La Piloto Thursday 4/06/17 #23

Yolanda, Yolanda, Yolanda

Zulima can’t believe Yolanda was so stupid as to call Dave. (Hm. Now I’m annoyed she didn’t erase the call record. Actually, I’m pretty sure all of them should be erasing everything, fancy anti-tracing thingie or not.)

Yoli, Rosalba, and Carlina make their way slowly to the plane, with the help of one of the guys. Lizbeth brings Yoli her forgotten jacket and John comes up to wish her a good flight again. He hopes Tía gets better soon. She asks him to take care of Yolanda and not let her get hurt because of his business crap. John actually manages to look a little guilty.

Yoli shows off her mad flying skillz to Tía Rosalba, who couldn’t be prouder…if only it wasn’t under these circumstances. In the back, Cañego, the guy they brought along for protection, is starting to look sick. (Aw, man…move the mic away from your face and locate the barf bag. I’ve been there. It’s not pretty.)

In the hangar at Camp Lucio, John does some maintenance work until Oscar interrupts with the chisme about Yoli’s phone call to “someone from the DEA.” John thinks this is just Oscar’s latest attempt to make him doubt Yolanda. Oscar suggests he look at the call registry….

Dave’s in his office, lamenting that Estela got away from him. If she hadn’t, she’d be under their protection right now. He and Monica both know whoever was sent to kill her isn’t going to stop looking for her. Dave’s phone rings and he answers, thinking it’s Yolanda…

It’s John. And now he’s furious. Oscar says he’s not going to be stupid enough to say “I told you so.” (Except…you kinda just did.) The question is, what are they going to do about it? And Oscar promises to support John, no matter what his decision is. (Hahahaha, yeah right!)

Cañego’s flight from hell continues. Rosalba has decided to relax and enjoy the moment since she has no idea when she’ll see Yoli again. They hit turbulence. (I should not be laughing at Cañego’s face, but I do it anyway.)

Dave finally explains to Monica about the call earlier from Yolanda. And he admits it’s Dean who he doesn’t trust. Monica’s too busy being floored at the idea that Yolanda’s even considering turning herself in to care.

Rosalba’s getting panicky as Yoli drops down lower to prepare for landing. Cañego’s not doing so good either.

In the house, Oscar officially says “I told you so.” John seems more worried about whether Yoli still has feelings for Dave than whether she wants to turn them in. (And Oscar heard her say they weren’t part of the deal, so not saying so makes him come off like a Mean Girl and I can’t wait for this whole thing to blow up in his face.) Oscar says they have to move again–he’s sure Yolanda’s going to screw everything up as soon as she gets back.

John refuses to leave–they’re not going to let a chick send them running. They need to know what her plans are. He’s going to call Cañego. Oscar would rather use Cañego to off Yolanda and her aunt (who he’s awfully hostile towards for no good reason). Nope, John’s not down with that. He just wants her watched. And he wants to talk to Zulima. “Fine, but I warned you!”

Sorry, John, Cañego’s a little busy right now trying not to lose his breakfast when Yoli lands. Rosalba’s praying for all she’s worth.

Dave doesn’t know what it means that Yoli didn’t talk to him when she called the second time. He and Monica start speculating about whether she’s being threatened. They decide that maybe Rosalba’s an angle they haven’t considered. No one’s been in her house for the last month, but maybe that’s where Yolanda would go if she wants to run away. Dean listens in as they talk about Yolanda maybe being next on the hit list after Estela–maybe she knows too much.

Well, at least Cañego made it out of the plane before he puked. And Rosalba’s basically fine, but shaken up. She doesn’t want Yoli to risk herself dropping her off at home, but Yolanda insists on it. If there’s anyone there, staking out her house, she wants to know.

John wants Zulima to tell him everything she knows about Yolanda. That’s kind of a broad question. She assumes she knows the same things he does. Oscar tells her to quit being cagey and tell them if Yoli ever asked about any of their partners. (*roll eyes*) Well, yeah, she asked about the Cartel de las Sombras once.

John asks about Yoli and Dave. Ummm…she never said she loves him, but she never said he didn’t. And Zuli thinks she’s stuck on him since they slept together. (Special place in hell, Zuli. Special place in hell.)

