La Mujer del Vendaval Tuesday 1/10/17 #40

So Alessandro and Marcela are all happy together and kissy kissy and Nisa is all sad cause her Cami has to leave and Cami is pouting because all of the above.

Things get hot and heavy in the master bedroom.


Nisa and Maria Laura cannot let Camilo leave so they run to Mateo’s to stop him, but he’s already gone. Nisa gets all worried about Cami all alone out there in the wilderness with all the ferocious wild animals and Mateo and ML look at her like she’s lost her mind.


Octavia finds Silvana walking the halls of the Hotel Toscana and invites her in for a nightcap and also so Oct can ask about what’s up w/Ale and his plans. This gives Silvana a chance to ask Octavia bout Luciano asking bout Valeria. Sil is hurt and worried since Luc like all the mens can separate his heart (does she mean heart, or some organ lower down?)  from his logic-er, and the last time he didn’t really choose to stay for Sil he stayed for his family.

After Sil leaves Oct reasons out loud – Ale’s plans for El V must be different from the plans his parents supposedly have, though she’s not sure what they are. Oct is bound and determined though, she will come out on top and win the day and the ranch.

Out in the wilderness with all the wild and ferocious animals:

Nisa and ML drive around till they find Cami. Nisa does her whiny pooor you thing and then ML tells her to beat it so the grownups can talk bidnez. ML’s new plan is Cami shoots hisself in the hed!. Not even kidding. Of course, not in an important area, they can check w/a doctor to see where its safe to shoot yerself in the head and then he just aims for there and bam, he’ll be all hurt and it’ll be Marcela’s fault and she’ll feel so guilty she’ll have to let him stay and also fall into bed with him (OMG this plan!) Cami is soo not on board so ML modifies the plan, he doesn’t have to shoot hisself in the hed, they can find a non essential body part he can shoot hisself in. (since all Camilo’s body parts are non essential to Marcela now, he’s got his pick) Still nope. Marcela and her inheritance aren’t worth that much to him.

When good? adequate? marriages go bad:

Silvana gets back to her room. Luc is pretending to be asleep. Sil thought bubbles how much she loves that rat. Luc is remembering meeting Val and wondering how she got so deep under his skin.

Sagrario and the Virgin are tight:

Sagrario prays that Marcela will find happiness w/Alessandro.

Quick cut to the master bedroom, looks like they’re both on well on their way to finding happiness.

Next time we see Ale and Marcela they’re savoring the afterglow and pillowtalk.

Maria Laura’s lair/bedroom.

Nisa is fantasizing out loud about how she could help Cami forget all about Marcela, but ML says no. Cami is too far gone and may even do something crazy like shoot himself. (she hopes)  Nisa is horrified.

Sagrario’s sanctuary

Mateo knocks on Sagrario’s door late at night, telling her  to grab her stuff, he’s come to abscond with her!  Just kidding. Ha! No he’s just there to worry about Marcela and the foreigner and talk to Sagrario about making their thing public at the upcoming party. Umm  ehh we-eel, Sagrario tells him about Severo’s new plan where he gives her the land and she stays married. Mateo thinks of course Sagrario turned him down, right? Um, nope Sagrario plans to accept to save Marcela’s ranch.  Mateo’s not happy Sagrario’s sacrificing their happiness, again,  to save the ranch and he’s tired of waiting for Severo, but knows that Sagrario has already made the decision so he leaves.

San B P

Cami knocks at the cyber-bakery looking for a place to stay but nobody’s home.  (maybe he can stay at the hotel with the other vermin)

Hotel Hell

Severo is sleeping but Mike is too scared. He’s got his beating stick clutched in his hand, and the light on, so he can see when a giant bug crawls on Severo’s pillow. (I hate Severo and I’m still shuddering.)

