Amar es Primavera (Season 2) Monday 4/24/17 #54

Yes or no?

Huh. I guess it was “yes.” Either that or Öykü and Ayaz skipped the wedding and decided to go on their honeymoon anyway. She skipped out on him to wander around alone and he calls to ask how much longer she’s going to make him wait for her.

Öykü finally gets back to the Two Hearts hotel, where Monika is waiting for her, scolding her for taking so long to run errands. They have cooking to do before they have some coffee in the garden.

And Ayaz is waiting for Mete for a meeting. For which the clients are running late, which gives them more time to prep.

So…Öykü and Monika are running a café? She’s wearing an apron and serving people coffee. The show’s theme gets Italianified in honor of her relocation. Monika starts in on how Öykü must miss SOME things about Istanbul. Why is she being so stubborn about it? It’s been two months and she hasn’t taken off her ring. Everyone thinks they’re still married.


And they are–officially. The judge asked the question and Öykü accepted and then everything got weird after as they were driving to who knows where in his car.

Ayaz was glad they’d gotten through it and Öykü kept acting like she expected something from him. She says he’s ignoring her. He’s definitely acting annoyed. She tells him she thought about saying “no” and his attitude is creeping her out. Now she suddenly thinks she doesn’t know him and he’s changed. Ayaz doesn’t want to have this conversation. She asks if he doesn’t love her like he did before. He has no idea, but they’re out of gas and he’d rather not discuss it until they get to their hotel.

At the gas station, Öykü grabbed her suitcase and hopped on a bus while Ayaz was inside paying. She texted him to say she needed space.


And it’s all his fault because he didn’t say he loved her or take her hand or read her mind and figure out that’s what she wanted. So she ran off because she was afraid of their love ending. (Oh yeah, way better to just kill it, that makes a lot of sense.)

Ayaz tells Mete they did have an argument, but he didn’t think it was anything important. They had the wedding and then she ran off on him for something stupid.

Öykü tells Monika Ayaz probably can’t understand what was so important.

He doesn’t. He figures maybe now she’s happy without him?

Öykü isn’t sure if she’s happy. She wishes he’d called her that night after she ditched him at the gas station. But he didn’t, so too bad, so sad, she told Meral not to tell him where to find her.

And Ayaz can’t figure out why she never called him.

Oh, she wanted to, but she was afraid their love was already gone and now she’s just trapped by her fear. Monika sighs. She wonders if they’d reconcile if they got together and talked about it. Öykü has no idea. Monika laughs at the idea that Ayaz could have forgotten her by now.

Nazmi, an older man, approaches the table and asks if they’re talking about Ayaz again. And where’s his coffee?

Mete wonders what would happen if she showed up again. Ayaz has no idea. He might hug her, or he might turn his back on her. But it doesn’t matter. And why are they talking about this anyway? Well, aren’t they talking about doing a restoration?

The clients arrive.

When Öykü brings Nazmi his coffee, he asks her to sit down. It’s been two months, right? Every day he keeps hoping that when he shows up he’ll find that she packed up and went back to Istanbul…but then he sees her and it’s as if time stopped. Öykü says she can’t leave. He thinks of her as a daughter, but when he looks at her he thinks she’s like a novel that’s missing some pages.

Mete and Ayaz try to go out to a club, but Mete doesn’t think he’s doing ok. Yes, he’s going to insist on talking about it. Everything went wrong at that ceremony! Ilker and Sibel were fighting. Isik cried for hours and then left him to go off to the US. At least he and Seyma are still friends.

But the point is there was so much tension at the ceremony! This story isn’t over. And Mete is sure Ayaz could find Öykü in a second. Um, no, he’d rather forget her…and wipe his memory if it were possible. She’s a ghost to him from now on. He’s getting a divorce.


Meral has moved. There was some remodeling going on in the neighborhood, so she kind of had to. Emre, Burcu, Mete, and Seyma hang out in her living room, looking uncomfortable. Seyma and Burcu make a very big deal about Meral making them her famous candy and showing them how.

Mete’s plan is for him and Emre to search the place and find something with Öykü’s address on it. Mete snaps a picture of her return address on a letter. Cem busts them.

Mete sends Ayaz to Italy, telling him he’s going to meet a potential client. Mete’s far too busy. And Ayaz could use a vacation, right? Maybe he’ll meet the love of his life there! Ayaz grumbles, but he says he’ll go.


