La Piloto Friday 4/07/17 #24


Yoli wants to write down her cell number for Tía Rosalba, but when she tries to look for it in her phone she realizes that’s not her phone. And she forgot to erase the call to Dave. “Who’s Dave.” (Long story, tía. Looooong story.)

Cañego comes back from running errands and says he paid all the bills, but it’s going to take a few days to get everything turned back on. He brought Rosalba some candles so she’s not in the dark all night, and canned food since she won’t be able to cook. Plus he got the locks Yolanda asked for and an alarm. (Awww, such a sweet boy. He’s gonna die soon, isn’t he?)

Yoli’s ready to leave Rosalba’s. She reminds Rosalba to call her if she needs anything. And she hopes she’ll forgive Yoli. Tía says it’s not about that–she hopes Yolanda realizes how awful this life is. When she’s ready to get out of it, Tía will be here waiting for her. Yolanda admits she’s always thought of Rosalba as the mother she never had. She knows. Cañego hands over the keys to the new locks.

They haven’t made it to the car and Yolanda’s already asking him about where he’s going to stay. He found a room with a woman nearby who was so demanding she practically asked to see his elementary school report cards. He promises to keep an eye on Rosalba without her ever knowing he’s there. Yoli gives him some money for whatever he needs and tells him to get himself some transportation. John calls Cañego for an update and approves of the plan.

Villa Antigua

Oscar can’t get anyone to tell him about El Bochas. He suggests they find someone to put the screws to, but John says they’ve gotta keep a low profile. What about Olivia? Arley’s out looking for her.

Olivia tries hitching a ride and ends up getting on a bus for Casas Grandes, but Arley catches up to the bus and drags her out by the hair when she won’t get out on her own.

Zuli goes to check on Amanda and finds Carlina with her. She gave Amanda some light sedatives, nothing that will harm the baby. Zuli gripes about needing her to work tonight. Well, Carlina will see what she can do. Zuli “finds” Yoli’s cell phone under the nightstand and asks Carlina to give it back to her.

Arley gets back with Olivia and Oscar listens to her excuses and sarcastically agrees with her…it was nothing. Except, no, Oscar’s got issues with women (not that he doesn’t have issues with other humans in general) and he doesn’t like it when they get uppity with him and don’t just do what he says. He doesn’t appreciate Lizbeth trying to calm Olivia down either and says they’re both “nothing.”

He tells Arley to do what they do with “insolent girls” and Arley obligingly grabs them both by the hair and starts walking them away. It’s water torture. Zuli smirks as she wanders by the hangar.

Police station

Dave finds it odd that Monica didn’t tell Dean that Yolanda called him. Did something happen between them…? Monica says it’s just that this is “delicate” information and only for the two of them. (Because “Yeah, the rat bastard stood me up, so no intel for him!” wouldn’t have sounded as good.)

Later, Dave decides to call Omar and see if he’s heard from Olivia, but Margot says he’s out. She assumes that Dave calling means he hasn’t heard from her either? She doesn’t know when Omar is getting home, but she thinks he went out to the Spanish Embassy with Roberto.

And later still, Dave’s still pining for another call from Yolanda, though he’s worried she got busted. Dean comes in with a bunch of files he says he scanned. Monica does an obligatory “Gosh darn, we’ve got no info on anyone!” and Dave throws a little tantrum and says he’s leaving–there’s nothing to do here.

Dean asks if she’s in a hurry to leave too. Monica says she could use a drink. She suggests they just leave everything here and go have a drink at his place.

Cielito Lindo

Cindy listens in as Olivia and Lizbeth complain about the way they’re being treated. Not that Lizbeth thinks there’s anything they can do about it but be patient a while longer. Olivia doesn’t get it–Yolanda gets special treatment because she’s dating John, but why does Zuli get to be the bar manager? Liz noticed Zuli’s being really friendly with Oscar lately.