Oscar thinks that’s enough to get John to give the kill order, but no. He wants Oscar to check with Vergara and find out everything about the Dave-Yoli situation because John is a narco with FEELINGS y’all. FEELINGS! And his little narco heart is broken.

John gets Cañego on the phone and tells him to keep a close eye on Yolanda and let him know if anything seems strange.

Vergara calls to pick on Dean about not getting anything accomplished after he’d dared demand to see The Senator’s face. He didn’t kill Estela and now she’s on alert and probably going to go to the feds and spill everything she knows. Dean knew nothing about the call from Yolanda. Vergara warns him not to drop from “mediocre” to “useless” and just find Estela and kill her.

Dean’s ineptitude may be working in Yolanda’s favor. When Vergara tells John that their mole hadn’t heard anything about Yolanda calling Dave, it makes him question whether the call actually happened. Zulima innocently chimes in that either way, it’s still a problem. Oscar agrees with Zuli. John starts arguing with him and Zuli pouts that she feels like it’s her fault they’re arguing. John tells her to just shut up and take orders and give him information like she’s supposed to. I would think Zuli’s super-servile attitude and meek little “yes, sir” would tip him off that something’s not right here, but no.

And now Zuli has more information for him…Olivia wants to go to Guadalajara to meet her boyfriend. She talked to him…. John interrupts, furious that she called after they were ALL told not to call anyone! Who lent her a phone?! “Yolanda.” Oscar smirks. John sends him to get Arley while Zuli whines that she had no idea Yoli was going to cause so many problems.

Dave and Monica go back through their list…skeevy uncle’s dead, Rosalba’s missing, so is Estela, Zulima, Amanda, Lizbeth, Olivia. Monica agrees none of them are any help and they all seem to have been swallowed up by the earth. Dean says they don’t have even half a clue where Yolanda is. Monica doesn’t mention Yoli’s phone call. (Is she starting to distrust Dean too, or just respecting Dave’s distrust?)

Everyone’s love lives are messy

Olivia’s worried about what Roberto’s going to think when he finds out what she does for a living now. Lizbeth says this is their reality now, so if he doesn’t like it–too bad.

Robi gets the car checked on before he takes off on…his long drive to Guadalajara? Omar follows on the motorcycle.

Olivia asks how it went with Lizbeth last night, with that hot guy. “Raúl Argüelles?” Wait…where have we heard that name before?

Aw, crap. Raúl is a cop and he’s the son of the Argüelles who’s in the pocket of Eladio the Obnoxious Narco. And I don’t think sonny is in on daddy’s dirty dealings, because once daddy decides the shootout at the bridge was a “narco” affair, he dismisses sonny from the crime scene.

Olivia is apparently hiking to Guadalajara. Roberto may or may not have noticed Omar following him on the bike, but it’s not like there’s anyone else out there.

Casa Rosalba

Dave talks to whoever they’ve got watching Rosalba’s house. He wants them to go in, but Monica tells him to cut it out with that! They don’t have a warrant! She tells them to check and make sure no one’s inside but NOT to go in under any circumstances.

So the dude just looks highly suspicious, peeking in all the windows before he knocks on the front gate and alarms…Estela. She wisely gets down on the floor and doesn’t answer the door. (I’m finding Rosalba’s crochet curtains inspiring today.)

In the SUV, Rosalba remembers that she locked the gate and she has no idea where the keys are. Cañego brags that he’s got a master key and pulls out his gun. Yoli tells him not to give himself orders.

Estela peeks out the window as the guy out front tells Monica he doesn’t think anyone’s there. The bills are piled up at the door. Monica sends them home, with instructions to come back and check on the house every day. Estela sends up a prayer of thanks to the Virgen when she sees them leave.

Monica’s sorry, but she thinks Dave’s wasting time looking for Yolanda. She and Rosalba obviously aren’t at that house. Yoli knows they’re looking for her and she’s not stupid.

Now Estela sees the SUV pulling up and panics again. Yoli sends Cañego to climb the gate and let them in from the inside.

