gives her props for owning the song.

Hermoso Cariño
Deyra Berrera (#teamrecodo)

Marisela feels like Derya’s worrying too much and she doesn’t need to–she’s got this. She does mention a change of look is in order. I don’t know what she thinks isn’t star-worthy about Deyra’s look specifically, but I’m feeling optimistic about Derya’s chances of winning the whole thing if all Marisela can come up with is “stop worrying and change your look.”

They give us a nice long intro to just relish the anticipation. And then Deyra sings and she’s gorgeous and perfect and confident and I just…sigh audibly. Can we have a show with nothing but Deyra singing the whole time? I mean, I like the others too, but…Deyra! And the judges can’t say much besides “keep doing what you’re doing.”

Beatriz “la Emperatriz del Pueblo” Delgado (#teamhoroscopos)

Beatriz is a pro. She asks for tips about her presentation in rehearsal and mostly they tell her to relax.

I’m glad they put someone like Beatriz up against Deyra. She’s another one where you just want to sit and listen and enjoy. Totally different kind of voice, but still she’s confident, she knows what she’s doing…and what is up with her worrying about her presentation? Because she just walked right out there and owned the stage. OK, yes, a little bit of a pitch problem, but I didn’t even care.

And it took me this long to notice that Team Horóscopos coordinated their outfits. I’m seeing a lot of red over there.

Vicky says Beatriz’s voice reminds her of Lucha Villa.

Detras De Mi Ventana
Irene Davi (#teamrecodo)

This is a Yuri song and Irene doesn’t know it. She gets a scolding for that. Like, I don’t know if I know it, but now I feel compelled to go learn it so Poncho and Marisela don’t come over to my house all “Seriously, Kat?”

I still don’t know if I know it when Irene gets going. She’s subbing in pure bravado for notes. If you’re ever at karaoke and you suddenly realize you don’t know a song as well as you thought you did, do what Irene did–give a good performance and damn the notes. Poncho gives her props for owning the stage. Marisol jokingly asks if she’s sure she wants to be a singer and not an actress.

Lluvia Vega (#teamhoroscopos)

Lluvia knows this one. Vicky wants her to cut loose a little, so let’s see if she does that.

She is letting loose, but it comes through a little uncontrolled and that affects the pitch. She’s no less dramatic than Irene was. The judges agree she owned it. (And no, this isn’t one I know.)

Tomorrow night we hear the rest of the contestants and four go home.

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