La Reina de la Canción Monday 4/24/17 #5

After a quick recap of last week, Alejandra reminds us that tonight, each team captain is going to have to name four contestants. Two of those four will be going home.

Poncho names Paloma, Irene, Yohanny, and Vivian. He saves Irene and sends home Paloma, who apologizes for her performance (eek, I did not need the reminder). Poncho says she’s young and got a long way to go, so…good luck.

He’s going to keep Yohanny…Vivian applauds, because what else do you do? She thanks Poncho for giving her the opportunity. He tells her not to give up. Vivian vows to learn how to control her nerves.

I guess the point of naming four is so two of them get a warning kick in the pants?

Now it’s time for Vicky and Marisol’s torture. They name Gabby, Claudia, Carmen, and Mary. Um, ok, so, whoever’s doing the editing does realize they’ve cut back on the suspense by showing us who’s left in those “drama drama drama” scenes back at the house, right?

Carmen stays, but Gabby goes home. She wishes she had another chance. I’m sad thinking about her going back home and having to face her dad.

Mary stays (thanks, editors) but that means Claudia’s going home. A quick shot of the bleachers shows me we’re all crying together. Damnit! I liked her! Claudia says she screwed up the lyrics and there’s just no room for that.

Casa Reina

Everybody goes home so Paloma, Vivian, Gabby, and Claudia can pack and everybody can say goodbye and cry some more. I wish them luck.

In the morning, Alejandra visits to give them their next challenge…Duelo de Reinas. The captains will pair them up with another member of their team and whoever does best can relax…but the other one is up for elimination.

Susett’s already thinking “Fue un placer conocerlas” like the song says.

Alejandra says they’ll have a couple of mentors coming in to work with them, but they’ll find out who later.

Mentors and rehearsal

Vicky and Marisol think they’ve got an advantage on this challenge–after all singing duets is their specialty. And they’ve brought Lupillo Rivera in to work with their team.

Lupillo’s greeting to the team is basically, “Hey, you’ve left behind your boyfriends, husbands, kids, families…so use your pain.”

Lupillo totally thinks Team Horoscopos are gonna bring it.


Poncho tells his team they’re going to need to commit. Their teammates are their competition this time. He brought in his buddy José Manuel Figueroa (who recently played his dad, Joán Sebastian, in his bio-novela). Um, there’s a lot of squeeing when he walks in.

Mary and Stephanie – Si Una Vez (#teamhoroscopos)

Vicky’s a little worried about their little chick, Stephanie. She was coming in flat, especially at the beginning. Marisol agrees she’s not giving everything she can.

Stephanie says she’s nervous about this song and about singing with Mary. She doesn’t think Mary’s “en tono” (in tune) but once Vicky says she absolutely is, things start going better.

Lupillo thinks Stephanie needs to learn to take direction and work in a team.

All the focus on Stephanie is making me nervous.

Beatriz M and Verónica – ¡Ay Jalisco, No Te Rajes! (#teamrecodo)

Poncho wanted to pair them up because their voices have different colors. He wants to see how they blend. José Manuel tells them to be careful–this is practically a hymn to Mexico (yeah, no pressure). And so far, they’re blending well.

The guys are a little concerned about Vero’s tendency not to have a very strong stance sometimes when she’s singing. Poncho demonstrates by showing the difference between pushing José Manuel when he’s standing like Vero does and then again when he’s more “en garde.”

Vero appreciates the advice, but so does Beatriz–she’s taking mental notes. José Manuel thinks Beatriz has the advantage here.

Sandra I and Dayanna – El Sinaloense (#teamhoroscopos)

Vicky explains to Lupillo that they traded Flor to Poncho in exchange for Sandra because Flor had the band lower the key for her and Vicky didn’t think that’s what a luchona would do.

Sandra and Dayanna had this going when they rehearsed alone, but with the captains and Lupillo, it’s all out the window. Dayanna’s not used to singing so low and it’s throwing her off…which runs the risk of throwing Sandra off. Lupillo tells her not to be afraid.

Vicky sits them down outside of rehearsal and asks if it would help if they raised the key “un tono” (I think she means a whole step…my music ed was in English, so I’m kind of guessing here). Sandra refuses.

Olivia pulls her aside to talk and Sandra jokes that she’s getting a scolding. Olivia just wants to know why she seems so upset. Sandra explains about Vicky’s suggestion and that she turned her down. It felt awkward after what Vicky said about Flor, plus Sandra thinks she’s at her limit and if she keeps pushing her voice she’s not going to have a voice to push.

Flor and Sandra C – Tu Lo Decidiste (#teamrecodo)

Poncho brags about getting Flor and thinking Las Horóscopos are going to regret it.

José Manuel thinks they make a good mancuerna (pairing) but they need to keep from getting overconfident. Sandra appreciates the criticism. Poncho wants some more expression–eye contact, José Manuel suggests.

Yohanny and Deyra – El Amor Más Bonito (#teamrecodo)

Poncho says this is a difficult song. José Manuel notices some nerves on Yohanny’s part and tells her to use that, which she says she’s going to try…except she says she’s going to try to get over them.

José Manuel thinks this is going to be the most interesting duet of the evening.

Yohanny spends some time with one of the other contestants and talks about how musica regional helped her get through the loss of a pregnancy and how she sang Jenni Rivera’s Ya Lo Se to her baby. She’s grateful to be here and hopes she can show people what a Dominicana’s doing singing musica regional.