Inside Rosalba’s house, there’s water, but no electricity or gas. All the bills are overdue. Yoli notices that the back door isn’t locked. Rosalba’s sure she locked it, but nothing seems to be missing. Estela silently prays for them not to notice her. Yoli sends Cañego to the tlapalería (hardware store) on the corner, buy a couple of locks for the front and back door, and pay the overdue utility bills. None of which, apparently rates as “suspicious” in his view, so he just goes on and does it.

Yoli hands Rosalba some cash after he’s gone. She says she’ll send money every month. Estela smiles a triumphant smile hearing this, but Rosalba doesn’t want to accept money that people might have died for. They get into an argument over it. Yoli didn’t know when she first got hired at CAA that they were narcos and she sure did work her ass off to earn the money she was sending Rosalba, so yeah, she’s going to keep sending money. She doesn’t care if Rosalba spends it or gives it away or burns it.

Yoli starts searching the house while Estela tries to calm her breathing and look for somewhere to hide. Yoli shuts an open window she assumed was the cause of the noise.

Yoli gives Rosalba a lecture about keeping everything locked and not answering the door without checking to see who it is. And if the cops show up? Well, ask them what they’re doing here. But she’d better say she doesn’t even know Yolanda. Got it?

Camp Lucio

Oscar screws around, practicing quick draws until Zuli shows up to take Yolanda’s phone back. Now she wants to know what Oscar overheard Yoli telling John. She scoffs that Yoli had a sudden attack of honesty, but then she was always stupid. They have to be careful–if Yoli decides to tell John everything it’s going to screw up their plans. Oscar doesn’t think they need to worry about that. He walks off to take a call on the radio.

Eladio the Obnoxious Narco has his guys load up the truck with guns. Capitán Argüelles pays him a visit. He warns Eladio to keep a low profile–the cops have seen the crime scene at the bridge and if he does anything else, it’s going to be easy to trace it all back to him. Eladio thinks he’s paying Argüelles to keep that from happening in the first place–which Argüelles neither confirms nor denies. Hench reports they’re ready to go shake down the new owners of Aerotours.

At the front gate of “Aerotours” it doesn’t occur to the two henches Eladio sent to be the least bit curious why they’re faced with a closed gate and two guards. The one who asks what they’re doing here has a lovely deep voice (I notice these things) and gives a noncommittal “Hm” when they say they want to talk to the person in charge and show off their shiny guns. (Aw, little narcos, see ya! It’s been real.)

Eladio walks Argüelles the elder out as he says they can discuss his cut of the “rent” at Aerotours as soon as Eladio finds out what the situation is there.

The two little narcos end up in the hangar. John calls Oscar in to behold this sight–these little twerps came to shake them down for protection money. Oscar gives them his compliments. They killed one of his men and now they’re here demanding money? Wow. Props.

John says they’re not getting their money. But one of them may be getting sent back full of lead. The taller one tries to bargain with him–they can pretend nothing happened here. (Oh, little narco! You crack me up!)

So, who sent them? Oscar promises not to get aggressive with them, but his people will. The guy with the nice voice walks up a shoots the shorter narco, como si nada. Oscar tells the remaining guy to take a good look. And he just loves killing people, so…he can tell Oscar who sent him or Oscar can have some fun.

“El Bochas.” Uh huh…they have no idea who that is. Perhaps this gentleman could take them to meet this “El Bochas”? Duuuudue, no, his boss would kill him. Oscar’s like “Yeah, John, his boss would kill him!” OK, so how about this–Oscar can kill him now or his boss can do it later.

He chooses option B, with a side order of begging and pleading while he drives. It was all just a misunderstanding! They can stay out of each others’ way. Oscar tells him to shut up and drive faster. John radios Oscar to tell him if this Bochas guy doesn’t understand that nobody extorts money from the Lucios, just shoot him. (Hey, you don’t have to tell Oscar twice!)

Little narco loses his nerve. He stops the truck, gets out, and tries to make a run for it. Through an open field, without bothering to serpentine. Oscar shoots him in the back. What? He was just trying to scare him. Now they’ve gotta dump the body and the truck in the river, reinforce security, and find out everything they can about this Bochas guy. Eh, Oscar’s not worried.

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