Mike goes after the bug, but I’m pretty sure he only gets Severo’s head. At least twice. (which pleases me inordinately) Severo is not happy to be awoken thusly.  Well, Mike can’t sleep here, he wants to go home, or anywhere else really. But Severo needs him here for the plan. Mike thinks they’ll never find anything in the mess that is the records office and its a lost cause, plus he doesn’t really like the plan. Mike’s about to lose it, he can’t take much more, but he still makes better sense than Severo’s macho crap (please  somebody explain what Mike’s reference to more macho than Pedro Infante means) Mike tries to explain how Severo’s really in the wrong here but Severo is adamant he’s going to get his own way and doesn’t want to hear how he cheated first and doesn’t care that Mike’s disappointed in him. Severo brings up the fraud Mike helped him with and brushes aside Mikes excuses that it was just a small legal transfer. It was straight up fraud and you knew it. You’re in this up to your neck bud and just as guilty as I am and you’re going to stay and help me with this. Severo punctuates his speech with literal arm twisting and not so gentle taps with the rat-killing stick and Mike agrees to help but not stay in Hotel SBP, maybe they can go to the capital and there’ll be better accommodations. No, Severo’s got an idea where we can stay in town and I’ll arrange it tomorrow. This settles Mike down and he returns to bed, scratching and clinging to his stick.

Emiliano’s mom’s house:

The surprisingly domestic Roman has made Emil supper and they discuss the funeral preparations and the slooow pace of every municipal function in the is town. Also, speaking of slow, isn’t it taking Cami a long time to come and offer his condolences? Ding-dong  its Cami at the door looking for a place to stay and he learns of Emil’s mom’s death from an angry Emil. Cami explains his situation, somewhat and Roman goes yeah that’s tough bro, in a very unsympathetic tone.

Emil gets a call that the death certificate is finally filled out, but the person who does the makeup for the funerals is out sick. Cami knows someone who can do it, but they’ll have to wait till morning to call.

Back at the ranch

Marcela and Ale make their way to the kitchen for some food to restore their strength, they’ll have to stop huggin and kissin to eat though.


Nisa has a nightmare about Cami killing himself and wakes up, digs out the necklace and goes to hide it in Marcela’s desk, so that she can save Cami from Marcela’s clutches. Now she just has to wait for somebody to find it. Mwah ha ha she titters evilly with that diabolical gleam in her eye.


Mateo talks to his parrot, sadly. Will Severo really win and keep Sagrario? What can he do?

Cris’s apt.

Cris got up early and made breakfast for Alba and Amadeo, and to top it off he remembers Amadeo’s name!

Yum yum  then gotta run to the bus station to get Amadeo on the bus back to San BP to open his business.

Ranch kitchen

Sagrario and Mateo – her: don’t be mad.  him: we have a right to be happy together, also couldn’t Ale help out financially?  her: Marcela  would never let him. him: why not? (me: why the @#$%& not?!?)  her: because reasons. Also I worry that his parents won’t like Marcela, I just have a feeling.  him: she’s just as good as they are. @#$%& Severo knows just what buttons to push. I hate that he’s got us over a barrel.  her: I just hope he keeps his end of the deal.  him: I hope he’s wrong and he doesn’t own part of the ranch.  Either way they’ll always love each other, and they kiss. The younger love birds come in to coo at them.

Outside Cris’s apt

Amadeo is pulling Alba along by her arm. He wants to see her safely to the hotel before he leaves, she wants to see him to the bus station. He warns her not to be so trusting of people. Alba remembers she forgot the dress Cris loaned her for work today and runs back for it.  Cris found the dress and meets her at the door, he was just about to run after them. Alba takes the dress and promises to launder and return it tomorrow, and thanks him with a cheek kiss and a hug and scoots. Cris sighs a happy sigh and smiles a bemused smile. As she’s running out of the apt complex Alba, with a brilliant smile, passes and greets Nura and her mom on their way in.  Ding-dong. Cris thinks its Alba forgetting something else and answers the door with a smile that fades to shock as he sees Nuria, who says she needed so much to see him as she goes in for a kiss! And a hug, and another kiss and another. Cris reciprocates, putting his arms around Nuria and seems comfortable with her caresses and her calling him ‘my love’ though he still looks totally stunned to see her.

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4 years ago

Gracias, stealth! “OMG this plan!” And of the three–ML, Nisa, Cami–I still think ML is the smartest one, so…? She doesn’t seriously think this is going to work, does she? But she doesn’t want Cami gone, so…? I’m just. The words. My head. I was so disappointed Mateo didn’t really want to kidnap Sagrario and run away! It was funny that he said it, but I was still disappointed. Giant bugs at the Hotel Hell…nopenopenopenopenope! I guess they don’t bother Severo ’cause creepy crawly things are, like, his people. “The surprisingly domestic Roman has made Emil supper” Yeah, ’cause I… Read more »

4 years ago

I don’t know if we’ve ever heard where Roman and Amadeo’s parents are. Maybe they lost them recently and he remembers what it’s like?