El Gran Estreno de Guerra de Ídolos Monday 4/24/17 #1-2

Episode 1: Dos pajaros de un tiro

It’s a full house for Julio César’s big concert. The crowd chants his name. He welcomes everyone…and then the mic hits the floor.

An ambulance races to the hospital, Julio César in the back, shot. Mateo begs him to say who did it. Julio César flatlines and gets revived. At the hospital, a nurse has to keep Mateo from entering the operating room. The doctor promises to do everything he can. Two cops arrive, asking Mateo to give his statement–does he know who shot his brother?

The previous day

Mateo arrives in LA on his private jet from Houston to pick up some cash and microphones and then it’s back to Houston for the concert. Because he’s rich and he can do that.

At the studio, currently under construction, Chalino, Mateo’s bodyguard, says the public loves Julio César and Mateo because they came from nothing. Mateo says it’s the whole family that deserves the credit. And what’s up with there being no workers here? Chalino admits it’s been slow. Mateo wants him to call Matamoros and tell him to get a move on.

Chalino also took the liberty of having his friend’s son come over so Mateo can listen to him. The guy’s been in prison for the last ten years and he just got out last week.

In the study, Valentín and his cousins play Ángel con Colmillos for Mateo. A minute ago Mateo was saying he was too busy, but now it looks like he likes what he hears. He pretty quickly tells Valentín to knock off the “Mr.” and the “usted” since he’s probably younger than all of them…ja ja. He’ll get their contact info from Chalino. Valentín decides to press his luck and ask if Mateo could get his mom’s picture of Julio César signed…? Sure thing, kid.

Mateo walks the guys out, explaining that all the construction is to turn this place into the record label Julio César always wanted. Valentín hands over the picture for Mateo to sign and Chalino tells the guys they’re in kind of a hurry….

But Valentín has one more thing to say. He heard things in prison…some people are angry at Julio César. And he wants Mateo to know he and the guys can offer an additional service. One of the primos opens a case full of guns in the back of his truck. OK, wait, but who’s angry at Julio César?

Some Treviño guy, the one from the radio…something about his daughter not getting a wedding? Mateo and Chalino trade a look.

That Treviño guy

At a rock quarry, Amado Matamoros shows off some guns to Gabriel Treviño. He wants $1.5M. Ha! Yeah, right. Treviño will give him $1M and publicity to help with his bid for mayor. He reminds Amado that he’s going to need an image overhaul, too.

Amado almost whines that he’s done everything Treviño recommended. He’s having Rafael Zabala over for dinner, and Rafa can give him publicity in his palenques (clubs? arenas?). Plus Rafael’s dad is in good with the sindicatos (unions).

OK…but they’re famous singers. Money might not motivate them.

Amado smarms that he’s got something they might be interested in.

And by the way, that singer who made Treviño’s daughter suffer is dying tomorrow. Uh, is that in exchange for the advice? No, it’s in exchange for the extra half a mil Treviño didn’t want to give him for the guns. Julio César will be dead by tomorrow at the latest.

At the radio station, Selva Treviño opens an envelope and finds two tickets to Julio César’s concert. Alexis, the host, says those showed up this morning. Ugh, she’d rather be run over by a truck than go to that concert. No, wait, on second thought–she’d rather Julio César and his brother get run over by a truck. “Don’t say that. You know your dad is very…literal.”

You know…Treviño likes that idea. OK. $1.5M and Julio César dies tomorrow…slowly…and suffers more than his daughter suffered. Amado thanks his padrino.


The cash Mateo’s picking up is bundled up in plastic and stashed under the mixing board in the studio. That seems…less than secure. But whatever. Chalino’s sorry for springing Valentín on Mateo like that, but Mateo tells him not to worry about it.

Plus, it’s true, Julio César should not have messed with Selva. Getting her hopes up like that, proposing marriage, and then ditching her? Hey, Mateo gets up to his own shenanigans, but he’s never gotten involved with a girl whose daddy’s a narco. And Treviño’s not just a narco–the radio station’s a front for his gun and human trafficking operation.

Chalino asks about the money and Mateo cryptically says it’s to buy their freedom.


Dylan, Cristian, and Diego perform Tequila Pa’La Razon on the street and try to earn some cash, but to no avail. They can’t make rent.

The good news is, Mateo Solar called them. Dylan’s so nervous he didn’t even listen to the message, he just calls Mateo so he can hear the news directly from him. Mateo does not disappoint–he set them up at a studio in Manhattan to record their single. The guys celebrate like it just rained money.


