La Reina de la Canción Thursday 4/20/17 #4

Here we go! Tonight we get the second half of head-to-head performances and then four people are going home, which I don’t even want to contemplate right now. It seems way too soon for that. They’ve hardly had a chance to do anything yet!

I love how Alejandra knows we’re all just here for the singing 🙂

Si Nos Dejan
Sandra Padilla (#teamrecodo)

Marisela and Poncho are sure she’s got it in terms of feeling, but they’re a little worried about the notes.

Sandra’s blowing me away. She has such control. Melosa is the world Poncho uses for her voice–sweet. Marisol’s already warning him they have their eye on Sandra and Vicky says she has a great voice and great charisma.

Olivia Calderon (#teamhoroscopos)

I’m so excited to hear Olivia sing this one! They call her La Voz de Diamante at home, apparently. In rehearsal she forgets the words.

Goosebumps, baby! And is it just me or is Olivia flirting with the judges. All the contestants get excited for her performance and the judges are happy. Marisol talks about the way her voice goes from “nice” to “RAWR!” Alejandra wants to hear from Olivia. She says it’s an honor to have a chance to share what she has in her heart with all of them.

Tres Veces Te Engañé
Liliana Hernandez (#teamrecodo)

Marisela strikes me as a tough coach. She’s not pulling any punches in her comments about the contestants and her concerns. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to work with her because she clearly knows her stuff, but wow…I wonder if she’s saying some of this stuff to them or if it’s just us who get to hear it?

Anyway, Marisela thinks that Liliana’s certainly making an effort to impress someone and conquer with her music…but not the people around her.

I think they’ve started this out a little low for her. It’s well done overall. Poncho noticed the intonation problems in the beginning. Marisol praises her for owning the stage.

Jazmin Lopez (#teamhoroscopos)

Jazmin is ready to come in there and be the full package. Régulo likes her attitude.

Jazmin is definitely having a good time out there. I actually wanted her to move less, but that’s just me. Vicky thinks she dealt with all the intonation problems she heard in rehearsal. Poncho says she really made the song hers and Vicky jumps in with “three times she made it hers” which just cracks me up!

Como Han Pasado los Años
Beatriz Montes (#teamrecodo)

In rehearsal, she asks Poncho and Marisela to help her find a voice that’s going to win over the public. Which is baffling to them, because she has that. “I don’t know who told you…” Poncho starts out. (Well, Poncho, you’d be surprised how often people have opinions about things and are willing to share them, no matter how off-base they might be. And I’m not excluding myself.)

I have never heard this song before and now I don’t even know if I want to go find a recording because what if I don’t like it as much when Beatriz isn’t singing it? Marisol calls it “elegant.” I think that’s a good word for it.

Flor Hernandez (#teamhoroscopos)

In rehearsal, Flor has concerns about the key being too high for her and Régulo’s all “but this is supposed to be a challenge” and I kind of want to tell him to shut it. Sure, it’s a challenge, but we also want her to do well, right?

I do not envy the judges. If they’re having to pick who did the better performance for each song…? Oh, hell no. Different voices, but Flor’s “version” was no less compelling and she and Beatriz both sounded like they know what it’s like to run into an old flame at the grocery store or whatever. The judges are pleased.

Ya Lo Sé
Verónica Rosales (#teamrecodo)

Marisela doesn’t think she’s feeling it, but she’s got a pretty voice. Poncho’s worried that she sounds a little hoarse and he tells her to take care of herself.

Aw, crap. Poncho wasn’t wrong. Listening to her makes my throat hurt. Someone get this girl some warm tea and fuzzy slippers! She’s not going completely off the rails, but she’s not being careful either and it’s just scaring me.

Poncho’s glad she toned down the embellishment. Vicky noticed the out-of-tune notes.

Susett Rodriguez (#teamhoroscopos)

In rehearsal, Vicky wants feeling. Régulo is sure she can pull this off, even if it’s not her usual style. Susett was saying she doesn’t really do “Jenni” so much as acoustic stuff.

Susett is one who really gets those low notes with a good solid core. It’s a pleasure to listen to. And she ain’t half bad on the higher notes either! OK, yeah, she messed up the words. And I think Poncho’s about had it with that. He scolds her to concentrate. Vicky wants her to move around less, saying she didn’t need it. Alejandra congratulates her on being universally loved by the contestants.

No Volveré
Sandra Itzel (#teamrecodo)

Even though this is a new song for her she just loves it. In her family they listened more to Vicente Fernandez…

Um, this IS a song Vicente Fernandez covered. Poncho and Marisela are both annoyed. Marisela has a little private snark moment about how it’s one thing to SAY you’re a fan and another thing to sing someone’s songs and not know it. Poncho advises her to learn the history of the genre she’s singing.

Nice work. Poncho wants to work on her higher notes. Vicky heard some pitch problems up high as well. And Poncho makes this weird statement about it being obvious to him that acting isn’t at odds with singing. Um…who ever said it was, Poncho?

Stephanie Franco (#teamhoroscopos)

Vicky wants her to cut loose a little. Stephanie’s worried about hitting those lower notes at first, but she’s feeling “mas free” after rehearsal.

I don’t know if Stephanie’s ever actually told a guy to take a hike, but based on that performance, I’d be willing to believe there’s some dude crying in his beer over her. Vicky was worried it was going to get away from her at spots, but no. And Poncho thinks she’s got a great voice and youth and a gleam in her eyes “And good captains!” Yes, Vicky, and good captains.

Me Va a Pesar
Yohanny Rodriguez (#teamrecodo)

This is a brand new song for her and she’s worried about her presentation. Marisela thinks she did it well, even though she’s nervous about it.

I think she got off to a rough start and it was maybe too low for her in the beginning? Poncho thinks she was nervous. Vicky noticed the pitch problems. Marisol says she’s great when she just makes the song hers–which I agree, she had some good moments in there.

Dayanna García (#teamhoroscopos)

Régulo noticed in rehearsal this was a little low for her. They worked on her singing with confidence. Which she doesn’t think is anywhere near as difficult as having conversations with Régulo.

She did really well with that, and I thought she was pretty relaxed, but Marisol mentions her being nervous. Other than that, nobody has any critiques.


Vicky and Marisol get the opportunity to make a trade. Which I guess means none of their team members are going home? They don’t actually want to trade, but they decide they’re stealing Sandra Itzel. They’re sure Poncho’s going to be pleased that they’re trading Flor.

According to Alejandra, both Sandra Itzel and Flor are still in.

What’s going to happen now is that each captain is putting up four contestants for elimination and two are going home from each team…but that’s not happening until Monday.

Also on Monday: Lupillo Rivera and José Manuel Figueroa are coaching, drama at Casa Reina.

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stealth cacophony
Visita/ Guest
stealth cacophony

I ended up working late so I only caught part of this, but shoot! Maybe its just me, and my pool of knowledge about this music is not very large, but it seems like this type of music you really have to have a great voice and a lot of confidence to pull it off. Some of these women really have it. Plus not letting them pick the songs they sing just makes it harder. If you’re picking for yourself you know what you do well and what songs you know and you can pick something that really makes you… Read more »

Autora/ Author

Thanks for recapping this show, Kat! I really enjoy watching the performances and then reading your comments about them.

I thought Jazmin moved around too much as well. It was funny because her moving distracted me, but Susette’s didn’t.

I’m not looking forward to Monday and the eliminations 🙁