Nazmi finds Öykü sketching in a manicured garden. He doesn’t know much about fashion, but he thinks her drawings are pretty. Maybe she should do this again. Monika’s said the same thing, but Öykü isn’t interested.

“Why are you wasting your talent?” Because she wants to get away from everything. Maybe she’ll design again when she goes back to Istanbul. If anyone will hire her. Onem must be angry at her. Nazmi is sure when someone is talented, they find their place sooner or later.

Yeah, Onem’s angry. Mehmet is sure Öykü and Ayaz will be together again soon. He tries to distract Onem by asking her to come to Hakan’s restaurant opening, but she’s busy putting together a new proposal for Atlantis. He doesn’t get it–she’s a recognized designer, why does she want a chain of stores?

“You criticize Ayaz, but you’re addicted to work.” Without looking up from the sketches she’s been reviewing, she tells him to say hi to Hakan for her. She asks Seyma to make copies of everything she marked and ask Olcay to bring his files.

Reunited and it feels so ew

Öykü is waiting to cross the street…right in front of Ayaz’s rental car. But he’s fiddling with the radio and doesn’t see her.

He pulls up in front of the Two Hearts hotel and restaurant. (Wow, that car is small!) I believe the song is talking about the world revolving around somebody. Monika notices him having a seat outside and laughs to herself.

Öykü comes up the drive, walks right past the tiny car, and goes inside without noticing him. She marches right into the kitchen and tells Monika she’s decided to go back to Istanbul and talk to Ayaz. Maybe they can start over. Monika makes weird faces…um, yeah, she’s sure Öykü is ready…or at least she hopes so. Öykü looks out the window and says she’d better go attend to their customer.

So now we get the answer to “What if you saw them again?” It starts with staring…stunned blinking…and then Ayaz tries to say he’s just here for a client and Öykü thinks he’s lying. Ayaz realizes why Mete sent him here. And no, he will NOT just admit he’s here for her!

Öykü hides her ring finger and walks back inside. I don’t think he’s getting that espresso he ordered. Oh, ha! He was wearing his ring too. Now they both take them off and hide them.

Öykü complains to Monika that Ayaz is pretending he’s not here for her. Well, actually, Mete called–Ayaz didn’t know she was here. “NOW you tell me?!”

She notices Ayaz getting back into his car, so she goes outside so they can yell at each other. Monika walks out and tries to defuse the argument with “Hi Ayaz, how are you?” Ayaz asks what Öykü is even doing here and scoffs at her saying she’s working with Monika. “Watch out–she might just take off on you without a word!” And now they’re yelling about whose fault it is and how they don’t want to talk to each other.

Meanwhile, in Istanbul, Seyma and Mete assume that Ayaz and Öykü have reconciled and are doing anything from having coffee together to consummating their marriage at last.

Um, no. Monika’s still standing there in front of her hotel listening to Öykü and Ayaz’s ridiculous argument. They’re both lying to each other about seeing other people. LOTS of other people. (Seriously, kids, if you’re going to be this immature, you have no business getting married.) Ayaz tries to leave, but his car won’t start.

He’s taking a look under the hood when Nazmi arrives. Monika scolds him for missing all the action, but please, he knows exactly what’s going on. And why does she think the car’s not working. He pulls some car part out of his pocket.

Good thing Ayaz doesn’t speak Italian. Monika tells him the guy doing the repairs can’t fix his rental until the morning, and he’ll have to tow it to his garage. She gives the repair guy a “Just go with it” look. Monika and Nazmi want Ayaz to stay and work things out with Öykü, but Öykü comes out and snaps at him. Ayaz goes off in search of another hotel.

Nazmi thinks it’s a darn shame Ayaz won’t be staying. Oh, no worries–Monika called every hotel and motel in the city and he’s going to find they’re all “full.” (Uh, assuming he can find anyone to tell him that in Turkish?)


Atlantis isn’t for sale. And Onem’s pitch to buy it is basically “Y’all are headed for bankruptcy.” Well, that…may be so, but it’s still not for sale. And no, she can’t talk to the president because whoever this guys is that she’s talking to doesn’t want him disturbed for something like this.

