La Reina de la Canción Tuesday 4/25/17 #6

Who wants drama?!

‘Cause we’re getting it either way. I was wrong–Mary WAS pissed off about them making fun of her accent, because it’s something she’s worked her ass off about and she’s sensitive about it. Carmen tries the “Well, I didn’t mean it” non-apology. Pro tip: that never works.

And then Yohanny gets offended that Mary said it was also “that one” and she goes all Dominicana on them. They were all having a good time, blah blah blah, she has an accent too. I think we’re heading for the theme of the evening here being “Oh, Mary, you’re so sensitive, get over it,” which is barfworthy to me. I do chuckle at people raising their hands to talk.

Carmen seriously thinks Mary’s only making a big deal out of it for the sake of the cameras. And Yohanny just doesn’t want to hang with Mary anymore.

Mary splits off from the group and Dayanna, Sandra I, Beatriz M, and Janine go with her. Dayanna’s not a Carmen fan. Mary’s sick of no one saying anything to Carmen and just letting her get away with stuff. The editor finds plenty of shots of Carmen with smarmy smiles on her face. Not that Carmen’s not being an ass, but you know what I mean.

It’s time for the metroPCS challenge for the week

The contestants get brought to a restaurant to entertain the customers. Whichever team earns more in tips wins. But only three people will actually be competing.

They have access to their metroPCS smartphones to look up the lyrics of La Bikina and La Ley del Monte, plus whatever else they need for a good performance.

And the catch is–there’s only one microphone to share between the three performers.

Team Horoscopos puts up Olivia, Beatriz D, and Lluvia to represent them. I notice Beatriz D didn’t need to look at the phone for the lyrics to La Bikina. They don’t call her La Emperatriz del Pueblo for nothing, eh? Things get a little uncoordinated during La Ley del Monte and Lluvia maybe takes the mic when somebody wasn’t intending to hand it over.

Team Recodo sends Beatriz M, Deyra, and Liliana. I don’t think Deyra or Beatriz needed to look at the lyrics for La Bikina either, or at least not constantly. Beatriz M and Deyra seem to be the only ones performing La Ley del Monte. Beatriz does one of those long notes that seems to go on forever. Damn right you were in your element!

After collecting and counting up the tips, Team Recodo wins the prize–Poncho’s going to get to either trade someone or save a contestant from elimination.

Sandra I jokes that she’s now been on the losing team during a challenge twice after getting traded.

Mentor Meetings
Team Horoscopos

Vicky and Marisol are worried about Poncho stealing one of their contestants.

They’re all pleased with how Susett’s coming along.

Lupillo thinks Jazmin and Carmen are maybe too cocky.

Vicky and Marisol are worried that Stephanie’s not confident enough, but they feel like Mary really prepared.

Marisol and Vicky have had a good time hanging out with Lupillo. He hopes they win…and that they beat Poncho.

Team Recodo

Poncho tells José Manuel about his team winning the challenge. They consider who to trade.

José Manuel thinks having Liliana monologue the song worked out really well for her. He wouldn’t want to have to be the one to choose between her and Irene!

José Manuel thinks Flor’s really strong–it was a mistake for Las Horóscopos to trade her.

José Manuel’s impressed with Janine’s ability to harmonize and Marcela may be small, but she blasts out the sound like a tuba!

José Manuel enjoyed working with Poncho–they speak the same language. Poncho’s grateful to José Manuel for coming in to mentor his team

Happy private concert time
Team Recodo

José Manuel sings Rosas y Espinas. He jokingly tells them not to get after him for being out of tune after. He’s glad he got to do this kind of performance for them, to show them you don’t necessarily need the lights and the stage and even if you’re a little under the weather people can tell when you’re singing from the heart.

His advice for balancing your personal and professional life is to be clear that on stage you’re playing a character. The hat’s like a mask for him, but at home he’s just a regular guy. They all have to decide just how much they’re going to let the cameras intrude.

He wants them to remember that only one of them will win. His dad did a bunch of contests like this and he never won so much as third place, so they shouldn’t worry about it. Just focus on their dreams.

Yohanny announces that after all this great advice he’s given them, they decided they’d like to return the favor and serenade him. Deyra says they’re singing Tatuajes, en do o re (in the key of C major or D major) or en do…nde nadie nos escucha. Heh heh heh.

José Manuel’s sweet. He says it’s like his dad coming through in their voices and their eyes.

They’re still squeeing over him later. Beatriz M jokes about Deyra needing to snag her some JM. “Pues, pa’l padre de mi hijo no está mal.”

Team Horoscopos

Lupillo sings Usted y Yo for the team. He wants them to consider that even if they don’t win, their parents are always going to be proud of them.

His advice for them getting into a male-dominated genre is that if they have the talent, there’s going to come a point where it’s easier for them because the dudes in charge of programming could never say “no” to a woman. I frown in his general direction, because I’m pretty sure if that’s how it worked they wouldn’t even be having this contest right now.

Susett asks if it’s going to be difficult for her because she’s not as femme or is it going to be an advantage that she’s more “casual.” Oh, he thinks as long as you’re yourself, people will accept you. He recommends they learn how to perform and not just sing.

Stephanie says they’d like to dedicate a song to him and to Jenni–Paloma Negra. Olivia gets them all started off. They do it unaccompanied and their tuning is much better than the corresponding performance by Team Recodo.

Lupillo’s glad he’s not the one who has to pick the winner! He thanks them, and he’s sure Jenni would thank them too.

Back at the house, Susett and Jazmin have a talk about what she asked Lupillo earlier. Susett’s just worried that she doesn’t fit most people’s mental image of “woman” and she wondered if it would affect her career. If she tried to dress more femme she doesn’t think she could really pull it off. So she’s always wondering when she’s on stage if people will accept that or not. Jazmin thinks it’s her voice is what’s going to connect with people.

Who’s being traded?

Poncho calls Deyra and Yohanny into his office to let them know ahead of time that he’s going to use his prize from this week’s challenge to save Yohanny. I’m not sure what that’s actually going to mean when the time comes, but Deyra’s taking it as a vote of confidence.

Yohanny’s not planning to slack off–she’s going to show everyone why she’s the Dominicana más Mexicana.

Deyra tells everyone to gather ’round so she and Yohanny can tell them what Poncho decided. Deyra says they have to do their best because that means the rest of them are potentially at risk for elimination. It’s all very rah-rah, it’s a competition onstage, but we’re a team offstage.

More dramaaaaaaah

Mary. Still. Wants. To. Talk. About. It. And Carmen so does not. Mary says she was angry, but she’s over it and she wants to be friends again. They hug it out. Whatever makes y’all happy.

Tomorrow: Duelo de Reinas, more tension in the pairs, half of everybody is at risk of going home.

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Autora/ Author

Oh dear. I am definitely going to have to fast forward through the Mary drama. I can’t agree with you enough about the “didn’t mean it” defense. That doesn’t make the hurt any less real. Just like I hate the “too sensitive” defense. That’s dismissing someone’s feelings too.

Honestly I feel bad for Mary. I’m sure she feels very much like she’s not a “real” música regional artist. That’s got to be hard.

Autora/ Author

I couldn’t wait to read while I watched, so I went ahead and read.

Susette! I hope she goes a long way in this competition. I hope she can get more comfortable in her own skin because I love her voice. This program is really becoming thought provoking for me. It’s a male dominated genre and its a world where I’m sure there are gender stereotypes. So many things to think about.