Olivia wants to call Roberto and tell him she’s not going to meet him in Guadalajara. Lizbeth warns her not to borrow Yolanda’s phone again, and not to try to escape. Cindy helpfully–not that she was listening in or anything–suggests Olivia use the phone in the office. Liz tries to say “no” but I think it’s too late for that.

Cindy and Liz both go into the office while Olivia makes the call. At first she tries to tell Roberto to just give it up, they’re not going to see each other again, but when he says he’s determined to get her back she cracks and gives him directions to the bar before Liz can hang up the phone. I can’t tell if Cindy’s worrying about the drama or wondering what the big deal is with telling some guy how to get to the bar.

And for the record, Omar is still on Roberto’s tail.

Amanda’s looking in the mirror and crying in the bar bathroom when Arley comes in and tries to oh-so-generously offer to be friends. Friends with benefits, even. Amanda slaps him and he puts his gun to her head, saying he’ll let it slide this one time because of all the hot sex they had. (Jerk.)


Rosalba’s trying to get settled in when Estela finally emerges from her hiding place and scares the crap out of her. She pretends to be so very grateful that Rosalba’s not in a coma anymore, but Rosalba tells her to save it. And get out before she calls the cops on her for trespassing. Well, ok, but if she does that, Estela’s going to tell the cops where Yolanda is….

Yolanda’s in the plane, on the way back to Villa Antigua, crying her eyes out because Tía Rosalba’s right.

Rosalba and Estela argue. Estela mocks her for covering for Yolanda even though she’s working for narcos, when Rosalba’s so holier-than-thou. Well, Estela was always a lousy mother and Rosalba’s sure she didn’t turn Yolanda in to the cops to do the “right” thing. Estela throws it in Rosalba’s face that Yolanda’s a murderer. She killed skeevy uncle. (He had it coming.)

Rosalba refuses to believe it. Estela tells her that skeevy uncle was killed in the parking garage of the hospital where Rosalba was, there’s security cam footage of Yoli going in to the garage at around the time he was killed, and she hated him. “For good reason! He raped her!” And Estela…how do I always think she can sink no lower?…says “That’s what she said.” She smarms that now that skeevy uncle is dead, they’ll never know the truth.

Camp Lucio

John talks to Oscar about putting in another runway somewhere. Vaquero comes in, asking about the shipment to Colombia and John says to get it ready–as soon as the plane lands he wants it loaded up and taking off again. Oscar asks if the pilot (male) is going to take the money. I’m not sure why he’s so bothered by that, but John says yes, “el capi” is taking the money.

So what did Cañego say about Yolanda? (Like a broken record, that one.) And what’s John going to do about her? Well, for now, they’re going to have two guys following her like they talked about. Oscar thinks he’d better start thinking about what he’s going to do when he finds out Yolanda sold them out. John hopes she didn’t, but if she did then she’ll die, just like everyone else who betrays them.

Yoli gets home and finds Vaquero heading out of the house. John’s at the bar with Oscar. She looks for her lost cell phone and ponders what to do if they’ve seen that she called Dave.

Yolanda remembers what she said to Dave. One of the guys pokes his head in for no apparent reason and excuses himself. (Oh, yeah, that was totes subtle.)

Yoli calls her cell phone and Carlina answers. Yeah, the phone was in Amanda’s room. Carlina’s down at the bar saying goodbye to everyone before she leaves for Oaxaca. Yoli asks her to stay there and wait for her.

Unfortunately, John didn’t say anything to Vaquero about them going out, so Vaquero’s not real excited about bringing the truck around. But if it’s a choice between that and letting Yolanda go alone….

Big night at the bar

Eladio the Obnoxious Narco is heading out to the bar with his crew and they’re not leaving until they get their (other) guns back and find out about Yolanda. Hey…and what ever happened to the two guys he sent out to collect the rent? Coco the hench says they’re not back yet. Huh. Weird. But first things first.

At the bar, Capi…the original Capi, I think…delivers the cash that he brought in from the US and asks for permission to have a couple of mezcals. He promises he won’t be flying to Colombia drunk tomorrow.

