La Piloto Wednesday 4/05/17 #22

Camp Lucio

Tíá Rosalba wants to go home–she’s not going to stick around and watch Yolanda ruin her life. But she wishes Yoli would think about things. She nearly died today, someone died saving her, and next time it could be Rosalba. Yoli insists that’s not going to happen–that’s why she’s protecting Rosalba. She apologizes for letting her down.

Yoli cries and thinks about Tía Rosalba and Dave both asking her WTF she’s doing with her life. When John comes in he tells her Cañola’s body is on its way back to his family. He brushes off her guilt–that’s what fighters are for. To protect them.

Yoli seriously wants to know how John’s doing after what she told him this morning about Dave. He is SO not in the mood to talk about it.

Cielito Lindo

In the bathroom at the bar, Cindy’s about to get an extreme makeover at the hands of a very angry Amanda.

Out front, John’s ready to leave after reminding Zulima again that she has to tell him EVERYTHING that happens at the bar. Oscar makes the suggestion that they leave a couple of their guys inside, looking like regular clients, just in case anything goes down. Which is, like, the smartest thing I’ve ever heard Oscar say.

Arley gets tasked with finding out who those guys were. John’s positive they’re coming back.

But first, Arley has to deal with the fight going on in the women’s bathroom….

Olivia’s already in there breaking it up when he, Lizbeth, and Zulima show up. He pulls Amanda back by the throat and makes her drop the scissors. Zulima scolds them both and tells everyone to get back to work. Alone in the bathroom, Arley asks Cindy what Amanda did. She points out her new asymmetrical ‘do and he’s like “Seriously? That’s it?” and walks out of the bathroom.

Amanda’s in a much better mood now, looking at Cindy’s hair. Zulima sends Cindy home. She promises not to dock her pay. Cindy’s surprised Zulima doesn’t hate her after what happened. Oh, no, not at all. Zulima wants to be friends. And she wants Cindy to report on the others.

Tres Fuegos

Monica got into the bottle of wine…which explains why she thought it would be a good idea to call Dave and ask if by any chance he’s with Dean. Dave’s at the airport. No, he doesn’t know where Dean is, but that’s Dean for you–taking off and going missing all the time.

She hears the loudspeaker and asks where he’s off to…oh, but wait, she forgot, she’s not his colleague anymore, she’s a suspect. Dave whines that they already talked about it–he’s going to Altamirano to put pressure on Estela. Right, ok, well, whatever he needs, he knows Monica’s there for him.

Dean’s decided to be a good boy and do as he’s told and quit whining about meeting The Senator. Next assignment: go to Altamirano and shut Estela up before she has a chance to say anything. Well, this oughtta be interesting.

Dean finally calls Monica just as she’s about to go to sleep. He claims he had to drive Montgomery around and he just never saw all her phone calls. He gives her the “c’mon baby, don’t be mad” and Monica looks like she’s going to cave.


Dave makes it back to Altamirano. Lopez doesn’t have anything interesting to report, but a taxi pulls up just then to take Estela somewhere. Dave leaves Lopez to watch the house while he follows.

Estela picks up Emiliano and takes him to a hotel. After…you know…he declines a third go, but they make plans to see each other next weekend. And she’s lending him money so he can buy a new TV because the poor guy can’t watch his fútbol matches on his busted set.

Dave comes in, sarcastically calling “Room service!” He wants to know where Yolanda is and Estela keeps insisting she doesn’t know. But, see, everybody gets a little nervous when Dave threatens to go tell Emiliano’s aunt what he’s been up to…and hey, how old is he exactly?…so Estela can either come down to the station and the ENTIRE town can find out or she can tell him what he wants to know.

Estela claims that Yolanda is in Altamirano with John, but Dave wants to know exactly where. Estela says it’s a house south of town, but gosh, she’s bad with directions. Lopez calls–there’s movement inside the house. Dave sends him in and tells Estela they’re leaving the hotel now.