Mateo finishes up his phone call and runs into his brother, Isaac backstage. They chit chat about the sold out house and who deserves the credit. Mateo insists this is a family affair–they all did this. He walks off and leaves Isaac staring after him.

Julio César thanks Rafael for all his support. He owes him everything. He’s got a present for him–a gold watch engraved with “Eternally, thank you.” Sure, it’s Julio César’s night, but his daddy taught him to show gratitude. (Yeah, Rafa knows exactly what’s up with that watch.)

Mateo checks in with his mom in the auditorium, praising her for giving birth to a vato beloved by millions. He notices Belinda, sitting next to his mom, shooting eye daggers at a woman on the other side of the aisle. Mateo tiredly says she’s his fan club president–of course she’s here. He agrees to go talk to her if Belinda will get that look off her face.

As soon as he goes over to Victoria, she demands to see Julio César before the show. She’s pretty agitated. Mateo says Belinda’s ready to call security and have her hauled out of there. OK, fine, then she wants him to bring Julio César to her hotel later. Yeah, that’s…probably not going to happen tonight. She reminds him she doesn’t threaten in vain.

Rafael’s in a hurry to get to LA and he’s about ready to leave when Mateo finally shows up. He says he was just off running an errand for his dad as he hands off the briefcase full of cash and an envelope. Moisés says Mateo was also working. He’s not just producing on the West Coast, but some East Coast acts as well.

Rafael faux-innocently asks if those guys in New York have problems like the Norteños. Mateo says sometimes music can get you out of la mala vida, no matter what coast you’re from. Rafa doesn’t think it’s possible to get out of la mala vida. Best not to get into it in the first place. Mateo attempts to smile like he thinks Rafa imparted some valuable wisdom.

Moisés walks Rafa out, telling him that Julio César has always wanted them to have their own record label. Oh, Rafa knows, that’s why he’s been working with Mateo and with this construction company run by a friend of his. Moisés says he thinks Rafael has done enough for them, really, and he wants Rafael to accept the cash in this briefcase in exchange for the 30% share in Julio César’s career. And sign this paperwork.

Rafa doesn’t think now is the time to talk business. He takes the money and the paperwork, gives him a tense smile, and says he’s got a plane waiting.

In the dressing room, Julio César asks Isaac to pick the first song for tonight. He picks Fuego Cruzado. The three bros do an acoustic version that melds into Julio César performing it on stage before he welcomes the crowd and invites Los Recoditos up to perform with him (this is actually a cover of their song). Isaac’s face is blank in contrast with Mateo’s smile.

Casa Matamoros

Manara wraps her hands and sings along with Julio César as she watches footage of the concert. She does some kind of mega cardio-strength-flexibility workout. Forget singing, she could be a thief or a spy with those moves.

Amado interrupts her workout to compliment her. Rafa will be here in a couple of hours, so he wants her to look good. And make sure Julia’s in bed when he arrives. (If you’re thinking “That sounds kind of gross,” you’re not alone.)

In Amado’s office, he asks David what’s going on with the construction project for the Solars. David complains that with the other project in Las Vegas, he just didn’t have the workers…. Amado tells him to go down to the warehouse, get some workers from the cages, go stop a truck at the border, whatever–just get some workers on that jobsite.

Agustina comes in with a drink for Amado as David’s leaving. He asks her to have dinner prepared for when Rafael arrives. Tonight he’s making his move.

In his plane, Rafa doesn’t count his cash so much as throw it. He’s shaking he’s so angry. “You don’t do that in this business!” He asks his hench to get him a drink.

Manara’s listening to the concert in her room while she gets ready. Julio César sings La Protagonista and she sings along. Julia thinks Julio César is WAY cuter than Rafa…but she might ask for his autograph anyway. Oh, no, little sister! Manara breaks it to her that she’s supposed to be in bed.

Julia’s getting sick of this. Every day it’s the same thing–they’re watched constantly. Manara promised they’d go live together! Yes, and they will, soon, but Julia can’t talk about it. The walls have ears. Julia heads grumpily off to her room.

Manara’s still glued to the TV when Amado knocks on her door and comes in without waiting to be invited. Manara pulls a robe on over her underwear (seriously, this dude is skeeeeeeevy!) as he complains about the look Julia just gave him in the hallway. What, is he “bad cop” here?

“Good cop doesn’t suit you.”