Two Hearts

Öykü has dinner with Nazmi and Monika and explains that if Ayaz would just read her mind and figure out that what she wants is for him to be “understanding ” and quit “bothering” her…. Nazmi tells her this is her last chance and if she doesn’t do something, she’s going to regret it.

Öykü wonders where he’s staying, just before Ayaz finally makes it back, humbly saying he couldn’t find anywhere else to stay. Nazmi invites him to sit and have dinner, but Ayaz doesn’t want to be a bother.

He steps aside to take a call from Mete, griping at him that he wants to leave! Of course they didn’t get back together! How could he think they would?!

Monika rushes to get his keys and Nazmi really needs to get back to his book….

Mete passes on the disappointing news that Ayaz and Öykü are still fighting. Seyma still thinks maybe a miracle is possible.

Öykü brings Ayaz his key, at Monika’s request. They lie to each other about throwing their rings away. Ayaz angrily threatens to go out partying with those “fiery” Italian girls. She thinks he’d better learn some Italian. Oh, no, he’ll teach them Turkish. Don’t wait up.

Öykü follows Ayaz, not to a bar, which gives her hope that he still loves her. Ayaz catches her following him, which gives him hope she still loves him.

She runs back to Two Hearts and sketches on the front patio. Ayaz finds her there and starts trying to have a civilized conversation about how peaceful it is there. She agrees, she likes that a lot. So, she’s sketching? She’s never stopped. It’s her life. Ayaz says all she needs is pencil, paper, and her imagination. And an eraser, she adds. Yep, she’s got everything under control.

“Life isn’t like that.” But maybe they’re the ones who complicate it, he suggests. Öykü agrees that might be possible. If she looks at a sketch and doesn’t like what she sees, she can erase it or crumple up the paper and throw it away. Ayaz assumes that means him–she doesn’t like something and she throws it away.

He accuses her of still being in love with him. She accuses him of the same. And now they’re shouting at each other again.

In the morning, Öykü’s off to the bank in Rome on her scooter. Ayaz would take her, but he’s tired of being frustrated with her. She and Ayaz glare at each other while Monika and Nazmi despair. Nazmi tries giving Ayaz the “love is precious” lecture and Ayaz just “Hm”s.

And again, no worries, the need to go to the bank is fake and Nazmi made sure to leave her with a nearly empty tank. Dude does not mess around.

Öykü tries to refuse a ride when Ayaz sees her stranded on the side of the road, but hey, the bank in Rome can’t wait, right? And the bickering starts.


Ayaz changes his plane ticket to one for a later flight. Öykü tells him to stay in Rome–she’ll go back on a train.

Ayaz has a burning need to photograph the train station. Nothing to do with her.

Except, oops, his phone battery is dead. She thinks the photos are an excuse. He thinks the allegedly empty scooter gas tank is also an excuse. And they’re yelling at each other again. She seems to think this is what couples who have been together for ten years do (yeah, Sibel and Ilker didn’t help with that). Ayaz doesn’t know how he would survive ten years with her. Öykü is wounded.

Not wounded enough not to shout at him from the door of the train that they’ll never see each other again and she feels free. Oh, yes, Ayaz brags about how happy he’s going to be. As the train pulls away, they keep shouting to each other about how very happy they are to be free of each other while giving each other pathetic looks. He won’t quit chasing after the train until she tells him not to say anything.

Her “¡Hasta nunca!” inspires him to stat running again. He snogs her in the open door of the train while Mr. 5ft and I debate whether he’s just as addicted to the drama as she is. Well, it’s not really a debate, since we agree he enjoys the big gestures as much as she does.

Fun happy Rome montage. They agree they’ll never fight again. Uh huh, y’all just keep telling yourselves that. Ayaz is all for, ahem, being alone now and Öykü pretends not to know what he’s talking about. Oh…that! But see, the wedding didn’t go quite the way they wanted and…never mind it’s just silly romantic stuff girls think of. Uh huh.

She’s got this whole script in her head about an accordion player and flowers and him saying schmoopy stuff. Good thing there’s an accordion player and a woman selling flower crowns. And Ayaz is good at the schmoopy declarations. He proposes…again…and announces in Italian that he’s getting married. Öykü declares that he’s the only person who knows her better than she knows herself. (Um…I submit that this is false, as evidenced by the beginning of this episode.) She asks him to marry her and he accepts and announces to the crowd, in Italian, that he loves this girl. (Mr. 5ft to the applauding crowd: “Y’all might have a different reaction if you knew their history. Just saying.” He’s already predicting another breakup per 2 hours of show we have left.)