Dave and Estela get back to her house and find Lopez’ car sitting out front with the door open. Dave tells her to stay in the car while he checks things out. Inside, Dave sees Lopez on the floor and checks for a pulse. While he’s doing that, someone in a hoodie and face mask shoots at him. Dave chases the guy out, but he gets on a motorcycle and drives off. Dave calls for backup to chase down the motorcycle.

Dean abandons the motorcycle and walks off, ripping off his mask.

Dave realizes Estela isn’t in the car anymore and she doesn’t seem to be in the house, either. He picks up the phone and calls local police, asking for help with a dead officer and a missing witness.


Yolanda dreams that she’s back at the house in Altamirano and Tía Rosalba’s throat is cut. Oscar tells her it’s all her fault and puts a gun to her head.

She starts talking in her sleep about her aunt and John pretends to be asleep when she wakes up and gets out of bed.

Zuli comes home and finds Yoli awake. She tells her all about Amanda and Cindy getting into it at the bar. Yoli asks if John was there, but he’d just left. She’s glad–she thinks he’s getting tired of all of “them” and is going to get rid of them. She includes herself–he’s been distant since she told him about Dave.

Zuli says Yolanda has to regain his confidence. Suuuuuure, and just how is she supposed to do that, O wise Zulima who knows everything? Zuli tells her to get John to see her as not just a pilot, but his right hand. See, she heard from one of the guys that the Lucios have this client, el Cartel de las Sombras, and they’re not getting along too well right now. She thinks Yoli should work what god gave her and do some public relations for the Lucios. And then John will trust her again.


Yoli overhears Tía Rosalba praying to the Virgen for her.

Dave gets back to the station in a bad mood and starts screaming at Monica, of all people, about the Lucios being one step ahead and Lopez being dead and Estela being missing. She’s sick of his paranoia and tells him to open an investigation against her already.

Dave backs off. He whines about being under pressure. Estela completely got away from him. She said Yolanda was in Altamirano with the Lucios, but he didn’t believe a word of it. His phone rings.

“If I turn myself in to the authorities, will you promise protection for my aunt?”

Dave goes out to his office and starts trying to trace the call, but Yoli has her fancy Israeli anti-tracking device on her phone. Oscar listens in and hears Yoli offering to turn herself in–just her, not the Lucios–in exchange for protection for Rosalba. Dave doesn’t want to lie, she’d be in jail for a while for helping drug traffickers, and then there’s the matter of skeevy uncle.

And that’s where he loses her. Yolanda’s angry that he keeps accusing her of killing him. Dave says he knows it was self-defense, but the judge isn’t going to see it that way. Yoli tells him to forget it and hangs up the phone.

Camp Lucio

Oscar asks Zuli to steal Yoli’s cell phone.

Zuli finds Yolanda in her and Amanda’s cabin. Amanda’s still sobbing over Arley. She knew it all along, that he wasn’t interested in anything more than sex. And now she’s stuck having to look at his stupid face, and Cindy’s. Zulima lets Yolanda do the talking and tries to unobtrusively get her hands on Yoli’s cell.

Amanda doesn’t think she wants to have this baby anymore. Yolanda’s sure she’ll change her mind tomorrow. She nearly leaves without the cell phone, but Amanda points it out to her.

Yoli explains to Tía Rosalba that she’s planning on flying her home. She knows, Tía hates flying, but it’s the fastest way. And she’s sorry, she knows Rosalba doesn’t like seeing her doing this stuff, but she can’t get out. She tried. She can’t turn her back on John after everything he did for her. Sure, she’s paying for it with her freedom, but that’s what happens when you make bad decisions, right?

And she can’t abandon the other women. She’s sure if she leaves, they’ll all end up dead.

Rosalba gets it. And she’s not judging, she just never wanted Yoli to end up like her dad. She says there’s always a way to get back on the right path. If Yoli wants to stay, she respects that, but she doesn’t agree with it. Yoli promises everything is going to be OK.