Amado insists he cares for both Manara and Julia, but things are dangerous. He points out Julio César on the TV and says the guy who made that “naco” is going to be here tonight and he’s interested in helping her. Manara scoffs. Julio César’s success is thanks to his talent and Mateo’s.

But in Amadeo’s universe, the key to success is getting someone with more clout to lift you up from nothing. Rafa will make her bigger than Julio César and all she has to do is whatever he (Amado) tells her to do. Whatever she wants, he swears he can make it happen.

After party

The mariachis warm up. Mateo took care of dinner. Mom’s days of burning her hands cooking are over. Gilda, the baby, comes in still in scrubs and her lab coat and says she helped. Mom scolds her for not being at the concert, but hey she was busy working. Mateo’s all “You smell bad.”

He cues the mariachis so Julio César can make his big entrance singing Hasta el Mariachi Va a Llorar. Moisés takes a line, then Isaac, then the whole family joins in.

Julio César toasts to the family. Without his fans he wouldn’t be who he is, but without them, he’d be nobody. He thanks his mom for giving him life, his dad for showing him how to work, Isaac for having his back on stage, Gilda the “black sheep,” Mateo for being his producer and songwriter and his right hand…and Belinda for giving him strength.

And then Mateo returns the toast, saying they’re all just planets revolving around Julio César.

Julio César scolds Mateo and Moisés for talking business later. Well, they’ve paid a lot in advance on this construction project and Moisés wants Mateo to keep on them about getting it done.

So much for the scolding…Julio César lets his dad walk off before asking Mateo to get Victoria off his back. And he has some big news he’ll tell him later. Isaac watches them both.

Mateo calls Victoria, who’s no less agitated than she was before. Mateo says he’s bringing Julio César right over. Isaac wonders where Mateo’s off to–a fan party? Mateo says if he doesn’t go, Victoria’s going to come over and cause a scene. Isaac laughs at the two ex-friends–one got to be fan club president and the other got the idol. So…where’s the party? Mateo says it’s at the Seasons. And is Julio César going? Ohhhhh no. He’ll have a much easier time sneaking out in the morning. He asks Isaac to come with him, but Isaac says he’ll pass.

He calls someone as soon as Mateo leaves and says he knows where “he’ll” be. He wants to see this person.

Before Mateo leaves, Julio César pulls him aside and says Victoria’s just going to have to understand that he picked Belinda. He talks about this being the last “debt” he has to her and Mateo asks about his debt with Selva Treviño. Can’t he at least go out with bodyguards…? Julio César tells him not to pay attention to the threats. He already worked everything out with Selva. He told her the truth and he knows nothing’s going to happen to him now.

Belinda’s pregnant. He wanted Mateo to be the first one to know, his “puppetmaster,” the one who’s responsible for all his success. OK, now Mateo REALLY wants him to be careful. Julio César promises. No more girls. No, seriously, he’s devoting himself to the record label and the family.


Amado starts kissing butt the second Rafa walks in. He mentions a life-changing business deal and offers him tequila. Manara descends the stairs in a tight red dress and shoots Amado a dirty look before she leads them into the dining room.

Over dinner, Amado brings up his desire to be mayor of LA. Rafa laughs–how’s he going to get elected with the bad reputation he has. Oh, Rafa’s going to convince people to vote for him. So…Amado wants him to lie? Hey, it’s not a favor, it’s business. So Rafa gives him credibility and what does he get in return?

“Manara.” Yeah, seriously, he says it just like that and Rafa looks like he’s wondering if he heard correctly. Manara doesn’t even flinch–she just sips her wine.

So, what does Rafa think. Um…she’s beautiful, but this is a little uncomfortable. Amado says he should hear her sing. Yeah…later. For now she’s going to go powder her nose and let them talk. (Man…that obsessed look Rafa gets. That ain’t healthy.)

A truck pulls into a warehouse and David gives Fierro instructions to pick out the strong ones and feed them a good breakfast in the morning so he can take them over to work at the construction site.

Manara calls David and says she can’t take another second of Amado walking all over her. Julia can’t take it either. David says he has this last-minute job from Amado…. Oh, so he wants her to sleep with Rafa? Because that’s what Amado wants. So if he really loves her, it’s now or never.

David agrees to meet her at the usual hotel tomorrow. As soon as he’s off the phone with her, he calls Gabriel Treviño and says there’s been a change of plans–he’ll have Amado’s sisters tomorrow.