Oscar, that broken record, asks if Yolanda made it back yet. John says she’s on her way home. Oscar doesn’t get how he can be so calm. Well, they’re standing there with a giant duffel bag full of money and John doesn’t see any cops around, so….

OK, Oscar gets it. It’s difficult for John to off her himself. But if he says the word, Oscar will kill her for him. Excuse you. Yolanda is John’s (per John) and he decides what’s going to happen to her. Got it?

John and Oscar leave the bar before Yolanda gets there. Vaquero wants to call and let John know they’re on their way, but Yoli says she’d rather surprise him. Vaquero, that big softie, goes along with it.

Since Capitán Argüelles couldn’t get Obnoxious Eladio to back down from assaulting the bar, he does a driveby to check out the parking lot and calls him. He’d better hurry up before the bar gets busy–the fewer witnesses, the better. Obnoxious Eladio reminds him to keep the cops off their backs.

Arley brings a couple of the guys in so the servers and Zuli can see who’s on security detail tonight. He tells Cindy she gets “special” care and should run right to him if she has any problems. He snaps at the other “hens” to quit looking at him and get to work. Cindy preens. (Seriously, you think he’s going to treat you better than he did Amanda?)

Cindy tells Zuli everything Liz and Olivia talked about earlier, but she skips the part where they all made that phone call together. And hey, why do the bosses need all these guards anyway? Zuli asks if she watches the news. Nah, too depressing. The conversation ends when Amanda comes up and asks for two more beers.

Yoli arrives and gets her phone back from Carlina. While Carlina goes to get them a couple of mezcals, Yoli greets Lizbeth and Olivia and hears about their day. She’s pissed at Oscar and asks where John is. They figure she must have just missed them, but Arley’s in the bar office.

Yoli goes in, tells the other two guys in there with Arley to GTFO and calls BS on Arley’s “John made me do it.” She knows it was Oscar and either Arley didn’t have the guts to say “no” to him or he enjoyed it. He’d better watch it because if he messes with them, he’s messing with her and if he comes looking for trouble with her, he’s going to find it.

Olivia goes to take out the trash and runs into Roberto, who’s very happy to see her…but why is she dressed like that? And then Omar shows up. Olivia brings them inside and Roberto gripes at Omar for following him. Omar turns on Olivia and says he can’t believe she’s gone from drug mule to teibolera (“table dancer”; stripper).

Obnoxious Eladio pulls up with his guys outside. And he thinks the guy at the front door is going to be their only problem. I’m going to guess that Arley, the two guys officially working security, the two guys who were in the office, Yolanda, and maybe even Omar, are all packing.

Zuli’s enjoying watching the little scene with Olivia and her dad. He threatens to call the feds and tell them this is the Lucios’ bar. Olivia says all three of them will be dead before he says three words.

And then the guy out front gets shot and Obnoxious Eladio and his guys come in, firing off a few more rounds into the ceiling. Vaquero, who I’d forgotten about and was the closest one to the door, puts his gun down. Eladio notices Yoli, who comes up to face him with her gun drawn. He tells her to put it down and since his gun is bigger, she does as he says. Arley comes in and starts shooting while Yoli tries to pull everyone behind the bar. It looks like Capi’s not going to be making that run to Colombia tomorrow.

Arley calls for backup and John tells his driver to turn around.

Omar insists that Olivia and Roberto need to leave with him and tries to pull them out from their hiding place. Arley shoots him. I admit, I gasped.

John and the rest of the backup arrive and he checks on Yoli behind the bar, telling everyone to stay down. Obnoxious Eladio turns to his hench and says “The Lucios are here.” (You’re telling me this dumbass knew he was messing with the Lucios and he came here anyway?!)

They try to get out, but Oscar’s waiting at the door for them. Capitán Argüelles takes three shots at Oscar so they can get away. Oh damn. He’s going to regret that.

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