Boyfriend trouble

Olivia checks her social media from the front desk, which Lizbeth reminds her they are NOT supposed to be doing, per Oscar’s orders. She gets all excited reading the messages from her boyfriend that he got deported from Spain and he’s coming to find her. That was two days ago. He’d be in the DF by now. She begs Lizbeth to help her get hold of Yoli’s phone with the anti-tracking thing on it.

It sounds like Roberto’s living at Olivia’s house. And Omar is losing patience with him mooching off them and calling her mom “Maggie” instead of Margot, and asking her to cook stuff for him. When is he leaving anyway? Roberto says he wants to find Olivia first, then they can pull out their calendars and talk about when he’s leaving.

In that case, Omar hopes Teniente Ortega finds her soon. Oof, little brother can’t wait to go back down to the station and talk to Monica again. He thinks she’s totes hot. What? He’s just saying. (Hahahahaha…she would break you, little man!)

The phone rings. Lizbeth calls from “the Spanish embassy” and asks to speak to Roberto. Little bro hands the phone over to Roberto and Lizbeth hands the phone to Olivia. He steps out of the room, but Omar can still hear him frantically talking to “mi amor.” Olivia’s in the room with all of Team ex-Sobrecargo as she asks him to explain why he took off for Spain without a word and now he’s back and he wants to talk. She says she’ll meet him at the cathedral in Guadalajara. No, she’s not IN Guadalajara, but she can meet him there. Yoli tells her to cut the call short.

And what’s this about Guadalajara? They can’t leave. She hopes Olivia’s not planning to do anything stupid. Olivia doesn’t answer. She puts Yoli’s cell phone in her jacket pocket, hanging over a chair conveniently close to Zuli.

Roberto tells Omar he needs to go to the embassy to sign some paperwork. Can he borrow the motorcycle? Um, no. Omar doesn’t let anybody borrow his moto. He grudgingly lends him the car.

Olivia wants “answers” from the ex, blah blah blah. Tía’s going back home, blah blah blah. The important thing is Zulima gets Yoli to leave without her jacket.


Obnoxious Narco gets a visit from one Capitán Argüelles. He’s had his guys looking and nobody knows who this “Yolanda” is. And Lead Hench hasn’t gone to ask the bar manager because Obnoxious Narco told him to wait. Obnoxious Narco can’t believe his lack of initiative! (Um…I’m pretty sure you don’t want THIS guy taking initiative on anything.) Obnoxious Narco says tonight’s the night to get his guns back.

Argüelles does have one other bit of business. The airstrip is up and running again. Oh, that’s news to Obnoxious Narco. The owners must have a lot of money to revive that loser of a business. Well, he’ll just have to go welcome them and start charging a “commission” for use of the airspace and the land. (Please do. That should be entertaining!)

Also, Obnoxious Narco’s name is Eladio, but it seems a little late to figure that out when I don’t expect him to live much longer.

Making up, sorta

Yoli finds John in the reception cabin, checking on a few outgoing shipments. He’s got a plane ready for her to take Rosalba home, but he wants to know how he’s supposed to trust that she’s not going to go talking to the feds. Yoli’s offended that he would even ask. Rosalba’s like a mother to her–how could John think she’d want to see Yoli in jail?

John says he’s putting surveillance on her anyway. If the feds or Dave come sniffing around, they’ll move her. Yoli agrees to that, but she asks him to make sure they’re discreet about it.

And now John’s the one who’s all put off by Yoli being cranky and whining at her not to be so serious. He’s just trying to protect her! He gives her a kiss and wishes her a good flight.

Zuli comes in to give Oscar the cell phone. She says it wasn’t that hard to get–they all have the same one, so she just swapped it out. What did he want it for anyway? “To check the call registry.” Zuli scoffs that he sounds like a jealous boyfriend. Oh no, he smarms, it’s John who’s going to be jealous when he sees that Yoli called Dave.

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