Amado’s laughing at Rafa for being so freaked out at being offered Manara on a silver platter. (Creep.) Rafa’s mind seems to be elsewhere though–yes, Manara’s enchanting, but Rafa can’t help him. He’s not who he was before Julio César took everything from him.

Wow, Rafa took this whole buyout hard. He feels like a failure, he’s completely lost clarity, and he wishes Julio César would die. Or that he could go back in time to the moment he discovered him and Julio César started to steal everything from him. And he’s not even going to get to keep his 30%.

Amado promises if Rafa helps with his campaign, he’ll personally make sure Rafa ends up on top again. His way. If Rafa trusts him, he’ll get everything back. Rafa asks if Manara is on board with this. Amado says she wants to be a singer–if Rafa helps her she’ll be way more grateful (*barf*) than Julio César.

Manara returns and Amado leaves them to talk music. He invites Rafa to spend the night, but Rafa has an interview with his dad in the morning to celebrate his 40 years in the business. As he walks out, Amado tells Manara to treat Rafa “well.” (*shudder*)

Rafa offers Manara a drink and says he’s wanted to be alone with her…but they’re not alone here, she tells him and asks him to follow her.


A man with a limp and a leather jacket tells Leticia to quit singing karaoke and go attend to the clients.

Or client. She goes over to where Isaac is playing cards to take his drink order. He borrows her pen and pad and gives her the address where “he’ll” be tomorrow morning early. But he wants a kiss before he hands it over.


Mateo shows up at Victoria’s hotel room and says Julio César will be there in the morning. In that case, she invites him in to enjoy a little surprise she assumes he’ll like since he usually screens the chicks for his brother.

There’s a quick cut to Julio César in bed with Belinda, then Victoria throwing things around in her actual hotel room, not the party room. It’s all decked out with candles for a romantic dinner.


Over the scenes of Julio César and Victoria, Manara plays Amor y Desamor for Rafa. It’s creepily appropriate, talking about going from dancing on a tightrope to being at the bottom of a pit.

Rafa’s even more transfixed than before. Why hasn’t she recorded an album?! Manara says Amado always stopped her, but now he’s found a use for her talent. Rafa asks if she agrees with what Amado wants…because he’d love to start over again with a woman as beautiful and talented as intelligent as her. Really? And he’d lie for a woman “like her”?

Oh hell yeah, he’d lie to his people, his public, and get them to vote for her brother who’s a…I’m going to go with “sonofabitch.” But he wants to know if Manara’s affections are real.

And what about his wife and kids? “Let’s talk about that later.” He moves in for a kiss and Manara tells him if he wants there to be a “later” she’s going to need some proof that he’s free. She’s not cut out to be a mistress. It’s all or nothing. She walks off and leaves Rafa with a weird, creepy look on his face.


Julia’s busy with her dance classes this morning. She assumes Manara’s already off at singing lessons, but Amado asks Agustina where Manara is.

She’s at “the usual hotel” for a morning shag with David before they put their escape plan into motion. She doesn’t think she’ll be missed for a few hours.

Mateo wakes up in bed with the three women Victoria invited over. Julio César calls from outside the hotel and he asks one of them which room Victoria’s in. Julio César says he’ll talk to her alone–Mateo should take care of his hangover. As Julio César walks into the hotel, a man with a limp and a leather jacket follows him.

The door to Victoria’s room is already open. I’m thinking “dead body” when Julio César pushes the door open and walks in. Inside, it’s dark, and Victoria flicks on a lighter. Whew!

She wants to have their candlelight dinner now, but Julio César pushes open the curtains and says that’s not what he came here for. He thanks her for everything she’s done for the fans, but Belinda’s pregnant.

David gets dressed post-sex and says the plan is he’ll go back to the house like he’s going to to drive Julia to her dance class, then they’ll come back to pick her up and head for Las Vegas, where there’s a plane waiting for them. He tells her to watch out and be ready to go as soon as he gets back.

From the SUV, he calls Treviño–he’s sending one sister, then the other. Treviño warns him to be careful. Amado’s known him since he was a kid and he’s less trusting than a snake.

Victoria’s not taking the news well. She threatens Julio César with a steak knife.

David tells Julia it’s time for her class, but Amado says he’ll take her…Fierro has some things to discuss with him.

Manara sees the SUV downstairs and goes outside, but something feels off to her. She takes off running and gets blocked in by a truck.