Once again, Öykü’s response to being alone in a room with Ayaz and faced with the potential for nookie is to check out the view. And the bathroom. And the artwork. She admits she’s nervous and suggests they go have ice cream. Yeah, they’re not having ice cream.

In the morning, Öykü realizes she never called Monika and Nazmi and they’re probably worried. (They’re probably toasting with mimosas, assuming they didn’t toast with wine last night.) She calls Monika with the “good news.” She and Ayaz are back together and they’re going back to Istanbul…but Monika isn’t happy.

Nazmi died last night. (BOO!)


And boom! Just like that, Öykü and Ayaz are at Ilker and Sibel’s divorce proceedings, being asked if they have anything to say about this…have they witnessed an incident between them? Öykü and Ayaz try to hedge with “We’re newlyweds…we were in Italy….” Yeah, that’s nice, how’s Italy? And could you behave yourself in the courtroom, please?

Ilker and Sibel keep trying to encourage them to tell the judge that they don’t get along. Burcu complains that they should have asked HER to testify, but Sibel thought it would mean more coming from a married couple.

Öykü tells the judge that Ilker and Sibel obviously still love each other. (Way to wreck their divorce!) Ayaz says they’ve got a baby–can’t the judge give them more time? The judge says she’s postponing this another month for lack of reasons. (Or lack of reason. Whichever.)


Onem found pictures of Mehmet on Instragram with other women. And he’s been coming home late. He says he asked her to come out with him, but she said she was busy. She knows them–they’re her friends. Does she really not trust him?

Mehmet has had it with her attitude and he wants a break from working with her. And he’s not coming home tonight. She says he’d better not come home at all, then. “Whatever you want.”

She throws her purse at Olcay for daring to ask what’s wrong.

House hunting

Ayaz wants them to start over in a new place. Öykü thinks the house is a little big, but it sounds like he’s already bought it. He suggests they get a mattress. She wants candles.

Hopefully they won’t burn the house down. They’re already planning ahead for how they’re going to remember this momentous evening.

Although, Öykü’s worried about ending up like Sibel and Ilker. Again. Ayaz distracts her from worry with sex.

He brings in breakfast in the morning…watermelon and cheese. Öykü’s planning on going back to work today. Unless his mom is angry? Yeah, about that….

Back to work

Yeah, Onem’s not happy. “This girl” ditched him at the altar and humiliated Onem in front of all her friends and abandoned her job. She tells Ayaz to get out and let them discuss this “woman-to-woman.”

Onem’s back to not “letting” Öykü and Ayaz be together.

Ayaz comes back and Onem tells him Öykü’s not getting her job back. Öykü takes off, saying she’ll start over. She doesn’t want Ayaz talking to his mom on her behalf.

Well, Onem certainly wants to talk to him. She needs his help with…something.

Öykü ends up at Ilker’s with Burcu and Sibel and the baby. Sibel cut her hair. I like it.

She tells them Onem fired her. (Well, technically she abandoned her job, but ok.) Sibel suggests Öykü launch her own brand. Even Öykü thinks that’s out of her reach.

In Onem’s office, she tells him she wants him to work with her and help her convince Atlantis to sell. His dad left, she’s all alone, and business admin isn’t her thing. She wants him to run the business.

She thinks if the three of them team up, she can get Atlantis to sell. The three of them being Onem, Ayaz, and…Mete. Ayaz doesn’t want to trade in architecture for fashion. Mete doesn’t see what the big deal is–they won’t be designing, they’ll be running this huge chain of stores.

Ayaz will do it if Öykü gets her job back. Mete smirks. Ugh, fine! Onem agrees.

There’s no episode tomorrow, when they’ll be airing a repeat of the premiere of Guerra de Ídolos. Wendesday-Friday the episodes are only one hour each to accommodate repeats of the previous night’s Guerra de Ídolos and the Premios Billboard pre-show.

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“Reunited and it feels so ew” Ha, exactly! I have no idea what that break up/make up was about. Like no clue. I agree with u and mr. 5ft. I thought it was all Oyku with the drama lovin’ but no Ayaz is in on it too. At least I could observe Oyku’s pretty outfits while they bickered.

Once again, tks for the recaps!