Irene and Liliana – Como la Flor (#teamrecodo)

Irene’s nervous after nearly getting sent home and she does NOT want to go through that again. José Manuel has them monologue the song–just talk through the song instead of singing it. (Awww, memories of voice lessons!) Poncho and José Manuel are both pleased with the results.

Marcela and Janine -¿Porqué No Le Calas? (#teamrecodo)

José Manuel notices they’re using their hands a lot. He’d like to see them talk to each other a bit more. But also “¿Porqué no le calas?” is defiant, so he wants more attitude. They’re getting some good harmonies in rehearsal, so I’m looking forward to hearing that in performance.

Beatriz D and Susett – México en la Piel (#teamhoroscopos)

Beatriz is happy to be singing with Susett, but Susett says she feels like a cat singing with a lion. Lupillo’s advice is to avoid vibrato to stay on pitch and for each of them to sing it with her own style. Privately, he says he thinks Beatriz is going to win this round.

Olivia and Lluvia – No Me Se Rajar (#teamhoroscopos)

Banda is not Olivia’s usual thing, but Lluvia says she does a little bit of everything. Lupillo’s happy that Lluvia feels confident enough in herself to stop Olivia when she’s getting the wrong notes and help her.

Olivia suggests they try swapping places to see if it helps their sound. I kid you not, this is totally a thing and it’s so weird to try it live. Some people it’s not much of a difference, but others, it’s a huge difference. And with these two, yes, it’s definitely better to have Olivia on the left and Lluvia on the right.

Jazmin and Carmen – Ando Bien Pedo (#teamhoroscopos)

Jazmin and Carmen are REALLY excited about doing this song. Lupillo thinks they’ve both got talent which is good, but it could come back to bite them if they rely on that.

Vocally, they’re not quite as “on” as they need to be and Vicky works with Jazmin on her notes.

Casa Reina

Dayanna sits with Vicky and admits she’s been feeling insecure about her size and it’s worse now that she’s living in the house with a bunch of other women who she thinks are thinner, prettier, with better bodies. And she assumes that gives them the upper hand. She’s decided most of them don’t want her here, so she was only hanging out with Janine and Gabby. She’s seriously feeling like a lot of the other contestants are looking at her like she’s worthless.

Vicky remembers when she and Marisol first started getting recognition and how she got called “la gorda,” and they still do it today only now it’s “viejas gordas.” People suck, but “You can’t live like that.” She needs to focus on what she’s doing and not worry about the others. Love herself, be herself, and not try to be someone she’s not.

So yeah, two things. One is, sometimes it’s easy to feel like everybody’s talking about you when they’re not. And the other is, Vicky’s right and people can be real jerks sometimes. And it’s tough to know when it’s one thing happening and when it’s the other and when it’s a little of both, but Vicky’s right–you can’t live like that. Screw ’em, digo yo.

La Septima Banda

The contestants get a treat after a day of rehearsal. La Septima Banda comes by to play Se Defiende for the contestants and everybody gets their dance on.

And then the drama

Somebody thought it would be fun to do a parody of their first show and have the contestants imitate each other. Carmen acts as host. And it’s all fun and games…until it isn’t.

I don’t think it was so much Sandra I doing an American-accented version of Mary (she doesn’t sound like that, does she?) so much as Carmen mocking the extreme tempo changes. It’s a bit much for Mary and instead of just backing off Carmen argues. *sigh*

Tomorrow: The argument continues; Yohanny threatens to go all Dominican on everybody; Lupillo and José Manuel perform for the contestants.

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Autora/ Author

Muchísimas gracias amiba! My DVR has all kinds of things going on at 7 so I think I’m going to be missing the beginning 5 minutes of this on most days. If it means I miss the eliminations I might be OK with that. I’m not a fan of the heartache and tears that it causes. Also not a fan of the dramahs. I’m willing to bet it was some producer who came up with that parody idea. I think José Manuel was the better coach. I liked that he had the singers just say the words. OK and he’s… Read more »

stealth cacophony
Autora/ Author

“So yeah, two things. One is, sometimes it’s easy to feel like everybody’s talking about you when they’re not. And the other is, Vicky’s right and people can be real jerks sometimes. And it’s tough to know when it’s one thing happening and when it’s the other and when it’s a little of both, but Vicky’s right–you can’t live like that. Screw ’em, digo yo.” Oh My Gosh Yes! Its good to know this happens to everyone else too. And if someone is on your side and they actually like you, usually you can tell. Usually. Ok back to the… Read more »

stealth cacophony
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Ok, so I didn’t get home till this was over, so I didn’t really see the parody (I usually try to avoid this time slot for this reason) so maybe I shouldn’t have an opinion, but I grew up in a family with lots of teasing an parodying and joking around and my mom and grandma made sure we knew that there are nice ways and mean ways and that when you cross the line and hurt someone’s feelings(which you should know better than to do), that’s on you and you should apologize. Anyway, thanks for keeping me up to… Read more »

Autora/ Author

“that there are nice ways and mean ways and that when you cross the line and hurt someone’s feelings(which you should know better than to do)”

Yes! This! But it’s also something that’s so risky among people who are essentially strangers. This is one of the reasons I avoid reality programs. I just can’t resist when music is involved.