There’s no point threatening Julio César…Victoria decides she’d rather kill herself than see him with Belinda. Julio César wrestles the knife out of her hand and she goes running out into the hallway.

By the time he gets out there, she’s gone, and the man with the limp and the leather jacket shoots him in the back just as he gets Mateo on the phone.

Mateo hears the noise. There’s plenty of time for the shooter to make his slow way out of the hallway before Mateo gets there and starts shouting for someone to call an ambulance.

Episode 2: Venganza fallida

So we’re back where we started. Julio César gets loaded into the ambulance.

Manara realizes it’s her brother in the SUV.

Gilda preps her brother for surgery.

The ranch

Rafa’s sons tease him about being hung over. His wife says his dad’s been waiting in the stables for him for an hour. Did he forget about the interview? “What do you care?”

Itzel scolds her sons for calling their father “that guy” and one of them snarks behind her back that she objects to them saying “that guy” but she spends all day aventándole la madre (insulting him?) and crying in the corners.


Mateo tells his dad and Isaac the concierge thought he heard an argument between Julio César and Victoria. And the last thing he said was her name. So she got arrested. Moisés can’t believe it’s come to this–who else knew he was there? Mateo says it was just him, the usual fans, Isaac. (Ooh, behold Isaac’s supremely guilty face.) Mateo just doesn’t believe it was her.

Gilda comes out to tell them the bullet went straight through, but it damaged his lung and his heart. He’s in a coma and they don’t know when he’ll wake up. Mateo insists on going to the police station to confront Victoria.

Failed escape

Amado can’t believe Manara risked herself and Julia like that. She says they’re tired of being prisoners. Oh, and she thought David was going to “rescue” them from him? David works for Treviño. Treviño wants him out and they were going to use Manara and Julia to negotiate with him. If he hadn’t intervened she’d be in a brothel by now. (Well….) Manara says he’s the only one using them as merchandise.


Don Ernesto’s already been posing on his horse while he waits for Rafa and the reporter to arrive. He greets Rafa with “I heard you’ve been doing business with Amado Matamoros.”

Eh, Rafa learned from Ernesto. He used to let Treviño use the runway on the ranch to transport who knows what. Rafa just thought at his age he should get his own friends with power who owe him favors. Ernesto warns him not to sell his soul to the devil and realize it too late. They put some big fake smiles on for the reporter.

News spreads

As Mateo walks out of the hospital, one reporter in particular doesn’t bother chasing after him. She just looks sorry for him and matter-of-factly reports on Julio César’s condition.

Selva watches on her tablet and cries. She asks her dad to swear he had nothing to do with this. “How could you think that?!” Well, like Alexis said, he’s very literal. And how many times did he say that Julio César deserved the worst for what he did? If she finds out it was him, she’s not going to forgive him.

At the ranch, the reporter asks Ernesto what he’s most proud of. He says he’s created a dynasty of artists…not just Rafa, but also his grandsons. She excuses herself to take a call and Rafa asks if all his illegitimate children are part of his dynasty.

The reporter comes back to tell them Julio César has been shot and he’s in serious condition.

Rafa calls Mateo, in a panic. Mateo says it looks like it was Victoria who did it. Rafa reminds him they can count on him–they’re like his family.

Complicated relationships

Gabriel’s getting antsy. He hasn’t heard anything from David. His hench thinks maybe something about the shooting complicated things for David. Gabriel says they’ll just wait…but they have to be prepared. They’re going to go to war with Amado, with or without his sisters. He raised that cuervo (raven) and he’s not going to let it peck his eyes out.

Amado drives Manara to the quarry. He takes a call from an angry Rafa accusing him of having Julio César shot. Amado smarms that Julio César messed with the wrong woman and betrayed his padrino. Amado just took advantage of this opportunity to do something for Rafa and for Treviño. Besides, Rafa said he wanted him dead, right?

Rafa says he didn’t ask for this. Well, once he dies his sales are going to go up and Rafa’s getting 30%. What better way to seal their contract than with blood?

Julio César

As Victoria gets escorted into the jail, she screams to Mateo that she didn’t do it. He tries asking who did, but she’s already inside.

The very earnest reporter continues her coverage from in front of an impromptu memorial.

Julio César’s parents, Gilda, and Belinda are all keeping watch in Julio César’s room. His mom says he’s the center of everything…what will they do without him? (I get the creepy feeling she doesn’t just mean him, but…his earning potential?) Moisés is antsy that Isaac’s not in the room.

