Guerra de Ídolos preview

The first two episodes of Guerra de Ídolos are now available on the Telemundo Now app and On Demand.

Of course I watched! It’s no secret to anyone that I’ve been salivating over Guerra de Ídolos since the promos started coming out, if not before. I’m a sucker for anything music-related–hey, I sat through all of Season 1 of El Vato–and I’ve been hoping that Guerra de Ídolos would be for música regional what Smash was for Broadway and Nashville was for country.

After watching the first two episodes I’m not disappointed. And it’s not just música regional–it’s more like “música Latina” in general. There’s also pop and música urbana. The production team have gone out of their way to make sure the music is legit and opted for musicians who are also actors rather than actors who can pretend to be musicians. It pays off. Some familiar faces include Maria Leon (formerly of Playa Limbo) and Vince Miranda (Andres in Silvana sin Lana, and one half of Vincela–the duo he formed with Marcela Guirado, who played Majo).

The music in this show is solid, it’s high quality, not a snippet of something that sounds passable so we can sell the illusion that this is a show about music. By the end of the second episode there were already four songs I desperately wanted to belt out in the shower–and one would have been enough to make me happy.

Not only is the music good, it’s easy to find! Typically, with telenovelas, if we’re lucky there might be a soundtrack released months or years after the show ends. There’s already a soundtrack out for Guerra de Ídolos and an on-screen reminder when the song they’re playing is available online. Small caveat: they don’t list the TITLE on screen. However, at least on Google Play Music, the track listing follows the order of the songs in the show, so I’ll cut them some slack on that.

As for the story, if you can bear with another comparison, it also reminded me vaguely of Dallas–there are rivalries between families and rivalries within families–minus the oil and with the addition of music, guns, drugs, and human trafficking. There’s hardly a character in this show who’s not stabbing someone in the back to get what they want. There are very few “good guys” and a whole lot of machismo.

So, who’s who in our four main families:

Los Solar
  • Julio César – singer, songwriter, center of the Solar family
  • Mateo – Julio César’s brother, producer, songwriter
  • Isaac – Julio César’s brother, band manager
  • Gilda – Julio César’s sister, the only Solar not involved in his career, a doctor
  • Moisés – the patriarch
  • Celestina – the matriarch
  • Belinda – Julio César’s wife or girlfriend
  • Victoria – Belinda’s ex BFF, Julio César’s fan club president and lover
  • Chalino – Mateo’s driver/bodyguard
  • Valentín – the son of a friend of Chalino’s (Esther), looking for a record deal
  • Tito and Básico – Valentín’s cousins/backup band
  • Leticia – server at a bar Isaac frequents
  • Renzo – Leticia’s boss
  • Dylan (leader), Cristian, and Diego (beard) – musica urbana artists from PR, Mateo is producing their demo
Los Matamoros
  • Amado – wannabe mayor, weapons dealer
  • Manara – Amado’s sister, singer, songwriter
  • Julia – the youngest sibling, not yet of legal age, dancer
  • Agustina – Amado’s housekeeper, possibly also his lover
  • David – Amado’s right hand, Manara’s lover
  • Fierro – a hench
Los Zabala
  • Rafael – Julio César’s mentor, singer
  • Ernesto – Rafael’s dad, also a famous singer
  • Itzel – Rafael’s wife
  • Nicolas and Santiago – Rafael’s sons
Los Treviño
  • Gabriel – radio station owner, arms dealer, human trafficker
  • Selva – Gabriel’s daughter, radio producer, Julio César’s ex
  • Alexis – radio host, works with Selva

And this is just a first impression–the first two episodes are full of surprises and it’s quickly revealed that some characters are not who we thought they were.

Guerra de Ídolos premieres Monday, April 24 at 8pm/7c and airs M-F at 9pm/8c.

Author: 5ftLatina

Kat is 5ftLatina. She is really 5' tall (and probably shrinking) and Latina. She is not actually a cactus, but she is both prickly and cute. Mr. 5ft is actually married to Kat, but is not 5' tall or Latina. He is also not a form of plant life.

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Visita/ Guest

I think I finally get who all the characters are now. I’m not sure if I’ll be watching everyday. I’m not that interested in dramas, especially if there is violence, but I do need to get more exposure to the Puerto Rican accent. I was just in PR a few weeks ago and had a hard time understanding. :/

Autora/ Author

I struggle with any Caribe accent. Honestly almost anything that isn’t the standard, neutral Mexican accent can throw me. If it makes you feel better, my Mexican heritage speaking students have confessed to sometimes having trouble with the PR accent.

I try to seek out different accents. I am eternally grateful for the Latin tier of my cable package. I’ve gotten to practice listening to Venezuelan, Chilean and Castillo accents. After seeing these comments, I double checked my channels and discovered I have a Dominican and Puerto Rican channel. Now I can practice listening to those too 🙂

Visita/ Guest

I’m so jealous! My cable has a grand total of 2 Spanish-language channels: Univision and HITN TV.

Autora/ Author

I actually changed my cable company so I could get more Spanish channels. Is that sad?

Autora/ Author

Exactly! I don’t want to be right either.

Linda F.
Visita/ Guest
Linda F.

Hi Kat, I’m so excited that you’ll be recapping this! I discovered El Cohete right at the end the broadcast of “Tormenta de Pasiones,” and I was so disappointed to have missed all the posts during the months I was watching the novela. I’ve been checking back ever since then, hoping you’d be covering one of the novelas I planned to watch. The two on my pending list were “Guerra de Ídolos” and “La Candidata.” Is there any chance you’ll be recapping the latter? By the way, as I browsed your blog, I was delighted to see your comments on… Read more »