He’s out in the hallway trying to reach Leticia from the bar. He calls someone else and says he needs to see them right away…at the usual place. Moisés finds him and asks Isaac to tell him everything he knows. So Isaac tells him about Marcos going over to see Victoria, and that he (Isaac) skipped out on the “orgy.” His dad wishes the others had been as mature. Everything’s about to come crashing down.

Isaac tells him not to cancel any tour dates. Julio César is strong. He’ll pull through. But if he doesn’t…Moisés spent all the advances. (ON WHAT?!) He asks Isaac to talk to his girlfriend and get her to keep the scandal from getting any bigger.

In Monterrey, Valentín’s mom watches the news in horror as a reporter speculates that Julio César might be getting a tracheotomy and that it would leave him unable to sing. (I had to look that up and it’s not a definite thing. People have recovered, but it’s a lot of work. Definitely the tour wouldn’t be happening.) Valentín shuts the TV off and tells her to quit listening to that morboso (ghoul).

Chalino stops by and Ester wants an update from him. He tells her no one knows anything yet, so chill. Pulling Valentín aside, he tells him Mateo wants him to gather his cousins.

Rafael watches a video of him and Julio César singing Despertar. His dad comes in asking if he’s feeling guilty–did he have something to do with what happened to his ahijado? Rafa denies it, of course, but Ernesto thinks he’s as vain and ambitious as he is canijo. What did Julio César ever do to him? Surpass him? Make him feel old? (Based on last night at Amado’s, I’m going with “yes.”)

Rafa says that’s how he made Ernesto feel, right? Why does his dad hate him? “Oh, don’t play the victim! Did you have anything to do with it or not?” Like everyone else, he says it was a lío de faldas (skirt trouble; woman trouble).

With that fan…or Selva Treviño? Because he knows Gabriel was pretty pissed off. Rafa tells him to ask his friend.

Nope. Ernesto’s staying out of it and asking is getting involved. “We’re singers. They’re killers.” If you get involved, it’s hard to get out. Rafa looks at his dad like somehow he’d never considered this before.

The failed escape

Amado’s having David beaten and David’s telling him everything. Amado tells one of the other guys to bring Manara in and reminds David to tell her what they agreed on.

David tells Manara someone must have ratted them out. As for what Amado told her…it’s true. He was going to sell her and Julia to Treviño. He wanted Amado kneeling to him. He wanted to be someone in this business. (So, which part is he lying about? The part where it was Treviño’s plan? Why wouldn’t Amado want her to know that?)

Amado goes out to his car and tells Fierro to just keep Manara here. He’s too angry to think of anything else to do with her.

David tries to apologize and say it was nothing personal. Seriously, dude? He even tells Manara whatever she “gave” him wasn’t because she chose him, it’s just because he was there. “Life isn’t like the movies. Grow up.”

She calls him a coward. He’s got the guts to kill people, but not to admit he loves her. No, he hopes she finds someone to love her the way she deserves to be loved, but it’s not him.


Valentín and the primos play Ángel con Colmillos for Chalino in the middle of nowhere while they wait for Mateo. Mateo attacks Valentín when he arrives, asking who shot his brother, but Valentín already told him everything he knows. Treviño’s angry at his brother and if Mateo wants help they’re here for him.

So Mateo tells him he wants Treviño dead. If they want to help, they can help find him.

While Valentín makes calls, Mateo tries to learn to shoot. He can’t even handle the gun and nearly shoots himself in the foot, completely missing all his target beer bottles. One of Valentín’s primos takes the gun away from him, thankfully, talks to him about how to hold the gun, and goes to reload it for him.

Chalino asks Mateo if he really intends to go through with this revenge thing. Well, what Mateo really wants are answers, but he’ll settle.

Valentín got two more guys, which doesn’t seem like enough to the primo. Mateo’s offering money, but it’s not that–everyone’s afraid of Treviño. Mateo says he’ll find more people–he wants Valentín to track down a halcón (informant) who can tell them where Treviño is. He goes back to his bad shooting and doesn’t appear to have listened to anything the primo said.

In the studio in Manhattan, Dylan and the guys record Tequila Pa’La Razon. They’ve barely gotten into it when his phone rings. (*glare*) He tells the guys in the booth they’re taking a break and answers. Dylan heard about Julio César. If there’s anything they can do…if he needs them to show up…. Mateo sure does, and there’s a private plane waiting to bring them to Monterrey.

Cristian and Diego are pissed. This isn’t what they came here for! But to Dylan, it’s a chance to get in good with the guy who’s going to give them their “break.” He pretty much orders them to go. (Dylan is not my favorite person right now.)

Julio César

Isaac gets to some hotel or apartment…and the earnest reporter is waiting for him. She comforts him, but she also wants to know what happened. Everyone’s saying Victoria did it. Isaac remembers giving Leticia the hotel address and tells her love triangles always go bad. Yeah, it was Victoria.

In jail, a guard tells Victoria she’s going into solitary. If Julio César dies, everyone’s coming after her–prisoners and guards alike. “But I didn’t do it!” Yeah, everyone says that.

Some guy drops a gun in a trash can near an apartment complex and calls Fierro. He took the gun Renzo gave him and put it in the trash near the morra’s grandma’s apartment. Fierro calls Amado…

Amado’s busy watching Julia’s dance class, like he cares. He’s standing there, not five feet from a bunch of other parents (I assume), talking to Fierro about the thing with the gun is fine, but the problem is “he’s” not dead, so Fierro had better prepare to go after him again. Sure, sure, but what about Manara? Amado’s content to let her go–she won’t leave without Julia. He turns around to applaud Julia at the end of the class. Unlike the other observers, I’m sure he’s starting to plot just what or who he could get in exchange for Julia, like he’s doing with Manara.

Casa Matamoros

When Manara gets home, she confronts Agustina. She told Amado about her and David, didn’t she?

When Agustina denies it, Manara tells her to help her and Julia escape. She knows Agustina has something going on with Amado. If she really loves Manara and Julia, she’ll help them. And now Agustina denies having an affair with Amado, or needing to lie to him to help Manara.

Manara’s sick of Agustina treating her like an “idiot.” She’s either on Amado’s side or hers. Agustina warns her not to let Julia get hurt. “Julia’s a hostage and as long as she lives in this house, I have to do what he says.” She swears she’s getting Julia out of that house as soon as she can.

Amado comes home and gloats to Manara. See, he was right! He’s going to “botar” (dump) David for betraying her…and him. He can’t believe she’s angry at him for saving her! Manara tearfully accuses him of taking advantage of having custody of Julia. He knows she’ll do anything for Julia.

Amado insists that he can’t risk anything happening to them during his campaign. His enemies know they’re his weak spot. What, and when he wins, Julia gets a normal life? Is that the deal? She asks him to be honest with her for once.

Manara threatens to take Julia with her as soon as she’s of age. Amado ignores her–she and Julia will have “normal” lives as soon as he’s mayor (oh yes, because the children of public officials always have “normal” lives). Hey didn’t he already make her dream of being a singer come true? Uh, no, he gave her to Rafa in exchange for help with his campaign. She accuses him of taking advantage of her love for music. He says it’s in her own best interest.

Maybe so, but she’s not for sale–not now and not ever.

Julio César

Dylan and the guys get to Monterrey and Mateo introduces him to Valentín and the primos. Básico’s the one who knows how to shoot. Tito’s the one who apparently never says anything. Diego tries to suggest that Mateo try talking to Treviño first…? Nope. First thing in the morning, they’re going to the radio station.

Treviño thinks Victoria was set up, but his hench wonders. Hasn’t Amado called? No, neither him nor David. And it’s getting to Gabriel.

Celestina prays over Julio César. Gilda pulls Belinda out of the room, thinking she’s dizzy because she hasn’t eaten. Belinda tells her she’s pregnant. “Is Julio César going to make it?” Gilda hugs her in reply.

The reporter gets dressed after her tryst with Isaac. She tells him the police found the gun near Victoria’s grandma’s apartment. She’s gotta go, but…he knows she’s here for him, right?

The minute she’s gone, Isaac calls Leticia and asks to see her. She tells her boss to leave Isaac to her.

Gilda calls Mateo and tells him about the police finding the gun. Mateo thinks it was planted. He’s sure this is about Treviño wanting revenge for Julio César dumping Selva. Gilda’s shocked to hear he’s in Monterrey–does he want their mother to die from the pain of having two sons injured or dead? What about Belinda’s baby? Doesn’t he want to see them grow up? Julio César is in really bad shape and Gilda doesn’t think he’ll survive.

Mateo tells Chalino about the baby and Chalino agrees with Gilda–the baby’s going to need him if Julio César doesn’t survive. Mateo can’t stand the thought of the baby growing up and asking what happened to his dad and having to say he didn’t have the guts to find out.

At the bar, the guy who dumped the gun gives Renzo a big wad of cash. He tells him if he wants a future in the “business” he needs to tamp down his curiosity. They look up to see Isaac and Leticia heading upstairs. Renzo tells him not to worry about it.

In her dressing room, Isaac screams at Leticia, asking who she gave the address to. Renzo comes knocking and Leticia tells him Isaac’s just upset about his brother. Yeah, Renzo hopes he gets better soon and if Isaac needs a distraction, they’ve got a card game going downstairs.

Leticia takes care of the “distraction.” She gave the address to her friends, like she told him, because they’re fans of Julio César. When they got there everything had already happened. And hey, she did tell him they’d be “alone” after he did her this favor. So now that he’s come through for her, it’s her turn….

Rafa’s thinking about Manara. His memory/fantasy blends with the reality of his wife asking what he’s thinking. Uh…that he needs to go see Julio César in the morning. Hm. Itzel heard he wasn’t doing well. If he dies now he’ll be one of those unforgettable legends…which means Rafa keeps getting 30% right?

Rafa doesn’t want to think about money right now. Itzel complains he never wants to think about money, which is why they live off his dad’s money. Excuse you, Rafa makes plenty of money! She says he hasn’t had a hit on the radio in forever. But no matter, he’s going to look out for their future–hers and their sons’. And he’s all hers. (So you think Itzel, so you think.)

In the morning, Rafa arrives at the hospital just after the family’s been informed Julio César needs another operation.

In the operating room, Julio César has to be revived and the surgeon wants him prepped for a tracheotomy. He ignores Gilda’s objections and tells her to prep him. (Get out, Gilda.) As Gilda swabs him with Betadine, she promises him he’s going to be ok. At least she’s not the one making the cut.

Flashback to Julio César working on Fuego Cruzado with Mateo. They both agreed it would be a hit, but they argued as usual about who was responsible. Mateo says everything Julio César touches turns to gold. He’s going to be filling stadiums one day. Julio César says Mateo’s just saying that because he loves him. No, really, Mateo believes in him. And of course Julio César trusts him.

Mateo comes out of his memory and smashes a glass. He tells Chalino if Julio César lives, he won’t sing again. Treviño has to pay. OK, Chalino’s in. He tells the guys to get going.

At the radio station, Alexis is doing an interview with Pepe Aguilar. They can’t help talking about Julio César. Pepe sends his regards to the family. Alexis joins him in his good wishes and goes to a break.

Gabriel pulls up outside the radio station just as Selva calls to scold him for being late. Pepe kept asking where he was. He says he’s just getting there, but he’s got another call.

It’s Amado. He says he busted David trying to make off with his sister–does Treviño have any idea where David is? “If you can’t keep track of your people, I certainly can’t!” OK, well, if he hears anything, please let him know. And where’s that half mil they agreed on for offing Julio César?

He’s not dead yet. “You said you wanted it to be slow.” Treviño says he’s got an important appointment. When…what needs to happen happens…they’ll have drinks at the ranch.

Amado, in the skeleton of the Solars’ construction site, listens to David beg for his life. He can call Gabriel and get him to confess to everything so Amado will have blackmail material! Yeah, no, Amado’s done with him. But hey, David loved Manara, right? Now he gets to be the foundation of the record label that’s going to make her famous. Fierro and some other guy hold him while Amado shoves him down a shaft.

Treviño chuckles to his hench. Amado knows everything and he wants to bring him down. Won’t this be fun! They’ll see who kills first.

Mateo and the ten or so guys he managed to gather pull up. He introduces himself to Treviño (although I suspect Treviño only asked who he was as an insult) and asks if Treviño shot his brother. Guns come out and Treviño tells his guys not to be rude and put them away. Mateo just wants to hear that he didn’t do it and they can all walk away from this.

Treviño doesn’t like his tone. He could have them all killed if he just gives the word. “So put your little guns away and go play somewhere else.” Mateo’s not going anywhere until he gets an answer. Although, if Treviño’s not to scared, they could always talk in private. Treviño scoffs.

“Look, kid, I’m busy, so if you want to shoot me, it’s going to have to be in the back. Like a coward.”

And you know, he could have just walked inside and ended this, but no. He turns around and tells Mateo that Julio César had it coming, “but I didn’t do it.”

Mateo whips out his gun, but before he can shoot, someone else gets him up high in the left shoulder. Now all the guns are out, and Mateo lies bleeding.

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